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  1. They bring back starting QB Giovani Laurent, IFCA Jr All-State DB Kennan Tucker Jr, and 2x IFCA All-State Edge Cornell Branch IV, among others. I think they’ll be a solid team that could potentially make a run in 5A north.
  2. Hammond Schools make no sense for DAC membership. Wouldn’t be able to field required teams and add basically nothing to the conference except more dead weight. Hammond Central had less than 10 kids at their recent football call out meeting. Morton also doesn’t want to leave their current conference because they believe they’re a “football powerhouse” in it (how a team can consider themselves to be a “powerhouse” with one regional title in their school’s history is anyone’s guess). Penn and Elkhart make a lot of sense though.
  3. Lol yeah I’m sure the “Andrean Twitter kid” will be alright. Knowing him, he was probably working out while some pathetic grown man was trying to hate on him anonymously on the internet. Probably why he’s going to be playing major power 5 football and you’ll still be here whining and griping. It takes a special sort of loser to hate on a kid chasing his dream. The only scrub here is YOU.
  4. All the kids who transferred to Merrillville are graduating, so Morton won’t be getting any of them back. Morton has always made its living getting transfers from Gary or out of district in general so maybe if they get some studs that way they’ll be decent. But if they’re just putting together the Morton and Gavit teams from last year, no way they’ll be able to play with Valpo. Maybe whoever made their schedule knows something I don’t, but those games against Elkhart and especially Cathedral are going to get ugly unless some new transfer studs are coming to Morton. It’s one thing to give yours
  5. Andrean is traveling up to Grand Rapids to play Catholic Central in Week 3. Will be the second time these schools have met, with the first being a 28-0 Andrean victory in 2014. CC just came off a state championship this year. Should be a big test for the Niners.
  6. As much I loved seeing WRs chopping down DBs in Paul Johnson’s offense, there’s no way this will happen (I believe it’s also been banned in the NCAA too). However, I do think the rules on legal cut blocks have become too restrictive. RBs should be able to cut in pass pro, TE/H-Backs on Slice blocks, and OL on LBs. But I must admit I’m heavily biased in this regard as a former OLinemen and heavy proponent of zone blocking.
  7. Heard some rumors about this, thought they seemed a little too outlandish to be true. Seems they actually might be.
  8. Condolences to the young man’s family and friends. A life cut short.
  9. I think you’re overrating the impact this would have.
  10. They’ve won 1 outright conference title in the past decade. Only shared the title twice. Andrean was 8-2 against them in that time span. Hardly the dominance needed to justify a move back to the DAC.
  11. Facts? You DE? That’s a good joke. And I appreciate the offer, but I’ll also take the hard pass.
  12. Eh, if he’s a free thinker the result will be the same.
  13. Easiest way to turn your kid into a lapsed Catholic is to send them to Catholic schools.
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