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  1. Trust me when I say a vast majority of their fans are like this. They have to be in the top 5 most-delusional fan bases in the entire state.
  2. 6A: Hard to say at this point but Brownsburg has been extremely impressive. What they did to Zionville this week was eye-popping. But I think many of us are still skeptical of them because they've looked impressive in previous years only to falter come tournament time. A Sectional rematch with BD and likely Cathedral in the Regional and then CG in Semistate projects as an absolutely brutal path to LOS. 6A South is always a meat grinder, but this year feels like it is even more so than usual. In the North, hard to bet against an Indy donut team but I'm looking forward to seeing how CP/Carroll/Penn fair in the semi-state. There's a possibility of an all-HCC 6A title game, or no HCC team making it at all. The most parity we've probably seen in 6A since its inception. 5A: The deeper we get into this season the more-strongly I think whoever gets out of Sectional 12 will win this class. Snider looks to be the best team but a potential rematch with North Side will be tough. In the South, I think Whiteland is the best team by a pretty decent margin. The most disappointing class in the state by far. Give me Snider to win it all. 4A: I think the only team that can beat New Pal in this class is Roncalli. But I think if Roncalli beats them in the Regional then a team like East Central could potentially give the Royals trouble in the Semistate. NorthWood seems like it is by far the best team in 4A North but only beating Mishawaka by 8 makes me think that they're not anywhere near the level of whoever comes out of 4A South. When will a public from 4A North win state again? The last to do so was Lowell in 2005. 3A: Chatard was penciled in as champions by nearly everyone (including me) before the season started, but now that isn't looking so clear. Their sectional isn't the Sectional of Death anymore but with Guerin and Oak Hill in it the Trojans likely won't coast through it. Norwell has been incredibly impressive, even though they haven't played the best competition they've ran roughshod through it and have only given-up an absurd 28 points so far this season. I think they'll give Chatard all they can handle in the Regional. A date with West Lafayette for the right to go to LOS likely awaits the winner of that match-up. In the South, I picked Tri-West before the season but no denying Gibson Southern has been very impressive so far in their defense of their 3A title. At this point I think they're the best team in 3A South. However, I think the 3 best teams in this class reside in the North, so whoever out of WL, Norwell, and Chatard makes it out I'll go with to win the whole thing.
  3. Some suggestions for games just by looking at Harrell's game capsules: Hammond Central @ Gary West Side Evansville Memorial @ Vincennes Lincoln Eastbrook @ Madison Grant Cincy Elder @ Roncalli Westfield @ Fishers River Forest @ Calumet Park Tudor @ Covenant Christian North Judson @ LaVille Martinsville @ Moorseville Leo @ Columbia City Hamilton Heights @ Lewis Cass
  4. They're really young this year. Next year I think they'll be dangerous. Gonna bring back almost the entire team.
  5. I don't know man, others seem to agree and I've seen it said on other threads on the board. Not trying to disrespect the teams in the class but I would say its much more naïve to not recognize that 5A as a whole is down this year.
  6. Just look at the Sagarin Ratings for 5A. It’s not a strong class. Whoever wins 4A would run through 5A and I don’t think it’s crazy to say whoever wins 3A likely could win 5A too. For schools that size the level of play is definitely subpar this year.
  7. Except you won't be able to send me a link for that because Buzea literally didn't say that lmao. You took the QB's quote and added the stuff about Merrillville being 'more talented' and how they 'don't want to see them again'. I mean jeez man if you're going to make stuff up don't make it easily disprovable with a 30 second google search. Gonna have to do better than that to fool me. Honestly it's just completely pathetic that you tried to make a quote up just to make yourself feel better. And Merrillville WAS extremely overrated the past 3 years, and they got their butts thoroughly kicked every time they had a shot to prove otherwise. Merrillville going further than CP in an extremely weak 5A would be nothing to be proud of.
  8. National studies tell us natural grass IS safer. Just because you claim at your school it hasn’t been doesn’t mean it isn’t. How about you tell all the many more players that have been injured on turf that it’s safer than grass just because you think it has been at your specific school.
  9. Anecdotal evidence vs studies done by medical professionals… Wonder which is better
  10. LMAO that's literally the QB's quote from the NWI Times article, and you added the stuff about not wanting to see them again. I ask again, do you live in a fantasy world?
  11. I think we've finally cracked the code on why the Catholic schools are so successful
  12. Except they've done studies specifically focused on high school and found the exact same thing.
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