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  1. Lol clearly I hit a nerve seeing as you got triggered that someone disliked your comment and are now commenting back-to-back about. You also stated literally zero facts whatsoever. Be well you angry middle-aged child.
  2. Lol some of us just don’t care to see people regurgitate meaningless platitudes about personal responsibility in a post about high school football which has nothing to do with personal responsibility. The fact that you’re so triggered by people on the internet rolling their eyes at your cookie cutter platitudes that you have to launch ad hominem attacks at them just shows how utterly insecure you are in your own life. Please work on your own obvious self-loathing before trying to attack random strangers on the internet. Or just save your comments for the posts where you can think about your gl
  3. I’m not sure he bases them purely off of any analytics more so than just his own thoughts and opinions, but I’d be surprised if the Sagarin Ratings didn’t influence his predictions at least somewhat.
  4. Go to John Harrell’s website, and on the home page, there’s a link for “Game Capsules” for Friday and Saturday. Click on the “Fri” or “Sat” link to see his projections for the game on each day.
  5. Congrats to the Brickies on making their long-awaited return to the state finals. Unfortunately, I agree with everything said here. Roncalli has throttled two teams I think are better than Hobart in the past two weeks. It’s hard not to think that this game will go similarly. Hobart’s defense is excellent but their offense won’t be able to keep them in the game. I think it’ll be a little closer thanks to that stout Brickie defense, but I’ll go 28-7 Roncalli.
  6. I would say the latter which to state the obvious is connected to state population. Indy and it’s suburbs are by far the largest population center in the state and are growing while many of the other population centers are dwindling. Just seems natural that the area with by far the largest amount of people would have the highest amount of good athletes and football players. I don’t think it’s necessarily “more commitment” to football (though this could be a factor) as it is just a much larger pool of kids to choose from.
  7. Spot on comments. Game was maddening to watch. I think Westfield would’ve pulled away anyhow, but the Pirates did themselves no favors.
  8. Missed call on a Marcus Hardy TD and a failed 4th down conversion gives the Rocks the ball. 7-7 End of 1Q
  9. I always thought St. Germain did a pretty good job at LC. The one thing that killed him was losing a lot of talent to Andrean those years. He just couldn’t keep kids in house for some reason. As for the comments about Andrean’s current situation, I can’t say I don’t agree. I also think that Andrean is poised to slip even more in the next few years.
  10. I guess I’ll give my thoughts on some of these games now. Merrillville-Westfield: I think the keys to this game will be the play of the Merrillville offensive line and Pirate QB Angel Nelson. When Nelson has struggled, so have the Pirates. In the Chatard game, he lost two fumbles and threw a pick. Last week against Elkhart, he let the Lions back into the game by throwing 3 picks. He’ll need to hold onto the ball and make good reads for the Pirates to have a chance. The Pirate O-Line was physically humiliated in their loss to Chatard, but this group has improved since then, and came up hug
  11. Two very good points here. Andrean’s reach will probably grow when the new school is built. Also, when I played PW, all those years ago, Tri-Town was the dominate team. A lot of kids I played with at Andrean played on the Raiders too. The Tri-Town dominance has seemingly faded. I’m sorry, I’ll edit my comment to “in the past 20+ years”, is that better for you?
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