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  1. The Duneland: the PREMIER 5A football conference in Indiana Jokes aside, great job by both teams, great game, shame anyone had to lose as they say. Congrats to Valpo for bringing the 5A title back to the Region.
  2. Ok. So the baseball sectional alignments in the original link are incorrect?
  3. EC 35-7. At this point I'd just like to see 4A North give 4A South a game at LOS.
  4. Sidenote - and I know this is a football forum - but I was shocked to see Andrean is now in 2A in baseball. They've won 3A the past 5 times (I believe) they've been in that class. They 10-runned the 2A state champ (Illiana Christian) last year. Talk about a bull in a china shop.
  5. Andrean WR Pat Clacks on the game "It's a rematch, so they want blood from us. But we want blood from them too." Should be a good one, just like last year.
  6. I heard about this but it was unconfirmed at the time. I mean it’s not like everyone didn’t know about this. Depending on how this all plays out I think it might be safe to say the true contending window has shut at Merrillville…
  7. Sidebar - Did anyone find it weird that the IndyStar was there (at least for photos) for Carroll vs HSE, but didn't actually make an article covering and recapping the game? I don't want to read too much into that but I thought it was interesting...
  8. I'll risk Carroll making me look like a fool again and take CG 28-7
  9. I'm going to take Lutheran, but it wouldn't be surprising to see AC win at all. This game could've went either way last time and both teams seem just about as good as they were last year.
  10. I said at the time I had no problem with the ranking and agreed that you can’t just rotate the good big schools. But at the same time I think we need to be realistic about what would actually happen in a real game.
  11. 15 days ago Valpo still would’ve beaten Lutheran. I’m not “crapping on” Lutheran at all. I’ve consistently said since this was brought up this is mostly just a testament to how good of a program they’ve built.
  12. I just want to point out that there were people on this forum LAST WEEK saying that Lutheran could beat Valpo…
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