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  1. I saw Price the RB for Zionsville didn’t play last week. Anyone know if he’ll be good to go for this week?
  2. Wow…on the first play of the 2nd OT, Valpo fumbles another Philly Special attempt. Wolves recover. Kick a game winning FG on 4th. 31-28 Wolves, final, 2OT.
  3. Valpo with the INT…Vikings with the ball 35 seconds left
  4. Valpo hits on the Philly Special. PAT good. Knotted at 21 with 1:48 to play
  5. Valpo with a methodical drive, and Hayden Vineyard takes it in from 1 yd out. PAT good. 21-14 City over Valpo with 6:29 left in the game
  6. Omarion Hatch breaks a man’s ankles and takes it in from 20 out. PAT good. 21-7 City, 2:24 left 3Q
  7. Racion Anderson right up the gut on a 10 yard TD run. PAT good. 14-7 City, 7:32 left 3Q
  8. City and Valpo knotted at 7 at half. Vikings to get ball to start the second half. Story of the game so far is 3 City turnovers (2 picks, 1 fumble). The Wolves are lucky to be tied. We’ll see what happens here.
  9. City fumbles in Valpo territory, and the Vikings drive it down to score. PAT good. 7-7 3:04 left 2Q
  10. Tyler Bush to Trey Simmons for a 30ish yard TD. PAT good. City 7 Valpo 0, 2:29 1Q
  11. They’re on a roll at the moment. That beatdown of Hobart was certainly a statement. The Inferno has been awfully good to the Red Devils this past month.
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