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  1. Actually his real name is Vasquero Diaz “Vagas” Ferguson
  2. Luers is now #3 in 2a does that answer your question?
  3. Either that or the SAC got really really good since last week😁
  4. Again I repeat which one of the schools that blew by them in the rankings played a team out of conference?
  5. Worst loss that year was 34 point loss. This year Luers has lost by 42 and 51 and still have Snider and Dwenger coming up.
  6. I don't want to hear that garbage that they only play teams in their own conference. How many teams that rose above Homestead played an in conference game? At least I can finally say I'm smarter than a computer.
  7. Carroll at Dwenger Concordia at Nothrop Luers at North Side Snider at Homestead South Side at Wayne Should be the most competitive week of the season.
  8. North Side at Wayne Northrop at Carroll South Side at Snider Homestead at Dwenger Concordia at Luers
  9. The two teams that crushed them this year Luers beat both last year. Go stir your ridiculous crap somewhere else.
  10. Carroll easy Dwenger easy Homestead easy Snider easy Wayne semi easy
  11. Carroll at North Side Dwenger at South Side Luers at Homestead Snider at Concordia Wayne at Northrop
  12. Snider Homestead Dwenger Northrop Wayne
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