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  1. The NBA was founded in Fort Wayne. The owners of two rival leagues met in a home in the Fort and merged their leagues into the NBA. So if you hate the NBA you can thank Fort Wayne.😁
  2. Guess who currently leads the NFL in tackles? duh Jaylon Smith. Some people just see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Statistics aren't biased.
  3. If you like Mexican El Azteca is a mile from Zollner.
  4. Things could change in a heartbeat. Luers beat both Homestead and Carroll last year but this year they combined to outscore Luers by 90 pts.
  5. Concordia will show up this ain't their first rodeo. They won state by 42 pts. a few years back. Having said that Sagarin favors Chatard by 29.
  6. That year Luers lost their last regular season game 62-0.
  7. Actually his real name is Vasquero Diaz “Vagas” Ferguson
  8. Luers is now #3 in 2a does that answer your question?
  9. Either that or the SAC got really really good since last week😁
  10. Again I repeat which one of the schools that blew by them in the rankings played a team out of conference?
  11. Worst loss that year was 34 point loss. This year Luers has lost by 42 and 51 and still have Snider and Dwenger coming up.
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