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  1. Carroll at Dwenger Concordia at Northrop Luers at North Side Snider at Homestead South Side Wayne
  2. Concordia at Luers North Side at Wayne Northrop at Carroll South Side at Snider Homestead at Dwenger... pick em
  3. Carroll at North Side Dwenger at South Side Luers at Homestead Snider at Concordia Wayne at Northrop
  4. They rank behind only Dwenger and Homestead?
  5. Carroll at Snider Concordia at Homestead North Side at Bishop Dwenger Northrop at South Side Wayne at Bishop Luers
  6. Dawgs don't need swagger when their tails are waggers.
  7. We are finally back let's do this. Luers at CARROLL DWENGER at Wayne SNIDER at North Side South Side at CONCORDIA HOMESTEAD at Northrop
  8. Carroll was ahead of Luers 48-0 at halftime last year. Luers would have to be significantly better than last year and Carroll would have to be significantly worse to make this game to be close. P.S. Not sandbagging lol.
  9. Not to quibble but Indy's metro is 4.88 times bigger rounded up to 5.
  10. Indy's metro population is almost 5 time more than Fort Wayne. So I would say The Fort is holding it's own. No holding it's own jokes.😀
  11. Don't Sleep on Eastside Luers barely beat them and they return a lot of talent. Meanwhile Luers returns a ton of talent.
  12. Rod Smith went to Harding not Wayne.
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