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  1. Also in the SAC Luers Da'von Doughty transfers to North Side. Ouch.
  2. Yes no one has played Harding in years. 😊
  3. I thought Luers picked up a game against East Noble.
  4. You are right I was going by graduation year instead of football season.
  5. I played for Luers in 1973 and 1974. 73 was the last year for one class, that year Luers ended up #2, #3 and #4 in the 3 polls that they had back then. Luers had around 800 students at the time. There was no way the IHSAA was going let Luers play in 1a.
  6. That year 1a sized Luers was forced to play in 3a, the largest class at the time.
  7. Luers is nowhere on this list. I guess they aren't a successful program. Or they play in a conference against schools with 3-5 times their enrollment.
  8. Nothing against East Noble but it's a step down from Homestead, Carroll and Snider.
  9. Which one of the schools you named would be a tougher game for Luers than Carroll or Homestead or Snider?
  10. If Luers doesn't play Carroll or Homestead the first year who can they play that will help them as much as these two schools do? And be willing to play a 2a school.
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