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  1. Should help East Noble more than it will Snider.
  2. I'm Not saying they should play those two teams I'm saying think outside the box. Team from around the area could include New Haven, Leo, Norwell, East Noble.
  3. The last time the SAC had out of conference games Luers played Toledo Whitmer and Columbus Bishop Hartley.
  4. Why play teams you might meet in the playoffs. Being a Luers fan I would like them to play teams they haven't played before.
  5. Dwenger is much bigger and much richer than Luers.
  6. Maybe Luers should steal people's tax money and build a new stadium, oh wait we are not a government school.
  7. What I heard they are going to have Big school division Carroll, Homestead, Dwenger, Northrop and Snider. Small division Luers Concordia, South Side, North Side, and Wayne. More to come later.
  8. I might be mistaken but wasn't Ben Davis #1 in the early 2000's
  9. I talked to a Luers asst. coach last night and he said they were at full strength.
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