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  1. Luersfield didn't open till 1980. For the first 20 some years Luers shared Zollner stadium and Dwenger shared North Side.
  2. I haven't heard if Luers are planning any upgrades, but Concordia caught me off guard.
  3. Concordia Lutheran is renovating Zollner stadium including field turf new track new scoreboard and sound system. Dwenger last year, Concordia this year, Luers you are now on the clock.
  4. I'm from Fort Wayne but if they have a ribeye sammich I'm getting a season ticket.😁
  5. 7 out of the top 8 are rural schools with a combined total of one state championship. I guess team success wasn't a big factor.
  6. Anthony Spencer played nine years for the Cowboys ending in 2015. Jaylon Smith is currently playing for the Cowboys. Austin Mack recently signed with the Giants. Kevin Kiermaier who played football at Luers is one of the best defensive players in baseball plays for Tampa Bay Rays.
  7. Hopefully former players like Jaylon Smith and Kevin Kiermaier can chip in a tiny amount to improve things. One is on a 64 million dollar contract the other is on a 50 million dollar contract. Yes I'm like congress I like to spend other people's money.😁
  8. I love Wrigley but as a Yankee fan no comment on Fenway.
  9. Some people think Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are rat infested dumps but most people love the atmosphere and coziness.
  10. Never had trouble parking but then again I'm smart enough to spot the track that has been there since it opened in 1980.
  11. I enjoyed the other comment that said built by Luers people and maintained by Luers people. When the rest of the list comes out you'll see stadiums built by taxpayers or wealthy benefactors.
  12. Austin Mack of Bishop Luers 447 total yards 6 tds at Carroll.
  13. Luers may the worst but it wasn't built with taxpayers money or a rich sugar daddies money. It was built in 1980 and the money came from fundraisers started by people who worked their backsides off so we could have are own little stadium. Gifts are nice but sometimes you have more a little more pride in something when you build it yourselves.
  14. How about a multiplier for public schools who openly recruit?
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