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  1. Hammond could name the school after certain posters on this board who constantly seek attention. Ladies and gentleman I give you the Hammond Trolls.
  2. I Don't know who said this but there was a coach who didn't like it when team was hit with a 15 yard penalty and yelled "you stink" to the ref. The ref marched off 15 more yards and said to the coach "how do I smell from here?"
  3. Not American football but English soccer. Long before concussion protocol rules a player got knocked out. While getting treatment on the sideline the coach approached the trainer and asked about the player. He said how is he and the trainer said the player doesn't know who he is. The coach replied "tell him he's Pele and get back in there."
  4. Tim Mannigiel who led the Cadets to their only state championship in 2016 has resigned.
  5. With the money turfs saves in maintenance it's a no-brainer that they would have even more money for other things.
  6. It's The other way around. The NE 8 will never let them in and if you don't know why then it would do me no good to explain it to you.
  7. North and South joining the NE 8 will never ever ever happen.
  8. You are a rabid anti-Cathtite, next thing you'll say is they should have their own schools! Joking of course. Can anyone guess where I got this from.
  9. D3 basketball tournament cancelled this spring. The finals were supposed to be held in Fort Wayne.
  10. St. Francis hammered Butler on multiple occasions And in one meeting with ISU St. Francis won 41-10.
  11. Former Snider legend Rod Woodson held a camp at Snider from 1994 to 2008 in which he brought in fellow pro's as instructors. There were always rumors that he steered kids toward Snider but nothing ever came of it because it was a public school like Tri-West.
  12. Some ended up at Luers due to it being a lot closer than the public schools they were assigned.
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