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  1. Southport Perry Meridian Northridge Floyd Central Vincennes Lincoln Evansville Reitz Bluffton Lafayette Central Catholic Scecina Hagerstown Providence
  2. Plain and simple, Warsaw is a 6A school playing 3A and 4A teams and having their way during the regular season and then playing 6A schools in the playoffs and are one and done. If the Warsaw community is fine with that, more power to them, if not, get better by playing 6A schools more frequently. Simple solution, but won’t be done
  3. Purdue, Northwestern, and Michigan State are as putrid as IU so I think they all should share that 14th place designation
  4. Northrop and South will never be competitive again in the SAC, you can take that to the bank.
  5. Anyone that sat thru that game against Akron should be paid $500 for their pain and suffering. What a mockery!!! I believe IU would be a lower tier MAC team. Congrats!!!
  6. Thank goodness Colorado isn’t in the top 25.
  7. IU football has hit a new low with that pathetic performance against Akron. Been an IU football fan my whole life and not sure it can get any lower than this. Kind of like watching Colorado fans bum rush the field with an overtime win against Colorado State…
  8. Wayne 42 - Concordia 0 - General roll in this one Dwenger 21 - Luers 17 - Saints win a close one North Side 28 - South Side 12 - Legends get a much needed win Carroll 35 - Homestead 28 - Chargers squeak out a tight game Snider 49 - Northrop 7 - Panthers roll in this game
  9. I would say Northrop might be the worst team in 6A. When I say they are bad, bad doesn’t seem to be a bad enough description of them
  10. What an absolute giveaway game by Snider. Up 14-0 six minutes into the game, and Tippmann outthinks himself again. Run the damn ball!!! Abysmal loss…
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