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  1. Injuries are immeasurable? Damn, I thought injuries were injuries… Pretty tangible, not intangible, as you claim.
  2. It was 100% of the Grid last week vs HSE… Progress has been made…
  3. East Central 28 - New Prairie 14 - Going with EC in this one
  4. Whiteland 35 - Valpo 21 - Much respect to Valpo for beating Snider, but Whiteland is legit. That offense will be tough to stop and I think Whiteland will adjust better than Snider did to stop Valpo’s RB1.
  5. Adams Central 28 - Lutheran 27 - Been calling this matchup all year and here we are. Lutheran is a great team, as the Jets are as well, very evenly matched game.
  6. Carroll 28 - Center Grove 21 - Chargers are a team of destiny, CG is a great team and it will take a great effort to beat them
  7. Andrean impressed me against Luers. Bowen will be the best player on the field so I give them the advantage. No doubt, MD is a great team, but Bowen is the difference. Andrean 35 - MD 21
  8. So, basically what you are saying is that if Carroll beats CG, they might make your top 5…. Got it, duly noted…
  9. So Carroll beats the #1 team in the state, HSE, in a game they controlled throughout, yet Center Grove is going to manhandle Carroll? Not following the logic here. CG may very well win this game, as almost every person predicted that HSE would beat Carroll, but give some respect to Carroll. They aren’t scrubs and beat a 6A powerhouse in convincing fashion.
  10. Man, what a disappointing end to the Panthers season. Once it went to overtime, I knew Valpo would go for 2 as Snider couldn’t stop him. I just find it ridiculous that you can’t stop a basic play when you know what is going to be run literally every time. Wildcat formation off left tackle, had to have run it 25 times.
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