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  1. they lost a close one in OT i didn't say theyd smash them, but if they played 3 more times i'd throw my money behind westfield all three times, even if i got to make that bet after the first game was played
  2. i still take westfield to win that game 3/4 times i am pro seeding but also pro all in i wanna see some blowouts
  3. off topic just want to know more about this rule so if i happen to know enough html to hack together a website that looks like it is definitely a website i can write whatever i want there? and by extension whatever I want here? just kidding i already write whatever i want it just generally contains very little real world consequences
  4. when you work hard to build a reputation of hurting the enemy kicker every game that carries on into the post season this is a joke i don't condone hurting anyone intentionally yada yada yada believe me he will be shitting himself come game time and it will give you an advantage if you are taking this seriously sit down and relax that is enough computer time good talk so in this scenario yes the regular season will play an integral part of the post season
  5. i think we oughta chuck everyone into the same class play a 19 game regular season sectionals will be done in one weekend ending in a best of 3 for the sectional championship the following week we'll knock out a best of 3 for regionals on wednesday and another one on saturday for semistate for the state championship they just keep playing games until one team wins 6 in a row incase of a blowout in the state championship this allows us to maintain the whole weekend for drinking and screaming at zebras from the endzone
  6. maybe someday i'll leak them for now we shall keep my multiple usernames separate
  7. basketball is everything I rally against football becoming penalties called for absolutely nothing
  8. im bored the hell have you people been up to? ive spent my winter harassing vegans on reddit but it just hasnt filled the void of football season
  9. generally speaking if your team gets shutout maybe you weren't the best receiver in the state
  10. I was not educated at a private school actually, and have no current affiliation with one I simply find people who whine on the internet because they cant win football games amusing
  11. An attempt to call me a 6 year old is literally doing what you just said I was doing.... Despite the fact that you called both of the people in the argument 6 year olds, effectively nullifying your "you're stupid" argument
  12. Course you aren't thats where the debate starts, but that argument isn't convenient for you guys anymore so the goalposts have moved what are we on now "capped enrollment", "public schools having to deal with problem kids", "not enough faith to win the football game"??? no I'm a busy guy and most of what you write is pretty sub optimal in terms of retaining brain cells, so I normally just skip to the end.
  13. I don't believe they have advantages their competition doesn't A number of public schools have had questionable transfers in recent years as well go out on the field, win the game, and tell your dad to quit crying online.
  14. Why would you want a state championship that means nothing because you had to get your competition moved away in order to win. I'd prefer if there were no classes, just one state champion.
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