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  1. It was actually -10million but I'm climbing back up
  2. 6a. Homestead 5a. Dwenger 4a. Mooresville 3a. Chatard 2a. Mater dei 1a. Myself Final draft of my picks to win.
  3. Okok I give up we can be selective There are 64 teams in 1a, let's match them all up with a 5a or 6a team selected at random. Whoever doesnt get mercy ruled can stay
  4. This idea seems a tad bit excessive
  5. If we could make that trade I would happily disappear, mission accomplished I gave a reason in this very thread, until you removed it.
  6. Judt because you do not like what you hear doesnt make something incorrect. 1a football has got to go.
  7. But now it is more of a trophy And also proof of an attempt to silence people with differing opinions
  8. And it isnt a dumb crusade, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to get rid of 1a
  9. What are we talking by top dollar.
  10. 1a apologist downvoting blockades
  11. This is a serious suggestion, it would be better for everyone.
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