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  1. Best running back in the state doesn't even make it Coyle should win, at this point anything else is just wrong But Bowen is going to win
  2. I think they should play 18 games in the playoffs forget 6 weeks though were gonna do it in 2
  3. Are you out of your mind? We need less fair catches in this game not more
  4. I can however continue to mention that pound for pound 5a is a laughing stock (this year) in comparison to the 4 other classes Here I'll throw you a bone Any of the 5a listed teams other than whiteland would have made it to Lucas oil in 4a at least 4a north is actually that bad (still waiting at kilroys)
  5. reitz and memorial could certainly have won 5a they would not be favorites any of the other teams would have thoroughly embarassed the entire 5a tournament I don't get how you could watch snider valpo and/or castle whiteland and think anything else
  6. for an award suppose to be based off your accomplishments, You'd have to assume that you rank them based on their accomplishments
  7. I believe CE would have SF up to 5a, but their enrollment crossed the threshold at the same time if memory serves
  8. Delete 1a delete 6a top 64 teams in 5a bottom 128 teams in 2a 64 3a 64 4a reverse SF, move teams down when they are uncompetitive, and use current SF point system to decide who moves up to replace them.
  9. I think we all can agree here that While Hansen should have won RB and totally got robbed Coyle is a great player in his own right and deserving of a shot the whole system is crap and going to lead to an offensive result and the mercy rule needs to go now
  10. had to include it, no point in skipping years to prove a point, but yes I think 5a was pretty down that year as well if the top 5 teams can't compete with the top teams of the past decade, then it has to be fair to say that 5a is down and I think most of the potential matchups there would be extremely one sided.
  11. wont let me edit, but 2019 was suppose to say valpo not MC, and 2018 was suppose to have MC added to it.
  12. and now i've a a question for you @BTF Which team from 5a this year beats 2014 Cathedral 2015 Snider, New pal 2016 Columbus east, westfield 2017 Columbus east 2018 New pal 2019 New pal, Michigan city
  13. the only two teams worth a damn in 5a were Snider and North side Snider played terribly against valpo and deserved the loss valpo whiteland castle and Merriville (dw we got this next year with our 75 returning d1 players) were not good football teams especially if you compare them to 5a teams in the last decade yet one of them was crowned champion, snider probably should have taken that one, but as stated they played bad football when the time came I was all in on Carroll winning 6a and picked them against the #1 team from the (MOST DOMINANT CONFERENCE TO HARDLY WIN ANYTHING) in semi state. I also am a Dwenger fan I just like good football and 5a did not play it this year I'll take roncalli EC New Pal Memorial and Brebeuf you can take your top 5 from 5a. match them up however you want 10 times out of 10 4a wins at least 3/5 of those games 5 times out of 10 4a wins at least 4/5 of those games 4 times out of 10 4a wins all 5 of those games to elaborate I think New Pal Roncalli and EC would each beat whiteland and valpo in a double header if they needed to
  14. Snider loss to valpo was eye opening They should have ran that game over before halftime At the Same time I tried multiple times to watch castle vs whiteland but I just couldn't. It was bad football and to say otherwise is laughable. 5a football was atrocious this year from the top down, new pal ec and roncalli could have mercy ruled the 5a state game, memorial could have won it. But I stated all this months ago when I mentioned 2015 snider would have absolutely trounced this years team It's not indy bias to look at 5a football this year and say it was objectively bad.
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