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  1. I am fully on board with your new plan to achieve 280, still think the idea in general is bordering retarded, however as they say if the means justify the ends. Count me in, happy to find a thread of yours I can agree to.
  2. I think we should reduce the whole tournament down to 1 class. Would remove the ahem unneccesary teams in week 1 And allow us to see who is truly number 1 in the state every year
  3. After taking an extremely well paying job in the indianapolis area this year I am now in the hunt for a new team to follow. Looking for any helpful insight.
  4. Since I am pretty sure the pandemic has been cancelled, it is time to start figuring out who will be # 2 3 4 and 5 in the state this year. My personal feelings are that bloomington south takes a beating in the state championship to the saints. But well give valpo the #2 slot because let's face it, state championship will be played in the north this year. Looking for castle to take the #4 slot And cathedral to roll in at 5
  5. Rooster fighting (that is ok right? I once got in trouble for swearing) and antagonizing both sides of our current political spectrum on social media. I also took an interest in people watching at wal mart for a while, but it got dull quickly with the whole "social distancing" shenanigans
  6. The mercy rule should be completely removed, I will never be behind the idea of cutting game night short for the kids who've worked hard to get there, they only get to play so many friday night games as is, and even after you sub starters, a jv team can benefit from extra time on the field. P.s. mercy rule is really messing with my betting patterns Also please allow me to post again, it's been like 7 months
  7. in 1998, the undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table."
  8. I find it interesting that after 2 years of demanding team after team contract for being non competitive, you are all up in arms over what logo goes on the jersey of a team that will undoubtedly be non competitive for the next 10 years.
  9. It was actually -10million but I'm climbing back up
  10. 6a. Homestead 5a. Dwenger 4a. Mooresville 3a. Chatard 2a. Mater dei 1a. Myself Final draft of my picks to win.
  11. Okok I give up we can be selective There are 64 teams in 1a, let's match them all up with a 5a or 6a team selected at random. Whoever doesnt get mercy ruled can stay
  12. If we could make that trade I would happily disappear, mission accomplished I gave a reason in this very thread, until you removed it.
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