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  1. im willing to change it to Bellichek and allow a minimal amount of cheating
  2. at least people respond to you, nobody is willing to tell me how many years itl take old nick to takeover the 6a tourney with a 1a team
  3. to bring nick Saban back into the conversation, if nick saban took over (insert random 1a school nobody has heard of) right now, how many years do you who believe a feeder system is more important think it would take him to consistently win the 6a tournament with his excellent feeder system and program he would undoubtedly build,
  4. I use whatever grammar I feel like I don't want to be taken serious hell i even put disclaimers on some of my posts, but you wouldn't be able to read them anyways
  5. new theory BD does so well in football due to parking lot pranksters scaring the other team. thoughts?
  6. wow it seems like someone might be taking things a little to seriously
  7. the difference between us being that I do it on purpose, and you just struggle with communication.
  8. listen, i aint know who th you think you are but you aren't gonna respond to me with the same I cant read bs that you respond to these people with, though being a BD alum that doesnt surprise me. you got two options here: continue you're conversation with btf and temp as they try to explain simple concepts to you, or respond to me and have the least productive conversation of your life. but you aint draggin ol rodney into this nonsense, I only bother arguing with people who possess a higher intellectual stature than yourself
  9. hey um mr. guy who like totally excels at critical thinking. i'm pretty sure nobody said it was the size alone, but like um maybe they mentioned once or twice that like maybe you know having 5x the students of another school might be a supporting factor alongside other mentioned advantages. maybe like if you re-read some other posts you might like stop feeling personally attacked and realize that their arguments are sound. nobody is trying to say that you aren't an extra special boy, just that maybe like having 5000 other extra special boys helped a little bit
  10. Why are we talking like running is a rich man's sport. Hasnt anyone seen a marathon
  11. u aint need money to learn how to swim all you need is a body of water and a will to live
  12. what a bs study. here is a small list of things that would qualify for "enhance appearance, muscle mass, or strength". 1. hair gel 2. anything you can buy at gnc whoever wrote this should be shunned from society for intentionally misleading people
  13. I try to do my best for my fellow bretheren down here please continue to associate me with this place, someone will get very happy.
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