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  1. I'm not saying there arent bad programs in bigger schools. But if any of these schools played a good 4a sized football team, youtube wouldnt even allow the highlights, it would have to be uploaded to pornhub
  2. I do not own a twitter, though you may have just sold me on the idea
  3. 1a football is not real football. I'm sick and tired of getting dirty looks when I wear my Letterman's jacket around town, and having to quickly stop to explain to people that what they've seen is not real football, and that it's not all a joke. I busted my Butt playing football in school, from the time I earned my first letter in 96 to the time I graduated in 2002, I even set the school record for most quarters played, one which I am extremely proud of, and hope it remains for a long time. Then I move out to indiana 2 years ago, and get compared to these 1a schools, this is a sham. I suggest these schools replace football with a wholesome sport like kickball, itd be no less competition than they've got going now, and people would get less confused about what hs football really is. On top of that there would be much less of a chance of injury. Thoughts?
  4. Chatard could easily be on this list, but let's be honest, these two games arent exactly feets of strength. Brebeuf doesnt have a prayer in the 3a tournament, almost the entirety of 4a is irrelevant other than a select 3 or 4 schools, whom chatard is easily better than this year, and northwood is not one of them.
  5. Carroll Dwenger Homestead Snider Wayne
  6. Chatard West lafayette Mooresville East central Gibson southern Heritage hills Everyone else
  7. You've been convicted of wrong think so now he wants to harass you in a parking lot with all his friends, very manly. I shall go with you and we will fight every last one of them (after the game because I'd like to watch it)
  8. Snider Homestead Dwenger Northrop Wayne
  9. I maintain that the only victor in class A will be myself for not watching.
  10. I've changed one of my picks 6a game will be cg over snider
  11. The 96-0 game was a tragedy, with a little bit of effort and can do attitude lcc could have broken the 100 mark I'm sure of it, but instead elected to hold back to spare peoples' feelings.
  12. I would say having your backups take a knee 3 times and punt the ball starting in the second quarter might possibly be just a tad bit more demeaning than having them play the game out.
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