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  1. you guys gotta stop this conversation ima get bant talkin bout a 1a football schedule and how someone came outa that with a mr football award
  2. now were talking lets get rid of all the classes and form one gigantic multi month tournament I want to see GS run into CG Ben Davis Warren Cathedral New pal Roncalli east central on their way to LOS every year then we can see some real tears about competitive advantages sign me up for this guys idea
  3. most years not this one 5a football was absolutely aweful all year long
  4. but it isn't one game entirely, what about the stats from the games posted earlier It would seem he falls short against real competition, whereas Hansen flourishes
  5. I watched Bowen cower to the sideline in the first quarter of the luers game despite being twice the size of anyone coming to tackle him and then have absolutely 0 impact against MD (other than that perfectly legitimate great tackle headed towards halftime, that was pretty great)
  6. my vote goes for the guy who runs downhill into traffic not onto the sideline in the first quarter
  7. you just wait till next year when we have our best class ever
  8. valpo merriville was extremely close as well if i remember correctly (as stated I believe all 5a teams are a stain on the list)
  9. I've just realized that there is no merriville on here While by nature I agree with this (no 5a team should be ranked) Why valpo 10 snyder 12, all three teams seemed to end up fairly close to each other were we goading someone here temp?
  10. I'm so torn on Drayk bowen On one hand I witnessed him run out of bounds intentionally in the first quarter of the luers game, which is just completely unforgivable On the other hand he absolutely leveled that wr from mater dei (it was a beautiful tackle and any player with their helmet and pads on is not defenseless, it's not his fault the kid is short)
  11. oh if you want football let me direct you to my other thread where there would be plenty of it, including a 15 game regular season
  12. this is exactly what is needed Chatard to permanently join the 4a south... what an absolute war zone how about GS takes their free ring they got when chatard got bumped up, enjoy it, and try to get a real one in a strong 3a with chatard
  13. you know I think this is your best one yet just a couple tweaks remove all the 5a schools and new prairie
  14. You just wait until next year when we set the state record for most unsportsmanlike conduct calls
  15. what has the world come to, that boomer is the go to insult for someone. (someone who claims to have children in highschool)
  16. I don't wanna hear it after yesterday I woke up and feel like my skull got raped by a cactus Still didn't have a mental breakdown online though so I guess +1 to me
  17. coach rodney wasnt there yet, you best believe were gonna step it up next year this guy gets it
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