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  1. Can you expand on what advantage being so far behind the center would provide an OL?? More space to gain momentum on a run block? Easier to get to pulling lanes??
  2. Did I miss it somewhere on this thread or elsewhere?? Did the Bosse Head Coach resign?? I thought Coach Schnur (spelling?) was doing an outstanding job at Bosse with the hand he had been dealt??
  3. Um...Roncalli ?? Not trying to get thread shut down, but any news on how they're going to handle that situation?? In our neck of the woods, Crawford might have trouble keeping its program afloat.
  4. Man- things sure did escalate quickly. I wonder if the person who started this thread found the answers he/she was seeking. Bottom line- I’ve been involved in high school football for nearly 20 years...as a player, fan, and coach. It’s a great sport that teaches invaluable lessons to our youth. Yes, winning is the ultimate- but it’s not THE most important. Is everything ultimately fair?? Probably not( for the record, I believe P/P should all play up a class). But the IHSAA has refused to even consider or listen to any proposals in regards to P/P...no matter how many titles LCC, Chatard, or Cathedral pull in. So it ain’t gonna change, I don’t think ever.
  5. Funny how that comment comes from a Memorial supporter. I had the chance as a high school student to do a student-council "swap" for a day in which Memorial was the school we "swapped" with. (They spent a day at ours, we spent a day at theirs). That day STILL sticks with me all these years later in regards to the P/P debate and just how different 2 similar sized schools could be. Hence the "wall the hallways" argument.
  6. Or have to go work to support a one parent household. Or live with grandma/grandpa because mom/dad are out of the picture. Or don’t have the physical capabilities of participating. The list goes on and on- but P/P aren’t faced with many of these issues - hence the “walk through the hallways and then tell me there is not a difference” argument Its really that simple.
  7. .I think we finally agree on something! "Pretty simple really. Socioeconomic factors. Walk down the hallways at a place like Chatard and/or Memorial or any P/P, then walk down the halls of a public school with a high free/reduced and other factors that may not be ideal for extra-curricular participation. "
  8. Pretty simple really. Socioeconomic factors. Walk down the hallways at a place like Chatard and/or Memorial or any P/P, then walk down the halls of a public school with a high free/reduced and other factors that may not be ideal for extra-curricular participation.
  9. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to notice this (but sitting in the stands this weekend as opposed to being on sideline coaching...well I guess you just notice odd things such as these) At the end of the New Pal/Valpo game, we are trying to do some math calculations as far as timing/running off/our the clock and we noticed either just one of those “oddities” or perhaps a flaw in the play-clock/game clock system. When a team gets a first down, the game-clock stops to move the chains. However the 40 starts immediately when the play is over. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but we all were trying to figure it out so we all had our eyes fixated on the clock...probably took about 10 seconds , or ate into 10 seconds of the 40 second playclock to get the chains set. I don’t know if I have a question here, it was just something I’d never really payed attention to.
  10. Being from SW Indiana and a member of the PAC- I’ve tried to keep up with all the thoughts/predictions of this game thread. I keep hearing/reading about how this Chatard team is untouchable, they are unlike anything HH will have seen, etc...and while all of that may turn out to be true, I keep having one pervival thought keep running through my head and that is Has any PAC team made a trip to the Dome or Lucas Oil and just got blasted or blown out of the water??? I don’t think so?(and I may be wrong- but I sure don’t seem to remember it) So with that thought keep running through my mind- I don’t think it will be the blow-out many are expecting. Best of luck to the Pats- bring it home and have that 2 point play dialed up just in case- you never know 😜
  11. Ok just so I’m clear- there is holding behind the line-of-scrimmage. But if the ball is thrown and in the air, and our LB just hits the intended WR or RB who is waiting on a screen- then no foul??
  12. That 2002 HH team was NASTY. I don't like using the term "choked" because it's high school football...things happen. But man how that team didn't play for a State Title is beyond me. I know that Chatard had a pretty good squad that year, but that HH team was very good. As was 1999-2000 with the Kress boys/Goldsberry. Pretty good run of talent right there. As far as this years team/game this Friday - I can't really give an educated opinion as I have not seen Chatard play at all. I do know that this HH team has the ability to slow the game down/shorten possessions and generally won't beat themselves and will be sound in all phases of special teams.
  13. Is there pass interference BEHIND the line-of-scrimmage?? To my understanding, or what I have always known - is that behind the line-of-scrimmage, there is NO PI?? Meaning, a Defensive Lineman or Linebacker reads a screen, he has free reign to grab at the RB. Is this correct??
  14. SMH - just when I thought we had put this nonsense behind us and you all could move on to focusing in on what would be a great back-to-back accomplishment, you just can't help yourself throwing jabs. If you think 2017 was a "moment-in-the-sun" or flash-in-the-pan for SR, then you haven't been paying much attention in the 2000s really. 2002 - State Finalist (lose a close one to Luers, who was a juggernaut at the time) 2006- State Finalist (lost another close one - this time to Harding) 2007- Semi-State, lose to Heritage Christain 2008- Sectional Champs, lose a mud bowl in Regional 2009-2012 - Run into some VERY good MD teams who just happen to be in our sectional most years 2013 - Sectional Champs, lose in regional 2014 - Lose to MD in Sectional 2015-2016 - Spend some time up in 3A...make some Sectional Championships, but run into some very good Brownstown teams 2017 - Finally reach the mountain top 2018- Semi-State ...you all put it on us pretty humbling. Certainly not mind-boggling/blow you away run, but we're proud of it nonetheless. Most years not mentioned up there we spent dealing with a certain P/P in our neck of the woods that is known to be pretty good (MD). I really regret this back-forth, you all should spend your energy being exciting for another great season and potential State Championship. Best of luck this weekend.
  15. Seriously it’s like talking to a brick wall with you WeBo folk...borderline childish/petty. Here’s the jist - 1. Before last year, I hadn’t given 2 thoughts to the WeBo football program as it hadn’t been relevant for quite some time. 2. You all put it on us last year- plain and simple. Undefeated State Champs- was super impressed. 3. From that time on, I’ve checked in on WeBo this season as I knew they had quite a bit returning and a good chance to repeat. (I foolishly thought that would bring them up to 3A- but the system is flawed) 4. A fan of yours starts throwing shade at another coaching staff and claims WeBo’s staff has WAY more class than others...hit the brakes for a second...I simply cited an example from the WeBo staff that could be seen by others as “laying it on”. I didn’t necessarily think too much of it at the time and still really don’t...we should have stopped it if we didn’t want to hear about it. I was just pointing out some may have seen it as unnecessary. - I hope Chris or some moderators will shut this thread down soon as clearly there isn’t much more to be said. Best of luck in the State Championship
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