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  1. We basically have it in sectional (s) now anyway, so it is what it is.
  2. In the old PAC schedule, you only had room for 2 non-conferences games. I believe there was a stretch there (maybe 4 years?) when SR had Eville Central on the schedule...was one of their (Central's) best 4 year stretches in school history as luck would have it for us lol. And then obviously our other "non conference" game was filled with county rival Jasper. I know HH routinely played Jasper as well (although there was a time when they took a break from each other) ....so that only left 1 non-conference game. I don't recall who they filled that with...but don't remember it being any Eville schools .
  3. Well...since you asked- NO, I don't think they do a very good job of it - but every situation has its own circumstances so undoubtedly it has to be an almost impossible job. I think they do the best job they can. As far as this new rule...it comes across to me as the IHSAA looking for the easy way out of things. And I think, much like college sports are experiencing now - it can lead to a slippery slope kind of deal. Where we sit - you'd just like to see as much of an even playing field as possible. In an ideal world - you start in the youth leagues with your buddies in 3rd or 4th grade - you stick with it, and you play with the pretty much same group of buddies you've spent your whole life with. I think about those kiddos who did that, only to be told their senior year "ya sorry, but we've brought in this stud left tackle who is gonna play over you now so we can have a better shot" ....just doesn't sit right with me. That said - no coach in their right mind would turn down an opportunity to better their chances at success on the field ...I'm not that naive. As you've said - geography (being in a city or on the suburbs of one) plays a large role in how much if affects ones program. As is life
  4. Like the IHSAA does anything to regulate it anyway?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - of course. Yup- let's just make them club teams and charge a $$ and be done with it
  5. Coaches have to say the correct things, especially to media outlets and what-not. And honestly - it is a done deal so the correct attitude to have it "let's strap it up and get it on" But is NO ONE going to point out how laughable sectional 31 is compared to 32?? I know some sectionals will undoubtedly be tougher - but can no one in the executive room take a step back and look and go......"well lets see: Gibson, Memorial, HH, MD, SR" compared to "Owen Valley, Madison, Edinburg, Scottsburg, Corydon Central" ......"yup, looks about right to me" And don't point to geography ...OV to Madison is 2 hours and 11 minutes.....Gibson/Eville 1 hour 30 minutes Sorry to offend anyone....just no one had said it yet. And I REALLY don't care all that much....you play who is in front of you. I just don't like illogical things
  6. Awesome article- thanks for sharing. Brings back lots of family memories
  7. Ahh I was not aware of that - I thought both had converted to the 21st century ! Are SR and VL the only schools on EASTERN time as well?? (That's honestly how they should determine sectionals...if you are on stupid....er I mean Central time - then you all get grouped together!)
  8. I may be way off on my timeline - but pretty sure Emge didn't shut it doors still around the 94-96 range?? Also I was thinking of this last night ...is HH the only school in our sectional field that doesn't have turf??! Can we petition the IHSAA that they not host any sectional games !?!? heheheheheh (I kid of course....sort of)
  9. I'm willing to bet most people, outside of our circle -(without looking it up) -given the following list: MD, Heritage Hills, Gibson Southern, and Southridge - would be incorrect.
  10. Duly noted Fun trivia fact for you- outside of Memorial- who is the only other team in this sectional field to be moved up due to SF, and gained enough points to stay up the next classification go around??
  11. Just checking back in....no one answered my question 😞
  12. Appreciate the responses gentlemen - thank you very much. So, next question then- when a seeding proposal is shot down by a 16-0 vote (or whatever it was), it that vote done by the Executive committee?? (Who, according to my reading, is NOT made up of principals - but rather AD's?)
  13. SO?? The IHSAA Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner's answer to the member schools?? Which...is all of us?? Or the Commissioner and the Assistant Commissioner's answer to the Executive Committee?? Which is ?? Who is that made up of?? And how does one get elected/appointed to that position?? Seems pretty vague to me....
  14. With the recent seeding proposal shot down quicker than ...well I can't come up with anything "catchy" - but anyway, with it being shot down it got me wondering. The NFL/NBA commissioner has to answer to the owners of the league. Who does the IHSAA "brass/higher ups/executive committees" quote/unquote have to "answer to??" Like...who hires these positions? And...who/do they have bosses to answer to? The IFCA presents a proposal for seeding...the IHSAA just says "NOPE"...and that is it?? The IHSAA decides they are going to do this new 1A-4A classification thing for non-football sports...and they viola - it happens! Meanwhile, their is a big contingent that thinks it would be a better idea in football to have the biggest 32 in 6A...smallest 32 in 1A, then rest split evenly...but the IHSSA says - NOPE!! I will admit I am ignorant on the whole deal so there may be an easy answer to this...but sometimes it just seems to me like the IHSAA higher ups are like the almighty OZ.
  15. Also, I will add that the IHSAA has shown before that they will consider "competitive balance" and not just geography when determining sectionals ...in our own wrestling sectional Floyd Central and New Albany were both added (driving right past Jeffersonville, which is 10 minutes away) in order to try and even out the competition. Take that for what it is worth
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