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  1. Are all these Northern Indiana teams?? What in the world is going on up there??
  2. But I don’t really wanna try and comb through all the pages to find out. Can someone supply a list of schools that have postponed their fall sports as of now? And until when?? Maybe im not paying attention enough- but it seems they are all Northern Indiana schools? What’s the deal up there? I apologize for my ignorance - but seriously down here in Southern Indiana it’ seems all systems go.
  3. I’ve never heard that word used until this recent pandemic. I see someone is a fan of a certain sports radio personality!
  4. If I’m not mistaken- I believe the Red Devils of Owensboro run more of an option attack similar to what TC has employed the last couple of years. Probably a big factor in the hiring process I assume. Believe it’s Owensboro Catholic that spreads it around
  5. 🤦‍♂️ (not for the choice of winner- that it was ever created in the first place)
  6. Ok ok so now I finally see the motivation behind this thread. You believe there should be a “sliding scale” so-to-speak in terms of teacher pay. And it should be correlated to what exactly?? I tend to agree that a classroom teacher hard at it with 6 classes a day has a lot more on their plate with planning, grading, data charts, etc than say a PE/Strength teacher- but how could you possibly justify a change in salary structure?? Ain’t happening
  7. Just don’t add up?? Are you accusing school districts of “fudging their books” in order to pay coaches?? That’s pretty serious accusations...I’d tred lightly throwing around that speak. And why so obsessed/jealous of how much another’s making ?? Do you feel it’s not fair? If you really feel strongly perhaps you should voice your concern with local school board/superintendent. Do I wish I could make more?? Sure...but I’m not gonna ever cut down someone for getting theirs...teachers are grossly UNDERPAID as a profession. Plain and simple
  8. I’m confused as to the purpose of this post?? Are you upset with the amount that Head Coaches get paid? Upset with the teacher pay scale in general??
  9. It is touching that you are so concerned about the health of the New Pal players and community. Good on ya... Ps...I have no idea what’s true/not true/why the article was even written in the first place. Any person with a brain would know it’s gonna bring up question marks??
  10. Akers go somewhere else?? Was he just at the helm one year??
  11. So where is Mr. Six Shooter headed??
  12. I'm sure your coaches appreciate it. As long as they don't receive any community/school board pressure to produce on the field, I'm sure they are fine with it too....
  13. Understand - but we're asking about Head FOOTBALL coaches. So you recognize that you may be putting your Coach and football program at a disadvantage? And you are OK with that/?
  14. Essentially the purpose/motivation behind this thread. Was interested in what was all out there for Head Coaches....
  15. Definitely think it's beneficial/advantageous having coaches within the school system - but I was asking about positions for HEAD coaches. I'm sure there is plenty of assistants that teach a number of subjects.
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