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  1. Technically and under the old "1 point to stay up" - SR is STILL SF'd up from our original class from 2017 & 2018 season. Believe we might be the longest tenured public school (maybe New Pal) that was SF'd up and stay up. 2017 - State Champ .....2018- Semi-State (bumped up to 3A) 2019-HH bounced during sectional (no points) ...2020 made it semi state (stay up in 3A) 2021- bounced in sectional (no points)....2022 Sectional champs (stay up in 3A) 2023 - bounced in sectional by HH....
  2. Hahahahaha....you wanna talk about "EGO!?!?" How much of an ego do you need to have to just honestly believe "we win because we just WORK HARDER, have a better FEEDER SYSTEM and it is our CULTURE." Like no one else has figured out those things. That, sir, is an EGO.
  3. Me too…I honestly don’t understand how anyone can look at the results and NOT understand the inherent advantage Lol…the ol “we have CYO feeder league and tradition- that’s why we’re successful “ argument lol MUCH DIFFERENT LOL
  4. The answer you seek is OBVIOUS - but since I'm a public school representative I guess I don't qualify to answer lol...
  5. This might actually be the best idea I've read on this subject in a long time.
  6. LOL…well I imagine not! (Sorry man- you set yourself up for that one lol)
  7. Haha…well- you ain’t lying. But be careful treading on this subject- I still have the emotional scars from pointing out such obvious factors lol
  8. I was dead wrong on this one. Congrats to Luers and congrats to NP on a great season. Not a great representation for Southern Indiana this weekend- but proud of the PAC none-the-less. Turns out those parochial schools are pretty tough.
  9. Stinks when it happens on the “big stage” for everyone to see- but it happens all over the State to lots of public’s. We dealt with it for years in Sectional vs the mighty MD Wildcats. Imagine how many State finals appearances HH would have if Chatard wasn’t a Southern representative for all those years?? Fear not though- I think NP will score one for the good guys today and not let the P/P make it a clean sweep from 1-3A.
  10. Geez…does no one throw the ball in Northern Indiana?!? Looks like AC has never had to defend a pass route lol
  11. Sounds familiar… I will say HH has a knack for making the plays when it matters the most. And ultimately- that’s why they’re playing in the biggest game of the year. Championship teams figure out a way to make those plays. I’ll say this- I have no idea how the game will go- but HH’s defense is very legit.
  12. I’m sure they will. NP is about a 3 1/2 hour drive to Indy- and they kickoff is 10 am (their time)…that would make for an early Saturday morning if you left day of.
  13. The Chatard/HH rivalry always struck me as similar to the battles we had with MD throughout the years. Only difference was our Parochial giant was in Sectional- yours semi-state (most years)
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