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  1. Not going to get into this pissing match. What an asinine statement. You do what works well for you and your program. Not entirely sure but last I checked- SR has held up pretty well against MD- which in most years carries itself pretty well in the SIAC. Move on troll- nothing to see here.
  2. Holy smokes- did I just agree with what DT wrote?? Well, guess there is a first for everything! Spot on in this post...good work.
  3. That’s the problem with trying to gain any traction with the seeding discussion- you “qualification” nuts (ie Bobref) always try and make it about that. Lets start with making what we have better- and that’s seeding the sectionals. And it’s really pretty simple
  4. Funny as a wrestling coach we figure out how to SEED a SECTIONAL and I’m pretty sure that is IHSAA sanctioned. The fact the IHSAA won’t seed football sectionals is pure LAZINESS. A criteria could be set, just as it is in wrestling, and it would get accomplished and guess what?? It would be a helluva lot better than we have now. Would at least give SOME meaning to a good regular season.
  5. Say it ain't so....say it ain't so. Even the "old guard" is turning to the new age.
  6. He still running the wishbone, or has he caved to the times and running Spread Power O??
  7. Ya cause the PAC had a State Champ and a Semi-State appearance in the last 2 years- we suck. Tf outta here with that noise.
  8. I’m sure he appreciates your concern. For what it’s worth- it’s his non-throwing shoulder so you don’t have to be too worried about his baseball future as you seem to be. Awfully nice of you tho. Kid is the ultimate competitor - he’ll be just fine.
  9. A Raider Football helmet without the Flaming S 🤢 - ISC should be ashamed of themselves
  10. I won't publicly reveal where I received my information (was told up 50 points and leave Charlie in to put 2 more TD's on the board) - but I can tell you it's from a source VERY close to the program and I'd imagine you'd be pretty surprised how some people REALLY felt about Ralph and his constant "running up" the score. No doubt Ralph has been tremendous for New Pal and the football program and community - but your response/defense of these antics is typical for those that have drank the "man can do no wrong" kool-aid. That's fine I guess...I was just stating my opinion and felt it needed to be pointed out.
  11. No one is gonna say it?? No one?? Really?? Ok I guess I will have to be THAT guy - and I apologize to Mr. Spegal cause this is no way a reflection of the young man. I've never met him or said two words to him, I'm sure he's an outstanding individual - but shame on Coach Ralph. Up 55 and you leave this guy in to get 2 more TD's?? I'm sorry, but I can't believe this guy (Ralph) just constantly gets a free pass of YEARS of "running up" the score. I don't think it's right and as a person in education/coaches role, I believe Ralph owes better to his team. Empathy/compassion/sportsmanship are traits the world could use more of....EGOTISM is something we have plenty of. I wasn't around in the Brett Law days so maybe the same could be said of his Coach and chasing records, I'm not sure?? But the constant leaving a kid in to rack up more TDs and yards is just disgraceful. Sorry to be negative but it's been allowed to go on for so long without being called out. I can't believe his Administration and/or community members have allowed the years of 78-0 brow-beatings to take place without at least SOMEONE saying "hey man, can we take it back a notch?"
  12. The whole thing REEKS of politics and bias. LOL
  13. Since you brought it up, I’ll put in my 2 cents. The elephant that no one wants to talk about is it was put in for parochial/private schools that were dominating year after year. The converse has happened where you are penalizing public schools for having a “good run” and a good program. Sure, we’ve had back to back State appreances, but our Stud QB decided football wasn’t worth it. A school we play, Linton, would have been playing in LOS last year if not for the success factor. The IHSSA is taking that opportunity away from those kids...they only get ONE chance to do this and because a class or 2 has success before them, they don’t get that chance. I think it’s wrong and cowardly by the IHSSA...they just won’t call a spade a spade
  14. Well- you don’t exactly have a barn burner of a sectional, so that shouldn’t hurt matters. Whatever the IHSSA was drinking when they aligned 30,31,and 32, think I’d like to have some.
  15. I’m so confused...you do realize Southridge beat MD last year, correct? And the year before that as well?? And actually I’m pretty sure have a winning record against them in the last decade or so??
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