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  1. I'm not sure about that statement. Just my opinion from someone who has had experience with both on the football field.
  2. Haha....this would affect probably more publics than it would privates. While the OBVIOUS advantages the P/P's have - and have been discussed at nauseum on this forum ( with good reason) - an issue that is becoming more and more apparent throughout the State is the "poaching" and/or transferring of players. I know the IHSAA is doing the best they can - but to me they are failing massively. It it looks like a duck, and smells like a duck....well you get what I'm saying. Some of these transfers are SO PAINFULLY obvious, yet they are allowed. Freedom of choice, yada yada. I get it...I'm just asking if that's what we want HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS to turn into?? Basically AAU athletics? Without getting into details and naming names (which I don't think is appropriate on a public forum), I know for certain that the last three southern 3A public representatives for the State finals have had numerous players that transferred in and started for the Varsity programs at some point in their high school careers. ps. Just bump P/P's up a class - it is REALLY that simple.
  3. LOL....you clearly haven't seen Lawrenceburg much in the past couple years - they could throw it around the lot and were quite good at it. Good coaches coach to their players strength - L-Burg knew where their bread was buttered this year and made it to Lucas.
  4. I can't speak for Lawrenceburg, but I wonder if this year seems kind of ironic - to be playing in Lukas Oil?? Surely with a ND recruit and the Yoon kid at QB and the stellar WR they had, along with all others, they have to of had that class pegged to be playing for a State Championship?? Only for it to happen the year after?? I know nothing of Chatard this year, - their history suggest they will be very good.
  5. Trust me - we know how the SF works. Good luck this weekend.
  6. Unpopular opinion forthcoming (just delete or keep scrolling on if you don't like what you read): The lines between "Public Schools Forever - Catholic Schools Never!!!" are becoming increasingly blurry. I don't think I necessarily cast blame- in order to "keep up with the Jones's" and compete at the State level (in any sport really, not just isolated to football)- more and more PUBLIC schools are "reaching" outside their school districts (ala "transfers/recruits") to plug holes of positions in need or just bolster their line-ups. We all know it/have seen it to be true. Don't shoot the messenger here fellas Still doesn't fix the "effective enrollment" advantage of P/P's- and it's still an uphill climb no doubt, but certain public's have found a loophole in the force.
  7. Reading through this thread - is it just a foregone conclusion that Chatard wins this one? I understand and get their history in 3A..... If I'm not mistaken, there is still a game that has to be played.
  8. Well....I was dead wrong on this one. Congrats to MD on a return trip to LOS (remind me again, HOW have they never been moved up due to SF?? ) Congrats to the Miners on a great season - future looks bright - lots of young kids out there playing last night.
  9. Stated it earlier in this thread - but eventually the Miners will have to figure out the "MD Curse/Spell" or whatever it is you want to call it that they've had over them since our Sectional 40 days. Totally a shot out of left field as I haven't seen much of these 2 teams , but law of averages says Linton should eventually when one of these. Plus I don't think MD is what they were last year. Give me Linton by 2 scores.
  10. 2 years ago we played AT Lawrenceburg (a 3 + hour bus trip) for Regionals - and won 49-28 This year, they came to our place and put it on us, 31-7. I don't see the "bus trip" argument holding much water. It's only an excuse when/if you need it.
  11. This past weekend, while all others were enjoying their Friday night games and the opening day of deer season - we had to play on SATURDAY and it dumped about 2 inches of WET snow from 9-11 am. The forecast wasn't going to help us with any sunshine in time for a 5 pm kickoff. I can't imagine what our playing surface would have been like had we had a grass field - but it would have been a travesty to play a Championship level game in those conditions.
  12. Our bad ...BUT, Lawrenceburg was pretty good - and it ended up being "one of those nights" ( a lot of which was caused by Lawrenceburg). 7-6 halftime score in favor of the Raiders - some missed opportunities we let slip away in the 1st half (I'm sure they could say the same thing). 2nd half after tipped pass interception, it was all L-Burg As far as this game goes - Monrovia is the complete mystery of the post-season. I know they like to hang their hat on their run game (and all I can say is GOOD LUCK if you think you'll just line up and just push L-burg around) - BUT they did hit a few passes to win the game vs. Owen Valley. Monrovia' Offense can be a challenge- but I think Greensburg provided enough of an appetizer that it won't be completely foreign to L-Burg. I would be a tad surprised if L-Burg doesn't punch their ticket to LOS - BUT - Monrovia did survive a sectional with Tri-West, Western Boone, and Danville....that is a meat-grinder.
  13. Eventually Linton will crack the "MD code/curse/whatever you want to call it" - they are too good a program not to. Typically I would have a pretty good pulse on this game, as both were old Sectional 40 adversaries (how much fun would that old sectional have been this year!?) and I would have watched plenty of snaps from both. But, not anymore...have only seen very little on Linton, and not one snap of MD all year. But- feel like this years Linton team has that "this is our year" vibe to it....I'll take Linton by a couple scores.
  14. Interesting. I knew that Memorial considered Enlow their "homefield" - but wasn't aware that they would refuse to play on others field if it was in fact their home game. I seem to remember a day and age when Mater Dei would glady go to other fields in order to keep the game on Friday - but I also remember when they would play on Saturdays because none were available. Again - doesn't much matter - just didn't understand the dynamic if EC wanted to play Saturday. Good luck to both teams
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