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  1. I could care less if we are ranked or not. I even said "in no way do I think we should be ranked in a class we haven't achieved anything in" - There were a couple teams receiving votes that haven't won a sectional in some time, so you'd think a State/Semi-State back to back would garner maybe a few votes, but guess not. Doesn't matter in the least - just a slap in the face kind of.
  2. In no way should we be ranked in a class in which we've achieved nothing, but when you look at some of the schools who did receive votes, you'd think after a State Championship and semi-state appearance it'd would get us some appreciation - but guess not. Back to the grind
  3. Thanks for the reply. I don’t remember reading anything about that when it took place so I knew it couldn’t have been too severe...does anything even take place when a school is put “on probation “??
  4. Hey really random question - but I was looking up something on Linton the other day and came across a headline in the Greene County paper that said the Linton-Stockton football team was placed on probation by the IHSAA for the 2008-2009 year?? I don't have a subscription so I couldn't read the rest of the article - just curious as to what infraction took place and what exactly the probation entailed?
  5. I thought about this the other day...and I’m not up on everything Boonville, but seriously, do they even win the conference in ANY sport?? Softball?? Wrestling ?? Cause we sure as heck know it won’t happen in football...basketball no...baseball nope.
  6. PAC voted today to add the 4 remaining Big 8 schools for the 2020-2021 school year. Don’t know if it’s been posted on here, didn’t want to go through and read all of it. Pretty predictable move when Jasper and VL jumped ship.
  7. Have NEVER been a Gordon Englehardt fan - and this article just reeks of "7th grade girl gossip". When did he become an opinion columnist? "Several texted questions" were sent ...is this how reporting is done nowadays?? I would prefer just news/facts - not speculation. Sorry, rant over.
  8. Not really as much as North Posey 😕 Knowing what I do about how this all came together, very surprised this didn't pass with little fuss at the Big 8 meeting. Wonder who/what changed from the beginning??
  9. . Very well stated and thought out. Couldn't agree more.
  10. In my opinion- Tecumseh has absolutely NO leverage to say what they want/don’t want. How they’ve been allowed to operate as a member of the PAC for this long with basically dropping out of football is beyond me. They are either in this merger, or OUT all together in every sport. Every time I read this thread I just get ticked off...wrong message to send to kids/program- but I’ve been down that road. Carry on
  11. This whole thing is a shame without Al Bundy. Polk High Football legend
  12. One would think, the only exception being time-zone. HH is Central, SR Eastern. While not a huge deal, if one was gonna stay with Evansville sectional, you would think it would be HH
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