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  1. Of course - a lethal combination for sure . But again, the naysayers and observers will say they have 0 sectionals between them (thus far) and brought in some "extra help" in order to get over the hump. Again, not saying that is my personal opinion - GS was going to be good this year regardless - just pointing out the narrative that is going to travel with this team.
  2. First of all- GS is insanely good this year. Secondly, the GS transfer thing has been hammered home pretty good on this thread. Building “superteams” is not a new phenomenon up/around the Indy area (I have relatives that live in Avon/Brownsburg/Zionsville area, and they keep me up to date on all the moving/shaking up there). But for our rural neck of the woods, adding 4 legit new starters to an otherwise already loaded team (well, I know one played last year) seems a bit...I don’t know the correct word to use?? Curious to know for all you GS fans out there...say you do reach the mountaintop. Will it “sour” it at all with the narrative going around that you had to bring in all this help to get it done? I’m not saying I agree with that- but that will be the narrative. I would think it wouldn’t sit well with me...but I get it- no program on earth would turn away those players.
  3. Not the case. SR was willing to stay in the agreement....Linton wanted out.
  4. Great topic. I've said this for a number of years now...but it is becoming harder/harder to be a core subject teacher/coach.
  5. Ok only had time for quick scan of this thread....what on earth did I miss?? Why is Bobref making an appearance and what are we talking about?!
  6. Sorry, I haven't been paying much attention. Is this the only game GS is challenged in this year?? What is the scouting report on this team out of Kentucky?? Maybe it is my Indiana bias - but I find it hard to believe an Kentucky team is gonna challenge the mighty Titans this year??
  7. For goodness sake- this is getting a bit ridiculous. The IHSAA wouldn’t let a transfer play basketball for a year, but GS can get 3 new transfer starters and all is on the up/up??
  8. Well...isn’t that lovely. Congrats to the young man
  9. Don't recall this name on the GS roster last year ??
  10. GS was going to be a beast this year no question...but adding 2 STARTERS from a “transfer portal” (tonque-in-cheek of course) - it is like a “slap your forehead” good grief type of deal. But good for them I guess. Good fortune I guess?
  11. So has GS become the new “transfer U” of Southern Indiana?? Neighboring schools, neighboring States...come one, come all I guess? I assume it’s all on the up/up with the IHSAA, so more power to them- but will anyone still have a fighting chance with all these move-ins??
  12. I don't know about this topic?? Just looking at our recent history: In 2017 - won the State Championship in 2A (not bad for a public school) In 2018 - were knocked out in Semi-State by PUBLIC 2A Western Boone In 2019 - thanks to success factor, moved up to 3A and were knocked out in Sectionals by PUBLIC 3A Heritage Hills ( eventual State Runner Up) In 2020 - made the 3A Southern Semi-State, and again, were knocked out by PUBLIC Danville Point being - there seems to be more public schools than Pioneer making noise in the tourney??
  13. What position did Coach Hart hold in the school system ?
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