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  1. We would be in this same boat as well (well, actually making it 5 years of SF for us)
  2. So what are the IHSAA options regarding classification and alignment after freezing last year due to COVID?? Option #1 (and probably the easiest) - wipe the slate completely clean for everyone, success factor and all - and just put schools in classes based on enrollments? (Meaning this years State Champions get a free pass) Option #2 - last year's enrollments were frozen, but success factor points were not. So you vote to try and keep everyone success factor'd on the same schedule, meaning some schools will possibly be punished with a 3 year success factor window? Are those basically the 2 options?
  3. Quick quiz - since the success factor implementation, which 2A school has been bumped up for tournament success? SR, or MD? Wasn't this thing put in place for the private/parochial schools anyway?!? I suspect, with 28 juniors on their roster, MD will be making their SF trip up soon, that is, unless, the IHSAA decides the COVID year really didn't happen?
  4. I don't think you could go wrong with the PAC conference in general. A quick plug for SR successes, going back the last couple of decades (2000s to present) I believe we actually hold a slim margin of victories head-head vs. MD. Especially of late, their successes have came when we've been bumped up due to the success factor and/or enrollment. That in no way is meant to diminish what they have accomplished, again just putting a plug in for us. The success factor is a fickle thing..I'm not sure Memorial was too heartbroken to be in 4A the last couple of years?? Whereas, again, a 3A semi-state team I would like to think had a chance of a Lucas trip had we been in the correct classification. As is life though...
  5. Hmm- interesting. Watching the 1A State Finals game and noticed Indy Lutheran has “snapped down” on punt attempts...but it is not part of their regular offense snap count. No flag however.
  6. Focusing solely on enrollment discrepancies is a little short sighted. Free/reduced and other socioeconomic factors would probably be a better place to start.
  7. "GS is building a Center Grove like dynasty down in SW Indiana- that much is clear. Ok. First of all- big congrats to the Titans, coaches, and their fans on reaching the big dance. (Is this really your all’s first trip). We in the PAC knew it was a long time coming. Enjoy the experience and I fully expect you all to win the blue ring." - Boy, you surely don't take compliments very well. - I never once have came on here and trashed what GS has built and how good of a program they've become. You may take it that way - but I've said all year, once I saw the product on the field, that this GS team was a State Championship caliber team. I simply questioned if they would be in this spot if not for some pretty impactful ....well, you know. And they very well, and probably would, still be in the same spot. But I don't think that's an out-of-line question to ask? - I could have gone into the rumors of how certain acquisitions have been made- but I really don't/didn't want a back/forth with the Titan posters. That is obviously a no-win situation. You all are extremely passionate and proud, as you should be. I would say respectful, but you seem to take pleasure in trashing our program, that I would feel has been not to shabby itself. I think I'll sign off now and deactivate my account, as this has become too toxic of a place for me. Best of luck on Friday.
  8. Exactly my point. What went from tight, nip/tuck competitive contest the past couple years absolutely exploded to non-competitive running clocks. Various factors contribute of course...losing 21 starters on our end was gonna be a challenge anyway- but roster additions certainly played a role as well I would think. Crucify me all you want- just pointing out the obvious. As far as the next decade...If you want to get into the demographics of increasing enrollment and the pipeline of Illinois talent GS seems to be attracting- it’s not exactly a comparable deck of cards. GS is building a Center Grove like dynasty down in SW Indiana- that much is clear.
  9. Ok. First of all- big congrats to the Titans, coaches, and their fans on reaching the big dance. (Is this really your all’s first trip). We in the PAC knew it was a long time coming. Enjoy the experience and I fully expect you all to win the blue ring. Second- I’ve never resorted to insults/name calling on here. Seems silly. BUT, I’m not going to ignore the BIG elephant in the room, and I think it is fair to wonder/question how a team that had yet to even win a sectional, even with a DI QB, went from that- to damn near running clock every postseason opponent on their way to State. I don’t think it’s out-of-line to point out significant roster changes?? That said, I don’t want to be “that guy/troll” that tries to sour the experience - so I’ll just sign off and wish you the best of luck.
  10. After a blazing start by the Titans, looks like both teams played about even the second quarter. But as I suspected, Tri-West looks simply out-classed in this one. #43 from Gibson is super impressive on D. I don't see him on last years roster?? And #63/#70 also are stonewalls on the offensive line - don't see them on last years roster either?? Aren't all of them seniors?? What gives??
  11. I don’t know if there is a prefect metric when trying to put together a list like this. Even comparing the # of sectional titles can be skewed as some sectionals are much tougher than others. I will point out SR has 4 State Tital appearances while HH has 3....and GS has none (to this point- that will change in about 5 hours).
  12. Blocked FG and/or Punt behind the line of scrimmage (4th down)...live ball. Defense picks it up and attempts return - makes it about 10 yards and fumbles, original offense recovers. 1st and 10 for the original offense? (The team attempting FG/Punt) And then...does this enforcement change if it was 3rd down?
  13. Out of a possible 5 games so far in the tournament (3 in sectional, a regional, and now a semi-state) , who has had the LEAST amount of home games and done the most traveling? On the flip side, who has had the "dream draw" and played most of their games at home?? (I'm assuming there hasn't been anyone who has been able to host every round?) I always find it interesting how some teams seem to get more home games during the tourney...would like to see the results. Thanks
  14. Granted - we (SR) have not put our best foot forward in those contest. I could provide a myriad of reasons, but doesn't change the fact that we just got it handed to us. That said - I still don't think TW has any idea what it is up against.
  15. Give me the Titans in this one by 3+ scores. I think the Titan's learned their lesson in last week's nail-bitter that they can't let their foot off the gas in the tournament, not even being up 28-7 in the 3rd. The Titans survived their wake-up call , the train keeps rolling all the way to Lukas Oil.
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