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  1. Well - I didn't mean to imply we're talking 2021 State Championship material. Those years are special, and few/far between. LOTS of things have to come together. But I think some from the outside think they'll be a massive drop- but most down here know better.
  2. I'll just say that no one down here expects GS to take any steps backwards. They have PLENTY of good football players that have just been waiting their turn for Friday nights. (And if not, well this would be the time to insert a transfer joke, but I ain't gonna. Turning over new leaf this year) From the outside looking one might think losing a D1 arm would bring them back to the pack so-to-speak, but us PAC folk know better.
  3. Wow - good work there Coach. It is obvious you put a lot of time and thought into the above proposal. And, it makes a lot of sense geographically. I obviously can't speak for the IHSAA obviously - but perhaps they (the IHSAA) were focused more on "competitive balance" in different sectionals than based solely on geography? Not saying right or wrong either way and not intended to put down any programs- but maybe that's the angle they were trying for?
  4. I understand that we were moving up because of enrollment - but when that was "still in the air" - it was communicated that we would be staying up because of SF. In fact, believe it was you crimsonace1 that said as much. So why the change?
  5. I was under the impression that Pioneer and Southridge were in the same boat in regards to SF points? (Both winning a regional in 2020 and nothing in 2021). We were told, regardless of what happened with our enrollment, that we were remaining up due to SF. Guess they changed their mind?
  6. This right here. Some can manage - but the days of a core classroom teacher (excluding PE here) meeting the demands of both classroom and coaching expectations is being more rare and rare. Successful (football) schools have countered by "creating" non-classroom positions for Head coaches that allow more time for the prep work of a head coach. Maybe just end the charade and make it like Texas.
  7. Aren't Batesville, Rushville, and Greensburg all in Sectional 31 currently? And in the EIAC??
  8. Can someone smarter than me take a shot at Southern 3A sectionals with the new enrollment numbers? Seems to be way spaced out geographically. In Sect. 30 - you had Edgewood, Brown County, and Sullivan all move out. So need 3 teams there... In Sect. 31- Brownstown left (seems like Salem would be an easy replacement there) In Sect. 32- Evansville Bosse got moved out, and if Salem slides to 31, that's 2 that will need replaced.
  9. You mean in addition to the one who already transferred in?!? Houses must be dirt cheap over in Gibson County. Gonna have to talk with my wife about taking a peak that way! Who are Memorial's new additions this year?? Did both RB's graduate from last year?? Is this what high school sports are going to become - the transfer portals?!? I guess if colleges can do it, why shouldn't we??
  10. Ya - seems all the SF mumble jumble jocking was a moot point after all. I didn't think the 517 number would be enough to keep us in 3A , seeing as how we were actually larger in our 2017 State Championship year (2A)- but I guess that's how the numbers played out. Now, for the IHSAA sectional alignments to play out. (Please fix sectional 30!)
  11. Sectional maps, spreadsheets, etc.... Who died and made you "Classification expert!?!?" -I kid I kid....at least someone is trying to come up with something that makes sense. I still find it hard to believe that a 517 number places us in the 3A enrollment, when in years past we've been up in the 530s and still been 2A. Oh well, time to get to work.
  12. Exactly- I guess someone had to fall on the sword. While LCC and Chatard get to move back down (maybe) That makes a ton of sense. And you're more than likely right about enrollment- but at 517 would have liked one last go around in 2A instead of an extra SF year. -
  13. Granted, I'm not a smart guy, so I'll try and lay this out (football years listed) 17- Won State 18- Semi-State appearance 19&20 - bumped up due to SF 19- sectional loss (no points) 20- semi-state appearance 21&22 - stay up due to semi-state appearance 21- sectional loss 22- ?? 23 - ?? So, as stated previously - that is a 3 year stay based on the SF?
  14. I was under the impression the SF was a 2 year cycle- but I get blasted every time I try and point out SR/Pioneer could potentially get 3 years under this decision.
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