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  1. Trust me- I’m not important enough for anyone to listen to. If I were, these “backroom” dealings and shenanigans would have been nipped in the butt a long time ago. And NP would have been reprimanded for acting as such. But alas, once the wheels are set in motion it’s a tough train to stop. Just don’t understand why we fee the need to come to the aid of another conference falling apart-
  2. Get over yourself- PAC banners are great, but we’ll gladly take that State Championship banner and a semi-State appearance the following year in its place. Over the last 2 decades, we (SHS) have enjoyed a great run of success no doubt. We worked our tails off to get to that point- but the fact remains we don’t have some of the demographic/socioeconomic/enrollment advantages that these “upper” schools enjoy. Why would/should we advocate for a system that would place us in an “uneven” division?? We can’t look into the future- we don’t know where we will be 5-10 years down the road. Do we hope that our success will continue?? No doubt we do, but a school our size loses one great athlete, it can be a game changer. This whole talk of adding in these teams and creating divisions to me is non-sense. A couple of the smaller schools cry about getting beat up by GS/HH every year and we want to blow the whole thing up?? Whatever...to me it sends the wrong message. Not too long ago (early 90s) we were a bottom half team in the conference- but we put our heads down, went to work, and got better. We didn’t cry and try to get the whole conference to cater to our needs. Just my opinion.