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  1. Ok I’ll try and respond to all these with one post: 1. I believe the IFCA has tried to push forward “only seed the top 2” in each sectional…which is better than nothing- but still kind of the lazy way out. 2. As far as closed conferences and no common opponents- you simply have to set seeding criteria and go with it. It may leave some “head-scratchers” - but ultimately it’s better than 1-9 being in the Championship game while 8-1 goes home. In wrestling- if head to head and no commons, you go to past performance (if applicable- Past State placer)- obviously this wouldn’t happen for football. Then win %, etc… Football would need to set their own- but it could follow something similar. 3. I honestly have no idea what the obstacles are from seeding- except the fact that half of the football coaches don’t want it because they could “luck out” and get the “good draw” or whatever. To me I just want some value to a good regular season…. Sorry for the choppy messages/response- trying to type on a smartphone
  2. OMG - Mr. 32 and I agree on a subject - I have for years called this the "hallway test" ! Wrestling does it every year. It.is.really.not.that.hard
  3. Of course ...more students = more $$ . I get that. Anyone on message boards will pick apart any little thing - but I think the point is pretty clear as far as advantages p/p's have over their public counterparts - thus my feelings for just an "auto-bump" and be DONE with the success factor. Oh....AND SEED THE D#@$ SECTIONALS ALREADY! And none of this "only top 2" bologna - do the entire thing - GIVE SOME CREDENCE to a good regular season.
  4. Um...the same advantages that every p/p has over their public school counterparts. Controlled enrollment, socioeconomic factors, parental support - "clearinghouse issues" as I've read somewhere else on this thread (I like to call it the "hallway test). Do we really need to state them every time this argument gets brought up??
  5. But wait ...what if they haven't had any success in football?? You would still move them up?? Of course you would because you realize they have built-in advantages over their public counterparts. Again - it really is THAT simple.
  6. Of course it can be - but my point in my original post is that during these 11X11 "competitions" - someone most always takes it over the edge.
  7. Not to hijack this thread - but the title of it reminded me that we are almost to my "favorite" (SARCASM) part of the football season - the PLAY TO THUD/QUICK WHISTLE portion of the summer with these 11X11 scrimmages or whatever you want to call them Some annoyances to try and avoid for you new coaches - or advice for coaches that just don't get it: 1. This is NOT the Super Bowl 2. Your actions (Coaches) a lot of times will "fuel" the problems that will arise in the scrimmage. (Hooting/hollering, chest-bumping, etc...) 3. Football is already a combative and emotional sport, don't egg it on by inappropriate actions - AND, if you have a player taking it over the edge, remove him/her until they understand no trophies are handed out in June/July 4. As you can probably tell, I DESPISE these things cause I don't really think football can be played at THUD level...someone (either an RB lowering his shoulder) or a safety running full speed downhill will start it...then the next play someone else has to get it back, and on and on. - That said, I know they are not going away - so here is to hoping everyone stays healthy and understands the purpose of these things.
  8. Uh....yes.... they do. I have walked the hallways of Memorial, I have walked the hallways of Mater Dei - and I have walked the hallways of Southridge. They are not the same - not even close.
  9. Because they have obvious built-in advantages over their public 1A counterparts .
  10. Just like seeding the sectionals- it really is NOT that hard. Just bump the P/P up one class and be done with it. They have built-in advantages over Public schools and anyone who denies that is just delusional.
  11. And you would LOSE that bet - as we (SR) open up with HH week 1 @ the Jungle thanks to Tecumseh being added and scheduling shuffling. Could/Should be one of the more marquee match-ups around the State in week 1 - but I wouldn't pay it much attention as we're not suppose to be any good, ever.
  12. 557 to 511 seems to suggest other factors than just "small community class fluctuation" ....A business shut down? Another school opening up? Programs being cut at the school?? In Social Studies class we call these things "push factors" .... You don't see any "push factors" that have driven down enrollment?
  13. A quick google search shows that WeBo's enrollment dropped significantly following the 2015-16, 16-17 cycle to the next 2 year window (17-18, 18-19) from 557 to 529 ....any particular reason for such a big drop? And it looks like it has been on the decline ever since? People leaving to Lebanon? New School open up?
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