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  1. So - what a minute here - you're telling me that we can have 5 in the backfield and have a legal formation?!? Or..the 6 man on the line is only when considering 10 players in the game?
  2. Is this thread serious??? Isn't there a big push in the NFL right now to get rid of all sod/grass fields because of injuries?? Believe it was the Shepard receiver who went down on Monday night and they made a big deal about grass fields being unsafe.
  3. And so back to my original question on the subject - how is what you described ANY DIFFERENT than what Bob posted with the punt scenario??
  4. In all your years of officiating and evaluating football, you mean to tell me you can't picture in your head the above scenarios?? (Flexbone motions, hand-clap/hard count/"check with me") Or are we just avoiding the question because there is no good explanation for why one is called, and the others are not??
  5. I'm not smart enough to embed a video clip - but can you explain the difference in the above clip and say - a flexbone team doing the "dummy motion" with a hard snap count. Aren't they both "clearly intended to cause B to encroach?" As since we're using that quote in the rulebook - isn't the "hand clap/hard count/check with me" doing the same thing??
  6. We lived in the Mater Dei world during our time in 2A - so we were well versed in the public/private world. It is a little ironic, that down here in our Southwestern neck of the woods - it would be a GS Titan pointing out the "effective enrollment" (I like that term by the way) difference between the 2 (Public vs. Private) - given Gibson's socioeconomic status vs. some other neighboring public schools. Point being - GS is still far better off than most other public's - but it doesn't change your original point either of it not being the same deck of cards vs. Private's. As is life I guess...
  7. If you say so. Believe we start 3 seniors on offense (one because of an injury), and 5 on defense?? Granted- I get your point - it's better than having 2 on the entire roster. I figured it was just an off night as such and NP was better than they showed.
  8. From an HH perspective - I get the Boonville loss...they are pretty tough. What in the world happened in the NP-HH game?? That one raised an eyebrow... Maybe it was just one of those nights.
  9. Not into the rumor game - but word on the street is Coach Wilk is getting a lot of heat to make this happen. Will see how it transpires...
  10. Always enjoy reading your write-ups. You bring a lot to the digest, and I don't want to be "that-guy" that picks apart one line in an otherwise great write up... BUT - you are better than that. Come on man
  11. Haven't read through all the mumble/jumble in this thread, so apologize if I'm beating a "dead horse" here - but this is not SHOCKING news in the least. Well, a little shocking that it would be an assistant Coach doing the contacting...the modus operandi usually involves a parent doing the heavy lifting trying to sway a family or 2 to said new school. Appreciate the IHSAA at least trying to have some sort of rules/regulations - but they are fighting a losing battle in most cases.
  12. Red zone mistakes (penalties and turnovers of our own) will do that.
  13. Charlestown with 2 nice victories to start the season. (Silver Creek and Brownstown). For someone not from around the area - was this expected or kind of unforseen?? How were the Pirates last year? They return a lot I'm assuming?
  14. Because Bob...there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. This is comical that this ONE SCHOOL gets called out by the IHSAA when we all know it is happening all over the place. Sounds like I've heard of this somewhere before also...
  15. Well - you probably won't like the upcoming statement - but Memorial doesn't receive the same sympathy as a Southridge when it comes to the SF. The Success Factor was put in place for the Chatard's & Memorial's of the world (private/parochial). We aren't exactly playing with the same deck of cards....
  16. Well...in our "neck of the woods" (Southern Indiana) - let's take a quick quiz. Since the implementation of the SF, which schools have been forced up due to tournament success? A. Gibson Southern B. Mater Dei C. Heritage Hills D. Southridge While I realize their time is probably quickly coming (Mater Dei and Gibson Southern) - we've personally felt the sting/pitfalls of such a program. Not only after a State Championship, but also acquiring enough points to STAY up (I realize enrollment was going to put us there anyway in the newest classification cycle.) Bottom line, we had kids who weren't even in the high school program paying for the successes of kids who are now in the junior/senior year of college...and that just seems weird. But, as they say, "it is what it is"
  17. Correct - that's the competitive nature of the beast - I understand all that. HOWEVER- the original point of my post was to point out how often it seems to be "antagonized" or...I don't know the correct word to use - but sure isn't helped by celebrating/chest thumping coaches. Again, as a coaching community, we should be better.
  18. As another football summer is drawing to an end - something that has been on my mind that I don't really know where to address it - but wanted to get it out there - I thought I'd share something that I've noticed that has been a troubling trend that I've observed throughout the last couple summers. These 11 on 11 "scrimmages" or whatever it is you want to call them. While they CAN be a great tool for self-evaluations - I've been a little "taken aback" or "put off" by some of the antics by fellow coaches that are supposedly there to coach up their own teams - but yet it turns into a "macho/chest bumping/screaming/hollering" antics after a given play or whatever it is. I get the competitive nature of these things - but in June/July there are no championships won or trophies given out...can't we just cool it with all of that? I know I sound like an old "get off my lawn" type - but it seems it has just gotten increasingly worse as the summers have gone on. I'm now into my 16th year coaching (where does the time go?) - but I find it hard to believe that "back in the day" (if these things were allowed) - some of my ol ball coaches going crazy after a play trying to drum up excitement. I've seen it escalate into chippyness - and kids take after their leaders - so what do you expect? As a coaching community - we can and should do better. That is all.
  19. Come on now guys - it's really NOT THAT HARD. We do it in wrestling every year. You don't need sagarin or CalPreps or any other computer system. No anonymous voting. You get the head coaches in a room with a tournament director. You have a list of criteria (Head to head, common opponents, etc..) and you hash it out. It FINALLY gives some credence to a good regular season. Everyone wins in this scenario.
  20. Well - I didn't mean to imply we're talking 2021 State Championship material. Those years are special, and few/far between. LOTS of things have to come together. But I think some from the outside think they'll be a massive drop- but most down here know better.
  21. I'll just say that no one down here expects GS to take any steps backwards. They have PLENTY of good football players that have just been waiting their turn for Friday nights. (And if not, well this would be the time to insert a transfer joke, but I ain't gonna. Turning over new leaf this year) From the outside looking one might think losing a D1 arm would bring them back to the pack so-to-speak, but us PAC folk know better.
  22. Wow - good work there Coach. It is obvious you put a lot of time and thought into the above proposal. And, it makes a lot of sense geographically. I obviously can't speak for the IHSAA obviously - but perhaps they (the IHSAA) were focused more on "competitive balance" in different sectionals than based solely on geography? Not saying right or wrong either way and not intended to put down any programs- but maybe that's the angle they were trying for?
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