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  1. I wondered how long it would take.
  2. Nice Article on Cory Klem 2016 GS graduate who plays at UIndy. https://www.pdclarion.com/sports/gibson-southern-alum-cory-klem-looks-for-fourth-glvc-football-title-saturday/article_98c37ada-3197-50d9-afa8-42946662d643.html
  3. Also in Week 1 - I like SR vs Linton, two proud programs typically won't disappoint. Also in Week 1 - Princeton vs Forest Park....Forest Park coming off back to back 6 win season and after defeating Princeton 20-7 last year, I would love to see them do it again.
  4. I think the week 1 matchup against HH and MV should be an interesting one based on all the feedback on this thread about MV. Personally, I think HH makes the biggest jump in the PAC this year and is going to be very formidable.
  5. I believe it is the legacy 27 by skycoach with a Canon up top.....yeah I know.....sweet. The Legacy Advanced is the #1 Seller for End Zone Camera systems on the market today! The Legacy will give your camera an “aerial” perspective from 27 FT in the air. The risers are made of sturdy carbon fiber tubes with large latches to make setup quick. Reach above the crowds at events, concerts and sports activities. The only difference between this tower and the Legacy Basic is the type of camera you receive.
  6. I was just messing with you LOL. No one appreciates the dedication it takes to pull off what many coaches do in our fine state. I am grateful for those who chose to burn both ends of the candle. Hey, at least this PAC thread has some action now!
  7. Man....all the PAC guys must be busy teaching those hard core subjects LOL.
  8. GS will be at the 7 on 7 in Hoover this summer.
  9. It is a VERY impressive accomplishment for a lawyer.
  10. I never thought the class of '89 made me young anywhere.
  11. Hey looks like our guy is #5 on both lists!
  12. I'll wager we see more illegal man downfield called that defensive holding by a factor of something more than 2.
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