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  1. The great thing about HS football is every year starts with so much optimism. Nothing in the past matters....start your tradition today!
  2. Sorry....keep GS our of your mouth for 5 seconds and I won't be back LOL. I'm going back to fight with HH now! SEE YA!
  3. Our starters played 19 plays. We marched down the field with vanilla stuff and the JV punched it in with no issue against Central. They had TWO big plays on our 1s including the first play of the game. Central played the 4 studs every play and on both sides of the ball. We played Freshman during the last two segments and then they put in their JV. Seems Hurley and Hart take the same approach to scrimmages (both 0-8 in their tenures) and I believe you guys are better than Castle. We also scrimmaged Castle in our team camp. If Castle is the third best team in the SIAC as some say (even though I don't agree)...I would really like our odds to be a top three team in the SIAC team just like every other year in the Hart era.
  4. It's gameday! Goodluck to all the PAC teams!
  5. :) It stays cold at Carriage Inn!! The quarter rule will also have a big impact on scores this season.
  6. Finally we can agree! Consistency is an admirable thing. Sorry to side track the SIAC thread...I'll be in the PAC thread if you need me.
  7. https://stats.digitalscout.com/football/boys/game/3877527 Sometimes the SIAC is great....somtimes it is not. Sometimes teams have great players and sometimes they don't. It goes that way most places.
  8. We have the same issue at concessions.
  9. The Patriot Dogs are pretty damn good....just sayin'!
  10. You had to have been the youngest child.
  11. No one with a brain is sleeping on HH!
  12. You are being a little hard on Tanka Jahari. Just his opinion, I am sure there are several opinions/predictions for HH or BTC or whoever.....and they will all evolve as the year progresses!!
  13. There is a team called Brownstown who might also have a word or two.
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