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  1. North could very well be the next landing spot for free agents, just need a bus that runs south at least to Morgan Ave. to run daily....twice a day....LOL. We will call it the Husky train. Maybe make a pickup station at the old North.
  2. So are you saying that "virtual schooling" provided by the state is something different than where schools did class room cameras and google meet to provide their own "virtual learning option"? Or maybe nobody did that and that setup was only used in hybrid situations.
  3. I might be missing something but if a kid is enrolled in your school for any type of learning (in the seats or virtual)....shouldn't they be counted? I know the state has said early on that school corporations had the option of allowing virtual kids to participate in extracurriculars. Therefore, I say count them all just like you always would.
  4. Put my readers on....I see it now (thanks!). That would be a really big school...especially to be on an island like that.
  5. What would the enrollment be of the two schools in Option 5?
  6. I think with the recent realignments that most everyone is happy considering all sports. The only school with some potential buyers remorse over the next few years might be Vincennes. In terms of football, the PAC folks might wish they had a little less non-conference freedom, and some SIAC guys might wish they had a little more.
  7. I think it will be fantastic for Mt. Vernon to become a team in contention for the top spots in the conference....it only makes the rest of us better. The current freshman class (sophomores this football season) gave us a decent game in the middle school years, there is definitely some size and athleticism in that group. I only call them out as it is the group I am most familiar with.
  8. I was mostly being funny....but combines don't measure heart!
  9. Like Kyler Murray, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. Baker Mayfield was listed at 5'10" in HS scout reports. LOL
  10. A couple new matchups for Gibson Southern this season: New Albany 5A and South Warren (Ky) 5A
  11. Ahh you mean the ol East/West of Southern Indiana sectional alignments?? I tried to run that one through as well (Basically splitting up 31 and 32 between "Evansville" area (32) and "other" Southern Indiana, mostly eastern (31) ...but without Sullivan and/or Memorial and it's looking like Brownstown - it was a little tougher to make work. It would look something like: 31 (eastern time zone teams) - Corydon, Salem, Charleston, Scottsburg, Rushville, Brown County, North Harrison, Southridge 32 (central time zone) - Mt. Vernon, Bosse, Vincennes Lincoln, Gibson So
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