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  1. It really falls short in comparison to the atmosphere at other 3A playoff locations over the past few years. I've been to some poorly attended playoff games at Enlow. That said, during the Lindauer Combs era things really picked up.
  2. Well... they would need to win another semistate. Then you will be down to 6 3A teams in SW Indiana.
  3. Will even more interesting next cycle when GS moves to 4A....who will they pull in then?
  4. Been here a long time....this thread is top 10 for one of the dumbest conversations ever.
  5. It was fantastic actually playing schools with the same advantages and disadvantages on our run. I'm not sure the right word for adding P/Ps to the sectional is "competitive". 🙂 David vs Goliath is better more toward the end of the road.
  6. We got plenty of gate from the Vincennes sectional championship. I agree with Jets...I'd rather see a couple of the four schools you mentioned in a Semi-State. In terms of the HH game...the atmosphere could have been even better had there actually had been visitor seating...to many standing etc. Many fans forced to sit on the home side that normally wouldn't have.....kinda feels shady to me. I understand work was underway.....but common man!
  7. We'll now we are back to the point that if we could just put the top 2 teams in each sectional on the opposite sides of the bracket.....isn't this a very small change that everyone could live with? Keeps "All In"....doesn't add qualification...yet stops a huge chunk of the "travesties" we see posted on social media after the drawing every year.
  8. Am I missing something, why are these two the same? 3A: 64 Teams. Largest School = Eastern Hancock 377, Smallest School = Indianapolis Lutheran 267 (success factored up), Enrollment % Difference = 1.38% 2A: 32 Teams. Largest School = Eastern Hancock 377, Smallest School = Indianapolis Lutheran 267 (success factored up), Enrollment % Difference = 1.41%
  9. We used turbostats last year. Here is an example game: https://www.turbostats.team/football/gibsonsoutherntitanfootball/gibson southern titans football_game12_box.html
  10. Gibson Southern will host Mount Carmel IL the IL 2023 3A state runner up Aces August 30th. Gibson Southern will host South Warren KY the KY 5A power house Spartans on September 13th.
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