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  1. They won't vote you in either! Funny thing about conferences....members are only looking out for their own interest.
  2. As much as I like the merger/big - small division thing. There is zero chance of that ever happening. If they took a vote of all the PAC member schools, I bet it would get 1 vote.
  3. He is a great rusher....over 1000 yards I believe last season. You have to wonder with the baseball offers if he will play football next season.
  4. http://www.pdclarion.com/sports/titans-claim-pac-wrestling-title/article_3add7d67-6cd1-5dac-8495-c29fc3226e7d.html
  5. Probably the most likely scenario.
  6. I think your South is wrong. Southridge in 31 (as we have seen before). Sullivan in 32 (as we have seen before). And I think Chatard has a higher likelihood of going North than Tri-West...back in the same sectional (26) with Brebeuf and Guerin (like the IHSAA likes it !)
  7. Possible 3A South....and yes...Chatard could go North.
  8. That has been discussed here as nauseam and is a splendid thought, particularly with the Southridge/Washington flip. That said, there is no way in Hades that the PAC membership gives two squats about what happens to the former Big 8 teams. Their conference isn’t broken in their minds, therefore why touch it.
  9. As a Coach I want to know if I can win today. If we are honest here Jasper (although a fine program) has been in a football decline for some time now. If I’m a young coach....history is “nice”, but how all the key indicators look TODAY are much more important in ranking criteria.
  10. Funny thing about conferences...NO one cares about anyone’s interest other than their own. Keep that in mind as we continue to blue sky solutions that have zero chance of coming to fruition.
  11. We lost 11 on defense going into 2016. That is never an issue at GS. Potent offense and some nasty kids stepping up to fill holes on defense. Get ur popcorn ready!
  12. That’s guys for getting us back up and rolling. Volunteerism in regards to football in our state is a Godly endeavor IMO!