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  1. It's a term used to demonstrate/establish respect and common purpose. I think it is formal enough for network television.
  2. My Grandpa used to always say...."wish I made enough money to be a Republican".
  3. I think you read WAY too much into that. I just read a guys resume and thought....that sounds like a guy I would want on my staff!
  4. Gibson Southern rallies from 4-TD halftime deficit to beat Charlestown, 57-49 https://usatodayhss.com/2012/gibson-southern-rallies-from-4-td-halftime-deficit-to-beat-charlestown-57-49
  5. Sounds like a guy you would want on the staff.
  6. The article is a little confusing to me....How long as Fisher been there?
  7. Yeah...I did not mean to imply that it wouldn't include summer break. It looks like the CDC might just be saying...school should be closed until it's regular starting time in the Fall. My question was....is there a way to even start football "on-time" if that were the case.
  8. Haven't seen it myself yet but someone came in my office and said the new CDC recommendations are 20 weeks of no school. So can we fire off football with no summer preparation??
  9. If you like fishing for grain fed genetically modified fish in a quasi commune feeling mini-village. I recommend: https://santascottages.com/ Oh and....get this....HUGE BONUS...Jay Cutler grew up very close to there....YIPPIE!!
  10. EVSC will be closing all school facilities beginning tomorrow evening, March 13 at 5:00 p.m. School closure to continue through Sunday, March 29, with plans to reopen on Monday, March 30, following spring break. However, we will continue to stay in close contact with government and health officials to determine if it is necessary to prolong this school facility closure. Beginning tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., all extracurricular events and practices are cancelled until school facilities are reopened.
  11. Indiana will do the same. Some corporations already announcing extending spring break weeks + "X" number of weeks. Next three months are going to get bad folks.
  12. I think when we did our bond...it raised property taxes on the average home $3.00 per year (or something close to that) until the bond matured...which it did early (I think) due to assessed values going up. I have slept a lot since then but those details are close enough to show....financially it was pretty easy for the community to swing.
  13. This shouldn't take long. There are no major Cons to turf.
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