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  1. This thread is the spiciest thing we have had in a while on GID for SW Indiana....and it's just "ok". LOL The other regions expect more from us than this!
  2. A mythical green bird that wearing a blue and white hat. I kid...I kid... 😂
  3. I love dudes that have a passion for GS, and you squarely fall into that category. Let's just see who lands on the schedule, I know where I can get a couple of crows.
  4. It says that Jasper's new coach inherited a generational team and culture when he was at Reitz. Show me what he has done since. Jasper hasn't been Jasper for close to a decade in football and I don't look for this hire to change that.
  5. If your regular season games are meaningless...you’re doing it wrong.
  6. I like "all in" as Indiana has comparably a small number of football playing schools. The blind draw has never been blind....and one small tweak as suggested by the coaches to the IHSAA of just making sure the top two teams (by whatever criteria you wanna use...Sagarin, etc.), should be on opposite sides of the bracket. About 85% of the complaining goes away by making that small adjustment. I would support doing away with the scrimmage to add a game.
  7. I know it's early...but I wish more coaches had this done! (as if they aren't busy). 😁 Calpreps team previews! http://calpreps.com/preview/football_index_new.html
  8. The whole issue is the timing of the implementation....stinks for GS softball.
  9. Teams will have the choice on crossover or non-conference.
  10. Yes GS would have one cross-over (Maybe SR) and 3 non-conference games. One of the three would probably remain Southport. The week one and week two games are probably unknown at this point but might include: Columbus North, Bloomington South, Henderson KY, New Albany, Owensboro or Clarksville TN. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/06/05/pocket-athletic-conference-schools-ok-football-league-merger-big-eight-vote-next/3501253002/
  11. Me either but I think they have been really good at softball over the years. Don’t quote me on that.
  12. I think Boonville wanted to be the "new" Jasper....you can build a lot of "tradition" being the big fish in a little pond.
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