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  1. Really sorry to hear, prayers for all his friends and family.
  2. It's replacing it for us (they moved the dates). If you remember this is the one we attended when Hart first arrived at GS.
  3. GS will be attending this event: https://www.gohustleup.com/7v7
  4. Keep in mind Softball has that success at a school in a corn field (3 DGs, one Dairy Queen, one Subway). Kids go there for free and even with very low F&A numbers compared to a lot of publics...there are a considerable amount of kids there who participate in nothing and who are probably only there because the law says they have to be. So comparatively speaking the "effective extra curricular enrollment" is much lower than the actual enrollment. Success factor isn't perfect (and clearly needs tweaked), but an enrollment only based system with no guardrails is much much worse. That said,
  5. https://www.pdclarion.com/sports/gibson-southerns-allen-named-to-si-all-american-watch-list/article_9dcbe78b-6151-53c7-98aa-72d3847596d0.html
  6. They say if you say Bobref three times in a mirror that he will magically appear in your thread.
  7. https://www.template.net/business/charts/football-depth-chart-template/
  8. Totally off topic...but had to share.
  9. I hear they play pretty good baseball in Dubois county....could just be rumor.
  10. Don't forget the basketball "shootouts". Junes have been brutal at my house for years.
  11. It seems every sport wants kids in June.
  12. Excited to see some football this Thursday as Reitz and Boonville come to GS for a team camp. North Posey was supposed to be there too but for some reason decided to cancel.
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