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  1. Someone was too short for the state police.....I kid I kid.
  2. I like GS vs Jasper...the GS run defense (typically our weakest link) has been really really good.
  3. It was pouring rain Friday night. The running game (under center) and short passing game netted 37 points in a half. In terms of the defense, the first unit didn’t give up a single TD in conference play.
  4. I think there might be a couple with screen names indicating something else.
  5. Don't forget yearly in the SIAC...but no one likes to talk about those. Thanks for the free rent by the way.
  6. This is so tragic, prayers for family, friends and the MD community.
  7. Usually produces the best team from the South, or the second best team that gut lucky and beat the best team...LOL...I kid I kid.
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