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  1. To my knowledge nothing has changed yet.
  2. Mt. Vernon could force a potential 3 way tie in the Big School Division this week.
  3. All I can say is some of the best videoing ever was taking place at the Jungle. Titan32 and Herecomestheboom doing fantastic work!
  4. I thought you guys had been streaming home games?
  5. The flexbone would be a triple option offense.
  6. Is there a live stream tonight for GS/HH?
  7. Totally agree...that is why expected more talk. I’ll start...the Titans know where their deficiencies have been and have been working hard to correct them. I expect a very angry Titan football team on Friday night.
  8. Not much banter this week for several interesting match ups within the conference!
  9. 1 full time 3 part time guys give or take.
  10. It is true that over aggressive contact tracing has had a bigger impact than positive cases. Honest question, does anyone here actually know a kid who was contact traced out of school that actually became a positive case? Given that because of the fact you can't get a test to get out of the 14 day jail sentence, that the state HD is actually incentivizing kids to NOT get tested. No logical reason why that after 5-6 days of last exposure/contact that kids can't provide a negative test to get back into school/extracurriculars. Almost as nuts is the fact the IHSAA hasn't modifed its 4 and 6 d
  11. Having seen film on both and one in person...I respectfully yet passionately disagree. Although losing #74 is a MAJOR impact on both sides of the ball.
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