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  1. I think what the IVY league does has zero effect on anything Indiana HS football will do. It's mind boggling to me that factories in this state with 7,000 plus employees can pull this off with every age range from 18-65 in the building but we don't think we can manage the least effected demographic in much much smaller populations. What is driving fear right now is "case" counts (the media is doing a fabulous job). 80% of "cases" are asymptomatic and it still isn't known if that group even sheds the virus. Testing continues to ramp up which continues to drive up cases and folks still find a way to get worked up about percentage positives when the folks getting tested are ones who think they have it or think they have been exposed. You can't extrapolate "percentage positives" across the general population. School should go in Indiana and so should fall sports. That said, can all 50 states keep their cool and manage the inevitable event of when "cases" pop up in the building without quarantining every child who was within 20 feet of the known positives? I seriously doubt it. Fear usually wins over logic in the world we live in today.
  2. Ok, so I donated and was looking forward to getting rid of those pesky advertisements. But, I have to tell ya, Jen from "meet Christian singles" is definitely smoking hot!
  3. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/07/07/reynolds-45-days-go-until-hs-football-indiana-crystal-ball-cloudy/5386975002/
  4. My point was the "savvy" player will just lie and say he doesn't have any symptoms. I wouldn't advocate lying....so don't shoot the messenger here. Just providing a realistic viewpoint on what would likely happen.
  5. So when your in line before practice and they say, "have you had a headache in the past 24 hours?", how are you going to answer that (kid that wants to be at football practice)?
  6. I too am politically agnostic in terms of this virus. If "cases" shut downs schools and or sports in Indiana, that is just a sad state of affairs. We had an "outbreak" in our area after some Memorial day graduation parties. Folks who suspected they might have been exposed got tested (I estimate about 200), 6 kids (give or take) came out positive. Coincidentally, those 6 kids had prolonged face to face contact with a known positive. Those kids quarantined at home and to my knowledge no one in their immediate or extended families became sick. All 6 kids have had colds that were harder on them than COVID-19. If we can't manage these types of "cases" in HS sports we might as well just hang up the prospect of doing anything and shut it all down now. My fear is the knee jerk reactions that are going to take place when some school "X" with 800-1000 kids has 25 positive "cases" in one week at some point. There will be nutjobs in that community, no matter where it is, calling for the shutdown of sports, the school or both. We have to be able to manage a situation like that and it should be technically manageable. Large factories are getting through it all over the state.....but profits are at stake. Our kids will be safe. Those at risk should take extraordinary steps to manage their personal risk. I am a 49 year old fat guy with an autoimmune disease...I will take care of me. Get the kids back to life. I have to side with the American Academy of Pediatrics on this one, kids need to be in school. We can do football in Indiana as long as people don't panic when the "cases" come, because they will. Big College programs are managing the "cases" just fine. The real question is the FANS right?....how is attendance going to work, and how do we protect those at risk? This is the key question IMHO at every level Pro, College and HS. What protocols will be put into place? At the end of the day the NFL and College (FBS) will play because the of folks we can call "those willing to take the risk" will attend these events and in fact they will attend them in numbers that will keep profits at "near normal" levels. Will the attendance of these events cause a spike in "cases"? Probably to some degree yes. What will death and ICU rates do? I don't know but aren't those those really the key statistical factors we should be looking at? Every news cycle we see, X number of players tested positive in this or that pro or college sport. Did we really expect not to see that? Was playing sports at any level really going to be if there were zero "cases"? That is the impression I get from the media and some folks here on GID.
  7. Making no claims...and I am a die hard Democrat. The data is CDC data and Is certainly open to interpretation.
  8. https://technocracy.news/cdc-confirms-extremely-low-covid-19-death-rate/?fbclid=IwAR1CaXgp0aCtIsLRFwgUSTeOAwRpVwvZB6n6P3-vU07VMVBq588yYS6knhk “The CDC estimates the death rate from COVID-19 for those under 50 is 1 in 5,000 for those with symptoms, which would be 1 in 6,725 overall, but again, almost all those who die have specific comorbidities or underlying conditions. Those without them are more likely to die in a car accident. And schoolchildren, whose lives, mental health, and education we are destroying, are more likely to get struck by lightning.“
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.indystar.com/amp/2126300002 Correct Indiana is in the Central time zone.
  10. https://twitter.com/1027thegame/status/1278734065059991554?s=21
  11. From the article, "Although he joked social distancing might force them to be a spread team, Webb feels the flexbone offense Tell City ran in the past fits the system and the personality of the community. He plans to meet with the coaching staff soon and reaching out to a handful of players."
  12. New Tell City Coach! https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/07/01/mac-webb-named-new-football-coach-tell-city-high-school/5355959002/
  13. Good post. This is why we will have school and why we will have sports. If a kid gets sick they will be asked to go home and quarantine. The rest of the time there will be (some significant percentage) of kids walking around asymptomatic and no one will know or care. Just as there are at the graduations and grad parties we have been at, baseball tournaments, summer basketball, Lacrosse tournaments, Walmart etc. this summer. At the big Toyota plant in Gibson county they wear masks and have a walk through temperature scanner. Sick people don't come to work. No pressure to close that place ...there are 7,000 employees in there at least. And yes to Bobrefs point...more people are going to die because of this head in the sand methodology. I'm a 50 year old fat guy...I'm concerned for my safety. My youngest two will be freshmen...they will walk the halls and play sports.
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