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  1. I think that is a valid point....but I also think it might be that the muddying may skew away from INDY metro. Even in a tier two city like Evansville, Indy area football might as well not even exist. The causal fan down here thinks that the MIC is something you sing into (hopefully coaches know more).
  2. I think the recent change that allowed all coaches to vote .vs when there were only 10 per class has removed the bias that (may or may not) have existed before.
  3. 15 yards from the previous spot has had an impact as well.....not a bad alternative to a TD.
  4. Sounds like you aren't familiar with CUB in the EVSC. My post didn't mention and has nothing to do with AAU. All the post is saying is that 7th and 8th grade schedules (like Heritage Hill does) for both football (analogous to basketball), is the best model and that if everyone was on the same model that would be beneficial to everyone.
  5. On a different topic, CUB is the dumbest and most outdated concept of all times (kinda works for baseball with JV and Varsity CUB or whatever they are calling it). For football get on a 7th and 8th grade schedule like Castle, North and the rest of the "area" teams (more analogous to basketball). It would provide more opportunity for everyone.
  6. It's not nice to talk about Bosse and Reitz parents like that. LOL
  7. I totally get your story and have heard it several times, it can certainly work out that way. That said, Dave Mosbey has some crazy stats in the PAC regarding the comparison of 8th grade success in our conference (PAC) vs senior year. It's in the 90's percentile wise if memory serves. So, although it doesn't matter (and everyone agrees it doesn't), if it were a stock it would be a great way to hedge your bet.
  8. Agree...some of my HH friends who super excited about their freshman and 8th and 7th grade classes need to be very worried about the GS kids in those same clases. Very worried.
  9. It's a different dynamic now that ALL the coaches get a vote! Don't think that the small school guys won't stick together and there is power in their numbers.
  10. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2021/12/02/2021-indiana-mr-football-race-heats-ihsaa-state-finals-brady-allen-caden-curry-micah-hauser-tayven/8796027002/
  11. So looks like the only team to beat us this season is doing pretty well. https://www.wbko.com/2021/11/27/south-warren-blows-out-woodford-county-46-25-advances-5a-state-title-game/
  12. You will be gumming your jelly toast before that happens LOL. 2019 GS was really really good as well.
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