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  1. Trust me...it's not in the same universe as GS. All one has to do is walk through a lunch...down a hall...attend a Grand March. I would still make the case that MD and GS are very close in terms of effective enrollment. Again, very non-scientific and I understand the scrutiny such an opinion might bring, but it's the biggest factor and I believe most folks can see it. The homogeneity of any group/club/school/church where people chose or pay to be a part of it....is always far greater than the general population. It's just common sense unless you're the one lining your trophy case, then it is because of hard work and fantastic coaching.
  2. It also sounds like many of the "commenters" here don't think sectionals should matter. What about a program that wins 5 or 6 or 13 sectionals in a row?
  3. You and I have been making the same argument (for many years it would seem) but haven't been reading each other's posts. I was calling it "effective enrollment", but describing the same issue in the same way as you. I hadn't heard the term clearing house but it makes a lot of sense. My kids attend Gibson Southern and as it is a rural 3A school in an area with solid employment opportunities, therefore the number of "free and assisted" kids is low comparatively across the state. That isn't to say "free and assisted" kids are always the "never going to participate in anything" kids, but we all understand it is a factor. All of that said, GS is going to have better participation rates than a lot of public 3A schools. I have done a non-scientific poll with my 4 kids and they say it's anywhere from 15-30% of kids that would fall into the "don't participate in anything category". In my mind this is the biggest reason why enrollment-based classification doesn't work and why there is such a huge disparity in success for equally "enrolled" P/Ps. Folks will always take this argument into a ditch with feeder system analysis and recruiting talk etc. etc. That is all just noise. There are privates and publics who both do all of the little things well to make a program great....but when all things are equal the P/P has a HUGE advantage out of the gate given the enrollment type disparity that they don't like to talk about.
  4. https://www.wevv.com/video/brady-allen-goes-one-on-one-with-44-sports-director-joe-downs/video_e6909e0e-f6eb-5cf7-918d-e06e442bacfb.html
  5. Per Twitter, Gibson Southern’s Sean DeLong received an offer from Kentucky Wesleyan.
  6. And you need to find that guy that said SR wouldn’t be very good…he/she/they is off their rocker lol.
  7. You got me boss..I haven’t checked out this years modified schedule yet. Was going from memory on last years schedule. Week one sounds like a great matchup. That said, I would pick SR and HH to be better than MV.
  8. I hope this doesn't sound harsh...but there isn't much historical evidence to believe in Vincennes or North for 2023...other than "dude" counting. I wish I had a burrito for every time the top programs in the SIAC or PAC beat the team that has a higher "dude" count than they have. I am really pulling for North....I hope they prove me wrong.
  9. I'm not ready to jump on the Mt. Vernon train. I would bet a significant sum of cash that HH beat them handily in game 1.
  10. Per Twitter, PAC - Gibson Southern's Sean DeLong ATH received an offer from Taylor University today.
  11. I will boil this down. GS is going to be hard to beat. HH will be MUCH improved. I like NP on the small side. Big School top tier GS and HH. Small School top tier NP and SR.
  12. I didn't go out and get a new one. I copied from an old thread.
  13. Ok....so...this thread is quiet. Perhaps we should go back to the conference predictions discussion.
  14. I heard a dozen or so…but that is completely hear say.
  15. Word on the street is that Allen visited Louisville last week.
  16. Yeah, thats the problem...the are always just "fine".
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