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  1. I should mention that GS was also conference champs in Track.
  2. Track Sectional with PAC teams last night. Gibson Southern won the sectional 31 team title. Michael Herren from Gibson Southern won the 100 (11.24), 200 (22.64) and was on the winning 4x100 team (3 of 4 and (maybe/hopefully all 4) are GS football players this fall). (44.68) Left to right Daniel Thomas, Sean DeLong, Michael Herren, Mason Scheller (all sophomores). Final Team Standings - Top 3 1. Gibson Southern 166 2. Princeton 153 3. South Knox 84 GS athletes who advance to Regional are listed!! Congrats to all athletes & coaches on a great night!!
  3. The Gibson Southern Football Booster page already shared that as well.
  4. And that is simply because the Gibson Southern Football Booster page reposted your articles. You should thank that page.
  5. Won’t argue that regarding schedule changes. But, he is giving a HH team a lot of credit who still plays all those small PAC schools.
  6. No one said they will go to Lucas and crush Chatard...but they have a really good shot in the South to make a decent run. Reloading is the norm in the Hart era. 2012 11-3 2013 13-1 2014 10-2 2015 13-1 2016 9-1 2017 11-1 2018 9-3 2019 8-3 2020 7-4 2021 14-1
  7. Plenty of steps....just not as many as Tim's 3A poll would indicate.
  8. https://www.maxpreps.com/in/fort-branch/gibson-southern-titans/football/21-22/stats/ Seniors get more action. Defense #3 in tackles All conference returns (missed last 2 games). (40 solo, 13 assist, 21 TFL) #4 (39 solo,8 assist,2 TFL)in tackles returns LB with significant varsity experience. Another DL/LB with significant varsity experience other than clean up. Another DE with significant varsity experience other than clean up. We will have secondary questions to figure out....but we could go with a couple 2-way guys (blasphemy at GS!) Offense #2 in total yards All conference returns 1324 (AP) from scrimmage returns. #4, #5 and #6 receivers return for totals of 461, 362, (missed 4 last games), 256, return. #1, #2 and #4 rushers return for totals of 863, 362, 357 2 Offensive linemen that started full or part-time return. Thoughts Expect total yardage to be near 50% from runs and 50% from passes this season. Expect a very physical and aggressive front 7...we will match up nicely against the guys in our conference who might want to ground and pound. Losing QB1 was huge after one of the best senior performances by an Indiana QB I have ever seen, but he won one sectional for us. In 2015 we lost all 11 Defensive starters and was good enough to win sectional the following year had our QB not broken his collar bone. Look at what Lawrenceburg lost this season and they are ranked #3...come on man. Also, a very successful JV team with upper classmen waiting their turn who made some varsity squads look really bad in the 3rd and 4th quarters: JV rushing 1675 for 12.8 yards per carry very talented group. JV receiving 687 for 14.9 yards per reception. Junior QB hasn't lost to a PAC opponent from 3rd through 10th grade. Junior QB 44/87 641 yards 51% 12 TD 4 INT Freshman year he got contact traced out for 2 games. He will probably be just about anywhere on the field this season....plenty of RB though.
  9. That came off snarky....but the coverage during our state run is actually appreciated. Not everyone is going to agree with your 3A poll....and as Stewart Smalley would say, "and that's ok". Hope it drives traffic from Fort Branch, Haubstadt and Owensville on Facebook.
  10. Agree. GS will be top five and HH won't be far behind and could prove to go higher, I can tell you this is the only preseason ranking out of the 10 or so that will come out that will have GS this low and that will be missing Tri-West. And I won't dignify arguing with him on facebook.
  11. I think a preseason ranking for GS of #9 is just stirring the pot for clicks from the active fanbase. We think we will be pretty good. Also, what about Tri-West in 3A south? Hart vs Wilkerson. GS leads the series 10-5. 09-21-2012 Heritage Hills 10 - 14 Gibson Southern 09-27-2013 Heritage Hills 26 - 50 Gibson Southern 09-26-2014 Heritage Hills 38 - 33 Gibson Southern 11-07-2014 Heritage Hills 14 - 13 Gibson Southern 09-25-2015 Heritage Hills 13 - 42 Gibson Southern 09-23-2016 Heritage Hills 10 - 38 Gibson Southern 09-22-2017 Heritage Hills 7 - 48 Gibson Southern 09-21-2018 Heritage Hills 31 - 7 Gibson Southern 10-26-2018 Heritage Hills 14 - 24 Gibson Southern 09-27-2019 Heritage Hills 49 - 14 Gibson Southern 11-01-2019 Heritage Hills 21 - 20 Gibson Southern 09-25-2020 Heritage Hills 0 - 38 Gibson Southern 10-23-2020 Heritage Hills 10 - 21 Gibson Southern 09-24-2021 Heritage Hills 3 - 42 Gibson Southern 11-05-2021 Heritage Hills 7 - 42 Gibson Southern
  12. PAC returning ALL Conference players for 2022 Large School division selections by position Offensive line: Abe Thomas (Mount Vernon) Jr OL/DL, End: Quarterback: Nicot Burnett (Mount Vernon) JR, Clay Conner (Boonville)SR Running back: Sean DeLong (Gibson Southern)JR Kicker: Defensive line: Ty Whitledge (Gibson Southern)SR, Reece Wilder (Boonville)SR Inside linebacker: Ethan Yarber (Mount Vernon)SR Outside linebacker: Braydon Durham (Heritage Hills)SR Defensive back: Punter: Honorable mention: Rueben Gutierrez (Washington) OL/DL SR, Kaleb Ice (Princeton) WR/DB SR, Jayce Perkins (Washington) RB/OLB JR Small School division selections by position Offensive line: Isaac Wittman (South Spencer)SR , Alex Stiff (Tell City)SR, End: Quarterback: Running back: Jed Galvin (North Posey)So Kicker: Defensive end: Linebacker: Reid Schroeder (Southridge)SR Defensive back: Braden Howald (Pike Central)SR Punter: Kyle Olmstead (South Spencer)SR Honorable mention: Liam Stone (North Posey)QB JR, Jackson Graff (North Posey)WR JR, Yamil Arroyo (Southridge)RB/OLB JR, Tyler Fetter (Forest Park)RB So, Trent Cail (Tell City)RB/LB So
  13. I think HH will now be the only team in their sectional with a top 13 - 3A rating from last years final Sagarin ratings. My guess is they aren't complaining about the new alignment either. They believe they are on the first year of a 3 or 4 year continual uptick, so guessing no complaints over there.
  14. LOL...he should know that as long as the P&Ps are allowed to participate in the wrong class it will always be that way. Interesting observation, based on Sagarin's end of year numbers sectional 30 now has 3 teams that were in the top 13 for 3A. Sectional 32 only has 1.
  15. Mt. Vernon is top notch, just ask them. Hey, for the record I didn't even look at Memorials sectional :).
  16. You get three I believe. If it goes to the third a couple games will be missed.
  17. I also agree this is how it will go. It is sad because SW Indiana could field a completive DII, NAIA or perhaps even D1 FCS football team IMHO.
  18. Yes sir....we also played a lot of Freshman games there. IMHO they should have build a soccer complex at the high school.
  19. You're right....not sure what I was thinking there.
  20. LOL. Our middle school football has been consolidated since something like '92. So even though the team is comprised of three different K-8 schools they play as "Titans", full 7th and full 8th grade schedules played on the same nights. Typically Thursdays and some Tuesdays. I think just about all area schools are this way (7th and 8th schedules) including Castle North and South, and Evansville North. Harrison has been able to play us 7th and 8th grade games before as well. So has Mater Dei although there is competition on the west side between playing 7th grade youth league and 7th grade for "Mater Dei" I am told....just hearsay to me.
  21. It's just not really a thing anymore (ie 8th grade being the first opportunity to play as a "mini/cub" version of the HS in the HS colors). Seems like only a few schools hold on to the old concept. IMHO Youth leagues should be 1st through 6th grades. Full middle school schedules for both 7th and 8th graders under their middle/feeder school name or HS name when appropriate.
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