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  1. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2024/02/17/ihsaa-girls-basketball-gibson-southern-advances-to-state-championship/72530848007/
  2. The game this season wouldn't have been close, Tell City knows this.
  3. I support qualification now....but you should only need to win a couple of games to get in. That slims down the field just enough to slot teams in more like for like "classes". Not because it makes the regular season more meaningful, because it doesn't and it won't. See @oldtimeqb's post earlier in this thread.
  4. Well said....I was actually working LOL (hard to believe I know) and didn't want to think it through but this is close to what I was conceptualizing. Thanks!
  5. Dumb idea to leave Lucas Oil. Great Idea to go to 10 games by eliminating the worthless scrimmage game. How about 40 team classes? 8 championship games....4 each day?
  6. Perhaps with Tell City dropping HH they will fill that game with an opponent who actually has the capability of beating them.
  7. I just puked in my mouth a little bit. I Like the name "30" better. "32" is already taken LOL.
  8. GS will find itself there next cycle more than likely.
  9. You beat me to it!!! At least one of you gets it!
  10. Wait until I post page 32....how to pretend as if you have no advantage in class-based HS athletics! LOL
  11. So, as I was strolling through dollar general (this is where we poor folks get toilet paper)…..it hit me. Like some sort of vision or message from the big guy himself. Right there between Reese cups and Applebees gift cards.
  12. I'm not the one who typed the responses....it's there in plain English And within that framework...enrollment alone doesn't adequate work to classify the teams who do all of those things well into groups. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
  13. So I conducted an interesting experiment here. My hypothesis appears to be correct. The construct is that the P/P faithful will argue tooth and nail that enrollment is the only measure needed to fairly slot schools into classification for HS football. They have lamented time after time here that there aren't any P/P advantages in high school football. Then, interestingly, when presented with the prospect that once a public get's big enough the advantages dissipate, they will pivot and argue that P/Ps always have an advantage at any level of HS football. There is an interesting dichotomy here, not sure if it is more Freudian or Sabater. It appears they need to have it both ways. I mean "need" in the most literal sense.
  14. But they aren't at those levels enrollment wise. There comes a point that the P/P advantages disappear once a public has enough shear volume of heartbeats in the hallways....given they have all the things any school needs to be successful: Feeder, Facilities, Admin, Coaching, Community, etc etc. Said another way....I don't think publics have anything to complain about at 5A and 6A with regard to private advantages. The only thing possibly left on the table is the ability to recruit, but that is a tough argument with open transfer.
  15. I agree this is the most likely scenario.
  16. I mean even if you support the theory that this is totally on the official, the narrative that this "cost" the Lions a TD just isn't the case. The official then also robbed the Cowboys of knowing who to defend, and had they had known....the outcome would likely have been different anyway.
  17. If you look at the larger window....it is definitely a possibility he is looking right past 68 toward 70 who is running in at the him...like he did the other times he reported. In a attempt to game the Cowboys the Lions ended up confusing the official. I can't feel bad for them.
  18. Correct...and 70 had reported multiple times before in an effort to set up the ruse for this play when they sent two guys....68 got there a little late after the ref took off to inform the Cowboys about #70. Perhaps he yelled "me too ref", we will never really know.
  19. The p/p advantages go away at 4A enrollment numbers, for the most part, but definitely at 5A numbers. That's when you finally get enough quality success-driven athletes in your hallways to overcome the ones who join a club of like-minded individuals in 1A-3A.
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