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  1. This team really isn’t playing around this year lol. They are making sure they get to play tough opponents week in and week out
  2. Did I see someone suggest Chatard May be available for week 2? if that’s the case the conversation should not mention any other teams 😂. GS fans want that game. I’m sure the chatard fan base will be good for it too....it’s a 3A semi state game that we all would love to see in the regular season
  3. Logan Murfin for Gibson Southern he finished last year among the other WRs with.... 28 receptions (4th on team) 502 yards (3rd on team) 6 touchdowns (3rd on team) very solid year but he had 3 very talented Seniors to battle with for targets and was productive in the reps he did get rotating in. Now that they have graduated, he seems primed to take over as one of the top targets. We all know about Brady Allen and how good of a QB he is, so with easily 130+ targets becoming vacant. He is a senior so it’s more/less a later breakout but he had a very productive year last year none the less and should improve greatly upon his performance. who knows though. Gibson Southern could find themselves throwing a lot more this year with the new schedule. In the game against Southport they passed the ball 30 times. I could see the titans throwing it more than 300 times this year without the need for a deeper playoff run. should they make it as far as LOS I think 400-500 pass attempts is well within range...which is A LOT for a high school team. So with this might see some of the other kids get a lot of volume and breakout. But I like this Murfin kid.
  4. From what I’m seeing I think Brady just wants to be done with the recruiting process. he said in an interview earlier that he has been doing this recruiting process for 2 years now and just wants to focus on the teams goals. Those were his own words. Notre Dame also has a 5 ⭐️ QB for 2021 committed I believe. From the interviews today and what he has said about Purdue leading up to today....I think he just loves the place and sees himself in a great spot going there. I see no reason to think he will flip other than there is a coaching change....because he really loves the Brohms. it also probably helps that when Brady Visited last year for the Vanderbilt game, Sindelar threw for like 500 yards in that game....which if you have a QB on visit that is like a dream come true for the recruiting staff
  5. If Purdue can land Strickland too for the class of 2022 that would be huge. seems like the Brohms Have been on a roll the last few years with landing some of the top in state guys
  6. Tuesday? his twitter says August 9th. I do like his odds that he commits to Purdue. Brady Allen is announcing his commitment this Wednesday at 11am. I think it’s between Indiana and Purdue. Given how much Covid restricted his chances to visit other schools this spring I would assume he will go with a school he has visited. And between Indiana and Purdue he has had plenty of visits and talks with the staffs there. would be surprised if he leaves the Hoosier state
  7. Edit: “and especially at the QB position” is suppose to be on the last paragraph. Don’t know what happened but I missed the time out on the edit. Whoops
  8. I think you’re right. Owensboro has a fantastic dual threat QB in Gavin Wimsatt so it would make sense if they ran more option plays. he has numerous D1 offers from Vandy to TCU to Kentucky. provided that we are allowed to attend games, I’ll be attending the August 28th matchup between the two teams and especially at the QB position. I’m suppose to be excited that my friends are getting married and that I will be visiting from Wisconsin...but idk. I’m pretty excited to potentially see this matchup between Owensboro and Gibson Southern 😂
  9. Yes. Princeton VS Gibson Southern semi state 😉
  10. I would also look to the SEC with LSU/Alabama. historically they were ground and pound teams. But when you have the QB talent to trust and the receivers around him, you gotta make that change. no doubt burrows/tua were elite college players so we can’t just say any team can do it. But it’s certainly possible and maybe the QB is better than what we think if he starts getting the chance to throw it 30 times a game
  11. Stuff like this is why 3A is the best
  12. Facts are facts but they don’t show context “Brady U” is 0-2 in terms of making it out of sectionals 1-2 overall in all games played (2 vs HH 1 vs memorial) BOTH losses were to teams that finished 14-1. Both were phenomenal teams. Last years HH game was lost because HH made a great play to block a FG inside the 10 as time expired. Final score was 21-20 there isn’t an issue with playing in the playoffs for Gibson Southern. They bring great teams that compete. The only “issue” is that they have lost the last 3 years to 1 state champion and 2 runner ups who combined to have a 42-3 record and all were ranked top 3 in 3A. 2012 Loss to chatard (champion) 2013 loss to Brebeuf (runner up) 2014 loss to Heritage hills (Regional champ) 2015 loss to Chatard ( Champion) 2016 Loss to memorial (regional champ) 2017 loss to memorial (champion) 2018 loss to memorial (runner up) 2019 loss to Heritage Hills (runner up) 6/8 losses to teams that make it to LOS. ive said it before....the hump for Gibson Southern is to be the BEST 3A team. They are a top 5 3A team every year. But outside of maybe 2015 they haven’t been the BEST 3A team...and that’s the hump they have been trying to get over.
  13. That’s a very strong squad returning 👀 would 100% throw their hat into the mix for 3A
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