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  1. I believe another mine out in that area is closing down too. I recall seeing a thing about 200 or so employees learning they are laid off. meanwhile just south in Gibson county, Toyota continues to grow and the surrounding areas are developing. Gibson Southern theoretically will see the most of the growth but Evansville North is literally 10 miles down the road on 41 and princeton is only 4 miles away if that
  2. Agreed. The offense looked in sync and were a well oiled machine. Might be the raiders but the way they won was a statement victory
  3. Well it’s officially sectional week
  4. I’m kinda in shock. GS had no business winning it but found some magic. to hit an 82 yards pass and catch with 12.5 seconds left and get the 2 for the win...unreal
  5. Gibson Southern wins over Southridge 22-21...15 points in 4 minutes in a game GS had no business winning. SR had their number for 44 of 48 minutes
  6. Gibson S hits an 82 yard pass and catch with 12 seconds left....go for 2. Get it! 22-21 GIbson Southern
  7. Southridge 7 GIbson Southern 0 at the half Southridge defense is playing great. Game should probably be 14-3 at the half In favor of SR. GS passing game just flat so far tonight.
  8. My Vernon (Posey) and Jasper are playing for the Big 8 championship tonight. mt Vernon has never won the Big 8 conference title and this is last year of the Big 8. Jasper currently up 6-0
  9. I just looked at the roster. By my count I see 15/16 starters who are seniors, this includes the kicker. if I’m not mistaken HH has more...or at least they have more positions to fill next year with how they play guys both ways more often
  10. There is a lot of talent in the younger guys but the 3 WRs are seniors. Delong, May, and Butler....then you have Spindler at RB...I think there are 3LBs who are seniors....Stefanich at Safety. I think the d line has a guy or two there too. OL I think has 2...Center and I think one of the tackles. overall, I’m super GS will be just fine and the younger guys have stepped up in places. But make no mistake, this senior class is a really strong class. as the saying goes though. Good programs don’t rebuild, they reload
  11. He was producing in Oakland. But the raiders drafted Renfrow and he has looked good. At some point Oakland had an injury to deal with. I think it was their LBs and they had to make room so they released him. I have Renfrow on a few of my fantasy teams so I followed the situation a bit. overall he is a decent WR. Mostly a slot guy. Nothing flashy or something to get pumped about....but for a depth guy who you can lean on for production, I like the move
  12. King is just always battling soft tissue injuries. Groin issues especially...I haven’t seen anything about him being finished but coming into the year I already gave up on him. Should have drafted watt lol. I think without king the packers are fine. But they have to continue to wreck OL with the pass rush. Force throws...limit time at all costs. (I say all this knowing damn well the packers could put another “Gunter” 1v1 on a julio Jones level player and just get burned all game....RIP 2015 Super Bowl chances)
  13. That may be...but WL has been in the state finals the last 2 years and still has Adams. They also have Yanni who is rumored to be just as good has his older brother. The lafayette schedule isn’t exactly a slouch. with that said....3A has been a unique class over the past decade and while yes SoS matters, the class is loaded with talent and great coaching. Never just bank on tough schedules and how they fair. Chatard definitely won’t be overlooking anyone
  14. Speaking of them. I said it last week and it should be said again. They should be ranked higher. At least this week they are 10. only loss was to Heritage Hills and they had the game 7-7 at the half. Then heritage hills scored 5 times in 15 plays. 7-1 only losing to a super talented senior led #3 HH squad. they face #5 GIbson Southern this week
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