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  1. I think Brebeuf is staying in 4A? in 2021 they were 3A with like 830 kids and were moving up regardless I believe? Unless they had a bigger class at the time and are back under 800 or whatever the new 4A/3A line will be
  2. West vigo would not go to 28. They would go to 29 and 29 would move someone north…assuming logical choices by the ihsaa and minimal enrollment changes which includes west vigo. I would guess that speedway/tri west would move to 28 to fill that void…and it’s probably speedway because Danville/triwest/ Webo/crawfordsville are already kinda a thing. Imo…the biggest issue with 3A and it’s bracket is the region…specifically Lafayette. There are a lot of big schools in the region and tons of tiny 2A/1A schools….some years WL is paired with Indy teams…some years they have to play Hanover/Calumet. It’s kind of a no man’s land for 3A.
  3. Well…if there is any team who can and will do that…it’s Heritage Hills haha that is exactly what their best teams do and it’s probably how most of their opponents would describe them.
  4. I’m realizing after checking back that I was mistaken. I had classes with another notable player from those Ritter teams that makes everything I’ve said irrelevant…except for that Purichia and those Ritter teams were pretty dang good.
  5. Is Purichia related to the fella that played for Cardinal Ritter in like 2010-2012? I went to Wabash with him and had a few classes. Was a helluva player and I think had some state records for a bit.
  6. This reminds me of my first introduction to Chatard with my graduating class in 2012 lol. Believe that meeting finished 56-6…every time Chatard touched the ball it was perfect execution and big gains.
  7. ??? This is cute what made you feel like you had to restate the very obvious of what “and in 2008” meant? Now you want to be on the offense and say “I only meant that!!!!” that comment got to ya didn’t it lol… ahahahahahahh 😂😂😂
  8. I’ll get this started. What I want: Heritage Hills 28 Chatard 24 What I think is more likely: Chatard 35 Heritage Hills 21 this is clearly one of the more special Chatard teams because it takes A LOT to go undefeated with their schedule….And Heritage Hills is pretty young. If Jett can take over and establish himself as the best player on the field…I think there is a chance.
  9. Nick Martin played for the Texans for a while. No idea if he is still playing…he probably is cuz Zach is still playing for the cowboys
  10. It’s a joke lol…and if you understood what he was saying you wouldn’t question it 😂 what do you think happened in 2008 to make a random memorial fan care about what years the Martin brothers played for Chatard?🤣😂🤣😂
  11. Typical memorial fan. No matter what two teams are playing, a memorial fan will always find a way to include themselves and point at some thing they did. Memorial fans would get more pats on the back if their hands weren’t in the way so much 😂
  12. Pretty sure there are some members on this forum that played on that 2004 HH team 2007…was that the Martin Chatard years?
  13. It’s crazy to realize there are still 2 more years of Jett. Great programs are always in contention, but there are still windows of opportunity that are just a little bit better. GS had a window from 2013-2015 with a super young class led by a sophomore QB. Kinda feels like Heritage Hills has a similar window of 2023-2025 where they can have some really special teams
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