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  1. Hypothetical…..lol brebeuf and Gibson Southern meet in the playoffs does Joe take it easy on Brady allen if he has a chance at a sack? Or does he show him how practice is going to be at Purdue for the next 3+ Years I kid I kid….it’s great to see Joe commit to Purdue. I’ve seen for a few years that he has been training with Robert Mathis and look forward to seeing him on Saturdays with Brady in the future
  2. The nice thing for GS this year is that we are returning a fair amount of the defense…which it seems like since that 2015 season with the insane defense we had…every year has been hard with graduation and replacing most of the guys. I believe this year all the DBs are returning…or most and we have a LB/DL or two who are back for their senior years…..so hopefully this year there is no concerns with teams doing what they want on offense vs us. Last year we had to lean on Brady throwing it 30-40 times a game. GS is in Alabama right now though and currently 4-1 in the 7v7 po
  3. I believe there are just 2 transfers. an OL guy from castle that ruffled lots of feathers to the SIAC guys….ihsaa approved the transfer. then there is another kid who moved 2/3 hours from Illinois. im not aware of any other transfers this offseason…..so to act like 2 guys transferring in is some big deal is laughable imo
  4. I think I recall but it’s now year 10 of coach hart and it seems like we attend 3/4 7on7s a year so it’s hard to keep up. what I do know though is these tournaments in Alabama and outside of Indiana are huge reps for our guys. Always loaded…I’m not even sure we have done too great vs these Alabama schools but we always improve….maybe this year we make a good splash down there and build on some confidence going into a tough 4 week slate to open the season
  5. Is this event effectively replacing the select 7on7 tournament? looks like it’s a lot of the same big schools we have seen in the Select tournament over the past decade
  6. I know it doesn’t help the argument here….but Gibson Southerns softball team has done pretty well in 4A and can contend with the best of them they made it to semi state twice. defeated center grove 4-1 lost to brownsburg 1-0 lost to Avon 2-0 sure those teams probably could have won the 3A titles those years…but competitively speaking they are good enough to win the 4A title…..shoot if they made softball 5 classes, they might have won the 4A title in 2017/2018 and we would be talking about how they are in 5A and barely losing to the MIC and other indy sch
  7. This honestly might be the best interview with Coach Hart anyone has had in the past 10 years lol newspapers, tv, and radio tend to only put little snippets but you asked 12 good questions that most others don’t ask ever… and you got good responses in return
  8. I had to google what this was….I imagine it’s too early to tell. But as more teams use it we will get the answer. in a sense though….it’s interesting that HS football will have essentially instant replay review but will have no avenues to correct a mistaken call despite having the evidence. with that said….nfl teams still put their DCs up in the box despite having all the video technology available to them
  9. What if 5A went to 48 and 1A to 48? Would the numbers work better? i do like this idea though of refining 6A and expanding 5A
  10. It’s been our year every year since 2013 lol but maybe this is the year we really do get over the hump
  11. It’s weird not seeing chatard/memorial/west Lafayette not in the top 3
  12. I know right now this is what may be the top 20 or close to it…. but I think Gibson Southern will be in the top 20 by seasons end…the team has a lot of talent for a 3A school and this year they can actually implement their offseason program. last summer they didn’t get to do their 7on7 work and still managed to have a great year despite the huge increase in SOS. This year they have already won the mooresville 7on7 against some of the bigger indy schools and are really putting it all together to start out the year with strong showings. Brady Allen is a se
  13. I’ll give a like and follow but it’s hard for me to think Facebook is a better platform than this forum for the conversations I like to have here but I do like the interviews thing so I’ll play your game for just that. Just don’t think Facebook is the best for discussion…especially here in the PAC where we have what seems like more rivalry games than normal games
  14. Who is the kid that was Mocks backup? Ballard? I’ve heard good things about him and he’s incredibly fast. He might get the rock a bunch this year
  15. What if both sides are right here? Coming from a home that is more stable financially allowing the kid to spend more time training/playing sports opposed to having to work a job or even simply just being there to watch little siblings while the parents work…..but also having a great program from top to bottom and having a great coaching staff. why is this a yes or no thing? It’s not definitive for either but both certainly play a role anywayyyysssss super excited about this class. Was just looking and Indiana currently has ten 4 ⭐️ Prospects….oh
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