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  1. DumfriesYMCA

    SW Indiana football 2019

    From what I’ve seen it looks like he has most of his spring and summer planned out already too. Elite11, the opening, combines, 7on7s...probably will attend a few team camps also. Someone mentioned on here he is keeping his basketball skills up to par (whatever par is for him lol) just in case but from what I have gathered he is training 365 days a year to be an absolute superstar QB for high school and presumably the college level. I know rivals.com already stated he looks like he should be starting on a college team. sky is the limit for the kid, but you really have to admire the amount of dedication and commitment he is putting in at such a young age
  2. If we are being honest here, all this proposal does is make heritage Hills and GS play in the big 8 under the PAC banner. And the rest of the PAC gets to play schools much closer to their size.
  3. In this proposal would tecumseh return to the PAC for football? Otherwise you could do two divisions of 7 regarding 2020. I only assume they would wait until then because changing the entire schedule for everyone would mess up non conference scheduling the way it is. Originally I was against this idea but seeing the enrollment numbers I’m warming up to the idea.
  4. Thank you guys for the clarification. I, and I’m sure many others here, appreciate you guys.
  5. Going off of jersey colors...what combos do they have in mind? to me, reds/greens/darker blues with black is very hard to depict the number. Also. Tripping the runner? Like if a player falls down and grabs the leg of a runner is that a foul or is this like tripping with the leg? Seems vague and could be problematic.
  6. DumfriesYMCA

    Mercy Rule

    I’m in agreement with taking it out of being a choice. 35 points seems fair to me. If you have a coach choose you will have a number of issues. Some coaches as you said won’t want to give up on their team, or be perceived as doing such and others will refuse because they will want to play all their seniors. Just make it a set rule out of control of anyone on the field at the time. The refs will have to enforce it and cannot change it and the coaches will have to accept it. There are drawbacks from this of course but from what I have seen, the majority of the time if a team is refusing to run the clock it’s because the coach doesn’t want to give up or wave the white flag and it only makes the outcome that much more worse
  7. DumfriesYMCA

    Allen receives another offer

    You almost had me there.
  8. DumfriesYMCA

    SW Indiana football 2019

    All three are great QBs. Although....a small PAC joke going around right now is Allen needs to get more rushing yards if he wants to be named all conference 😂😂😂
  9. DumfriesYMCA

    SW Indiana football 2019

    I’ve heard that castle is suppose to be pretty good this year. Also heard central will still be good. I think memorial will be back in 3A in 2 years...they had a special class these last few years. If they can keep up that level of play, that would be an incredible feat. PAC wise, I think GS, HH, and SR could all play with and beat anyone in the SIAC....although if the PAC played the SIAC schedule, I highly doubt anyone finishes better than 7-2 for the regular season. Just my opinion BIG 6 wise....jasper is a team to watch...not that they will be a great team, but a team to watch to see how they respond this year. Will they get back to their winning tradition? Or are the over the hill and we don’t realize it yet? Vincennes like mentioned above is a bubble team. Very capable. Don’t know anything about booneville. Princeton could always make it interesting. They are simply not the same team that we all have known them for from the 2000s and early 2010s If I had to do a top 10 for a way to early preseason based on only what I have heard 1. Castle 2. Central 3. GIbson Southern 4. Reitz (haven’t heard anything but its reitz) 5. Heritage Hills 6. Jasper 7. Southridge 8. Memorial 9. Vincennes 10. Mater Dei just a bunch of my opinions. Don’t read into it too much lol
  10. DumfriesYMCA

    Allen receives another offer

    Oh I believe it. Purdue might be on the bubble though and might break into a national spotlight. But I agree. He’s so young, most of the big powerhouses will likely wait another year or 2, assuming they have an interest and need for a QB of course
  11. DumfriesYMCA

    Allen receives another offer

    I was kinda shocked to hear he wasn’t playing basketball this year. Everything I had heard indicated he would be a higher D-1 basketball talent, I believe there was some bigger AAU thing in New Orleans or something that said “Sky is literally the limit”. Love that he is playing football though 🙂 Truly just a gifted kid. But he is only 15 so he still is growing and has a lot to develop. He has a great future ahead of him.
  12. DumfriesYMCA

    Allen receives another offer

    I wonder what Notre Dame and Ohio State are thinking? Along with the other big Midwest schools like Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky...Missouri.
  13. My personal opinion...starting off 0-3 to non conference opponents could be hit or miss. if your team is competitive and all the games are close but lose all of them, that is much better down the stretch than just scheduling powerhouses in your area and getting blownout. If you front load with balanced competition, I think it’s great as it will get your team into better game condition going down the stretch. Likely only benefits and the players will still be mentally on board. If you just get blown-out every game, likely will be tough sledding all year and kids will start to check out if you don’t get some wins. just my thoughts on the matter. Could see it both helping and hurting depending on how good your team is and the opponents you face
  14. Congrats to Brady Allen QB 2022 (Freshman at GIbson Southern) who picked up his second offer today from Virginia Tech. He already has an offer from Indiana. He has visited: Michigan State Indiana Ohio State (twice) Purdue Cincy As well as attended Camps at: Oklahoma State Miami (OH) From what I have seen, this kid is something special, and not just physically. Besides being 6’5 with a very accurate and strong arm, he has all the intangibles that you look for. Smart, Keen decision making, leadership, maturity, poise...and is as humble as can be. More great things to come for this kid and the team surrounding him.
  15. DumfriesYMCA

    Academic All-State

    Hey, who knows. Maybe in 3-4 years there might be a Butkus trophy in the Kiser home.