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  1. Reitz they have been relatively down the last couple of years and went 4-7 last year I think….now sit 7-0 and one of the contenders for 4A south. maybe some had them much better this year but I don’t know if 7-0 with the way they are doing it was on many peoples bingo cards
  2. I honestly just always forget that Southridge is 3A. Forever in my mind as 2A and I was just throwing out teams off the top of my head. Southridge could definitely make a run too and you guys have a great defense.
  3. I agree. I think this is one of those years where they are truly a top 3A team. people always want to say they are a 4A team because of their tradition….this year it feels like they belong in 3A. They have some dogfights ahead of them I think they easily could still end up in LoS on Black Friday but I think there are 3-5 3A teams who are not scared of them at all. If anything…I think a few 3A teams want the opportunity to beat Chatard when usually 3A teams are trying to get them back to 4A or avoid them in the tournament
  4. Regarding who wins this sectional…while i would love the free dunk of Boonville beating all the SIAC teams…..I think I like Jasper as the dark horse to steal it. 2020 they ran into the buzzsaw of Central until they choked in regionals and finished 12-1. 2021 they were on a roll themselves but then got upset by Northview I believe and Memorial went on to Semi-State This year they have had their ups and downs but I think they also had a lot of turnovers in their losses. If they can clean those up maybe they can string games together. their game against Castle this week really shows how up and down this team can be…they could be winning 35-13 or something on great teams…or they could be fighting to just not lose the game and losing a half 35-13. this team has a lot to prove to themselves I think and these last few years are not sitting well with them if they get a favorable draw and can just get to the sectional final…I would think it’s a 50/50 shot unless it’s Reitz…and even then I would give them a 35/65 split
  5. Because the magic lotto numbers always seem to want the best games weeks 10 and 11 in SW Indiana lol
  6. This is pretty close to how I see it playing out. however for 3A I’ll go Lawrenceburg over West Lafayette. I would love to see GS make it back to LOS and go for B2B titles….but at the same time everyone in the GS community essentially put the expectation of a state title on the team the last 4 years….especially on Brady Allen. I’m thankful Brady lived up to those expectations and it happened the way it did. I think right now this years GS team has already exceeded everyone’s expectations going 7-0 through a schedule most were hoping we would be 5-2 on. i honestly just want them to win the sectional and take it a week at a time from there. I think Lawrenceburg vs West Lafayette would be a lot of fun to watch and a good game….and Lawrenceburg has continually just ran into SW buzzsaws…between Memorial/Heritage Hills/GS it seems they always just run into the wrong team at the wrong time. So it would be fun to see them get over the hump. They will need to make some big upsets along the way but they could pull it off this year.
  7. I mean….Brebeuf was technically a 4A team all of last year so hypothetically it could happen…but at the same time, GS had to score like 30 points unanswered to win by 10. beating a great 4A team in 3A last year was hard enough. Saying they could beat all of 5A this year….idk might be a little lofty
  8. A lot of this probably comes down to the draw. i see it as Reitz vs the best team on the other half of the bracket. And at that point it might be an interesting game whether it’s memorial boon or Jasper. if all 4 of these teams are on the same side we riot
  9. Was watching this live! hopefully he keeps it up and we get to see the PAC special of Brady Allen throwing/handing off to Mockobee in the years to come
  10. I thought this was a joke post but it’s really what is listed.
  11. This was an impressive win either way I think. I was shocked when I saw a score of 28-7. New Pal vs Roncalli might be the matchup of the year if we can get that game
  12. Stay healthy stay ready. Definitely is going to come down to GS@Boon
  13. Box Score This defense is really starting to click and come together. Mt Vernon was held to negative rushing yards through the first half and it wasn’t until after the running clock was put on that they had a minor breakthrough and got off a few good runs to bring it from -17 yards to 63. DL had a big night led by Tye Whitledge who had at least 1 sack and a few TFLs in the 1st half. In other news….Devan Roberts is having one helluva senior year. 4 more TDs tonight bringing his total to 17 TDs through 7 games
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