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  1. Whole heartedly disagree with this. We see great classes come and go every year. For example. Evansville memorial state champs in 2017 runner up in 2018 just graduated an insane class who had numerous long term starters. A 4 year starter at QB. One heckuva WR and I think there was a really big fella on OL for 4 years too. Sure....they could have contended in 4A this last year. They mopped the floor with the SIAC this past year alone.....but now they are in 4A and I’m not sure they have the pieces ready to contend for a regional. Linton had great class a few years ago too....and plenty of other teams come to mind with great classes...like pioneer....webo....tri West a few years back. My point really is, there is no perfect system. And while 2 years could mean getting your butt whooped in consecutive years, it’s a system that still works and has balanced itself out. At 2 years you protect the schools that have that magical senior season but you allow movement for schools that compete for the state title over 2 years....there are still schools who see big falloff with this but they usually fair okay and then they move back down. Its not a perfect system but any proposed change that I think most people would seek out would be one for 2 years with extra elements that factor in 2-6 years. Probably wayyy too complicated for the ihsaa to take on lol.
  2. Guys. Saban is 67.....a lot of people tend to think he is towards the end of his reign. By the time 2021 rolls around, he could be retired. there is incredible pull for going to Alabama but I think when saban retires the recruits may spread themselves out (a very good thing). I look to see B10 schools on the rise...and of course Notre Dame up there per usual. im not sure about Indiana doing much...but I think Purdue could surprise people...especially with a great class this year. Yanni Karlaftis will likely go to Purdue with his big brother. Fisher I think may find his way there too. Of course Notre Dame is a great place to go as an OL too congrats to fisher on another offer though. Very impressive list. Hopefully he stays in Indiana!...just probably away from Bloomington lol
  3. Unless you go to Wabash where they can have as many sports as they want to take on lol.
  4. Looks neat! Question... obviously i I am not going to purchase a brick as a fan of Gibson southern, but...how much money for the wall goes towards the project itself and how much goes to the program in other ways? Im just curious. ...and with the donations, how much is to be hoped in raising? I think it’s a good way to raise money, just haven’t ever heard of how much the project costs to do and how much money is raised for other aspects of the program.
  5. Are travel expenses included? Because 50 a game and you cover the travel is a big oof.
  6. As it stands now, the PAC and Big 8 are going to merge in 2020. For anyone who hasn’t seen the thread, there will be 2 divisions. 1 big school 1 small school division. Mt Carmel (Illinois) has left the big 8 because Illinois is going to districts for post season formats...leaving the big 8 with 6 schools. Those 6 schools join the PAC. Its going to be 2 divisions of 7. So 3 weeks for non conference games. There are no plans to have the division champs play each other. For GIbson Southern and Heritage Hills, they both are essentially dropping all of their 2A and 1A conference schedule and will now only play 3A and 4A conference foes. Both are likely though to keep some small school competition for their “non conference games”. These schools are likely South Spencer/Southridge for Heritage Hills and North Posey for GIbson Southern. I say “non conference” because these schools are still in the PAC but will be in the small school division more good things to come out of the Southwest.
  7. Okay. Well at least this is moving forward. Always a good sign. as for tecumseh...I think that is for the best. Since they are out....that would mean that the divisions either stay at 8 and 6 big to small....or they balance it out and make it 2 divisions of 7. The only problem with this is that this is based off of enrollment so going off of enrollment, I believe heritage hills would move down. i would hope they would switch Heritage Hills and Mt Vernon. Otherwise all this work was basically Gibson southern leaving the traditional PAC to join the “new” pac aka the BIG 8
  8. Sooooo. What’s next. Big 8 teams need to accept?
  9. Bobby puts Forrest back in the leg braces by the 2nd qtr. nuff said lol
  10. I think the rest of PAC would like to see this too lol. It’s easier to stop the pass of HH than to stop them from rushing for 200/300 yards 😂
  11. I think you hit the nail on the head with regards to relationships. If you upset one school or a conference, it may be tough sledding to add them to your schedule at some point. @Titan32 jasper essentially switching their schedule for Mt. Carmel/Gibson southern would likely be a big win for them. Simple and not many road bumps. GS and HH probably have the toughest roads ahead given how much their schedules could change....but it seems that both GS and HH are wanting this.
  12. I’m confused... if Jasper joined the PAC they would still play HH every year and it would be more meaningful as it would a conference game. Southridge has the potential to be dropped but in a format without tecumseh (7/7 division split) jasper would have 3 non conference games and they could easily fill that with a game with southridge. maybe I’m swinging and missing here...but it seems that jasper isn’t concerned with keeping their big games or rivalries, but rather keeping the relationships in check while they actively seek out leaving all those schools in particular....just a fail safe in case they don’t get into the SIAC don’t want to make any other school upset. Calling it as I see it
  13. I think the bottom line for if Tecumseh stays out of this is that Mt Vernon has to be in the smaller school even though HH is the next smallest....otherwise all that has been done is Gs joins the big 8 under the banner of the PAC
  14. I personally feel like the best option is without tecumseh. Put mt Vernon in the small school division and each team now has 6 division games and 3 non conference games. Lots of flexibility for teams to play teams they would like to keep on their schedule and keep some good rivalries.
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