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  1. From what I’m seeing in the twitter verse....Central is definitely the favorite...and that Evans kid y’all have been arguing about....yeah...have fun stopping that kid 😂 RIP SIAC defenses
  2. They will be good this year but the biggest factor is probably GS and HH are bringing a lot back and SR lost their Qb. Montgomery was a 3 sport athlete with baseball basketball and football but he is deciding to drop football to focus on the other 2. This kid is getting a lot of attention in baseball and a good amount in basketball too. He will only be a junior this year too and I believe has a few offers from schools like Louisville. Amazing kid, but a tough loss to fill for QB
  3. Wait isn’t it Gibson Southern=Reitz north? Or did you mean it the original way you stated?
  4. BRING BACK THE DUDE!!!! Especially the dude rankings
  5. Is it me...or is it the same few guys on this forum who complain and argue about everything...lol.
  6. I mean.....SIAC goes 3-3 in week 1 😉. Jasper and Vincennes are soon to be SIAC members anyways
  7. I’m not a big believer in funchess tbh...but autry...man. I don’t know how to explain how bad it felt to have him on one of my fantasy teams last year and have him sit on the bench the game he put up like 4 sacks lol. Im a packers fan so I don’t really follow the colts too much but man. I would say McDaniels backing out and getting Reich was like changing your mind on the powerball numbers and picking the winning numbers doing so. Colts are in such a good position with development/cap management/roster strength.
  8. What are your expectations for parris Campbell? I picked him up in a few rookie drafts thinking that he would be an immediate starter with TY and either Cain/funchess
  9. I’m not drawing questions to the actual concept of getting better, just that saying “get better” is a bad take in the scheme of debating the topic of p/p vs public in athletics. Im not sure there is a good comparison to use but it would be similar to telling a depressed person “don’t feel sad” or if someone were to stub their toe and say ouch and me to reply “well don’t do that”. Basically it’s the idea of person A saying “I got this problem” and person b saying “well don’t have that problem”. That’s what I meant by that comment
  10. I can get behind this too. And while I agree, there are some people in the belief that getting to that game has more implications than just a trophy. Maybe there is a kid that went unnoticed and a college scout spots them on the field during the title game. While sure it may be a game and fun, I think you would be surprised by the number of families who view football and sports in general not as just a game but an avenue to a college education...especially in lower income areas, athletics is a more promising ticket to a college education than academics. That’s just a sad reality of today’s education.
  11. I have no class 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ I don’t really mind believing that some coaches are better than what their abilities are because of the players they have
  12. There is no need to include T32 in response to what I’m saying. He is his own man and can/does stand by his comments. I personally don’t agree with separating p/p schools from public schools in athletics. That’s just my personal opinion. But I also agree with the assessment that enrollment isn’t the best way to evaluate level of play for athletics in high school. Sure the success factor helps and isn’t perfect but there are a number of other factors that play into this complicated matter
  13. Oh. Well in that case why don’t you just remove yourself from conversations about these sort of things. Because whether you care or not, there are hundreds of thousands of families who do care about these sorts of topics and you’re just preventing honest dialogue. 🤷🏼‍♂️ And whether you think it’s funny or not, there are over a million students in Indiana who would be impacted by any such change and that’s no laughing matter
  14. 😂😂😂😂...I’m dying over here. Okay okay.....so lemme get this straight... you are saying memorials success these last few years was more about coaching than athletes...even though before 2017 Hurley’s coaching record 59-52...if you go back to Lindauers sophomore year...he was 50-48. Lindauers freshman year Memorial went 2-8. The 3 years prior to that memorial had to scratch and claw to get to 3 or 4 wins on a season and then...AND THEN 😂 you wanna make offhand/between the line comments about a coach who has gone 76-12. And on that note...vs public schools he has a record of 73-6...leaving a record of 3-6 vs p/p schools. 5 of the 6 losses were to teams who made it to the state finals (3 of those 5 won the state title) I think you are undercutting the athletes you guys had....especially Lindauer and Combs...both of them were once in a generation players and to say coaching was the reason for success is a huge discredit to their abilities IMO. In regards to this whole conversation and this “get better” movement.... get better...just triple the number of players on your team. Get better...just take a historically losing team with no sectional titles to a winning tradition and a 76-12 record over 12 years. Get better...have your community take one empty stands and pack them so much that you have to bring in extra bleachers and build a larger stand section. Get better....have your student athletes commit year round to bettering themselves...during the summers for the past 5/6 years travel to Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and the Indianapolis area to play against numerous top programs and champions from Michigan to Oklahoma to Alabama and is everywhere in between. Get better...try and make your schedule as tough as possible with conference restrictions...do so well that your conference welcomes the idea of your team leaving the conference and you get a conference realignment that will allow you to schedule 4A/5A/6A teams.... ”get better. Just get better. It’s as easy as that”. Telling a team to “get better” is a lot easier if you are talking about a team that isn’t giving it everything they got...and for GS, the community, the coaches (even at the youth levels), and especially the players are giving absolutely everything they got and have been for the better part of this decade. At this point, I don’t think anyone could possibly ask the Gibson Southern community and its players to work any harder or sacrifice more in the goal of getting better. “Get better” such an asinine comment
  15. There was a thread about it somewhere. I don’t remember the exact specifics just that someone notable was transferring and I believe others mentioned a few more names. I’m really just pressing at the facts that the FWBL dropped 50 kids in 1 class.....to graduate a class of about 180 and to have a class of 130 coming in is quite the difference.
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