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  1. Agreed.... it’s the same argument every year. Really, people just need to understand that the top of each conference can generally compete with other teams in the top of their conference with exceptions here and there. One exception being 2018 memorial was just a league above everyone until they played WL in an absolute thriller of a game. there are others but it’s really only super special teams that only come around once in a while. on the topic of 2020. I think VL and jasper likely finish mid table. They win a few games they lose some. Won’t be the best won’t be the worst. Definitely think they will surprise 1 or 2 teams and pull an “upset”....but also maybe lose a game we all think they should have walked away with. I personally believe we will see something like this last season in which nobody goes undefeated and overall it’s a pretty competitive conference. If I had to guess now I would say memorial +1 other team will be 8-1 entering sectionals
  2. I didn’t want to name names.....👀 I don’t live in GIbson County anymore lol I do respect HH. Just don’t want them winning games vs my former school in anything truth be told I’m not sure where it’s from. I just seen it and had to share here to give you guys a little hassle. It’s offseason. Content is a bit dry.
  3. 😉😉😉 sincerely, This Gibson Southern Fan
  4. Waller Gang I grabbed him in OTAs for my dynasty leagues this year. People thought I was a bit crazy hyping him so much and I laughed my way to few hundred bucks in my pocket and another trophy 🏆
  5. Imagine going 40+ years in life and still not having a basis of reading comprehension 😂 Gibson Southern is very well known around the state (not just because of football though. The girls sports too). Also I just said “names to know”. I didn’t say players but I’m sure there is 1 in particular that you rather not keep hearing about for whatever reason 😂. So salty these last 2/3 years
  6. Correct. Princeton only made the list because it’s a county rivalry game that will always get some attention. the game hasn’t been a close one in a long time but it’s always a “bigger” game. thats the only reason I included them. nothing against Mt Vernon or Washington. But I don’t anticipate there to be a lot of “hype” around those games. At least with princeton there is the rivalry to fall back on
  7. I would think that with Gibson Southerns new schedule a big pull to reitz is nullified. Week 0 scrimmage vs central Week 1 Columbus north Week 2 owensboro senior Week 4 Southport Week 5 Southridge Week 6 Heritage Hills Week 8 Princeton Week 9 Boonville I’m not sure it can get much better than that for SW Indiana. The media already covers GS more than what it probably deserves. There is nothing to be gained by making the move unless distance from home/alma mater is very important to Hart. reitz fans may oooo and ahhh at a hire like that but recognition won’t change much. everyone in the state knows who GIbson Southern is and the names to know....and that’s in large part because of Coach Hart. with all that said...I personally wouldn’t be surprised if some of the assistants to Hart were interviewed. It’s been said here before that Gibson Southern has really become Reitz South
  8. Got a schedule that should definitely prepare us for that. im hoping that by seasons end that if anything, this years team will be seen as the most disciplined team for Hart....which is a tall task still. But the idea with a schedule like this is that you eventually get really good at limiting any and all mistakes
  9. New PAC is 100% a plus....unless you’re boonville lol. But hey. Maybe even for them it’s a plus. the weaker schools are able to schedule to their liking more. The bigger schools get an upgrade for schedule (marginally). the real strength here is the 4 non conference games for teams where there is tons of flexibility. Some teams are opting to play up. Like GS. Some are pretty going more neutral...others are able to schedule small schools. Hopefully the typical bottom of the PAC are the biggest winners here. We would all love to see teams like pike central be competitive.
  10. Oof. Alright got me there 😂. I would love a vacation to Indy to watch my brother/GS play for a championship.
  11. I don’t even live in southern Indiana anymore lol. I currently live in De Pere, Wisconsin. Up until a month ago I was planning on moving back to that area. But then I started actually looking at homes and looking for potential jobs. I looked from princeton to Evansville. im saying this as someone who spent nearly a decade in the area...I moved away. Now looking to move back and actually looking into things....huge red flags. so now I’m staying in Wisconsin and buying a home here... opting to just travel to see family. Btw...I absolutely do not think Gibson county is much better. It’s got its own mess...especially with the whole refusing to zone thing because people prefer to back yard bob all construction projects and don’t like the idea that they would need permits and have to have their work inspected. Absolute shame really. Many residents including some of my own family are too cheap and prideful to go through the proper channels to build something/fix something on their home. God forbid it’s actually inspected and up to code... Owensville/Montgomery township (where I’m from) is especially becoming a joke and looks worse and worse every time I come back to visit. (besides the nice new fire station lol) Let’s not even get into how the residents threw an absolute fit when it was proposed to put windmills out in the middle of nowhere in Gibson county. I’ve been to like 28 states and have lived in 6 states man. I’m not the one who needs to get out more 😂
  12. I’m not saying the whole place is rotten lol just saying. Just firmly disagree that Evansville is this cute little city that is great for raising a family. Sure, many have probably done a fantastic job and have found a nice little neighborhood with little issue....but come on. Everyone in SW Indiana and the surrounding area knows what Evansville is really like
  13. @tango im sorry but Evansville really isn’t ideal. One simply cannot overlook the insane amount of violent crime in the area on top of a nasty drug epidemic. im probably going to upset some people with this next comment....but only in Evansville Indiana can you be declared the “fattest city in America” as well as the “meth capital”. Those two things don’t go together. it’s something like 1 in 19 are victims of violent crime. there are a lot and I mean a lot of houses that are not being kept up well by the owners then I can get into it being in a state with desperate need for education reform...I can also talk about how it’s stationed near mega polluting power plants...cancer + SIDS are high for the area..... like man. I can probably go on and on. It is absolutely not ideal at all. there are nice pockets but everyone in the area knows living just outside of Evansville is 100% more ideal. There is no argument to this. Evansville is really bad. It’s not Gary bad but it’s enough. If you say otherwise you probably haven’t lived in many other places or are just in denial. sorry not sorry
  14. Devils advocate here....I know the kid has had a questionable couple of seasons transferring....but in all honesty....moving out of Evansville is probably a family decision. I myself was looking at moving back to Indiana this summer but when I got to looking....the prospective jobs did not outweigh the standard of living change. This isn’t to say there are nice areas of Evansville...just that....if I’m trying to start a family/already have a family...Evansville Is far from ideal. just giving the benefit of the doubt here though. I personally have absolutely 0 issues with a family simply wanting to live in a better area...their children’s success in athletics doesn’t matter provided that it’s not the reason for the transfer.
  15. What are y’all talking about? a family decide to get out of Evansville and move to the Santa Claus area?
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