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  1. Southridge in sectional 32 is a very tough draw. Especially knowing their stud of QB is no longer playing football. The kid can flat out do anything with a ball....and it seems he is focusing on Baseball/Basketball. to the point though. I feel like if The IHSAA were to implement rolling cycles for success...they should seed teams....how to do that where everyone is happy is anyone’s guess lol. If they were to do it though they should seed by regional....get rid of sectional assignments and just have regional assignments. Keep the sectional championship and such but seed 1-16 even if they don’t do a full 1-16, they could do 1-8 and then have a “random draw” for who the other 8 teams play
  2. Check 3 comments up lol in this day and age...Twitter is the fastest way to find information
  3. I think it’s just a chopped version of screaming eagles...so likely a USI student/grad or someone who has family attending there.
  4. Now this may be slightly off topic...but why is it that football is 1A-6A....but softball baseball basketball are 1A-4A and soccer is 1A-3A? to me this is where the success factor falls short...especially when there are more schools that field soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball than football. Looking at softball alone...Gibson southern (650 students) and Leo (850 students) are by far the smallest schools in 4A softball....do they compete and win...heck yeah they do. Both made it to semi state and leo lost in the finals of the championship...but if it were divided up like football and the success factor played its part, the two schools would be in 4A/5A and not having to face 6A schools...maybe the make to a hypothetical 6A softball class but at least with more classes there is more room to find the sweet spot of where a school really belongs
  5. I just looked. GS to New Albany is 1 hour 45 minutes...pretty much just 64 east GS to tell city is 1 hour 13 minutes
  6. I agree it’s the right thing to do, regardless of the teams involved. I personally don’t have anything against cathedral. and thank you for the other team. I knew there was another just couldn’t remember on the spot and didn’t want to dig through all the banter of the cathedral thread lol
  7. They have to adjust 6A and 5A I think. They made a retroactive change. Long story short they made the success factor to “stay up” 2 points instead of 3 but then only had it for winter and spring sports. People got upset because they believed it favored some teams like cathedral. So they changed it to make all sports from this past year reflect the new points requirements. The only issue was that sectional assignments were already released so they have to adjust for cathedral going “back to 5A”
  8. One potential risk would be for teams like GS/HH playing SR 3 times in a year schedule an non conference game...face each other in the crossover. Then play each other in sectionals (potentially early). i think most people want to schedule crossovers. Just don’t want it mandated
  9. I figure as much also. New Albany and castle have been playing week 2 recently (I don’t know for how many years though) the SIAC has been playing a number of schools the first 2 weeks....owensboro teams, terra haute, Bloomington... if if I had to guess...the new PAC will pick up the games the SIAC has to drop and then whatever remains will be inter divisional games likely across rivalry lines....without looking it all up but 8 SIAC teams with 2 weeks of non conference games leaves about 16 games (I don’t know if some teams play twice vs SIAC). Each PAC team needs to fill 4 games.
  10. Just going off of 2018.... Gibson Southerns SoS had an average of about 189.78 for sagarin rankings last year. Since Henderson County isn’t on sagarin, I went to maxpreps national rankings and found the closest Indiana team and used their Sag rating. (Southern Dearborn with a ranking of 86) Projecting what GS will have for a schedule in 2020....speculating that GS will play Southridge still...and will pick up Bloomington South and New Albany (2 teams the SIAC have scheduled currently)...the average Sagarin rating is 125.89 Current schedule————189.78 Projected Schedule———125.89 for perspective...Evansville Memorials 2019 schedule using the exact same methodology gives an average ranking of 111.89 things to note....these are 2018 rankings that also factored in how far the team went in the playoffs....these are 2018 rankings, nothing is guaranteed for 2019 and 2020...This is a hypothetical GS schedule based on rumors and who theoretically should be available to schedule. Nothing is in stone i just wanted to try to find some value to what the new schedule could be in terms of SoS. If I’m being realistic, the 125.89 average is probably too good to be expected. Teams will rise and fall in 2019 and 2020.... There are plenty of flaws with this methodology but I think it gives us some kind of idea..even so, the schedule isn’t as tough as being in the SIAC currently.
  11. Dang dude....someone hit the booze harder than me last night and seemingly tried sleeping with a badger too 😂 talk about having a bad attitude in short for GS...yes would have liked to join SIAC...didn’t happen oh well time to move on....PAC is beefed up slightly....it not the SIAC (clearly you’re a genius because only you would understand that the SIAC is and will always be the best conference in the area) I mean you just have that next level analysis making points NOBODY HAS EVER HEARD!!! Wow. 😊 GS’s schedule is better...bottom line...have plenty of flexibility...and yes, many teams would like to play GS....because of the team is pretty good (whether you like it or not) and the fans are willing to travel by the masses....so lots of money to be made for road games. be sure to down a few more shots and get all angry at me when you go to respond to this 😂
  12. Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it in a thread.... Blake Fisher has committed to Notre Dame. Very nice pick up for the Irish
  13. # of schools with football in Illinois: 564 # of schools with football in Michigan: 556 # of schools with football in Ohio: 732 # of schools with football in Indiana: 338 Im sure these numbers are not exactly right as there has been consolidation and some schools stopped fielding teams....I pulled these numbers from max preps
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