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  1. Now before we get to the photos. Don’t make the same mistake I have in the past and ask why a huge name has been left off. If a player is on the TOP 50 list or whatever it is called they are not eligible for these. Just how it is. junior team
  2. The all metro team was just all Siac I thought. So would going about it that way leave out jasper/Vincennes players from all conference?
  3. With the conference realignments. Is all SW Indiana the new all PAC? Lol
  4. Coach Hart has it made at GIbson Southern. Complete and absolute support from the administration and community....players buying in....a large number of assistant coaches bought into the program. and now the roster is 80+ kids. im not sure about pay or what he does for work inside SGSC but I imagine he is pretty happy with life
  5. I respect his opinion when it comes to college ball and nfl most the time. But not so much his wild ideas in this sub forum
  6. Guys. We should stop.... ”iNdIAnA IsNt a FoOtBaLl sTaTe”
  7. Besides the ones @MHSTigerFan mentioned and outside of the pocket of Indiana... Tyler Eifert. (I believe FW dwenger??) Jaylon Smith FW Luers Zach and Nick Martin Chatard Scary Terry Mclaurin cathedral there are so many more but these 5 are some big names we should all recognize who currently play
  8. All PAC schools have their schedules finalized for 2020...and I imagine mostly for 2021 too...but maybe something can happen tell city would need to drop Perry central/Tecumseh/spring valley to make it happen https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/12/03/pac-football-schedules-have-bit-different-look-2020/2596416001/
  9. Believe it if GS were to lose to Columbus North, Southport, and owensboro in close 4 quarter games I would not be worried. if they are bad losses that’s a different story. first 4 games the average enrollment is probably about 3 times the size of GS
  10. @Irishman had a fantastic comment yesterday in a thread under “next level” on this.
  11. It will be interesting to see if we keep them. What I’m hoping for is another close game whether GS wins this time and both programs agree this is a great matchup to keep. Truthfully I wouldn’t even mind if GS goes 1-3 to start the season as long as they are improving and playing the games close. There is no hiding what GS is trying to accomplish here....it’s all about being battle tested heading into the playoffs.
  12. Charlie no doubt should win it. He has a career of excellence on top of another massive season. At this point. I think it’s about making sure some of the other truly special players get recognized and get a nomination. Make no mistake. This is spegals to win all the way.
  13. Brock combs should be nominated I usually don’t like to say this but without Brock combs memorial is not the 4A champion. I know this is a team sport and there are 10 other guys...but... They might not have even made it out of sectionals tbh. Every Friday I was seeing insane highlights. He had a magical post season... 5 games 500 yards rushing 6 touchdowns 26 total tackle...9.5 TFL 4.5 sacks 1 INT...for a touchdown. 1 Forced Fumble 7 total touchdowns ...this is a guy who had 70 yards rushing prior to the playoffs. Not sure what caused the switch to lean on him as a RB all of a sudden but it worked. just an insane amount of contribution he gave to this memorial team on a truly special run
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