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  1. Brady Allen was just named as the Maxpreps Indiana player of the year This is what they wrote
  2. GS was 705 ish for 2019/2020 some have said we are growing by 50 per enrollment cycle….not sure if that is annually or something else. probably likely that GS is approaching 800 ish depending on the incoming classes….the real question is…..is 800 the cutoff for 3A/4A still? 4A might be closer to 900 now if there is growth across the board.
  3. For Gibson Southern there has been a lot of speculation on it going to 4A but I haven’t seen any official number. I know every time I visit, haubstadt gets a little bit bigger and there seems to be more and more houses. Ft branch recently added some townhouses/apartment buildings I believe. throw in Toyota constantly expanding and “free choice” enrollment. the only town of the GS district that I’m not sure about is owensville…..I’m from owensville and my parents live there…but I don’t see much for development other than a few new houses for a few people who moved from the country side to in town.
  4. This if there was a Friday/Saturday only option that would be preferred. I definitely like being able to find all of the scores quickly on gamedays
  5. Historically speaking there have been a few who didn’t make it to state yet won the award. Believe the 2 recent ones are both from Columbus East
  6. Okay I’m going to say it. I gotta at this point…. Can we all stop pretending like Center Grove didn’t have the 2020 Mr. Football/Gatorade POY on the team last year? Steele was a massive reason why CG went 14-0 last year ….And everyone in Curry’s corner keeps repeating “28-0….Back2Back” as if we all didn’t read the many pages of you guys arguing why Steele deserved it over the likes of Blake Fisher and that Cathedral QB last year at this same time.
  7. If anything….I think this entire thing with Rory is an example of what is wrong with the recruiting process….and it also stresses the importance to other student athletes/parents/coaches of just how important these camps can be.
  8. I mean I would like to make that argument too but they don’t have metrics for footwork and what not lol Between Coach Hart, the 2 previous GS QBs, and one of Patrick Mahomes QB coaches, Brady has an incredible group who have helped him become such a polished thrower….and now he gets to go learn under the Brohms at Purdue (Talent + Coaching )x being coachable = Excellence
  9. GS had a running clock in all but 3 games I believe. Maybe a drive or two? New Albany sure wasn’t close at all he might have only played the first 2 Qtrs im not trying to bash cathedral I’m just saying “ain’t it funny how if cathedral dominates these 3 teams, they get praised for being so good….but when Gibson Southern with Brady Allen do it….it’s but how did they do it? Was it really that dominant? “ If you take the 2 worst teams from the conference schedule out of the mix (Washington and county rival princeton) you get an SoS of about 70….which is roughly the 30th best schedule and pretty close to what Penn plays. this is the wrong year to argue about SoS for Gibson Southern lol Coaches and admins heard all of this before and ramped up the schedule as much as they could. And it paid off
  10. Gibson Southern went up 21-0 on Columbus North and followed that up by going up 28-0 on New Albany it’s not that different except Cathedral is Cathedral and have one of the most talented rosters top to bottom in the country
  11. There are always going to be some apples to oranges things when you are comparing two teams who haven’t directly played each other and even then not everything is the same. as fans there is only so much you can frame an argument around and we don’t get to make the schedules either lol.
  12. Rory Heltsley capped his HS career off with 99 receptions 1751 yards (1st in Indiana, 3rd in US) 24 TDs (1st in Indiana, 2nd in US) ….Still no stars….but he does have a profile on 24/7 now listing his offers….so maybe he’s getting some long overdue attention
  13. Looking at stats. Brady Allen vs what cathedral did against Brebeuf, New Albany, and Columbus north…these teams combined for 29-5 if you take away the 6 combined losses to Cathedral and GS Brady Allen: 71 of 112 (63.4%) 1028 yards passing 14 passing TDs 1 rushing TD Cathedral QB stats vs these teams 41 of 71 (57.7%) 524 yards passing 9 passing TDs 2 rushing TDs Same opponents Cathedral had to face….3 dominant performances. 3 game sample size….and Brady Allen averaged 340 yards passing and 5 TDs for those games….I think it’s safe to say that Brady wasn’t just good because they played the 57th hardest schedule of 318 teams….opposed to the 9th and 16th hardest schedule….he performed at an outstanding level because he is an outstanding QB
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if this 2 man race results in one of them being mr football and the other being the Gatorade player of the year. I personally think Brady should win both, but I understand that many of the people voting don’t think there is good football outside of the Indy metro. it’s also completely lost on people who GS played this year and dominated. Between Brebeuf, New Albany, Columbus North, and Tri-West there are so many common foes with the top of the state. Cathedral played 3 of these teams this year and dominated only marginally better on paper. Brebeuf was the only one different but after the first 1 1/2 quarters, Brady led a 38-8 run and they dominated. Center grove played Columbus North too….both CG and GS slapped running clocks on them. I won’t say that Gibson Southern is better than cathedral or center grove via some transitive property BS…that would be stupid….but for a 3A school….against similar opponents, Brady Allen and company sure did perform similarly to how the other best teams in the state did.
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