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  1. 2 for 1 special! I hope he gets a full offer at the college level. Kid is too big and too good to still be without one.
  2. End of 3. This GS team is miles ahead of where they were before. Limiting Mockobee the best we can...but offensively this team is rolling. Defensively they are soooo much better. a lot to be excited about heading into sectionals
  3. I think it’s important to win. but more as a checkup before sectionals. GS has certainly improved on defense. I think this game should show us how much the team has improved. also playing the starters against a run heavy team like boonville certainly helps prepare the team for run heavy teams like HH
  4. Mannnn you are thinking what I was thinking. if they still had Colson this would be a very very scary SR team. Their current QB (name slips the mind) could be a power back for them full time and just bulldoze people even without Colson, this is still a special SR team with so much speed. Shoot it’s in the one kids name! With a name like Gasser you gotta be fast lol
  5. I specifically remember a Princeton game being moved to Princeton because it was already played at GS. I can’t recall the year but i am pretty certain it has happened before. that’s not to say agreeing to travel 10 miles to Princeton is the same as traveling between Lincoln city and fort branch.
  6. I am serious lol. I know in the past sectional games have been switched for this reason. Just don’t know if it’s like a PAC agreement between teams
  7. 2 questions. 1) How is HH doing in regards to Covid? I hope things are looking up for you guys. Would love a full strength game. Those are always good ones 2) will the game still be at The Jungle or will it move to The Jewell since the regular season game was at The Jungle.
  8. I would like to start off by throwing fuel on the fire and saying it’s clearly rigged to not have an all PAC final lol
  9. I’m genuinely surprised that Chatard doesn’t have a larger gap over the #2. I would expect it to be similar to 6A with the gap between Center grove and Westfield. by all accounts and how they are doing it shouldn’t be close...but I guess the voters are more confident in Mish Marian WL and company
  10. Exactly! Can’t take them for granted. Even if it has been a while since they had a victory over us, we can’t take them for granted. show up and continue to improve as we move closer to tournament time
  11. If there was a year for princeton to snap their losing streak vs GS it would be this year. But all things considered, GS seemingly has found some new juice since SR ran to Indianapolis and back on us. Team seems fired up and are playing good in all phases of the game. I agree that it is probably a running clock at some point but definitely don’t want to treat the game like a sure thing lol
  12. Definitely one of the best in the state/region. Judging by Adams gif he tweeted out last night, the man worked his tail off to make this happen
  13. Max preps shows they finished 9-2 last year and 6-3 in 2018. so they are a more than decent team. Good coaching. Just haven’t played a game yet this season. This could be an interesting game
  14. 3A I believe. I looked them up on sagarin last night. They had about a middle of the pack ranking among 3A. But that is likely solely based on last years team. I know nothing of them beyond that but imagine they are a relatively decent team
  15. I wonder if Calumet just wants to play some games and try to be ready for the playoffs. Can’t imagine this will be easy for a team with no games played to face GS who has played 6 games. But I’m glad both teams found a way to make a game happen.
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