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  1. First off I thought Jasper went to them? What I'm asking is for someone in the SIAC to explain how this made the conference better? You have higher costs, and no flexibility in football. You have student athletes that will have alot of late nite weekday games in conference. I'm not trying to be disrespectful at all. Just asking for concrete reasons. If it was 12, and you had two divisions, plus real rivalry games with Jasper keeping Southridge and HH, or Boonville playing Castle I could see benefits financially. GS playing Reitz or MD would have been moneymakers. This setup created nothing like that. Congrats and good luck!
  2. So the SIAC is just being a "good guy" to help the Big 8? Out iof the goodness of their heart? Lol! I'm sure when they look at those new transportation costs, and those parents in all those schools get tired of those late night drives from the JV swim meets, not to mention the time change they are gonna be super excited about the new members. You and I both know they wanted 4 teams.
  3. I agree with you and Reitzguy. Don't understand how anybody right now in the SIAC can think their two team addition is good for their conference, especially if I'm Castle, Central or Reitz in football. More transportation costs, time change issues, and the fact you had a school that travels really well in football 15 minutes from Evansville that would have made you more money. I think somebody hung them out to dry, and in a couple years they will be wishing they would have just stayed like they were.
  4. I agree with you. Gibson Southern made as much sense as anybody that joined for multiple reasons, especially in football. The three biggest being crowd size, proximity, and time zone. They would bring huge crowds that I'm not sure Vincennes would bring. The bus rides from Vincennes and Jasper will be long for all sports which will be costly, and the time change isn't going to be very friendly for the student athletes traveling to or from Jasper and Vincennes. It's also hard to understand why Boonville wouldn't want to join when they could play 4A tourney opponents or the gate playing Castle would bring? So yes not sure what the SIAC gained from just Jasper and Vincennes if you look at it financially. Not questioning their athletics programs strength in any way.
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