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  1. My understanding was the if Boonville would have gone to the SIAC then Gibson Southern would have also. The SIAC wanted to keep it an even number of teams. When Boonville said no then Gibson Southern was not able to get in.
  2. If you took away 15 percent of the kids at Gibson Southern they would still be in 3A in football. You would have to take away around 23 percent to drop down to 2A
  3. I am totally lost on this post. Where exactly has anyone in reference to the semistate game been disrespectful to Danville?
  4. This was the 5th year without a sectional championship for Gibson Southern.
  5. Mater Dei was 5-4 at the time of the last poll. The only team they had beat with a winning record was North at 5-4. Although they play a tough schedule that record is not going to inspire many votes from people out of the local area.
  6. Going back to 1994 East Central is 5-5 vs. the SIAC teams.
  7. Explain the "earned" part of your statement. I understand how the home team is determined. To earn something over someone else you usually have to actually do something the other person or team did not do.
  8. Evansville North is at 39.9% free/reduced lunch. They have dominated girls golf the last 7 years with 5 state championships.
  9. Can you explain how you think any team has earned the home field for the semistate?
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