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  1. Last years QB for Southridge was the really tall kid. He has a real chance to play D1 basketball or baseball in collage. Not playing football.
  2. Actually Southridge is 5-0 vs. the Miners. Should be a good game. 1982 40-0 1995 26-14 2017 17-16 week one 2017 20-0 sectional 2018 35-7
  3. Yes, page 111 of the 2019-2020 IHSAA by-laws 54-7 A School may schedule one football Jamboree between Three (3) or more IHSAA member Schools. A football Jamboree does not count as a Practice, but does count as an interschool Contest. Only students who have full athletic eligibility may participate in a football Jamboree. A football Jamboree may not be scouted by anyone not affiliated with a team participating in the football Jamboree. 54-8 During a school year a School may participate in either a) a football Controlled Scrimmage between Two (2) member Schools or b) Two (2) quarters in one Varsity football Jamboree.
  4. In his one year at Richmond he won 2 games. That was a team that had not won a game the year before so it was an improvement.
  5. You list Reitz as your school. What does that say about you current coach? Jasper's new coach won more games in 5 years at Reitz than the current Reitz coach has won in 6 years.
  6. Memorial has their own practice field that is an artificial turf surface.
  7. Not Boonville Why would Memorial not apply here?
  8. Are you saying that Huntingburg Memorial gym was built with the late Roberts Stadium as the blueprint? If so then that is not correct. Huntingburg was built about 5 years before Roberts Stadium.
  9. Jasper was 8-3 in 2017. This last season they were 6-5. They were missing 5 or 6 starters by the time they got to week 3 and did not get those players back. Any Big 8 or PAC team is going to struggle with that many injuries. I don't think this indicated they are over the hill.
  10. Tecumseh already plays North Posey, Pike Central, and Forest Park. Replacing the current schedule with South Spencer and Tell City is not a big difference. Southridge is the only team that is year to year going to be a big jump in competition.
  11. It is not the PAC conferences fault that some teams in the conference play their conference games in the first two weeks. For example Gibson Southern. The game against South Spencer has been the same week since 1981. And it was a nonconference game when it was scheduled that week. Gibson Southern just could not decide which conference to be in. They were in the PAC then went to the Big 8 and then came back to the PAC. In 2000 the 9th regular season game was added. The next year Gibson Southern and Tecumseh started playing in the new week one instead of what became week 4. Forest Park latter took Tecumseh's place on the other teams PAC football schedules. Do you know why the change was made between Gibson Southern and Tecumseh playing in week one instead of four?
  12. Then you must have missed where I asked "How much were you charging for a membership at that site?" in reference to the website you ran.
  13. Where was that strategic business and marketing oriented thinking when you ran your own Indiana high school football forum? It was not around for long. How long exactly did it last before you closed it down?
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