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  1. This is the PAC by-law "SECTION 3. An All-Conference offensive team and an All-Conference defensive team will be selected each year in football. Each coach can nominate players he honestly feels should be All-Conference. Each player nominated and receiving one vote will be honorable mention. The highest number of votes will be the All-Conference Team (by position). Captains and MVP will also be nominated and voted on by the coaches. A kicker and punter shall also be named by vote. One coach from each school can speak briefly about his nomination. Vote will be by head coach or his designee (coaches may not vote for their own player). Each coach is responsible to his local news media and radio the next day. The SecretaryTreasurer should notify major news media: Evansville Courier, TV, Louisville papers. Section 4. : If a tie exists, the player with the more first-place points, then second place, etc., would be named. If there continues to be a tie for any positions, a vote will be taken by the coaches to determine the tie-breaker. The coaches of the tied players will not vote. (added June 2015)"
  2. I don't know but if that is true it is ok by the rules. IHSAA BY-LAWS 4-1 Maximum Age of Student Athletes A student who is or shall be Twenty (20) years of age prior to or on the scheduled date of the IHSAA State Finals in a sport shall be ineligible for interschool athletic competition in that sport; a student who is nineteen (19) years of age on the scheduled date of the IHSAA State Finals in a sport shall be eligible as to age for interschool athletic competition in that sport.
  3. Wait 3 more years and his son will be a freshman at Heritage Hills. Very impressive athlete.
  4. Heritage Hills had the ball on offense the vast majority of the 3rd quarter. The 2nd half was all Heritage Hills until the late score by Danville
  5. Evansville Memorial 28 Mt. Vernon 3 and Heritage Hills 33 Danville 17 final
  6. Heritage Hills 33 Danville 17 1:56 left in the game.
  7. Evansville Memorial 21 Mt Vernon 3 early in the 4th quarter Heritage Hills 26 Danville 10 7:14 left in the game
  8. Evansville Memorial 14 Mt Vernon 3 3:17 to go in the 3rd quarter
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