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  1. No. IHSAA rule for the sectional championship round is "Championships: Host team will be the team that has played the most away games. If both teams have played the same number of away games, the bottom bracket team shall host." If Central and Memorial both advance to the sectional championship game Memorial will have had a bye and played one game away. Central will also have a home game and then no matter who their opponent is in round two they will have an away game. That gives both Central and Memorial one away game. Central would be the home team because they are the team from the bottom bracket.
  2. go back 17 years from 2007 in Illinois and there were (rounded to the nearest thousand) 198,000 live births to Illinois residents. That would make those kids juniors or seniors in 2007. 17 years ago in Illinois there were (rounded to the nearest thousand) 180,000 live births to Illinois residents. That is a difference of 18,000 kids. The numbers you provided show a drop of 14,000 kids. It looks like as a percentage of available kids there has been an increase of Illinois kids playing football.
  3. Many small teams have gone to 8 man football in Illinois. 8 man football is not an official IHSA sport so I don't think they get counted in the IHSA's numbers.
  4. That Bosse defense gave up 21 points to Washington. That is the most points Washington has scored this year. Washington only scored more that 1 TD in one other game this year. That Bosse defense lost to Vincennes and gave up 28 points. That is the 2nd most points Vincennes has scored this year. That Bosse defense gave up 45 points to Central. That is the most points Central has scored this year.
  5. Southridge 49 Pike Central 3 At halftime.
  6. The PAC has the 7th best record against out of conference teams. The issue is not going to be any overall weakness of the PAC being a factor. There are some very good teams out there in the regional and semistate. Nobody that I am aware of has put together a list of the reasons why Brownstown or Lawrenceburg would not beat the winner of Sectional 32.
  7. Southridge is 23% hispanic according to the DOE website. They have been to Semistate last year and won state the year before in football in 2A. Won a boys basketball sectional two years ago in 3A. Won a wrestling sectional last year. Went to state in baseball last year in 2A. Girls won a sectional in 2A softball last year. Not sure that having a hispanic student body makes any difference.
  8. Heritage Hills 42 Southridge 7 Final. Heritage Hills O line very impressive. Had their way with Southridge in the 2nd half.
  9. Heritage Hills 42 Southridge 7 6:26 left in the game. Running clock
  10. Heritage Hills 35 Southridge 7 9:25 left in the game.
  11. Heritage Hills 28 Southridge 7 1:08 left in the 3rd
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