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  1. To be fair TheStatGuy did break this story on this website in the Suspend or Cancel thread about 15 minutes before this thread was started.
  2. Or maybe not. Looks like this is the recommendation of the Marion County Health Department Director Virginia Caine. Waiting to see if her recommendation is adopted.
  3. Looks like Warren Central won't be playing anyone in week two. Marion County just shut down football until October 1st.
  4. The only think I say it is, is proof that your statement "Its also been said before, and backed by data that kids are not dying from covid. Also backed by studies. " is not right.
  5. This report says that this 9 year old girl had no underlying conditions. https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/2020/07/24/9-year-old-florida-girl-who-died-of-covid-19-remembered-at-vigil/
  6. The Indiana State School Music Association does not appear to have canceled their season. The season that was canceled was the CITSA circuit and the Indiana State Fair Band Day.
  7. You said " As far as the Saturday scrimmages, the rules have never changed. Once the official practice date arrives, there are no scrimmages or practices allowed between different teams" IHSAA Bylaws 54-4 and 54-6 disagree with that statement. 54-4 All organized football Practices by players or teams shall be limited to the period beginning Monday of IHSAA calendar week 5 and terminating on the date the team is eliminated from the Football Tournament Series. 54-6 A School may schedule one football Controlled Scrimmage with another IHSAA member School. A football Controlled Scrimmage between IHSAA member Schools shall be permitted on Friday or Saturday, Week 6. A football Controlled Scrimmage does not count as a Practice or as an interschool Contest. A football Controlled Scrimmage may not be scouted by anyone not affiliated with a team participating in the football Controlled Scrimmage. You also said Also, there was never a 9th game added. In 1996 (and for several years before that) no high school team in the state of Indiana played more than 8 regular season games. Since 1997 most teams played 9 regular season games. Please explain.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/185780606023571/
  9. Those dates are for last year. This year it is April 6th to May 16th
  10. What would you think about a coach with a 12-28 record? Would you give him a chance?
  11. So just to make sure I am following along I want to make sure I understand your post. You are saying that the MLB proposal of increasing the amount of teams that make the playoffs teaches us that we should reduce the amount of teams that make the playoffs in high school football.
  12. The North coach took over that team when they had not won more than 3 games going back to the 2012 season. In his first year they were 1-9. The 2nd year they were 5-5. The last time North had a better record than 5-5 was 2007. The 5 they lost were against Evansville Memorial who won the 4A state championship, Evansville Central who beat Evansville Memorial in the regular season, Evansville Mater Dei who won the 2A sectional, Bloomington South who won a 5A regional, and Henderson County KY who was 8-4.
  13. Jasper over the last two decades has 5 sectional championships not 2. 2001, 2002, 2005, 2008, and 2013. And 3 instead of 2 regional championships in 2001, 2002, and 2005. One semistate and state championship in 2001.
  14. I don't care if they add them or not. I am just saying the travel time does not appear to be a big issue as far as i can see. they could put 7 teams in the big division
  15. All three of those teams have a game next year with Mt. Vernon. If Mt Carmel joined and was in the small division this is the difference in drive time if they went to Mt. Carmel instead of Mt Vernon. Tell City 6 more minutes. South Spencer 19 more minutes. Forest Park 6 less minutes.
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