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  1. Blake looks like he is doing well. https://www.duboiscountyherald.com/archives/pats-duttlinger-pushes-through-lost-limb/article_ae963019-15ef-585b-83c1-befa8c63ad91.html Here he is at the Jeffersonville wrestling tournament December 4th. I was surprised he was able to wrestle just 3 months after the accident.
  2. There were only 124 games played on October 22nd.
  3. Guys we need to keep the language PC on the board. Thanks.
  4. Yes. Here is the IHSAA bylaws 9-16 Withdrawal from Contests Prohibited a. After the execution of an IHSAA Contract for Athletic Contest, the competing Schools must honor the terms of such Contract, must fully participate in the Contest, and except as provided in the Exception below, may not withdraw from the Contest. b. Exception: A School which is a party to an IHSAA Contract for Athletic Contest may withdraw from the Contest if: (1.) the withdrawing School withdraws because of a situation which is beyond the control of the withdrawing School (2.) the withdrawing School withdraws with the consent of all Schools to the IHSAA Contract for Athletic Contest; or (3.) the other School to the Contract for Athletic Contest is found by the IHSAA to have violated rule 20 or has become a direct or indirect beneficiary of a rule 20 violation. c. A School which withdraws from a Contest in violation of this section may jeopardize its standing in the Association. 9-16.1 Withdrawal from Contests Because of Officials’ Conduct Prohibited Removal of a School athletic team from an athletic Contest due to dissatisfaction with the game officials will jeopardize the standing of the School in the Association.
  5. The Evansville newspaper says Heritage Hills at Gibson Southern will be on WVJC 89.1FM and WAXL-103.3FM. North Posey at Mater Dei will be on WREF-97.7FM
  6. Almost. Here is how it works. From the IHSAA fall bulletin: "C. Late Entries – accepted if accompanied by a check for the following amount: 1. Within 24 hours after deadline: $50.00 2. Within 48 hours after deadline: $100.00 3. Over 48 hours: may not enter tournament. D. Changes Prior to Deadline 1. Schools retain the ability to change their entry list at any time prior to the deadline by re-entering www.ihsaa.net and modifying their entry as prescribed in the instructions. E. Changes After Deadline 1. Corrections/Additions/Errors — prior to opening day of your respective sectional a. accepted with $100 fine 2. Corrections/Additions/Errors — on starting day of your respective sectional or thereafter a. accepted with $200 fine."
  7. The IHSAA fall bulletin is available to anyone at https://www.ihsaa.org/Sports/Boys/Football. If you read it you won't have to rely on people who don't know what they are talking about for your rules knowledge.
  8. You were both right and wrong. The part you got right was "I was under the impression" everything after that is wrong. Here is the rule from the IHSAA fall bulletin: "IX Entry List A. A school must certify all players on the sectional entry list but dress only 75 eligible players at each level of tourney" and "J. Entry List Changes Between Tourneys No changes are permitted. A school may dress any 75 eligible players from its entry list of players."
  9. North Central (Farmersburg) 12 Tecumseh 8 2:01 to go in the 2nd quarter
  10. Mater Dei 28 Linton 19 :10 left in the 2nd quarter
  11. Mater Dei 21 Linton 13 around 7 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter
  12. Mater Dei 14 Linton 13 :18 in the first quarter
  13. Mater Dei 14 Linton 7 1:20 in the first quarter
  14. Mater Dei 7 Linton 7 7:48 in the first quarter Mater Dei drove down the field on their first drive and scored. Linton ran the kickoff after the MD score back for a TD.
  15. Mater Dei 7 Linton 0 8:02 in the first quarter
  16. I would guess that it is because nobody has turned it into the IHSAA.
  17. I will try to remember to contact you tomorrow
  18. I don't know if it is the truth or not but I have heard that Linton gets some players from nearby school districts that do not have football teams.
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