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  1. Think about this - Louisville Male came into the Roncalli game with a strong rush defense. They had given up an average of 76 yards rushing against Kentucky 6A #1 (St. Xavier), Kentucky 6A #2 (Ballard) and Kentucky 6A #5 (Trinity). Remember also that Male defeated Trinity who has wins over Carmel and Center Grove. The Royals rushed for 414 yards against Male on Friday night!
  2. Hansen is a stud with very good strength and decent speed. He finished 7th at 182 pounds last season so his hips and balance are exceptional. The O-line is very big and physical and defense plays hard. Roncalli really needs more consistent QB and WR play before I rank them in top 5 of whole state. We will see how good they are next week against a very good Elder team.
  3. Not quite as big as last couple of seasons but big for a high school team: LT - Trevor Lauck 6'7 290 (Iowa) LG - Brady Neu 6'4 278 (Central Michigan) C - Luke Skartvedt 6'5 317 (Northern Illinois) RG - Luke Billerman 6'2 275 RT - Jackson McNeeley 6'4 283 (St. Francis) "Heavy Formation" TE - Luke Swartz 6'2 280
  4. Roncalli lost their soccer field when they built the Fine Arts wing. Due to ADA regulations, it was going to cost over $1.5 million to build a new grass soccer stadium. Instead Roncalli saved over $700,000 by placing field turf on the football field. Now that facility is used nearly every day all year round - band practices, football practices & games, soccer practices & games, lacrosse practices & games, early season baseball practices, early season softball practices, CYO football games, K-2 flag football games, Scecina football game rentals, IHSAA football playoff game rentals, professional ultimate disc game rentals, graduation ceremonies, etc.
  5. Roncalli will likely have a big drop off next season. Very little size beyond the current starters. The JV has had a good year with only one loss to Franklin Central. The freshman class has some talent but has losses to Franklin Central, Cathedral and Guerin JV.
  6. Roncalli has two guys going both ways - Lauck at OT/NT and Tunney at TE/LB. Hansen has only played about 20 snaps max at DE but he has 4 sacks/tackles for loss.
  7. Roncalli's next three games are KILLER, arguably the toughest schedule in the State! The Royals can easily finish 6-3 after a 6-0 start. Louisville Male - three-time defending State runner-ups in Kentucky 6A, over 900 wins in school history, has a victory over Louisville Trinity who has defeated both Carmel and Center Grove this season. Cincinnati Elder - has dominating wins over Louisville St. Xavier who has wins over Louisville Male plus Louisville Trinity and Cincinnati St. Xavier (42-10) who earlier this season defeated Penn 35-10. Elder's only loss is a 17-14 squeaker to national powerhouse Cleveland St. Edwards. East Central - another dominating season with only loss to Ohio #2 Cincinnati Moeller.
  8. Roncalli 31 Brebeuf Jesuit 14 final to clinch Circle City Conference title. Luke Hansen finished with 266 yards on 41 carries and 4 TDs.
  9. Roncalli 38 Columbus North 17 final. Luke Hansen rushes for 307 yards and ended with 373 total yards and 5 TDs. He has rushed over 1,000 yards in first 4 games.
  10. Roncalli 17 Bishop Chatard 14 Final Royals win on a FG with 0:08 on clock.
  11. Agreed. Hansen is a workhorse but, right now, he is the entire offense for the Royals. This has to change and quick! Franklin Central loaded the box with 8 or 9, same as Mt. Vernon last year. I expect Chatard to be much better than Franklin Central. Moyers is not a mobile QB so he must improve his accuracy and the new WRs need to make some plays.
  12. What are your thoughts on this game? I have attended both of Roncalli's games. The Royal defense is much farther along and have played well against mixed competition. The Royal offense lost a four year starter at QB, Aidan Leffler, who now plays at Ball State. The new QB has very little experience as he missed all of last season with an injury. The Royals also do not appear to have as much depth as in the past. Chatard lost several leaders from last season but they are always very tough and very disciplined. Roncalli's OL is not quite as big as the last couple of seasons as they lost Grant Ray (6'1 290) to UIndy and Sam Seacrest (6'6 305) to Louisville. They do have good size: Trevor Lauck - 6'7 290 (Iowa) Brady Neu - 6'4 278 (Central Michigan) Luke Skartvedt - 6'5 317 (Northern Illinois) Luke Billerman - 6'2 275 Jackson McNeeley - 6'4 283 Seems like it is always Roncalli's size versus Chatard's fundamentals and quickness.
  13. Parochial schools are subsidized by the Parishes in their deanery (district). The last time that I checked, each Parish pays their deanery school around $150,000 per year to subsidize tuition. The Parochial schools in Indy area are Cardinal Ritter (west), Scecina (East), Bishop Chatard (North), and Roncalli (South). There are at least two rates of tuition at each Parochial school - Parish affiliated and non-affiliated. Parents are free to send their children to another deanery school, but they pay higher tuition. The Parochial schools have all singed an agreement to not recruit students outside of their deanery. Cathedral and Brebeuf Jesuit are NOT Parochial schools, they are privately owned by religious orders outside of the archdiocese. For that reason, Cathedral and Brebeuf can seek students from anywhere in the State. I know that Coach Hunt alienated many of the long-time football families and players began to migrate to other schools (mostly Chatard) several years ago. Ritter is struggling to field a team with only 35 players on roster and will likely pay the price for a long time.
  14. Roncalli has 49 players on the freshman team roster with an 8 game freshman schedule with 1 game played against a JV team.
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