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  1. Where these the numbers reported last year? I don't believe the IHSAA has released the fall numbers, and spring count isn't until February. When the IHSAA figures class enrollments don't they take the average from the 2 counts to determine school placements?
  2. Per Chuck Freeby WHME 1986 Goshen Grad- Previously at Wawasee and Northridge. This is a home run hire by the Red Hawks.
  3. My guess is we won't know anything until after February count day and most likely won't make announcements until post basketball finals. The first week in April is when I expect to hear anything, and maybe not even then.
  4. Here is the link to the article about Coach Kinzie at Riley. Seems like a good dude, hopefully he stays in coaching in some aspect. South Bend Riley
  5. I think that is hyperbole. No one really thinks that. 2 seperate things.
  6. Can they? Yes. Will they? I don’t know. Plymouth is a proud community and if the right people commit they should rise back up.
  7. Moser is a good back for Bremen. Reece Greene should step in at QB. The Graverson kid showed promise at WR. Bremen however loses almost the entire o-line, look for Bremen to take a step back and finish in the bottom half of the division. I am guess 3 or 4 wins max.
  8. The right guy can win there, but it has to be someone to grow the foundation. Glenn’s issue is being a 3A school that is really more of a 2A culture. If they had just a few less kids they would be really good 2A in basketball, baseball, and football. They just have an issue with running into Marian, St. Joe, and Jimtown in most sports in tournaments. Good people in Walkerton and North Liberty.
  9. My guess is they stay. They are getting more students from the southside, so numbers seem to be going in a positive direction.
  10. The IHSAA goes off of the DOE numbers, the DOE takes two counts to come up with an average. The count days are in September and February. So none of the numbers are official yet. Look for the official numbers to be out in March or April.
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