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  1. Glenn returns some talent. They are coming out of their rut a bit. Don't know much about Lakeland. Northridge and Adams are no pushovers.
  2. Anyone know of a school that is absolutely opposed to field turf? I've been told that Bremen has no interest. Football patriarch Don Bunge laid the seeds on the field and it will always be grass.
  3. The first half isn't the easiest schedule either. That is a solid schedule.
  4. Bremen's Schedule Lions 2020 Schedule
  5. Hmmm, I see where the date of the Bremen game is changed. Also see them with Osceola Grace on the schedule. Must of had a hard time filling that date.
  6. Budget restrictions at small schools limit the ability to "lighten the load" for coaches. There is also union concerns, that tend to arise. You are absolutely correct in saying it is hard to strike a balance, that is why I think so many schools are finding it hard to hire committed coaches in a lot sports these days.
  7. Jordan Leeper is the 8th Grade English teacher at Bremen.
  8. Demographics change, interests dropped, coaches retired, other regions have stepped up.
  9. I want to see a new Elkhart Push Penn, I want to see New Prairie, St. Joe and Marian push them as well. I want Mishawaka to push the new NLC to improve. I want to see the Michiana area to get back to being a hotbed of football in all classes.
  10. It is a great conversation for online banter, but it is DOA when it comes to the IHSAA.
  11. The grow them big up there. All those big bovine's that are up on all the restaurants have to be put up and taken down everyday. The treat replica's of Babe the Blue Ox the same way we treat the flag. Hence why they are so big.
  12. I would ask the kid to contemplate what he really wants. Is he committed to doing the work it will take, if he is willing to buy in more power to him. If he is lukewarm, he should discuss it over with his parents.
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