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  1. From what I was told Bremen handled Goshen fairly well. Played Fairfield even, Fairfield ran a triple option that gave the defense fits. The Lions have a young team with a sophomore QB, he has a let to learn. This is a team that may start slow, but will get better as the season progresses.
  2. Bremen and Jimtown will be in a Jamboree with Fairfield and Goshen. Anyone else in a Jamboree?
  3. Hope your doing well. I follow you on twitter, your doing amazing things.
  4. Jimtown Preview WNDU Marian Preview WNDU
  5. Marian Preview ABC 57 Penn Preview ABC 57
  6. Have to rely on a good but not experienced group of sophomores. I tend to be a bit pessimistic this year, but a few people closer to the team says that they will surprise some teams.
  7. I will take a poor attempt on the South. 1. Marian 2. Jimtown 3. Riley 4. Washington 5. Glenn 6. Bremen 7. Clay Riley through Bremen could be mixed up, I see these teams fairly equal.
  8. South Bend Tribune article on Penn O-Lineman. Ryan Williams
  9. This site is meant to promote football. Yes the case involves a football coach, but with possible litigation, I agree it is best to cautious. We are a bunch of football junkies and many of us can't tell the difference between rumors and facts.
  10. Truth is for whatever reason many students are not going out for a variety of sports at a lot of schools. Some of it may be new family dynamics, school culture, etc.. Football is not the only sport, a lot of Baseball programs can not field a jv team anymore. It is really concerning to me. I don't think contraction is the best approach, I would rather give kids more opportunities, but if they aren't willing to participate, what are schools to do?
  11. Bremen has been dealing with lowering numbers for years. Give the staff credit, they coach up the kids that want to be out there.
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