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  1. Bremen is Kelly Green and White, for a time had a gold trim, then had silver trim, now they have a black trim.
  2. I don’t think the 3 smaller schools embarrass themselves. They all have sports they are strong in, they all have sports they are weak in. The NIC is a step up from the old NSC days, but as a whole they hold their own.
  3. Pay to play? Fundraiser’s? Boosters? Skip new uniforms? Cut coaching stipends? Other options? Mix and match different cost cutting measurements. Everything is on the table. Some will be fine, others will struggle.
  4. And you don’t see the good folks of Tippecanoe County begging to consolidate schools to chase trophy’s.
  5. Sounds like a lot less opportunity in athletics.
  6. Don J Bunge Field in Bremen, named for the patriarch of Bremen football. He started the program in the 50’s. Planted the grass seed himself on that field.
  7. Not to rain on your parade, but that wasn’t the first meeting between Pioneer and Bremen. 😉
  8. This is a reminder to check in on your friends. Mental health issues are starting to wise as a result of this pandemic. Combine that with the start of the colder weather and darker days, some individuals may need more love and attention. It is important to know that some individuals may loss touch with reality and not even realize that they are falling into a deep dark pit of despair.
  9. It was around 23,000+. 11,000 on Friday and 12,000 on Saturday.
  10. The QB went up their for a better basketball program. The kid is a stud athlete, and was a better opportunity for him. No ill will towards him on that choice. I love seeing him flourish there. I'm upset at the Bremen administration for not doing something to improve a floundering basketball program.
  11. There is some truth to that statement, Bremen kids are not as rough neck and rugged as they were in the past. I've heard Jimtown folks say the same in conversations. We need more farm stock and less Eddie Bauer stock.
  12. In regards to the NIC and NLC, it has been years since they have been the force that they once were. Still good football in the area, just is not what it use to be. Demographics have changed, coaches have left, and interest as a whole seem to be waning. The Indy area schools are the heartbeat of the state, Fort Wayne schools are always tough, the Region will have a team or 2 to deal with occasionally, Lafayette holds its own. Deep down along the Wabash and Ohio, there is good ball being played. The Michiana teams aren't caring their weight like they use to.
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