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  1. I started reading this site in 2000-2001 when I was a 18/19 year old freshmen at Ball State. I'm now a fat, old, weak, and dumb 39 year divorced single dad raising 2 sons on my own. It's not that I don't love the debates and reading the information, my attention has changed. I also don't fire of a response like I did when I was younger. I read things, raise my eyebrows, and move on.
  2. Plymouth is in a talent void right now. The are in the midst of a few lean years. I expect them to pick back up again in the future.
  3. The visitor side of Fairfield is horrendous. The field is in a bowl/low spot and they have like 8 rows of bleachers set on a concrete slab, you can barely see over the team on the sidelines. This is the best image I could find of it.
  4. What schools in the state are still not meeting in person?
  5. My dad had 9 kids and had a range of 29 years. My siblings and I graduated in 89, 90, 94, 99, 00, 01, 02, 06, and 08.
  6. When did Oldenburg Academy pull the plug on football?
  7. Bremen is Kelly Green and White, for a time had a gold trim, then had silver trim, now they have a black trim.
  8. I don’t think the 3 smaller schools embarrass themselves. They all have sports they are strong in, they all have sports they are weak in. The NIC is a step up from the old NSC days, but as a whole they hold their own.
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