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  1. On paper I think you’re correct. But gate receipts also need to be considered.
  2. The went to the NIC becasue they didn't have any other options.
  3. I don’t believe so. They want to keep the all in concept the same for all sports. You change football are you going to ask the same for basketball or soccer or baseball or volleyball or golf?
  4. Agreed, one of the biggest reasons why the 3 schools are leaving the NIC is money. Playing the South Bend schools has led to a dramatic drop in gate the last 7/8 years. Also, they don’t field JV and freshmen teams in a lot of sports as well. What sounds good in theory doesn’t hold up in the real world.
  5. They will probably count it as a JV game and Clay will count it as a varsity game.
  6. TV is probably still putting together a jv schedule.
  7. From what I heard, the 3 schools are sending their JV to play them.
  8. Demographics are changing drastically in the state and the trend will continue for the forseeable future. Every pocket of the state is seeing changes. The size of families is part of this, this generation is having less and less children. Economic factors are also shifting and rural and old rust belt cities are seeing an exodus. Some pockets of the state are seeing growth, while others are seeing an outflow. The confrence changes we are seeing are more or less a sympthom of this. Traditional 1A schools are now 3A. Some 4A and 3A schools are now closer to 2A. If I was a betting man, I would wager a guess that we will see more changes for years to come. I have no issue with it, school admin have to weigh their options and give their students the best home to field teams on their equitable levels.
  9. Something in my gut tells me that Clay could have trouble fielding a team with the school closing and kids exiting early. They only had 19 last year. Bremen could be looking for a game the last week. Same for Glenn and Jimtown.
  10. Argos offers Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, partial Cross County, no track.
  11. For football, this is probably the best solution to a bad situation.
  12. What are the other sports the conference offers?
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