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  1. No matter how you slice the pie, every class will have a dominant program or 2. I always see those programs as the mountain peak, if you want to be king of the mountain, you have to knock them off. That’s what makes winning a state title special.
  2. Bremen could lose the first week or make a run and get by Pioneer. I don’t think they have played their best football or played to their potential.
  3. Jimtown, Lawrenceburg, Blufton all have them.
  4. I’m an idiot, went right over my head.
  5. Congrats New Prairie good win. Marian looked good as well. That is a giant clustermuck in that division. It’s fun to see. Jimtown putting up 55 on Adam’s is impressive. Bremen takes care of Riley, but that Boyd is an athlete. 3 TD’s on the night. If I’m Coach Kinzie he needs the ball in his hands more often.
  6. Penn went from 1985 to 2009ish without losing a conference game.
  7. Is the goal to keep them in 4A forever? Probably not. I am always torn on the success factor. In the big picture it is probably necessary, but I don't know if it is fair to punish a class/grade or 2 behind a dominate group of athletes.
  8. Off Topic- I am going to put on my green Bremen homer cap and brag on a couple other sports teams. Congrats to the Boys Tennis team for winning the regional of Peru and advance to Semi-State to take on Munster. Also congrats to the futbol team for knocking off Marian and St. Joe in the first 2 rounds of the sectional and advance to take on another conference rival, the Washington Panthers. Not bad for the smallest school in the NIC. If only they could figure out how to play basketball. Ughhhhhh.
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