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  1. Notre Dame doesn't want to play a post Thanksgiving game in South Bend, why would people think its a good idea for a state championship?
  2. The winner of the Knox and Tippy Valley game has a shot. They will face each in the new NSC.
  3. Who funded this research? Oh the Chamber of Commerce. Glad they aren't pushing an agenda in this state.
  4. That last meeting was to be December 13 this past Wednesday. I haven't seen the meeting notes.
  5. How will this impact basketbll and the payments they recieve? WIll all 400 D1 basketball programs be paying athletes?
  6. I currently live in SE Indiana. Talked to 2 AD's that I am close to and neither one of them have any interest in starting it. Cost and finding coaches are the biggest hindrance.
  7. This legislation is a Trojan Horse. It doesn't take an oracle to see the future. This move is disguised as a way to stremline adminastration, but it won't be long before schools are forced to combine again when the state siphons off more money from small communities or passes more legislation to incentivive consolidated schools. The older genaration can tell many sad tales of once striving little burgs that lost their soul when their schools closed and combined 50-75 years ago.
  8. Most of 1A and a lot of 2A schools would change or be removed. Probably say around 40ish football programs would be lost/combined. May need to look at going back to 5 classes.
  9. Knox has had a great season, but it looks like the end of the line for them. Next year should be interesting for them. Looking forward to seeing them play Tippy Valley, Jimtown, and Bremen along with LaVille and Glenn. They will bring back a lot of talent.
  10. Coaches don't even have to recruit to stockpile talent, parents and kids aren't dumb. They know where to go.
  11. Pay per view did wonders for Boxing viewership in this country.
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