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  1. I don’t mind my money going to the IHSAA, but I have problem with my money going to ticket company’s at 30% mark up.
  2. After I posted that, I remembered they Mason had left.
  3. Where is McIntyre going? I like Younis a lot. And wish best of luck to Coach Whittaker.
  4. This was definitely a down year in the NIC south, and same for most of the big schools as well. As a region, area football is falling further behind other regions. Michiana at one point was above Fort Wayne and right beind Indy. That is clearly not the case anymore. Sending 2 or 3 teams to state was common, they are lucky to get one now.
  5. Good seasons Trojans and Lancers. Best of luck Blue Jays and Cavs next week.
  6. What a colossal failure on the part of those senior leaders at NorthWood. In order to win state you have to be completely focused. They are not the first and won’t be the last to make a self centered choice. Actions have consequences, tough way to learn that lesson. Glad it happened this way and not with a horrible car accident.
  7. I will add that since the merger, Bremen, Jimtown, and Glenn have not been as good either. A lot of factors have contributed, but these programs seem content with doing ok in the JV division and don’t seem as motivated as they were in prior years. In the old days, if you won the NSC you were a solid team that could make a deep run, winning the NIC JV does not reflect that. Football in the region is not a state standard anymore, other regions have passed us up and continue to widen the gap. That can be said for the DAC, NLC, and other northern conferences.
  8. New Prairie Northridge Northwood St. Joe West Noble Jimtown Glenn Bremen
  9. That man was a positive influence on my life. Loved him as a teacher.
  10. Good luck to all the HNAC teams, the next few weeks is going to fun for a handful of your programs.
  11. Rumors of administration dismissals for insubordination.
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