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  1. I think you have a better shot of selling a catsup flavored popsicle to a lady in white gloves than you would have asking a few of those communities give up their local schools.
  2. Wawasee leaving the NLC would be a gigantic financial step back for them. The NLC is well known for the large traveling fan bases.
  3. Bremen, Glenn, Jimtown, Valley, Rochester, Pioneer, LaVille, Knox? That seems like fun.
  4. I have no insight on Bremen. They graduated a ton of talent. They have a few pieces back, but I look for them to be rebuilding this next season.
  5. Bremen, Jimtown take on Goshen Fairfield. Started this a few years ago.
  6. North Davies was originally moved up because of enrollment of small schools joining 1a bumped them to 2a, not because of success factor. They voted as a team to go ahead and play 3a.
  7. Well deserved retirement. Thanks for all the years of service you gave to the boys in Indiana.
  8. Ben Downey has 7 season at Saint Joe, next season will be 8, but his season has a pause.
  9. Coach Jordan Leeper at Bremen I think. He has 7 years in. Next season will be 8. I am trying to think of anyone else has been there longer.
  10. Everyone always forgets about the German popes.
  11. These are the numbers from Bremen. 9th – 126 10th – 111 11th – 109 12th – 145. Total of 491, so they will be 2A when all is corrected
  12. The 616 students from Bremen is incorrect. DOE has enrollment closer to 510.
  13. Lol, your sarcasm detector needs to be turned up a bit.
  14. Back in my day Plymouth had a stud backfield with two Hispanic athletes. Bobby Salinas and Eddie (Soap) Rodriguez. Eddie was the lightening and Bobby was the thunder.
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