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  1. That is not true. Hand full of snaps in gun. Center was not ready for that yet.
  2. I cannot speak as to what level everyone's defense is on or whatever. I can tell you that Cass took a very conservative approach to Tipton. They had three line changes that week... the biggest being the center position. They had to replace a two year starter with a junior that just got converted to center that week. He had never taken a snap in a varsity game as lineman let alone snapped in a game. Let's talk about the in game action. Cass accumulated 100 yards in penalties to Tipton's 0 yards. The timing of penalties were bad. Many were more like 30-40 yard penalties. Twice after big pass plays down field...Cass turns to see a flag dropped at the feet of the QB. Holding penalties that negated the completion. Then dropped back 10 yards to the spot of the foul which then was marked 10 yards from there. Also Cass had an early fumble deep in Tipton's territory. It was not a close 28-7 game. Not arguing if Cass can hang with WL or not, just saying things are not always as they appear. No one on the outside has the full scoop.
  3. The only problem I have is that the crew told us the defender needed to be prone on the ground. They agreed that he was on a knee. This call cost us nothing in terms of the game outcome. But this crew could cause someone a game. I just think it is a simple call that they totally missed and have a poor understanding of its interpretation.
  4. We called for hurdling a defender on Friday night. I see highlights of kids doing this all the time. The defender was on a knee...so not even on his feet, and our rb jumped clean over him. We were told that the defender had to be totally prone on the ground for a legal hurdle to take place. We have done this in the past and actually this year, and this is the first time it was called. I think the rule was enforced wrong.
  5. Agree...He definitely got into a grove and the line was clicking. We looked weak on the right side of the line in pass protection a few times.
  6. Game thoughts: Brissett was fine. Made some great throws and decisions. Had one drop by Doyle that was a laser and a tough bang bang throw to Ebron that was ruled incomplete. The defense had moments,but for the most part was bad. I thought the run fits were terrible. Darius Leonard looked the worse I have ever seen him in the run game. He was swallowed up by the chargers at times and he took poor angles to the point of attack. Pass rush was good at times. It seemed that Houston was a non-factor in the 4th quarter. Special teams were plain bad. They did come up with a turnover on the muffed punt, but them #4 missed a chip shot field goal. I am not sure we should be worrying about the offense as much as the other two phases. Luck would not have made a difference yesterday.
  7. I have been coaching for a number of years. All I want a crew to do is keep kids safe, call very obvious penalties, Leave marginal calls as no calls, and stay consistent with what they are calling. Over the years, the best games have always been the ones where the crews drop about 3-4 flags in. I don't know if it is because the kids are following all the rules, or they just make each team play through minor holds and minor infractions. It just seams like a more enjoyable experience when fewer flags are dropped on both sides.
  8. The Kings are excited to play on the turf at Bunker Hill. It is not often we get to play on a nice field like this. This is going to be a great match up.
  9. I find it very interesting that the IHSAA has not released any kind of a statement about this. I would say even a statement either way. This is bizarre to me. It seems that the IHSAA would want to get ahead of this. The way this is going down really makes them look incompetent.
  10. This is a quote from a former Pioneer assistant Coach, "The O-line will be better than last years group." I think the o-line will be just fine. Whatever their losses were, they must be getting replaced with better people. Could be scary.
  11. Bremen is coming off of a sectional championship. Cass hasn't done anything in the tournament for a few years now. Pioneer is the class of sectional 34 with Bremen a close second. Rochester and Delphi have region all stars all over their roster and Manchester has skilled guys everywhere. LaVille could surprise some people also. This is 4-5 team race with Cass on the outside looking in.
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