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  1. Hope they want to work gold helmets into the school colors.
  2. Valpo did exactly that to the Dac this year. Valpo ran counter with a kick or a log on the DE according to how he reacted. It can be done. Center Grove gets the edge just fine in the MIC. There seems to be some really big and fast players in the MIC too. I think it can be done.
  3. Congrats! You saved $250k by not playing at Wabash and getting an Education Degree that you will use to get a job as a Gym Teacher for $35k in Podunk, Indiana.
  4. Spent a couple summers with him at Wing-t Camp. He was a great guy. Unbelievable to think that both him and Bibler are gone. Got to spend a good amount of time with each of them. They were both high character guys. I feel for the TV community.
  5. Jeff Phillips resigned at last nights board meeting. He informed the players yesterday.
  6. I get it from MC's side. But this is not a good add for HH. They are a 3A football program. If they beat MC, great. They are supposed to. If they lose, it is not a good deal for them.
  7. No offense to MC, but what is HH doing? This is a lose/lose for them. They are the second largest school on the East side of the Hoosier Conference and might be the second or third largest overall in the entire Hoosier. This is not preparing them for conference play. On the flip side, this is a good add for MC.
  8. How many did he have? Cass does not get their stats sent to Maxpreps. We link our Hudl to Maxpreps but they won't ever appear. The Humphrey kid made it and he had 136. He also was a great TE for us. Could have made it at either position IMO.
  9. #1 is not true. Being patient does not guarantee anything. If you really want be a head coach and do not have a pedigree, you should probably be willing to take on a head coaching position that is not real desirable. Many of the points still need to be done. You need networking to have connections to assistant coaches, and you need to continue to grow through professional development. You cannot have a prepared wife. She will not be ready for what she experiences. She just needs to be committed to you as a support system. If you are young and unmarried, stay that way.
  10. https://www.kokomotribune.com/sports/football-austin-colby-is-kats-new-coach/article_0cb8671a-1563-11ea-a1ba-cff440d20681.html
  11. There are three classes in a row of low numbers. The senior class is the strongest of the three, but it has few difference making athletes. It has a hand full of solid guys, but it will not be enough to make up for the weakness of the next two classes. It is going to be a rough road to go.
  12. Well, time to start a new chapter. I feel that the East will be a race between Western and TIpton for the top spot. I will probably give the nod to Western. They will be big again and Padgett is a beast. Tipton will not be able to match up physically with the the 4a monster. The bottom will be a fight between Cass and Northwestern. HH will be the best of the rest. On the West half it will be a slugfest. WL, LCC, and RC will all be very tough. I think that WL will be down slightly from where they have been but still very strong. LCC returning a ton of talent and RC has cats everywhere. I am going to pick RC preseason. TL is a mystery. Competed with everyone but can't win games. They lost to teams that I thought they would beat. It seemed they played to the level of their competition, but they never got over the hump. Maybe Coach Mannering will get them there next year. I see BC improving and competing better. They may get out of the bottom west next year. I think the championship will stay in the East with Western winning in the crossover. I'm sure there are other opinions out there.
  13. Honestly, it makes not difference to the visiting team. But it does make for a cool environment.
  14. After an 11 play drive(10 run and 1 pass) that resulted in a TD, FR comes back on the next drive with three straight pass plays. The result set the tone for the rest of the game. The Houston defense got a little energy back, and we could not get it going again. If we were going to go for it on 4th and 7 later, why not run the ball on 3rd and 7. This game proved once again that TY is not a NO. 1 receiver in this league. No receiver for the Colts can get separation and Brissett cannot seem to fit the ball into tight windows. I still put this on Ballard. We went out and did nothing in the FA market to help TY. Funchess was going to be a stretch, and we see how that has turned out. Is he going to return? A ten week recover is now going on 12 or 13 weeks. Now that Mack is hurt we do not have any explosiveness at the RB position. Good thing is we have tons of cap space left so we can resign all of our middle of the road talent back. Now to the defense. Played pretty well against the run and pass for the most part. Gave up to many deep passes. Not sure what help we are giving to the corners in man coverage if any. Hooker just looks lost in the passing game and Geathers is not any better. I really feel that we are just a good safety and great pass rusher away on defense. I am really not sure how you fill all of these holes through the draft. We will need a kicker, pass rusher, safety, right tackle, right guard, 2 receivers, and a backup QB. Some might suggest a starting QB. We will need to address LT soon as Castanzo is no spring chicken. Maybe everyone was to quick to give Ballard all the praise for building through the draft. Cain is gone. Campbell is looking like a bust. Hooker can't play. Smith is outmatched every week at the right tackle position. He has required chips from a TE or RB in pass pro in order to give Brissett time to scan the field and then run or throw it away. I am pissed about last night. This season could be and should be much better. We have given away too many games. We are going to win just enough to miss a good draft position and not enough to make the playoffs. Good Grief!
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