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  1. I find it very interesting that the IHSAA has not released any kind of a statement about this. I would say even a statement either way. This is bizarre to me. It seems that the IHSAA would want to get ahead of this. The way this is going down really makes them look incompetent.
  2. This is a quote from a former Pioneer assistant Coach, "The O-line will be better than last years group." I think the o-line will be just fine. Whatever their losses were, they must be getting replaced with better people. Could be scary.
  3. Bremen is coming off of a sectional championship. Cass hasn't done anything in the tournament for a few years now. Pioneer is the class of sectional 34 with Bremen a close second. Rochester and Delphi have region all stars all over their roster and Manchester has skilled guys everywhere. LaVille could surprise some people also. This is 4-5 team race with Cass on the outside looking in.
  4. I agree with what most are saying on here about our draft. I was also high on Butler out of Iowa State but see Campbell as a guy like Hill for KC. Still not real excited about the Ben Banogu pick. Mainly because I had not even heard of him before. I am not sure that we couldn't have traded out again and still gotten him. There may not have been a trade partner. Maybe another Darius Leonard situation.
  5. I have never really thought about your PDF 1 option. I just thought for sure that Cass and Pioneer would be in the same sectional. I like that split. It would make for a possible late match up if Cass could win a few in the tournament.
  6. What are the terms of the Desir deal?
  7. I am indifferent about this deal. I think that they are using Devin as a buffer for Cain to come along. It is a one year deal, so it is off the books fast. I like the big body. Maybe Frank and the boys can get this guy up to 70+ receptions and 10-15 TD receptions this year. I am really shocked by some of the deals that are going down right now. CJ Mosely just received 85 million over 5 years with 51 of that guaranteed. If the Jets were one or two players away I would say bravo. But they aren't close in my opinion. The Redskins are spending money like they are in the hunt. Landon Collins is a good player, but I cannot see the money he received either. This market is crazy right now. I want the Colts to get CJ Mosely caliber guys in, but this type of movement will destroy a team long term.
  8. Team A up 1 point 39 seconds remaining on their 2 yard line and it is 4th and 25. Game clock and play clock are running. Team B has no timeouts. Team A in the huddle has no intentions of running a play. Team B has a legitimate injury on third down. Clock stopped for injury at 39 seconds. Team A has done everything right to run the clock down and win the game. Now what?
  9. Middle school is a different beast altogether. I know our guys play a team that always lines a 50 number up at TE. We are trying to teach our kids about the game. Identify ineligible numbers that cannot go out and so on. They always throw to him. Our guys complain and they claim they do not have any other number for him. Ref's buy their story and our kids get a cheap one pulled on them.
  10. Sounds like you are taking the approach that most coaches would expect. Do you feel that you represent the majority of officials and the way they approach it. I fear that we are going to create this perception among officials that all RPO teams are sending linemen 8 yards downfield on every pass play. As was mentioned earlier, coaches are putting bugs in officials ears prior to the start of the game. I anticipate more calls that might have passed last year being called this year. I just hope that we do not have officials that assume all RPO's or Playaction passes have linemen downfield.
  11. Good to hear. Pin and Pull RPO's often do not get lineman down the field as you are referencing. Take a look at some of those cuts on youtube.
  12. I will add that I think many officials are educated on this. I was trying to validate why RPO's are not going away, if the rule is applied correctly.
  13. This where many officials in my opinion need to educate themselves. Many RPO's never send a lineman downfield prior to the pass. Plays are often timed up so that pulling guards are used and double teams are engaged. Passes are gone and the play continues...then defensive coaches are yelling for linemen downfield. As the play continues the linemen do often venture downfield, but the pass is away and caught because of the timing of the play. I have seen RPO's that have lineman downfield 10 yards and it is an obvious call. But an engaged lineman will stay close to that 2 yard cushion.
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