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  1. What has been the response to this? How many coaches are going? How many seats are still open?
  2. Any team using these that can give me some feedback? I have talked with a coach from Brebeuf and would like more feedback.
  3. Everyone still drinking the Ballard kool-aid? This guy can't build a team. Empty drafts on the defensive side and won't spend money on the FA market when it makes sense. Instead deals away a first round pick on Wentz. This can be overcome if you admit a mistake and move on. Wentz deal ranks up there with the Richardson deal that Grigson made.
  4. I read it also and there is nothing. It was my understanding that there was suppose to be discussion. I was misinformed I guess.
  5. A new alignment would probably take place at the next executive meeting. I feel that all State champions should bump up a class and go by enrollment with the rest. Just my opinion.
  6. I believe it will be: Option 1: Wipe the slate clean Option 2: Nothing changes
  7. There were talks of wiping the slate clean and starting over.
  8. I am guessing by media outlets and if the IHSAA minutes are released.
  9. It will be determined today if reclassification takes place or not.
  10. There is no way you played the game if you make a statement like this. I think you should be add to the GID contraction list.
  11. If you are licensed to teach HS Spanish and are interested in coaching football, pm me. Rochester High School is in need of a high school Spanish teacher and we have opportunities to coach.
  12. Maybe it's time that an uncatchable ball be added to the equation? It would be interesting to study the amount of DPI calls are thrown on the offenses side of the field versus the defenses side of the field. It seems that more are thrown to the offensive sideline, but I don't really have hard proof. I only have a feeling from standing on the sidelines for over 25 years.
  13. Is anyone using Douglas shoulder pads? What line are you using? Like or dislike? What line of Riddell are you using? Like or dislike? We have been using the Power SP series and are looking to for same or better quality. We also have a few new Schutt. I am indifferent about them.
  14. The week we went the teams attending were Culver, HSE, Wawasee, and Lake Central.
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