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  1. If the NCC is a good fit for WL it should work for Western.
  2. In 2019, Cass played them Twice in a three week spam. It was a meat grinder for Cass. They played Western, WL, HH, WL, and Pioneer in a 5 week run. Western has no business in the Hoosier if they ever want to be player in 4a.
  3. IMO-Laville should be in the 2A conversation. They return everyone on their roster. They will be a favorite for their conference title. They will also give Andrean all they want in sectional.
  4. Better yet...In a normal 2-year reclassification period, would two sectional championships keep a team up?
  5. Way to logical my friend! You are way ahead of your time as it relates to IHSAA business.
  6. What I am hearing, is the sectional win by LCC kept them up!
  7. Wouldn't it be great if the IHSAA issued a statement explaining the situation? Obviously nobody knows why Pioneer is now down along with Chatard. It also seems that no one has a clue as to why LCC is up in 2A. Heck, Pioneer has been in 2A, back down to 1A, aligned in Sectional 34 in 2A, and the realigned into a 1A sectional...all in a 4 week span. So does the IHSAA even know why?
  8. What happened with Pioneer? I would bet the farm that when the reclassifications came out that Pioneer was listed as a 2A staying up because of SF. It is even listed that way in the maps created in the original post for this topic. What happened?
  9. Does anyone know the name and the whereabouts of the guy that did the Hamilton Heights and then Tipton games on the radio? He would lay out a huge spread with all of the stats for each player and their position. I don't know how good of a game he called, but he seemed like the most prepared radio guy in the business.
  10. They gave them plenty of time to regulate themselves, and they didn't do it. If they are in a tough spot, it is self inflicted.
  11. We were informed at the IFCA clinic in March that regulations are being handed down to the other sports. According to Robert Faulkens, football did their job and no other sport did. The IHSAA will be handing down the summer rules to the other sports
  12. I'm sure they are doing their best. Just like Hamilton Heights the last four years.
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