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  1. Executive Committee meets today. Will sectional assignments be released today?
  2. Tough dude. Brother, Mike, was a basketball guy. Didn't think football was his sport. He played be never thought that was going to be where he went at the next level. Then, no basketball scholarships were coming. Purdue offered in football. I think at one time he held the record for most starts in a career. Went on to have a nice career with the Titans in the NFL.
  3. Losing one sectional round and gaining a 10th game which adds a home game every other year will add more revenue to the schools. In 2022, Rochester traveled to Seeger game 1, Benton Central game 2, and then had a home game against LCC. There was a bye in the other bracket, LCC played Delphi game 1, Cass game 2, and then Rochester. After expenses, I'm guessing each school received a $200-$400 check maybe less. I do believe, after the sectional round of play, schools are only given reimbursement checks. No revenue generated from regional, semi-state, or state games is given back to the schools.
  4. Nah, that's not my point. I would be ok if we went to 32 teams in a class and stayed with 6 classes. I think it would be better to put a 10th game into play and give the revenue to the schools instead of the IHSAA. But you can twist it anyway you want.
  5. Honestly, 32 teams in all classes is a great number. The problem is when and where you play 10 State Championship games.
  6. Yeah, it was just an idea. I'm not sure how ridiculous it is. We already have 2 classes that are 32 teams. Some people want it switched to be 1a and 6a not 5a and 6a. I am not for that. I would like all schools to play a 10th regular season game.
  7. It would be impossible to play 5 classes in Lucas on one day. But I feel that having 32 team classes is a good idea.
  8. Illinois is an example that uses 32 teams in every class. I don't think private schools are allowed into their state playoffs. Doesn't matter. This would have to narrow the gaps in enrollment from the top of the class to the bottom. The success factor can still be in the equation. Just a thought. I think the opportunity to play a 10th regular season game would be very enticing to 10-team conferences. This would allow for an out of conference game along with playing each conference team in the regular season. It may encourage some conferences to expand to 10 teams.
  9. Why a stunner? Am I missing something? Munster got one of the good ones. Elkhart lost out. Coach is a great leader of men and will do a great job leading the program.
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