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  1. Well, i guess i cannot tell you that your opinion is wrong, since it is YOUR opinion. I can just disagree with your opinion. Hopefully for your own sake, you never see or know what WAR is, YOUR opinion might actually change. Again, Have a Great Day!! Thank you for saying that, and You are most definitely welcome
  2. So you are saying you do know what WAR is like? I highly doubt it, you dont strike me as the type of person who would actually sign a dotted line to sacrifice your own life for country. I have a feeling if you did, you would still be the first person running to the back. On this topic you truly have no clue what you are talking about when comparing a GAME to something far worse. Have a wonderful day Sir. Your sore attitude could use it.
  3. Muda, you know absolutely nothing about WARFARE. Please stop comparing the GAME of football to WAR. Laughable at best. WCGrad92
  4. Opponent, You are over-stretching.
  5. Monrovia has this in place as well. Same as Rensselaer
  6. Best of Luck to you DT on your new adventure in life. I wish you well, though I may not have always agreed with your opinion, I did respect it. I look forward to seeing you lurk in on some topics in the future. Coach Outland