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  1. thank you guys for all the help with coaching vacancies, you are all helping out so much more than you know keeping our site updates on the changes. WCGrad92
  2. Monrovia has 2 girls on the Roster 1 K and 1 OL/DL.
  3. I have added the Banner at the top of the site for Coaching changes, if you see something come open and its not on the Announcement, please let me know, I will get it added. Thanks, WCGrad92
  4. All players mentioned so far as deserving of winning. Me personally, I think Brady Allen will win it in the end. Curry will finish second and mostly because of the hype train that follows him being at CG. He is well more than deserved of said hype as well. Hauser had an impressive year leading Westfield on both sides of the ball at a 6A program is James Banks esque. Montasi Clay is a great young man that doesn't quit on the football field ever. Great stats and a great year for him. My thoughts are Brady Allen Caden Curry Micah Hauser Montasi Clay A case can be made for all 4 of these young men. Congrats to all 6 State Champions, well deserved.
  5. that rule has been there at least since 2017 and i can go back further. and even further back to 2014 so far and back to 2009 which is as far as Im willing to go. so not just a new rule this year.
  6. All three times we played Mater Dei, the 2 times we played them at home, they asked for Saturday Games, we played once at like 3:30 PM and then the other at 7PM, the time we played them at the Reitz Bowl, we chose Friday Night. They won the 330PM game on Saturday, we won the other 2. Great games, great fans, they travelled really well.
  7. We wore Speedways Field up pretty good on Friday Night. See if it can spring back up during the week. They do have a nice Grass Field, but with all the rain last week and it rained the entire game Friday Night, it was nice and muddy. I haven't checked weather for Friday night yet though.
  8. Not sure if its the same in Michigan, but in Indiana, the week start on Friday Morning. So Thursday would be the end of the week. Starting over again in the morning
  9. Everyone does realize that Arlington Middle School is actually the old Arlington High School. That field they played at was the old High School. I know the field wasn't great for that game, and I am not disputing anyones argument for where that game should be played or shouldn't be played. The stadium itself is the old High School stadium is all I am saying. Im OUT
  10. The Weekly quarter rules are as followed. and with the Stipulation that All Special Teams plays do not count 4 Varsity Quarters = 0 JV Quarters 3 Varsity Quarters = 1 JV Quarter 0, 1 or 2 Varsity Quarters = 4 JV Quarters This is gone over on Page 122 of the IHSAA By Laws book.
  11. the only reason LCC is in the South part of the bracket, is they just replaced Western Boone, as they had moved up to 3A. Since we did no shuffling, it was just a replace with said team here cause there is room.
  12. 2 Point Games Benton Central @ Lafayette Central Catholic Cass @ Hamilton Heights Rensselaer @ Northwestern 3 Point Games Twin Lake @ West Lafayette McCutcheon @ Muncie Central Kokomo @ Harrison Tipton @ Western Richmond @ Anderson LaVille @ North Judson North Newton @ North White Sheridan @ Eastern
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