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  1. Victory Formation for WC. Looks like they get the honor of playing CG next week. 21 -7 over LN. Turnovers killed the Wildcats. Defense played pretty good for WC
  2. Incomplete pass on 4th down. WC takes over inside the 5 yard line with 211 left in the game
  3. 9th sack of the game for the Warriors. 4th and 20 for LN inside their own 5. 220 left in the game
  4. 4th down sack by WC. Up 21-7 with 830 left in 4th. Ball on LN 45
  5. Halftime WC 14 LN 7. WC scores after 2 fumbles at about midfield by LN. WC gets ball after half.
  6. technically Gopher, there are 47 other games you can go to LOL
  7. i find it hilarious when people say ... they dont throw enough to keep good teams off balance... If you run the ball well enough, guess what, you dont need to throw. Why would I want to throw the ball if I can average 4-5 yards per carry. Im sure Eastbrook probably does that easily., just looked it up, 6.3 yards per carry on the year.
  8. Luers wasn' t 23rd last week, they were 23rd the 19th of September. I have no clue why they dropped so much. The majority of the top teams in 2A all reside in the ICC. Must be a pretty good conference.
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