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  1. and tonight we lost to a very good Lawrenceburg team, Good Luck to them in the Finals.
  2. only irrelevant when your not apart of it. ALL IN!!! #whynotus
  3. On a kickoff, if the kicker kicks the ball really high in the air, and the receiving team does nothing to get to the ball. Can the kicking team catch the ball? Or does the ball have to first touch the ground before the kicking team can recover? I have always thought it was a live ball once kicked. One of our coaches seems to remember a team catching its own kickoff and the ball awarded to the receiving team for what was called kick catch interferance??? thanks in advance.
  4. Marian University is not an NCAA institution, I do not believe that Scecina has used UIndy for a few years now. If there was something in place by the NCAA that their fields could not be used for High School competition. And the goal post are different, by about 5 feet.
  5. i can tell you, Ritter does not have Marion change the goal posts when we play there. so the IHSAA have not made it a must for Every High School Game. Unless you are just saying for any State Title Game.
  6. 3 Point Games Hamilton Southeastern @ Carroll Center Grove @ Cathedral 4 Point Games New Prairie @ Kokomo Roncalli @ East Central Chatard @ West Lafayette Luers @ Andrean Linton @ Mater Dei Adams Central @ North Judson
  7. a few things. 1 we got a bit more healthy. 2. while injuries were happening, we found kids that could do the job.. 3. moved some kids around once back and found a good formula for our offense. 4. Most teams in the playoffs dont see our offense. 5. we have played some REALLY GOOD teams in the ICC. 6. we as a coaching staff found a way to convey to this team that this is it, when our back are against the wall, this team figured out how to fight. So thats what were doing.
  8. would you mind if Monrovia did what everything thinks they cannot, Every week its well its over for Monrovia. And it may well be, but.... WHY NOT US?
  9. Thank you, but one game at a time, Lawrenceburg is a very good team.
  10. How about we found the right formula for our team to succeed, got a bit more healthy than what we were. And our offensive scheme is not something most teams see. And our defense has been playing alot better, since we have started 2 Freshmen and Sophomore at LB all season. Including another Freshman on the Line. WHY NOT US?
  11. I have been coaching for awhile. That environment at OV was one of the greatest environments I have been to at a high school football event. Wonderful job by OV, great facilty.
  12. No hate on the video, it is a good one. I love it, just pointed out the discrepency of the last image for Monrovia. I am all for anything and everything done for the team. and the most revent video posted, has the correct #7 on it. Great job on the video
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