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  1. He resigned at the last board meeting, things were not working out.
  2. I believe the exact count is 394, which is his post count
  3. I agree with that assessment, paying for something that can be done by a coach in about an hour.
  4. I would say its a step up, 2A to 3A, what Coach Spinks did with those players at Cascade was pretty phenomenal. They graduate a lot after this season. Congrat to Coach Spinks on the new job, I am sure he will have IC tough and ready to go come season time.
  5. almost anything is better than Hudl Stats TBH, I have told them this numerous times, but they want to keep their program in with what can be done on the breaking down of films and such, there are alot of things missing in Hudl Stats.
  6. I haves used and still use Digital Scout, it is the most complete FREE stat program I can find. https://dashboard.digitalscout.com/Account/LogOn and there is the app you can download onto an Ipad or any device. you can keep the stats on the sideline or in the booth. There is an automatic dump to MaxPreps from this page as well. Just add your roster and schedule, log onto the app, sync it up and you will be well on your way for the season.
  7. Great News for Mooresville, Congrats Younger Coach Gillen. and Congrats to the Pioneers.
  8. New Pal and CG will no longer be playing each other either. Pretty good source says New Pal dropped CG. I know CG picked up Decatur Central to fill that spot, Not sure who NP filled that week with.
  9. Welcome, and I am glad that everyone had a good time with their predictions. Was a great time for sure.
  10. So, my question, What happens if this got passed, and you end up with 2 MIC 6A Champs, because according to your breakdown, that is probably exactly what would happen. SO then it would be, well the MIC cant play anymore, because they win all the time. Not bashing the idea, just a thought.
  11. 3 Point Games Indianpolis Chatard vs Heritage Hills East Noble vs Evansville Memorial 6 Point Games Lafayette Central Catholic vs Indianapolis Lutheran Valparaiso vs New Palestine Eastbrook vs Western Boone Carmel v Center Grove
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