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  1. Football Coach here, and my son will never step foot on a football field as a player, and I am not depressed in the slightest, I will just be there to support him in whatever he decides he wants to do. Thanks
  2. Quite a bit has changed for the ICC this year as far as classes go. Obviously Lutheran as the defending Champ stays at 1A in Sectional 47 along with Covenant Christian and South Putnam Ritter goes back down to 2A in Sectional 38 with Heritage Christian 2A Scecina and Triton Central in Sectional 39 along with Brownstown Central and Cascade in Sectinal 37 with Linton Monrovia and Speedway both move up to 3A and are in Sectional 29 along with the likes of Danville Tri-West and Western Boone Beech Grove stays in 4A in Sectional 22. I believe this will be an exciting year for the ICC.
  3. i know there are numerous teams involved from both Indiana and Illinois. The Illinois teams are Olney(East Richland) Newton Robinson Marshall Red Hill Mattoon Tri-County Lawrenceville Casey-Westfield Cumberland Paris Indiana Teams include North Central(Farmersburg) North Daviess South Vermillion Owen Valley North Putnam Cascade West Vigo Terre Haute South Terre Haute North Parke Heritage Monrovia Eastern Greene Linton-Stockton Riverton Parke Northview Indian Creek Greencastle Sullivan Covington North Vermillion South Putnam Union Dugger Cloverdale Edgewood
  4. I normally dont do this, but just wondering where your getting numbers of 1A schools with Multi-Million dollar facilities are? I can tell you Lutheran doesn't. Until they scraped enough money together to turf their field, their facilities are nothing to really bat an eye at. They dont have visitor stands, they dont have an updated locker room. I haven't anything like million dollar stuff at Convenant either. Are they good at football. NOW they are, its not like anyone in 1A except for LCC has really DOMINATED 1A. 1A 2000 Adams Central Attica 29-21 Rick Minnich 12-3 David McDonald 14-1 Josh Smith, Attica RCA Dome 1A 2001 Southern Wells Perry Central 30- 7 Mark Lefebvre 14-1 Mike Spencer 14-1 Peter Wagner, Southern Wells RCA Dome 1A 2002 Southwood South Putnam 17-14 Terry Siddall 13-1 Mark Wildman 12-3 Kole Ames, South Putnam RCA Dome 1A 2003 Indianapolis Ritter Seeger 28- 0 Jim Boswell 12-2 Brian Moore 14-1 Thomas Marshall, Seeger RCA Dome 1A 2004 Seeger Indianapolis Ritter 20- 7 Brian Moore 15-0 Jim Boswell 10-5 Spencer King, Ritter RCA Dome 1A 2005 Sheridan Knightstown 21- 7 Larry Wright 13-2 Don Willard 14-1 Matt Cox, Knightstown RCA Dome 1A 2006 Sheridan Indianapolis Ritter ot 34-28 Larry Wright 15-0 Ty Hunt 13-2 Taylor Scott, Sheridan RCA Dome 1A 2007 Sheridan Rockville 34-28 Larry Wright 15-0 Herb King 14-1 Zachary Clapp, Rockville RCA Dome 1A 2008 Indianapolis Ritter Sheridan 34-27 Ty Hunt 15-0 Larry Wright 13-2 Brent Hume, Sheridan Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2009 Lafayette Central Catholic Fountain Central 52- 0 Kevin O'Shea 15-0 Rick Malone 14-1 Greg Burns, Central Catholic Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2010 Lafayette Central Catholic Fountain Central 31- 6 Kevin O'Shea 15-0 Rick Malone 13-2 Cody Christopher, Central Catholic Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2011 Lafayette Central Catholic Indianapolis Scecina 38- 7 Kevin O'Shea 15-0 Ott Hurrle 11-4 John Schrader, Central Catholic Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2012 Lafayette Central Catholic Indianapolis Scecina 14- 0 Kevin O'Shea 14-1 Ott Hurrle 11-4 Jimmy Mills, Central Catholic Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2013 Tri-Central Eastern Hancock 20-10 George Gilbert 14-1 Pat Echeverria 14-1 Sam Carlton, Eastern Hancock Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2014 North Vermillion Pioneer 27-26 Brian Crabtree 15-0 Mike Johnson 13-2 Parker Englert, Pioneer Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2015 Lafayette Central Catholic Linton-Stockton 34- 7 Kevin O'Shea 15-0 Brian Oliver 13-2 Dylan Morris, Linton-Stockton Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2016 Linton-Stockton Pioneer 34-20 Brian Oliver 15-0 Adam Berry 14-1 Austin Harmon, Pioneer Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2017 Pioneer Eastern Greene 42-14 Adam Berry 15-0 Joey Paridaen 11-4 Garrett Schroder, Pioneer Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2018 Pioneer North Vermillion 60- 0 Adam Berry 15-0 Brian Crabtree 13-2 Dustin Sparks, Pioneer Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2019 Lafayette Central Catholic Indianapolis Lutheran 29-28 Brian Nay 12-3 Dave Pasch 13-1 Kyle Onken, Central Catholic Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2020 Covenant Christian South Adams 41-40 Shawn Lyons 15-0 Grant Moser 13-1 James Arnold, South Adams Lucas Oil Stadium 1A 2021 Indianapolis Lutheran Adams Central 34-28 Dave Pasch 15-0 Michael Mosser 13-2 Blake Heyerly, Adams Central Lucas Oil Stadium I would say, 1A public schools have the best shot TBH, its not like the State Title games were blowouts by these supposed MULTI MILLION DOLLAR facilitied schools. You are reaching a little bit on this one I believe
  5. I will never pretend to speak for others. What should be and what is can be two totally different things.
  6. If you look at it though, All Summer Football activities are not mandatory. So there shouldn't be any reprecussions for someone not showing up. Do they kids that show up get better? YES. But the bottom line is , Football is not mandatory til that first week of August when you can officially start practice. Its just the rules set in place for football.
  7. absolutely, i know our coaches all work with each other on times and days. We have to share athletes as well, but we do the best we can for each sport. Baseball included with tourneys going all summer.
  8. If criteria is the line after the Maintenance line , then Monrovia would be considered. SF Runner Up in 2009, SS Runner Up in 2014, State Champ in 2015, SS Runner Up in 2016. that 1 State Title, 2 Semi State Titles, 4 Regional Titles and 4 Sectional Titles within 15 years.
  9. Yes they were accepted back into the WIC.
  10. Monrovia also did it in 2016 Regional against MD
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