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  1. Andy Olson – Head Varsity Football Coach Monrovia High School May 11, 2020 Andy Olson has been named the 13th Varsity Head Football Coach in Monrovia’s illustrious history. Andy is a 2005 graduate of Avon High School, a 3 year varsity letter winner in football, and played 2 years of baseball. He is also a 2010 graduate of Purdue University, where he earned his Bachelors Degree. Coach Olson and his wife Andrea have two children: Ainsley (6) and Arlow (2). “I’m thrilled to be back in the Monrovia community to bring passion, energy and stability to the football program. I’m truly blessed to be able to call Monrovia my home again, but I’m most excited to build character in our young men and help them become an asset to the community. We will get back to our roots of playing with physicality and toughness. Playing in the ICC is the ultimate preparation for the postseason, as it is the toughest ‘small school’ conference in the state of Indiana.” – Andy Olson Coach Olson comes to Monrovia, most recently from Lebanon High School, where he was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach during the 2018 and 2019 seasons. While at Lebanon, Olson’s offense averaged 28 points/game in the Sagamore Conference. Prior to his time at Lebanon, Coach Olson was an integral part of one of the most successful runs that Monrovia football has ever experienced. He coached QB’s, TE’s and DB’s during from 2011 to 2017. In that time, Monrovia football amassed 50 wins, 3 Sectional titles, 3 Regional titles and the 2015 State Championship. “We’re very excited that Andy Olson is coming back to Monrovia. We are confident that he is going to return the program to our traditional ways of success through discipline and physicality. He is a proven winner and we’re eager to see him lead our football program, as I know he will be an excellent role model for our students and community.” – Todd Evers During this time of uncertainty and non-physical meetings (May & June), Coach Olson will be reaching out through HUDL and Remind to set up Zoom meetings with players and coaches to discuss the summer calendar, team rules and playbook installs. Any players interested in playing football, please reach out Coach Olson so that he may begin building his 2020 roster. Contact: Andy Olson (aolson@m-gsd.org)
  2. Finally some O-Line Love Ill post mine, Trevor Ellis, rushed 8 times for 354 yards and 5 TD's in the Sectional Championship game in 2014 against Cardinal Ritter.
  3. Let me preface this by saying, that in my belief, the perfect game consists of a passing attack of 0-0 for 0 yards. But I have seen many really simple RPO's that utilize the TE very well. As well as running the ball very well. Getting into Second and Third level RPO's is where it can get tricky, but the first level stuff is exactly what DT has stated. Simple and Easy. I guess it is how you utilize it that makes it seem that you dont run the ball. I would rather utilize the RPO system of today , than any Air Raid system that would result in a 6 hour game.
  4. Cant argue with the rankings how they are now. Plenty of talent at both WC and BD though. Carmel too.
  5. I didn't mean that from a numbers on the team standpoint, I meant that the classification should be 32 in 6A, 62 in 5A and 4A and 3A and 2A, with the remaining lowest enrollment teams be in 1A. Not leaving anyone out.
  6. While I dont agree with the contraction idea, the idea he has that I do agree with is the smaller size in 1A, should be 32 in 6A, 64 in 5,4,3,2 and rest in 1A up to 64
  7. He resigned at the last board meeting, things were not working out.
  8. I believe the exact count is 394, which is his post count
  9. I agree with that assessment, paying for something that can be done by a coach in about an hour.
  10. I would say its a step up, 2A to 3A, what Coach Spinks did with those players at Cascade was pretty phenomenal. They graduate a lot after this season. Congrat to Coach Spinks on the new job, I am sure he will have IC tough and ready to go come season time.
  11. almost anything is better than Hudl Stats TBH, I have told them this numerous times, but they want to keep their program in with what can be done on the breaking down of films and such, there are alot of things missing in Hudl Stats.
  12. I haves used and still use Digital Scout, it is the most complete FREE stat program I can find. https://dashboard.digitalscout.com/Account/LogOn and there is the app you can download onto an Ipad or any device. you can keep the stats on the sideline or in the booth. There is an automatic dump to MaxPreps from this page as well. Just add your roster and schedule, log onto the app, sync it up and you will be well on your way for the season.
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