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  1. Great News for Mooresville, Congrats Younger Coach Gillen. and Congrats to the Pioneers.
  2. New Pal and CG will no longer be playing each other either. Pretty good source says New Pal dropped CG. I know CG picked up Decatur Central to fill that spot, Not sure who NP filled that week with.
  3. Welcome, and I am glad that everyone had a good time with their predictions. Was a great time for sure.
  4. So, my question, What happens if this got passed, and you end up with 2 MIC 6A Champs, because according to your breakdown, that is probably exactly what would happen. SO then it would be, well the MIC cant play anymore, because they win all the time. Not bashing the idea, just a thought.
  5. 3 Point Games Indianpolis Chatard vs Heritage Hills East Noble vs Evansville Memorial 6 Point Games Lafayette Central Catholic vs Indianapolis Lutheran Valparaiso vs New Palestine Eastbrook vs Western Boone Carmel v Center Grove
  6. I have a bit of a sidenote. dmizers did pick 10 out of the 12 finalists correct, thats pretty darn good.
  7. Didnt WeBo chuck one down field to get to 35, i dont have a problem with it either way, the kid that caught the final TD for Triton Central, that was his only TD all year. probably made that kids night. But I keep forgetting, this is an "Its all about me" world we live in this day. Dont think to wonder why something may happen, or just be happy for a kids to score his first TD. Good Luck in State.
  8. I just dont understand why people keep bringing up "needing a good passing game" This isnt the NFL, it isnt college, you can have a really great running scheme, run the ball 98% of the time, and still win. IMAGINE THAT. 3 possibilites during a passing play, and 2 of them are bad. ill take my chances getting 4 yards and a cloud of dust, and must moving the ball at will. I know its not pretty, its not exciting, but it WINS. He is a special player for sure.
  9. 1 POINT GAMES Merillville @ Carmel Chatard @ Marian Heritage Hills @ Danville Western Boone @ Triton Central West Washington @ Indianapolis Lutheran Bloomington South @ New Pal 4 POINT GAMES Ben Davis @ Center Grove Fort Wayne Dwenger @ Valpo Hobart @ East Noble Mount Vernon Fortville @ Evansville Memorial Andrean @ Eastbrook Adams Central @ Lafayette Central Catholic
  10. Unless, Triton Central brings in extra bleachers like Monrovia did for the 2 years MD visited, there will be limited seating for the MD faithful.
  11. So Monrovia played MD 3 years in a row, in 2014, they picked Saturday, we picked Noon EST I believe, MD wins, next year in 2015, Monrovia at home again, MD picks Saturday, I believe we started that one at 7PM EST, Monrovia wins. 2016, Monrovia picks Friday Night, 7PM CST start I believe is what MD picked, Monrovia wins. Not that it says anything, but the one time I would say we picked an early time, it didn't affect MD at all.
  12. Just from experience of driving down the Evansville and playing on a Friday Night and winning. Its not IMPOSSIBLE. Monrovia did it in 2016 driving down on Friday, and playing MD in the Bowl the same evening.
  13. Warsaw [9-2] at Merrillville [10-1] Carmel [8-3] at Homestead [11-0] Ben Davis [7-4] at Zionsville [5-6] Center Grove [6-5] at Warren Central [8-3] Valparaiso [11-0] at Mishawaka [8-3] Fort Wayne Dwenger [10-1] at Harrison (West Lafayette) [9-2] Floyd Central [9-2] at Bloomington South [7-4] New Prairie [11-1] at Hobart [10-2] East Noble [12-0] at Mississinewa [11-1] Indianapolis Roncalli [7-5] at Mount Vernon (Fortville) [10-2] Mooresville [10-2] at Evansville Memorial [10-1] Mishawaka Marian [11-1] at Knox [11-1] Indianapolis Chatard [11-1] at Fort Wayne Concordia [7-5] Danville [7-5] at Vincennes Lincoln [8-4] Heritage Hills [12-0] at Lawrenceburg [11-1] Eastside [10-2] at Eastbrook [10-2] Heritage Christian [11-1] at Western Boone [11-1] Evansville Mater Dei [10-2] at Triton Central [9-3] North Judson [7-4] at Lafayette Central Catholic [9-3] South Adams [12-0] at Adams Central [11-1] North Decatur [11-1] at West Washington [11-1] 3 POINT GAMES Indianapolis Cathedral [9-2] at New Palestine [11-0] Lewis Cass [11-1] at Andrean [9-3] North Vermillion [11-1] at Indianapolis Lutheran [11-0]
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