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  1. They've said that? SC replaced a very impressive SR class. Still have talent though.
  2. Thanks Coach! I saw you requested access, I greatly appreciate your help.
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W2hHUwEK6mtKuIJ_ikB3hEMyePnZV9KwgUCXUByf-E4/edit#gid=893241732 Sectionals aren't updated. But I'm pretty sure I've updated everyone that's getting turf this coming year. Was a little worn the last time we played at Enlow. I loved the stadium though. I would have loved it more if Lindauer would have gotten the flu. Shew.. he could play. And both Combs, obviously.
  4. I pray for Rondale that he doesn't have to go there. I'm not even a Purdue fan.
  5. Not all gyms in the state are as nice as that one.
  6. Just looked up Case Arena.. beautiful venue. Incredible place for the young people of Frankfort to work/sweat/sacrifice in to help become successful in life.
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