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  1. Would make more sense to put Lutheran with Indy schools and not two schools on the Ohio River, and then sectional 39 has 7 teams, and not 38, IMO.
  2. In the 70s, 80s, and early 90s... Clarksville was an absolute power. Also.. I couldn't tackle Ryan Masters to save my life. He made sophomore looks stuuupid twice.
  3. HECK YEAH! I hope like heck you guys can build that program back into a power. When I was a SO, 2006, you guys were awesome. Respectfully, the field and stadium need upgrades. Also.. you guys have the BEST burgers.
  4. He's a troll. There is nothing else to this. In every one of these threads, he spouts his crap, has no substance to his argument, and does it condescendingly. Unfortunately, the mods have continued to allow him to post here. This is an Indiana HS football forum. He acts like it's a forum for him to voice his displeasure about aspects of society. Confused he is, it ruins the board. It never stops. There is just too much "troll" in there to be respectful and take this "discussion" (I guess that's what you would call it) somewhere else. This isn't a "local government" forum lol ... I've asked him multiple times to start his own threads/discussions on whatever topic he'd like, but he isn't respectful enough for that, so here we are..... every day, with Muda as the center of attention. It's honestly embarrassing lol ... place could be a lot more fun. Yeah just go research his others posts in this thread lolololol 🤪
  5. He's always so confused lol There's no fight. Turf won.
  6. block him and move on, it's helped me enjoy the site more. Trolls aren't worth the time.
  7. Keeping notes... like he has some Rolodex for Trolls. 🤣
  8. Cool. Talk band with the other nerds somewhere else.
  9. Yes SB is all SRs. Ironically... 3 kids from SBs team, 2 from BC, Kaysim Nash and Carter Kent all played together growing up in AAU.
  10. I'm shocked he made the thread about him. 🤪 No one cares what taxes you have to pay lol
  11. Awesome! They were REALLY good last year. I'll put them on the list.
  12. Pigs waller around in their own s*** all day, bet you like bacon and pork chops? 🤪
  13. Millers Tavern fish sammy is better than their tenderloin. There I said it.
  14. Tell City at home this year, and next year they will pick up Clarksville.
  15. Just strictly speaking "gyms"... gyms only. I'd take Paoli well before WW, and I have not been to the new Mitchell gym, but the old Mitchell gym-- Paoli would still be ahead of them for me. Sidenote- I would also take Paoli's gym over BC's, just showing it's not a bias thing. Love that gym.
  16. As you should be. In HS sports, everyone should make the post-season, I can't imagine thinking otherwise. Your perspective sounds like that of a fan. Nothing wrong with that, but I have never heard of a coach calling any regular season and exhibition. I've also never really heard of any energy in coaching circles to get the "all-in" approach changed. We'd like seeding-- but I don't think any of us really want teams excluded.
  17. They aren't, at all. Maybe from a fan's perspective? Idk hard to see where you're coming from with any of this, or have any energy towards some teams not getting in the tourney and that being a good thing for the sport. It's definitely meaningful--- how do you think we get prepared for the tourney? There, that refuted your alleged "fact"..... lol
  18. Who's handing out trophies now? Why play the regular season? Well because it's fun? ... kids enjoy it? children create life-long experiences/memories? children learn a lot from their athletic experience? I could list the reasons for a while. There is no one being cheated. Who cares whether they play 3 weeks earlier? Again, semantics. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't actually believe I am reading people say a football game is meaningless. Go watch Columbus East/North play--- tell me how meaningless it is. Brownstown/Seymour. Lawrenceburg East Central. Every Evansville game lol Meaningless if you aren't a competitor, I guess. Man, that's a tough sell... games are meaningless because everyone gets into a state tourney? That's wild and sort of soft, not going to lie.
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