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  1. That's kinda what I post up there somewhere ☝️☝️☝️. Haha. But I do agree with this line of thinking.
  2. Ways around it. I wouldve simply stated "Scottsburg kept Varisty players in against Brownstown JV down 39. I am no coach so I dont know common coaching practices, but why not play your JV for more PT?" Not all tone per say comes across when typing so I get what your saying. Argue with my wife constantly about "texting tones" 🤣
  3. Coach left same time as a giant senior class which included a QB going to ISU. Then school board seemingly created a mess with next coach and it's just a mess now. It's been covered in other threads.
  4. Now as for subject...I think I get what you're saying. For me (and I'm no coach) but I would keep kids in unless I feel they are just someone i couldnt do without at that type of score. If 60 to 0 then yea... slap in younger guys asap but I would still probably keep in some mix at all times. Older kids who can keep guys lined up, do on the field teaching ect. Extension of the coach type of kids. Plus you may have JRs who are starters but could still use all the snaps they could get against a good team like brownstown that may allow for better play the following year. Again.....just how I would do it.
  5. Well....first time we've ever been "HOT" on the forum. I'll take this minute to wave at the first time readers who are checking in to see if we are having a super heated arguement! 👋👋👋👋
  6. Then just next time just say "why does (insert team X) keep their dudes in so long?" Would save alot of the time of reading between the lines
  7. Sorry....we've had alot of injuries this year and I'm trying to forget about this year. Hahaha
  8. Believe its 5 quarters per week. So generally teams with lower head counts wont start playing till 4th quarter while teams with say 60 can start earlier in game. They can play some kids 2 quarters of varsity then 3 in JV and allow freshman or others further down play 1 varsity and all JV. However you wanna slice it up.
  9. Clarksville had a 45 game losing streak heading into this season. Went 3-6, won last 2, and scored 62 last night against North Harrison (most since week 8 2003). Progress can be made
  10. Right! Holy smokes....I know Paoli had some injuries but man....they've really taken a nose dive
  11. Final 22-6. Disappointing showing but all about sectionals now. Hopefully if nothing else they refocus and are ready to roll.
  12. Salem now up 15-0. Didnt quite see this coming but did figure Salem was gonna win. 3rd quarter.
  13. Ugly early. 9-0 salem now. Offense having issues
  14. Salem and WW tied at 0 end of 1. Salem in RZ
  15. Hes a southern 1A guy at heart. Hes gonna need time to adjust to the 2A scene. Haha
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