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  1. Always cracks me up. No matter how many threads get started on contraction always new fish getting mad. Yet this thread has more post then talking about nice subjects such as Mr Football and Top 25 programs of all time. Welcome to DTs side of the forum. You may hate the subjects but it always leads to chatter and from now until August it's what keeps me coming back. PS...no I dont support the whole contraction movement him and muda march with but I support the entertaining threads that follow. Enjoy the offseason!!
  2. Holy crap.....the article has West Washington playing at Washington. Guess I should read more often!! Didnt have greatest of seasons lately but a 3A school can't hurt to play for 1A.
  3. Ah. Thanks man. We've been struggling with week 8 for years.
  4. Tell City is 2A...regardless I wonder is WW will try and add them assuming they have week 8 open. We already play PC.
  5. 1 day your 2A people will make threads and let you in the club. Haha
  6. It's going be a long offseason. Truth be told alot of this flat had to do with what football class you're in. There is no solution. If you're a public school you're on public side and vice versa.
  7. WW returns just about everyone. Even return key players from injury. Week 1 we lost Bobby Stevens (2400 yd rusher his soph season). Week 4 saw Mike Leach lost for the season (300 pound 2 way lineman and obviously our strongest kid), and 1st sectional round we lost 2 way starter (C/LB or DT pending formation) Charles Madden go down. All 3 return for senior year to go with QB Holden Bowsman (37 TDs), TE/DE Jake strange and Lineman Bryce Brown, Jarren Roll and Landon Pearson (all 250+ and will be 3 year starters). Our biggest on the field loses (I'm gonna withhold all the coach stuff) are both WRs/CBs (Chase Farmer and Harrison Sanford) and 2 LBs in Hunter Pate and Mason Armstrong (split time at RB this year with current Freshman Roper McPheeters after the injury to stevens). Caleb Murphy also graduates this spring. He is a 3 star DE who is committed to IU (ranked 10th overall recruit in the state by 24/7). He missed all season this year also due to injury but his leadership was amazing all year. All in All we should be primed for another deep run if everyone is able to return healthy. If I had a question mark for this team it would be #2 WR and DBs when we get spread out. I expect Parker Green to get shot at #1 as he has talent. Just been behind the other 2 guys. Strange is an amazing TE and is already a problem at 6'5" with good speed. Already looking forward to it. Senior laden team next season.
  8. I'm guessing hes referring to only allowed 46 active per game.
  9. Pop down to the Tribute for Bowsman thread
  10. Good luck to both teams today! Looking forward to hopefully a good game. I'll be cheering for lutheran so I can tell everyone we were 2nd best team in state just happened to play the best team in final 4....🤣🤣. Both teams have earned it. Hope the kids enjoy and nobody gets hurt.
  11. I found this on twitter. Southwestern (who doesnt have football) lit up the gym prior to the game. Awesome sight and gesture.
  12. I dont do the P/P debates. I just answered the question because I was curious for my own knowledge.
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