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  1. For my area close to alot of changes. Paoli close to 1A. Salem close to 2A. Perry Central from 1A to mid 2 very quickly. Brownstown just recently dropped from 3 to 2. Be curious how 1 more year does for these schools before realignment.
  2. Does Oldenburg even play football? Not on Harrells and only played like 6 games in 2021. All the struggling P/Ps seemed to have dropped or went 8 man (Rock Creek).
  3. For the mobile only people (or maybe it's android or something) hit the 3 bars at the top of home page...then store. Took me a bit to find.
  4. Looks like MSC going through some changes and it's early. Ready to see how the domino's fall
  5. Surprising to me. Should we start the 2023 topic now? Hahaha
  6. I assumed this was about you trying to buy Taylor Swift tickets
  7. What do you mean position is irrelevant? Could 4 kids make it at QB?
  8. You gotta log out and then log back in as @Donnie Bakerbefore you type this out.
  9. Do we have any joining in coming years and wonder if we lose more to 8 man
  10. I'm almost did it just to see if people started pointing fingers at them. Hahaha
  11. I'd even say other way. Lutheran already killing 1A....they still make bottom 32. What a blood bath
  12. I know. I watched it. They are good. Have been for a long time. Not questioning winning isn't fun but more question if thier kids would like to test themselves in 2A after these last couple years
  13. Because Lutheran is just different it appears. They play a different level of competition. They are something like 50-3 since 2019. Those loses are double OT and 2 eventual state Champs. They have allowed 15 points to 1A teams in 5 games. Sure ND could pull an upset but isn't anyone going to believe it. Only thing I wonder about Lutheran is if they will be bored next year still being in 1A
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