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  1. The return of RB Bobby Stevens. After running for a school record 2200+ as a soph he had a season ending injury week 1 last year. Hoping he's healthy and ready to run wild for his senior year!!
  2. They should pin a topic and just merge every single thread that has to do with covid for the next year or so. No sense in making a new thread for every test just to rehash old arguments. Stuff is getting old. Mute each other and move on.
  3. Leach, Madden, Bryce Brown (#63), and Jerren Roll (#77) all return. Both Landon Pearson and Andrew Lewis do as well and both played/rotated alot. Leach went out week 4 and Madden 1st week of sectionals. Trenton Benskin is the lone graduate with exception of Caleb Murphy (IU signee) who also missed season after injury week 1.
  4. Football chat? Must be at the wrong place. In all seriousness thanks for posting. Hopefully soon we get more of this and we can stop the weekly update on name calling. I dont know enough to actually chat about this but was a good read.
  5. Just about everyone. QB, 4 starters on line. RB returns from injury (missed season after playing about 2 quarters last year. Ran for over 2000 as a soph). Our lineman legit go about 9 deep. Top 2 TEs return. Starting spots we have to replace are top 2 WR who also started at CB. One spot assuming will be senior Parker Green who is good. Also lose LBs hunter pate and Mason Armstrong (who started at RB for Stevens after the injury). Team looks poised to have another strong season. Senior heavy talented group. I would say assuming last years injuries are ready to go (RB stevens, C/LB Madden and OL/DL Mike Leach) that only a couple starting spots are question marks at the moment. (Im a fan with no sort of inside info. Just using my eyes). This of course without knowledge of possible transfers and such.
  6. Honest question but how can schools be liable when sending them is an option and not mandatory? At least around where I live E-learning is an option. How can schools be liable when parents CHOOSE to send them?
  7. I was first? Consider me a trend setter!! Haha
  8. Oddly.....glad I read this. A little humor is need on this board. Haha.
  9. Just lock the thread now? Haven't had a covid thread finish yet!!
  10. We had a good couple pages too. They may as well just lock every covid thread until people just head to OOB forum
  11. West Washington Livestreams on YouTube. Thats all I can contribute to this thread. 🤣
  12. My hopes is that people can be adults and do what's best for them. If corna scares you then do your part and don't associate yourself. There is 0 anyone can do to prevent this 100%. Is just not going to happen. If your fan and worried about the spread then stay home and don't go. Make sure all the players understand the risk and if they choose not to play then that's OK. If being a ref worries you....take time away until you're comfortable. Nobody has to do this. But shall you decide you want to then do what you can to minimize the spread. It won't be prevented. Im sure this thread will end up locked as they all have and I hate it always gets political but people have to take care of themselves and if you're worried dont put yourself in a position to be around people unless its mandatory. If it is then wear a mask, social distance, and bring sanitizer. Do what you can. I recently went back to work at a casino and everyday are 100s of people who are 80% the high risk and 0 of them care. They pull their mask off or down the moment they can. They care more about not being able to smoke then social distancing. I personally am not worried about catching it and do know the part about not having symptoms and possibly passing it at work, but again....they arent trying to stop themselves from getting it. If you don't agree that is OK. I respect your side of it. Im not going to argue points about it. This is MY opinion. I hope a vaccine comes soon and we can get back to arguing about city speed because at this point it would be 100% better then it becoming political or arguing over freedoms. Everyone stay safe and take care of yourself. I hope this season is better then most expect.
  13. Finally the 1A thread!! Can't wait for upcoming season!!
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