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  1. I follow these threads alot and from a fan of a school who last 2 seasons has watched their team get beat like drum by privates it seems the problem is 1 thing: location. I really have no strong feelings one way or another about it to be honest. But it seems all these arguments revolve around Indy, Ft Wayne, Evansville. Of course its an advantage when you can pull kids from all over these areas. If a kid can't hack it at a larger school they can go there. Also see the arguement of open enrollment for publics and yes that works in certain areas. But that isn't a case at 90% of 1A schools. Anyon
  2. I wonder in 1A with alot of schools dropping are south (Forest Park, Providence, Clarksville) and North schools moving up (LCC, busco) which teams will move north in sectionals
  3. There is also an entire thread devoted to CC. So its been hashed out already for a week or so
  4. Now I'm just picturing Allen Iverson saying respect instead of practice.
  5. Honest question. I noticed yesterday during the WW/CC game that the Circle City Conference kept retweeting and talking about the game. Is CC going to eventually join the CCC or just a Private school thing?
  6. I think looking at Lutheran game is better use of comparison. Neither Putnam or WW was going to attempt to spread ya out and throw. CC is very fast. Playing indoors and on turf is good for both teams. Definitely appears to be an exciting shootout. Looking forward to watching it.
  7. Well.....as WW is getting steam rolled currently i thought I'd take a min to say congrats to both teams on outstanding seasons. Sucks we went down this way. All I can do as a fan is hope the future remains bright and we continue to build on this and try again in the future. A hell of a senior class is leaving...best overall I personally ever seen. Between what happen last year and doing all this covid stuff the team and staff should be proud to get here. Congrats to @senatorcoach72 on a great season. Hopefully next coach is ready to continue to build up what we have. @Coach_Hogan_Brother congr
  8. CC leads WW 27-0. Game seems over. SA leads LCC 14-3
  9. CC now leads WW 13-0. Our pass defense is a problem. SA leads LCC 7-3
  10. West Washington fumble. Covenant Christian scores quickly. XP No good. 6-0
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