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  1. WWFan

    MSC-PLAC 2019

    Good work on the recruiting!! I'm glad to see the numbers up and hopefully the number surprises you in a good way. Hope they stick with it too. Good luck this offseason
  2. WWFan

    MSC-PLAC 2019

    Well it appears I'll have a non coach backing me up a little. Haha. I'll be looking to how they adapt a little. End of the year last year showed Mason Armstrong and Hunter Pate develop as other options carrying the ball. Next step will be possibly adding Holden to the mix and take a step in the passing game.
  3. Thank you for your info. We had them scheduled at one point but never got to play them. Hopefully they get another shot
  4. Noticed on Harrells site they have been removed from scheduling page. They calling it quits officially or just taking another year? Anyone know? DT needs to know his contraction talk is working!!
  5. Ads are there.....maybe we arent the ones getting special treatment. Haha. I'm just waiting for that donation period to kiss these things goodbye.
  6. Of course I would....I mean I already do and always try to do more. But i could also lose alot of good content from the people who wouldnt so I can see both sides. Speaking of.....these ads are getting on my nerves...😉
  7. We dont have the usual thread so this may start it but West Washington Senior to be DE Caleb Murphy has received an offer from Ball St per his Twitter account. For a 1A school in a cornfield I find this amazing. Congrats to him and interested to see if more come in as year moves forward.
  8. Even if you step into the shadows as a minor contributor I'm sure what comments you have will generate plenty of action. While I never have been involved in those discussion they have always made great reading material. Best of luck. Arizona is fantastic. Own a pool!!
  9. Yes and then Joey Paridaen left to coach Evansville North. Wray just took over last year.
  10. A little homerism here but I think West Washington could have a great year. 9-3 last year running almost all soph and jrs. On a side note prayers and thoughts to Head coach Phillip Bowsman as he suffered a stroke Saturday. All indications (social media) are he is doing well. Regaining movement and feeling on left side of his body. Way too young for this but never want anyone to suffer moments like this.
  11. WWFan

    Doors are open

    Appreciate all the hard work. Soon as donation time hits I'll be ready. Already looking forward to getting everyone back