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  1. Perry Central at Clarksville Crawford County at Springs Valley Eastern Greene at Paoli Madison at Mitchell Rock Creek Academy at West Washington Brownstown at Seymour Corydon at Salem Jeffersonville at Silver Creek North Harrison at Eastern Pekin Scottsburg at Charlestown
  2. Me and him are tied for first. I officially question your allegiance here...
  3. Haven't been able to find a confirmation but I heard Crawford cancelled against Valley
  4. Scores being txted to me at last check are Paoli leads WW 23-8 Valley and Tell City tied at 21
  5. Any idea who Valley is adding in their place?
  6. Eastern Pekin at Corydon North Harrison at Brownstown Providence at Charlestown Salem at Clarksville Silver Creek at Scottsburg Mitchell at Crawford County Perry Central at Tecumseh Springs Valley at Tell City West Washington at Paoli
  7. Both. Coach Lowe is doing a good job of moving grimes around getting him in space. He also makes sure he throws it enough to keep you honest. You can't just stack the box. They are balanced. Grimes and Chase are both good athletes. This is from what I saw last week only.
  8. As I figured it's a drubbing in Campbellsburg. Valley currently leads WW 47-16 mid 3rd. WW has no pass game and no outside pitch working. It's different to watch this offense after last few years. Our winning streak against Valley stops at 16. Valley starts 4-0 for first time in....well Harrels don't go that far back. They have a good team. Game against PC will tell alot. Sucks they didn't play paoli. Be fun to follow them rest of the season and see how the evolve
  9. Crawford Co. at Rock Creek Eastern Greene at Mitchell Paoli at Perry Central Springs Valley at West Washington Charlestown at North Harrison Eastern Pekin at Silver Creek Salem at Brownstown Scottsburg at Corydon
  10. Not to mention County Rivals. This whole thing smells fishy. 🤣.
  11. Springs Valley at Paoli Taking Paoli. I think Perry still in mix for conference title. Think the WW transition is going to take some time. Going to this game Perry Central at Crawford County Hoping CC shows improvement. Brownstown at Eastern Pekin Same with Pekin here who look decent week 1. But got throttled by North Daviess. Clarksville at Charlestown Really wanted to take Clarksville but couldn't pull the trigger. Corydon at North Harrison County rivals are hard but Corydon did not look good. Scottsburg at Connersville No clue Silver Creek at Floyd Central Not sure if Creek is ready for this competition yet but excited to see the results.
  12. Springs Valley over Mitchell 42-0. Next Week at Paoli a test but could have a real good team here.
  13. Dang it bob! I almost did but storm made my daughter wanna stay inside. Haha
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