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  1. Salem HC has stepped down per their twitter account. https://twitter.com/salem_fb_lions/status/1232746269652783104?s=19
  2. Sounds like I need to visit when WW travels there this coming fall.
  3. I wonder if the HHC will offer Silver Creek to replace them and then leaving Madison to end up in MSC.
  4. West Washington is currently discussing the possibility. Hopefully soon we shall know. I'm alllll for it
  5. Haha. Same!! My dynasty league feels stacked. Won title and own 2nd pick. (Traded Kittle mid season after having Waller and Mark Andrews)
  6. Good work Darren Waller. As a Raiders fan I'm glad hes clean. Haha
  7. Glesing only lasted 1 year? What happened?
  8. Merry Christmas to you too coach!! Didnt want ya to feel left out. Haha
  9. I would totally believe that if Texas State wasnt the Bobcats. 🤣🤣
  10. Would require a shake up of the MSC. They all only have 1 non conference game and Brownstown isnt going to drop Seymour
  11. Incase you're new to tanka he makes every thread about cameras or wolfs. It's not a metaphor....its his legit obsession with end zone cameras. Just laugh but dont take it as anything more then a man who loves Endzone cameras and Brian Moore more then anyone should.
  12. Well....so I only looked at half. Haha.
  13. Find it interesting they list him as a FB. Wonder if IU plans to bulk him up and play him there. Also curious what his 40 is. If they think he can get around 250 and can run they could switch to TE down the line. Regardless recruiting/scouting isnt an exact science. Time will tell. Someone will always say "I told you so" in couple years, but I tend to trust the people who do it for a living.
  14. Always cracks me up. No matter how many threads get started on contraction always new fish getting mad. Yet this thread has more post then talking about nice subjects such as Mr Football and Top 25 programs of all time. Welcome to DTs side of the forum. You may hate the subjects but it always leads to chatter and from now until August it's what keeps me coming back. PS...no I dont support the whole contraction movement him and muda march with but I support the entertaining threads that follow. Enjoy the offseason!!
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