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  1. Multiple were posted on the first page. West Washington has had one for 7 years.
  2. Kinda my thinking a bit. Title set it up. But still got 2 answers thread related above and nothing about that
  3. Counties without football like Martin County. Haha
  4. Misty has been assistant at WW for 7 years. Last year was listed as QB/K/DB
  5. Haha. My step dad and I have probably watch every episode multiple times.
  6. Well if the numbers up there are close to correct it's a decent chance all 4 of us will be in same sectional too! Could be some good games coming up!!
  7. It has Barr Reeve listed which dont have football so you'll take their place. Haha. Also good to see you guys on the schedule. Look forward to hopefully playing at your place in year or so
  8. Ah. Guess that works. Our schedule seems to be getting changed alot this year. Looks like adding Rock Creek over Farmersburg...CC at 8 means we dropped Washington after 1 year (rather play Washington). Maybe we can get Providence down the road too
  9. Also awaiting on some official word on Crawford County. At one point they had talked about going independent for football and coming back later but PLAC said no. As of about a week ago a newspaper article said they were going to stay. However according to Harrells WW, Mitchell and maybe other appeared to have dropped them. WW has Clarksville week 2 and CC listed against Eastern.
  10. Im excited. I've heard but good things from Paoli people so far. Very curious how the offense will look! Will you be returning to OC?
  11. O no not by me. I dont know much about him outside of he ran the flexbone at Paoli. After seeing no huddle shotgun for last like 15 years or so itll be interesting to see that transition if he chooses that path again. I watched some LaPorte games last night and they were run heavy but shotgun (similar to WW last year). Looking forward to finding out what info I can as it comes along. Just get all the kids you can to play and hopefully it leads to titles. Excited for the future
  12. Regardless it appears we have our new coach. Heard noting but good things from paoli people so far. Here is to hoping he will continue to build what we have and get us to Lucas.
  13. Agree with Turf. But also the next HC gets us back to state. Been close last 2 years....ready to get over the hump!
  14. Thank you! Good for North Decatur. Hopefully all the teams find some stability.
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