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  1. I remember when we played them in semi state (2 years ago) their coach was excited about their soph class (will be seniors). Just never know who sticks around. Yes I agree that schedule is much better but didn't seem to matter couple years ago. That team was talented as hell obviously.
  2. Agree Lutheran from south. Not sure it'll be close (admittedly don't know what CC returns). Just to talk about someone different ill be watching Providence closely. Coming from 2A they have a good style. I assume they replace Perry Central in sectional 48. They could be a quietly good team and they play a good schedule.
  3. Nah....it just got changed to "Red Zone Defense wins championships" 😂😂
  4. I'm in. I'll start my door to door sales pitch soon
  5. Uh....I could for maybe 1 team....maybe. We were young. Graduated 6 seniors. I think 2 were starters (Clayton Holloway and Cameron VanCleave). Both lineman. Valley lost alot. Grimes and Chase both gone. I wanna say 11 seniors. Alot of starters. Their basketball team is doing well tho. I think the team could be exciting IF Soph to be QB Deon Edwards sticks to football. He's a major talent but heard he may focus on basketball. I like Valleys system so I'm sure they will be ok.
  6. https://www.tmnews.com/story/news/local/2022/02/16/mitchell-high-school-hires-new-varsity-football-coach-kevin-king/6797013001/ Little more about him. Coached at Trition Central approx 10 years ago. Unsure where he's been since.
  7. Figured we could start this for the 4 of us. Haha. Yesterday Mitchell's Facebook posted Kevin Kling as the new football HC. Not sure if anyone knows anything about him but if you do feel free to share. Good luck to the man. The new facilities they are building look amazing including the turf.
  8. Do all privates get the 1 class bump or just 1A to 2A...rest remain enrollment based?
  9. But you have said no private should be in class A. I'm not here to stir that pot...its a fight I refuse to partake in but more curious how YOU would have all classes shaped up to once all things are done how you think they should be. Just curiosity for me to see the whole picture and not just pieces here and there in different threads.
  10. I mean this is all seriousness when I say this but you need to just upload file of how you would do all teams in all classes. Use whatever success/private bump you wanna and split em up in whatever classes you would sort by. Let's see the whole picture and see how much people would really complain
  11. They lose 18-14. Good close game from what I followed on Twitter.
  12. Been talking about them in the 1A thread for a few weeks. They are big. They did have some luck against Valley (6 fumbles all recovered by offense for NCF) plus Valley lost their best player in game against Tecumseh. The defense is good. It's gonna he hard to run up the middle against them. Valley scored on a Pass and a punt return. Went nearly 2Qs without a first down.
  13. I just wanted to make sure we got in above the Orange County schools. 🤣
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