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  1. Not a colts fan but sadly Jacoby probably wins you enough games to stay out of top QB range but bad enough to miss playoffs. Oof.
  2. 2 kids removed from game....4th string RB played due to injuries....caleb Murphy on sideline alot of 2nd half due to apparent injury. Brutal start. But hopefully adjustments can be made and most injuries arent serious. Won 38-8. On to Crawford
  3. Almost Half WW leads 16-0. Bobby Stevens (per the pekin crowd) broke a bone in ankle or leg. Totally sucks as a fan but gotta keep playing. Mason Armstrong and what appears to be freshman Roper Mcpheeters have looked good. Hopefully Bobby gets healthy. Hes a hell of a player
  4. I'll be at the WW/Eastern Pekin game in Pekin. Dont think I've ever been to pekin when it's under what feels like 110° so thanks football gods!!
  5. Well congrats on 20 years sir!! But this better never happen again! Hahaha. Enjoy the season and any time you want a WW score you know my number. Be safe and good luck!!
  6. Assuming we are just eating the bye week this year does it appear to have any better shot at a full schedule next year?
  7. Clarksville has lost 45 straight and no end in sight. They going to catch that 64 game losing streak? Also see that most OT in a game? WW in the record books!!! Haha
  8. Easy saying that stuff without the invention of sarcasm font!! Even with the emoji someone is bound to take that serious and try to make it bulletin board material. 🤣🤣.
  9. Just like to welcome ya to program!! Haha. Look forward to the inside scoops. Even if they are made up but they are entertaining I'm all for it!!
  10. Crawford Co. at Switzerland Co. Eastern Greene at Springs Valley Madison at Paoli Mitchell at Edgewood Perry Central at Tell City West Washington at Eastern Pekin Charlestown at Silver Creek Clarksville at Scottsburg Corydon at Brownstown Salem at North Harrison
  11. Are we doing GID poll this year or with the server issues not going to have a chance? Was just curious. Didnt see sign ups. If we aren't is it something we may be able to do next year?
  12. No we keep it in thread to keep chatter going. Got moved once and it died. Any and all are welcome.
  13. I cant wait for season. Sucks it looks like we wont have a week 8 opp but at least we have a full sectional. Haha.
  14. Indy Manuel now playing Gary Roosevelt. Unsure if any options available now
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