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  1. Does a play like this get used to clarify how a play like this should be ruled? Is the 'grey area' something that can be eliminated? I'm used to hearing public changes discussed to rules in the NFL after 'grey area' plays: tuck rule (which was reinforced after the original tuck game), catch with a football move, etc.
  2. I would add the audible "thud" after the ball hits the pads/helmet of the lineman as evidence of a pass and not a fumble.
  3. As I understand it next years realignment will only include the 2020, 2021 seasons. Memorial will be 4a for the next two years. "Tournament success factor points accumulated in 2020-21 and 2021-22 will be applied toward the next two-year cycle." https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2021/04/02/ihsaa-delays-reclassification-one-year-due-enrollment-numbers/7065602002/
  4. The SIAC outperformed Sagarin expectations in non-conference games by 104 pts. One year ago they outperformed expectations by 90 pts in round one and that resulted in a 11 pt rating bump per team on average.
  5. SIAC Sagarin observations: The SIAC as a whole is rated higher then one year ago, about 12 pts per team better this year. This comes from a strength of schedule weighting greater then last year. Currently, Jasper (5pts) and Castle (.43 pts) are both rated higher then Central was at the same time one year ago. One year ago the conference entered sectional as 66 pt underdogs in round one non-conference games and outperformed that by 90pts. (Bosse alone was a 51 pt underdog, they lost by 49) This year the conference is a favorite by 1.91 pts in round one non-conference games (MD, Vin, Bosse, Reitz, Jasper). By comparison, the Summit (another closed conference) has one of the best strength of schedules in the state. Last year both conferences had the same strength of schedule heading into sectional. Some sort of adjustment was made to try and offset the closed conference problem.
  6. Why don't you just use your card # on Paypal? That's what I do. No bank needed.
  7. At first glance it appears as though the whole conference is rated higher then it was one year ago by Sagarin.
  8. My condolences and prayers. Can someone share what her name is?
  9. This game should provide a good barometer to compare how much Jasper and Memorial have changed since week 1.
  10. The draw is the reason they are a heavy favorite. All the good teams not named Memorial are in the bottom half of the bracket. JH says the bottom half of the bracket has a 54% chance of winning sectional.
  11. Boonville is a 21 point favorite on Sagarin, lol.
  12. In other news Sagarin hates the SIAC, especially Vincennes. (I know, closed conference.)
  13. Historically I've always noticed that SW Indiana teams tend to be undervalued during the regular season on Sagarin and move up as a whole during the playoffs. This year the opposite appears to be true.
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