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  1. Closed conferences should be treated differently. Case in point, a closed conference of the mega football schools (Cathedral, Center Grove, etc) should not have the same strength of schedule as a closed conference of 1a schools. Sagarin is probably using some aspect of last years playoff results to weight the conferences. The SAC did not have as much playoff success in 2021 as in 2020. The SIAC did better in 2021 then in 2020. The "switching" of their conference strength is probably related to playoff performance. No it is not perfect but unfortunately the only way to connect the conferences in season is to use something from last year to compare them. The fact it was reversed is explained by the difference in playoff performance changing from 2020 to 2021
  2. Here is one of last years conversations that this years thread is recycling.
  3. As others have stated Sagarin cannot compare teams that are not connected. Both conferences will not be connected until the playoffs. Last year the same happened only in reverse. The SAC was over-weighted during the season and the SIAC was under-weighted. Playoff results will have outsized influence on both conferences final rating. Last year's rankings for both conferences top five teams were as follows: After week 9 After state SAC 3,8,11,12,19 20,48,60,68,70 (yes, Sagarin thought 5 of the top 20 regular season teams were in the SAC) SIAC 65, 83, 88, 113, 137 25, 26, 31, 44, 69 One year ago there was a discussion on this board about why the SAC was valued so highly.
  4. Probably on the same grounds the NFL has to restrict broadcasting of there games.
  5. One big difference this year is the strength of the middle. I didn't look at it in my chart above. Teams 5-6 are a good deal stronger then year's past. It could be the product of a deep conference or it could just be comparing week 5 to week 9. The middle might weaken out by week 9 this year.
  6. Yes. The final rankings for SIAC teams prior to 10 teams was consistent with the current alignment. https://web.archive.org/web/20180101000000*/http://sagarin.com/sports/hsfsend.htm
  7. Which is to say Sagarin currently has the SIAC ranked inline with where it will be ranked after state. I'm not familiar with how much the tournament shifted the SIAC rankings in Calpreps or Massey in years past.
  8. Adding to my previous post: If the SIAC has similar postseason success as the past two years then the SIAC rankings won't move much during this years tournament.
  9. Sagarin has made a significant adjustment to the weighting of the SIAC relative to years past. The following is a chart showing the rankings of the 1st, 2nd, 9th, and 10th ranked teams after games 9 and state. The current season ranking has the SIAC in line with where they have finished in the final rankings after state the past two years. After game 9 Final ranking after state. 2020 80:137:289:308 21:38:213:255 2021 65:83:240:244 25:26:148:150 2022 20:21:163:166 (rankings after game 5)
  10. Three games in and only one team is undefeated. Regarding rankings: Philosophically there are two ways to rank teams. One is forward thinking. Which team is best if they played today and or moving forward? The other is past thinking. Which is best based on body of work? (Team A beat B who beat C) Both type of ranking systems have merit. The schedule three weeks in happens to fit in such a way that every team can be ranked with a "past looking" system in which every team can be ranked with the teams they defeated below them and the teams that beat them ranked above them. That ranking is as follows: (And for the record I prefer a forward looking ranking system) Reitz VL MD Castle North Harrison Jasper Memorial/Bosse (These two only share Central as a common opponent so no one really knows who is better.)🤣 Central
  11. I agree. People act like Jasper didn't just lose to Harrison a week earlier.
  12. As a Jasper fan I'm not offended at all by preseason rankings. Jasper has only lost two SIAC conference games since the 1970's, so rank us where you see fit. As for the PAC v SIAC nonsense: The difference isn't which champ is best, or which bad team is worst. The difference is the middle. If you really think the 4th and 5th place teams in each conference are equal then there really is nothing anyone can say to change your mind.
  13. I agree. The first I heard of any of that was in this thread.
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