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  1. Another college Castle commit. Hayden Gorman OL to Indiana Wesleyan
  2. Kris Butler of Castle (DL) committed to Indiana State joining his brother Kenny Butler who committed there last year. That’s three from Castle going there next year. Myers, Reff, and Butler.
  3. I loved watching Reff play the last couple years. Great athlete.
  4. I know Castle still does not have field turf. Are there any other 6A/5A schools (with their own field) that don’t have field turf?
  5. Tilly is not coming back. They are already working on two players for next year. The JV QB was a freshman and will play JV again unless something crazy happens. The offense will def look different.
  6. Is there an online stream of Castle @ Jasper?
  7. I heard at the JV game last night that Castle is installing turf after this season. Maybe it’s just hopeful conversation amongst fans. We got a new Superintendent and supposedly he made the decision.
  8. Is Castle the only school in the SIAC without turf? Vincennes?
  9. Of the PAC small school division which schools now have turf fields and which schools still have grass?
  10. How many quarters can a high school player get in a week and what is considered a quarter of play?
  11. I know I watched the state finals last year on YoutubeTV. I’ve been searching everywhere and I don’t see where the games will be streamed this year on YoutubeTV. Anyone know anything I’m missing? Does this mean IHSAATV will show them live?
  12. Castle Athletics announced a 6:30 Central start time on Friday.
  13. Castle 49-7. Clock running with 10 minutes left.
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