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  1. I kept hearing throughout the season that he has made comments to MD insiders he had been waiting on Wunderlich to be a senior.
  2. Is this the year Goebel retires? 70 years old and going out with a state title….
  3. I thought state finals were always streamed free on the website. Did that change this year?
  4. I had to look up Fly sweep. I’m my mind I pictured jet sweep. Looks very similar to the Wing T offense (which is awesome in high school). A little more research and I found Fly sweep is a descendant of the Wing T offense.
  5. Guess that’s why they start 0-0 in sectionals.
  6. HS football is just better on Friday nights but it was really cool to see Castle and Mater Dei at the same place playing back to back. Would give fans something to cheer for in two games at one place.
  7. Outside of just looking at schedules and scores. How is this game looking? It looked like Bloomington South was to be the favorite against Castle in Regionals but it really wasn’t close after halftime. Whiteland looks to play a large school schedule during the regular season. With Castle losing both their first and second string RBs they have moved a WR to starting RB. Castle also switched starting QBs around week 6. Their current qb was their #1 WR prior to the switch. He does have a little more mobility but losing him at WR hurts some . Any info on Whiteland? John Lidy Field at Castle still has a natural grass so hopefully the weather is good. Visitor side bleachers are elevated and fairly large.
  8. Evv North 18 Castle 14 halftime- started out quickly 14-0 Castle. Haven’t moved the ball since.
  9. Halftime. Castle 21 new Albany 14 starting RB Max McCool out with an injury early in the first quarter on a long run.
  10. It’s so simple. All in tournament that is seeded by the participating schools in that sectional. Wrestling does it at literally every tournament with way more participants. It isn’t hard. Do it in football and basketball. Have a legit metric for determining seeding: head to head, record within sectional, records against same class, record against larger classes, etc.
  11. To be fair, GS won state last year, loss their schedule with large schools out of conference, went undefeated so far, etc. the cockiness might be earned at this point.
  12. I know Westfield has been in 6A for a bit but when did they actually move from 5A to 6A? They used to have under 1,000 students right?
  13. Does anyone know what year each team started playing football? That would be cool to see the year with the number of wins.
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