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  1. Agreed, no doubt they (GS) are in a great spot. Success breeds success. Until last year, they really hadn't really brought much home...a couple regionals, and a sectional (or something like that). For the last 4 years, just couldn't make that hurdle of sectional until last year where it rolled all the way through LOS. However, with this huge success, in my opinion, GS is going to have many years of success. May even have that coveted opportunity to get their butts kicked by Chatard once or twice (if Chatard stays in 3A). DumfriesYMCA and Titan32, please see that has playful prodding, kind of....you have had the experience once, you will get it again. It is frustrating.....we are 1-7 against them (I think) and some of those games were horribly close. They are 1 of just a couple teams in the state that have a winning record against us. Bottom line is GS will be a steamroller for a while with no end in sight.....
  2. Really about the smallest number of seniors that I can recall in recent history is about 8. Next year's senor class will likely be a very small one maybe less than 8. Like has already been mentioned, it really hasn't mattered, at least historically speaking. When necessary, Clayton would move a 160 lb Junior to Guard and tell him to commit homicide and the kid would do just that. Things are different now, offense is different, it is much more complex now, pro set, flex bone, yadda yadda....I'm just a crusty old guy that says get your guys in the most ridiculous shape possible and pound the ball down the throat with the wishbone. We used to be conditioned to have 15 or so guys do it all, because we had to. But I'm dated and everything is different. That is not a shot at any person or system at HH, I love the staff, it is just different and some of us have a tendency to live in the past--so don't interpret any of that as some kind of slam. Speaking of past, I know a grad from HH 30 years ago that went into the Marine Corps and said that boot camp was a joke next to Clayton's practices. That is NOT a shot at the Marines, so please don't go down that road. With that said, I'm confident that Bob wouldn't be able to coach today in the current culture...it is a different time. When you talk about team chemistry being in the DNA, it unfortunately isn't. We need our swagger back, I'm hoping that comes back soon. Many on this forum have no idea what HH football was 2 decades ago, that swagger just ain't there--but again, I'm hopeful that it will return. Personally, in the last 35 years, I have not seen ANY high school football team with the attitude of the late 80s - late 2000s Patriots, and may never again.
  3. He could sling a ball something fierce...but what many don't know is that he was more fun to watch on defense and special teams than offense (at least for me)....oh well....back to scrimmages. I am curious to see how we stack up to Reitz on Thursday.
  4. We just couldn't get Cutler to come back and help us out with that....
  5. It would be ok, but there is another problem with never passing the ball.....you have pass defense that is less than stellar. It just kind of rolls that way.
  6. SMH, you found a sore spot here. 7on7 Saturday up at Jasper.....watched us throw more Saturday that we will throw for the next 5 years.
  7. Indeed. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HH camp is at the high school where it belongs. The day after camp we go to the Reitz Bowl for scrimmage.
  8. We have camp this week. Dropped my boy off this morning. It runs though Wednesday.
  9. Actually we host Silver Creek Thursday, we will be at Reitz next week....unless something changed.
  10. Actually our incoming freshman and sophomores are really talented. We will see where that goes. Goldsberry is a freshman. He is 14 years old, 170 lb, 5' 10" and runs like a freight train. The potential sophomore QB is as fast or faster than Sigler was, but the difference is that this one can throw and throw pretty well.
  11. As you know, it is hard to tell much this early. To your QB comment. I can tell you how that is going to go....."hey! who is the most athletic senior? It is your job!" To be honest, I don't know where that will go, we have a sophomore QB that I believe would be excellent, but he will likely only see 3rd and 4th quarters on Friday nights. Looking forward to the season....my kid told me they have another scrimmage Monday at Reitz.
  12. The weather was definitely nice and enjoyed the pads poppin again. It was enjoyable going up against people we never see during the year.
  13. We (Heritage Hills) have one tonight at Evansville North
  14. Yes, assistant role....they are glad to have him back. Guy at work from Ferdinand (Forest Park) told me today, with a wink, that Bob Clayton was applying for the Forest Park job. LOL....I told him if that happened FP would probably decide they couldn't play football anymore. Not sure kids today would handle getting kicked in the rear (physically HARD!) when they didn't get off the ball fast enough or having a clipboard broken over their head. But hey, don't knock it, such things make great football teams. BTW....saw Coach Clayton last Friday night at the Chateau....looks pretty good for an old guy. Wasn't terrifying at all....
  15. We also have a little QB competition amongst the youngins.
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