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  1. Whether it is attractive enough to Coach Hart or not to pull him away or not....who knows... BUT the opportunity to coach a kid like Brady Allen comes along in schools like ours maybe (MAYBE) once is 2 or 3 decades. My thought--he will stay, this is terrible timing for a move. After all he has been able to to and now have maybe the best QB in the state, I just can't see him moving. I know he hates the word potential, but there is a bunch there.
  2. I can't answer that specifically, the past few years they have had guys rise to the occasion as necessary. Like you, I have heard talk--from a guy at GS--that if they were going to make a run it would have been this year. Again, with a couple of the private programs moving out of 3A and everything falls into place....just gotta make it out of sectional.
  3. I would think if he was going anywhere it would be Reitz. My understanding is that he has yet to buy a house and is still renting (don't flame me for something I heard if it isn't true). He is a great coach and has a great thing going at Gibson Southern. Frankly I hope he never leaves.....a team like GS is a great thing to have in the PAC. Then there is Allen. The stars may be aligning for a run to LOS and maybe a state title. Chatard surely will move up and Memorial ain't going anywhere for a while. An opportunity to coach a kid like Allen is a once in a lifetime thing (maybe twice) at a public school.
  4. if that is the case I guess that means the IHSAA hates Heritage Hills. We had 1 home game in the tournament.
  5. Uh, really. Dude, Owensboro Senior high is no joke. Most any given year they would compete with most anyone in the SIAC.
  6. Indeed. Why we wasted those 2 spots on Tell City and North Posey....I just can't understand. I can't understand why they would even want to play us. Why not jump across the river for a challenge if you can't find anyone up here?
  7. I am a youth coach, and we just introduced the flexbone at the 5-6 grades this year. Motion is a bit hard for them to get used to.
  8. Yup, and there is being in the right place at the right time. If folks at Memorial are being honest they are glad they were bumped to 4A this year! Am I wrong? That is NOT a statement on your team, which is obviously stellar. If I am being honest, I am glad Memorial wasn't in Sectional 32!
  9. We have 50 kids on the roster. That is almost 10% of the enrollment. If half are girls then that doubles. Almost 1 in 6 (boys) playing football...that is pretty involved.
  10. We just got our butt kicked by Chatard. Nobody cares about excuses. My 12 year old son came to me during the game Friday and said, "do you realize that their team is 1/5 the size of our entire school?!?!?!" My reply to him was that none of this matters. Nobody cares about excuses. Until Indiana changes the rules we just have to work harder and find a way to win.
  11. I really wasn't intending to ruffle any feathers, even though I did. Don't hear me say that I think we will run with this. I stated (i think on page 1) that if we play in the first half like we have in the last month, we will get owned--BAD. However, if we play 4 quarters of football, we have a real shot. I think. Cole Sigler said it well last week, "we didn't get off the bus until the 2nd half".
  12. I have known many of these kids since they were little and watched them for years and this is a dream come true for them. But getting to LOS is not the goal--winning state is. They have heard the poison all year about "everyone in 3A is playing for 2nd place". They are chomping at the bit to do everything they can to see that BC is that 2nd place. No, we don't have a roster full of guys that have moved in from all over the region to play for the super school that will be playing D1 football with a few playing on Sundays in a few years. BUT, what we do have is a bunch of hard nosed country boys that will give it everything they have, every snap--and if they have the game of their life (which I think they will), it will be enough. This has got to be the most unselfish team I have ever seen play. Regardless of what happens, BC may be surprised that they probably haven't been hit as hard as they will be hit Friday afternoon.
  13. Agreed. It is appropriate that these teams meet at LOS. Here is the way this MUST play out for HH to win. I believe HH wins this because it will be the first time this year that they have played 4 quarters of football. These guys don't start playing until the 2 half. It isn't simply the coaches making adjustments--although they have made spectacular adjustments....in the games that have been tougher...where was the difference? All those games that were close, then the second half showed up and those teams don't score (or score very little) and HH piles on the points. They must come out and play every snap like the game depends on it, because against Chatard--the game will depend on every snap. If we play like the other games where we were soft the 1st half we will likely get in a hole that we can't get out of. The first half of all of our playoff games were very close in the first half--against GS we were getting our butts kicked, SR was tight at the half, Sinktown tight at the half, Danville tight at the half. With the exception of GS, none of those games were close at the end. No score prediction but I'll take HH in a very close slobberknocker--IF we play 4 quarters.
  14. Everybody loves pancakes--#79 will be serving them the entire game! Danville coach will see it on film, but I'll go ahead and mention, beware of the no fly zone that is anywhere within 20 yards of #15. Our D likes to score too. Outside of all the trash talk, I am looking forward to travelling up there for what should be a serious battle.
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