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  1. Well yeah! We only want to get beat by a couple scores instead of 4 or 5 scores. 😂 Indeed....SS will likely dump the game, and I hope it happens. That needs to happen sooner than later. Problem on both sides is the gate $$$$$$ for that game is always high. But, as you know, the fact is that it is a waste of time for both teams.
  2. There was a time (maybe still is the case) that we had more PAC championships than the rest of the PAC combined. As it currently stands we haven't won the PAC since 2019. While sectional is always on the top of the list, we would love to run the table, but as you have already pinpointed there are a few that give a challenge. Southridge - oldest and historically most competitive rival, on paper we should smoke them but this will be contested Gibson Southern - In the last decade our biggest rival - tons of love here, this game will be brutal North Posey - again on paper shouldn't be close, but sometimes this is quite a game New game in week 2 to replace Tell City (FINALLY) - Christian Academy of Louisville, they have won state in KY for the last 2 years in 3A and they runner-upped (i think) the year before that. Pretty sure that will be contested. We should be very, very good, and should be better than 2023, but we are talking about children and you just never know. I am chomping at the bit for next season.
  3. We have picked up Christian Academy - Louisville in the week 2 spot. They have won 3A Kentucky state the last 2 years....should be an interesting game. I'm not shocked TC did this. This game was a waste of time for both of us. South Spencer needs to go next.
  4. There is more to that story. Coach Clayton asked the PC coach to go to a running clock, he smarted off to Clayton and coach basically said ok then we will run it to 100. We just didn't have enough time.....:)
  5. So for the couple of you that might care, Dave dug this out and sent it to me last night. Dave believes that this ONLY accounts for 1996-2006, so some of these have been broken, many likely will never be broken. If nothing else I found it interesting and terribly nostalgic.
  6. I asked Dave, he has sophomore and junior stats but no senior stats on Cole.
  7. While I appreciate the kind words and recognition of a very special athlete, everybody in Spencer County remembers in the late 90's when Jett's dad's team got upset in the sectionals. That isn't lost on any of us....the future expectations are high, but children are children and if anything children are inconsistent and every teenage boy has the inherent ability to be a moron. I know because I was one and I am a father to one on this team. 2024 season has started, at this point we are looking to be competitive for a conference championship and competitive for a sectional.
  8. Well, now here we are. This has went off the rails. This game carries the stench of Rome!!!! Anyway, here is the deal, we knew what we were running into. The kid that had the 3 ints said it best, "We are used to this". 34ish seniors, 1 two way player, etc, etc..... Here is the fact publics--deal with it. We at HH have dealt with it on and off for over 25 years in the playoffs, what is the answer? The answer is until the brain trust at the IHSAA changes the rules (which they won't) we have to get bigger, faster and stronger. Period. I'm with @hhpatriot04--go do some Oklahoma drills. Let's get to work!
  9. Jasper and Heritage Hills developed quite a rivalry over the years. We do not play anymore due to the Big 8 conference dissolving and Jasper getting absorbed by the SIAC, and they have too many teams to have a non conference game. We are still scrimmage partners the Friday before season starts.
  10. This is the very thing that we couldn't do with Batesville. We won the turnover battle 3-0, but we only beat them by 3 and just didn't capitalize like we should have.
  11. Throw this up for giggles..... 3A State Championship HH vs Bishop Chatard Friday, November 24th 2:00 pm CST @ Lucas Oil Stadium History Of The Matchup Heritage Hills (13-1) @ Bishop Chatard (14-0) Lucas Oil Stadium Friday, November 24, 2023 2:00 pm CST KICKOFF This is the 9th meeting between Heritage Hills and Indianapolis Chatard. The Trojans lead the overall series 7-1. The first meeting between these two schools was in the 1997 Regional. The next 6 meetings were in the South Semistate and this will be their second meeting in the State Finals. Chatard beat the Patriots 34-3 in 2019 to win the State Championship. Heritage Hills' lone victory in the series came in 2004. The Trojans came into that game as a heavy favorite and were the 3-time defending 3A state champions. In that 2004 game Chatard led 10-0 after the first quarter. The Patriots added a Jace Morrison field goal in the 2nd quarter and trailed 10-3 at halftime. The Patriots had a long time consuming drive that ate up the clock and tied it up with 2:29 remaining in the 3rd quarter that ended in a Bryce Pund 2-yard touchdown run. Neither team was able to muster much offense in the 4th quarter before Jace Morrison kicked a 38-yard field goal with 8.3 seconds left to seal the Heritage Hills victory. WE NEED YOU this Friday LOUD & PROUD! BRING THE 12th MAN! Team Breakdowns For The Record 1997 - Chatard 24, Heritage Hills 21 2001 - Chatard 34, Heritage Hills 14 2002 - Chatard 35, Heritage Hills 28 2003 - Chatard 24, Heritage Hills 3 2004 - Heritage Hills 13, Chatard 10 2005 - Chatard 21, Heritage Hills 20 (OT) 2007 - Chatard 28, Heritage Hills 17 2019 - Chatard 34, Heritage Hills 3 Ticket Information The Heritage Hills High School Football team will travel to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for the IHSAA 3A State Championship game vs. Indianapolis Bishop Chatard on Friday, November 24th with kickoff scheduled at 2:00 pm CST. Tickets are $15 per person. Children age 5 and under are Free. All seats are General Admission. Per Lucas Oil Stadium policy, all ticket sales will be digital only; printed tickets will not be used. Tickets can be purchased in three ways: LUCAS OIL STADIUM TICKET OFFICE ADVANCE SALES: Mobile tickets may be purchased in advance at the Lucas Oil Stadium Ticket Office IN PERSON ONLY (no phone or online orders) Tues.-Fri. 9am-5pm EST with no additional fees being charged. Hours vary around a holiday. Please call 317-262-3389 to confirm office is open. Tickets will be sent to the purchaser’s smart phone. Checks are not accepted for payment, only credit cards (with photo ID matching the card). LUCAS OIL STADIUM TICKET OFFICE DAY OF EVENT SALES: On the day of the event, mobile tickets may be purchased only at the Southeast Ticket Office with no additional fees and will be sent to the purchaser’s smartphone. (No one will be permitted to enter until they have received the mobile ticket on their smartphone. Checks are not accepted for payment, only credit cards (with photo ID matching the card) or cash. The Ticket Office will open at 9:00 am EST on both Friday and Saturday. TICKETMASTER: Mobile tickets may be purchased in advance online through Ticketmaster at www.ticketmaster.com, or via the Ticketmaster mobile app. A per ticket fee of $5.60 and a per order fee of $5.60 will be charged by Ticketmaster in addition to the cost of the ticket. You must have, or set up, a Ticketmaster account to purchase tickets via Ticketmaster. Use the following to locate the event on Ticketmaster: https://www.ticketmaster.com/51st-annual-ihsaa-football-championships-friday-indianapolis-indiana-11-24-2023/event/05005F62A5352D52 Tickets purchased in advance can be transferred via email using a Ticketmaster account to someone else. (You must have a Ticketmaster account to transfer tickets via email.) Ticketmaster allows a maximum of 50 tickets per order. Can't Make The Game?
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