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  1. I think there there are two buses....plus the normal cars. One school bus, not sure about other bus.
  2. Wow, there is no way there is going to be anywhere near enough room for us.
  3. STC is legendary... So this is funny....my daughter is a cheerleader and she has my house full of cheerleaders tonight (obviously lots of excitement among Cutler's Cuties), and in the midst of all the annoying noise I hear from the next room one of them say, "did you know that Lawerenceburg's coach dresses as some perverted male prostitute clown?" So I bust up in the room and ask if they are referring to the Stink Town Clown. "Yup, that's him!" SMH---girls, there is no way that is the coach. If it is he will likely be far to intoxicated to coach Saturday....so I was thinking why not just go ahead and fill that spot STC? Great night for a guest coaching spot!
  4. When the Phoenix rises and/or #25 is packing the rock, prepare to get run over. Please try to tackle either--they love contact. You better send more than 1 guy, you likely won't tackle them alone. Last guy that tried to tackle head on laid on the field a while. This is going to be a long week waiting on this one.
  5. I expect this game to be closer than the last for sure. I am looking forward to this matchup. My favorite rival and I have loads of great friends in Huntingburg. This is the oldest matchup/rival we have and the one team we play that is packing a pile of hardware that they have collected over the years. We couldn't have a better matchup tonight--environment will be great and I am glad to be back in the Jungle. We want a sectional!!!
  6. My understanding is that Chris is indeed done. Coach Jochim told Todd he would let him know a year before he would hang it up, my understanding is that Jochim has NOT put Todd on notice. So Chris out, Jochim stays. I guess we will know after the season is over....
  7. Dave, I believe the same rule as a punt applies. If there was time left we would have got that ball on the 20....I think. Or would have just got it back at the line of scrimmage where the attempt was made. I wouldn't ask those officials though. Those guys weren't watching the game anyway. Terrible. That should have been a 2 score game.
  8. I don't know about any poop, but I don't think we will send this one to running clock like last time.
  9. Dave is not sick...he is well. I just saw him with my own eyes a bit ago. Now, as for your issue. I totally agree. The Evansville paper has done their overly predictable article (vomit) on the Titans. They have the Titans beating the Colts on Sunday after they walk all over Heritage Hills. They and Randall Parmley make me sick to my stomach with their Titanphilia. I guess that is the best of smack talk I can come up with. I ran into one of our running backs last night at the school, they had been watching film. They are beyond stoked, but it is guarded--just like this thread. Personally, I think we win and win decisively--then do the same thing to Southridge in the final. I believe we are that good. There someone said it. Could it go the other way....absolutely, ultimately these are children and if children are anything they are inconsistent. Again, I say this with the respect for a couple excellent teams who are coached by excellent coaches....it could go either way.
  10. I hate to speculate about the next GS/HH matchup (assuming it happens--I'm hoping GS overlooks Salem, they won't). HH was playing with the swagger and attitude of the old days in that game. GS flat out was ready for the bus in the 4th quarter. They got some momentum when they came out and scored quick in the 2nd half. Anyone that knows anything about GS knew that 21-0 was nothing that they couldn't come back from. I remember telling by brother in law at the half that Coach Hart may very well come out in the 2nd and feed our rear ends to us. I trust things will be different next game (again, if it happens)...score will surely be closer. We must remember also that these are children if anything they are inconsistent. This group of kids is determined, it has been a while since I have seen an HH team with this much attitude.
  11. Jay Cutler--it was always obvious that kid was special.
  12. Supposedly, that was just a cramp in the GS game. Looked like to me it was more than that. JW is good to go as far as I know.
  13. Expect more great things to come in about 5 years. I coach 5/6 grade and have Jade Winchell's kid on my team. He is doing things as a 5th grader that can't be taught. Also, (not on my team)there is Jon Goldsberry's kid. I think his dad taught him his stiff arm--he is vicious. I have never seen a 6th grader run like him. Chip off the old block. Right now 5th - 7th grade is loaded with talent. There is a Kress in that bunch too.
  14. I expect GS to be huge in sectional. The Southport game....I wouldn't have put too much stock in that either way. Chatard beat them like a red headed stepchild. Sectional 32 will be brutal all around. Whoever comes out will likely meet the winner of 28 at LOS.
  15. I'm glad to see that this conversation finally left "where to get pizza" to the fact that the biggest game in the state is being played tonight. I work with one of Southridge's coaches....at least he knows how to smack talk. He says earlier this week, "I'm glad we play Gibson Southern last, because we will both be undefeated." My reply, "good luck with that." My blood pressure is already up for tonight. Will likely be a one score difference--I certainly don't think this one will be like last regular season game.
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