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  1. Typically, if you are in sectional 28, winning sectional is more than 50% of the work......With Brebuef and West Lafeyette playing in the first game, that could very well be the state champion. I am hoping that a team from the south has a very different plan.
  2. My bad, you are correct. We did have Southridge at home for the final....we had GS in Ft Branch in the semi final. The rest of them were away. Regardless, it was a crap ton of miles.
  3. By the way, I will add that this gets kinda screwy....in 2019 we had the sectional final, regional and semi state all as away games (LOS basically a home game for Chatard). That sucked. I can't remember the miles traveled but it was a bunch.
  4. I am jesting. I am confident that they are, thus the accompanying video. With the discipline and mental toughness that GS has right now, I'm pretty sure they would play well in a hurricane. No, I don't think it is possible. If it all goes as it appears, HH will be at GS.
  5. Actually, I would argue that you are the thorn in the side! ☺️ We feel really fortunate as we have not got a draw like this in years! Never happens. HOWEVER, I will say it again as you have already pointed out--we are the better team over MV. I wanted them in the 1st round. 5 TOs and they win by 8? As you said we win this game 8 out of 10 times. By the way, I want the sectional final in the Jungle, 33 degrees, with a torrential downpour--this is my best case scenario. So you are saying there is a chance....
  6. Boonville is not that good. There will be a running clock in that game.
  7. I feel your pain. Our in county rival hasn't been a rival in years because it just isn't an interesting game. Years ago, SS had a decent program and it was a fun game. Now they just try to hurt people and you just hope you drop your 50 point and leave intact. GS-Princeton--63-0
  8. I would argue that of the better programs in the PAC, GS is the only one who has truly made the most of their non-conference slots (Southridge had Linton, but that will be gone next year). Why do teams schedule who they schedule, NOT making the most of it? Because it is easy. You aren't going to get any better than who you play. I am frustrated with our non-conference schedule, but that doesn't matter. For example, most years it does neither us or Tell City any good to play each other. BTW--I haven't forgot last years loss, one of 6 losing seasons in 49 years. We would all like to forget last year for all kids of reasons.
  9. I really hope we get Mt. Vernon in round 1 of the sectional. I want a do over of that game.
  10. It would be nice to know if there was a backstory to this. Back in 2000 when we beat Pike Central 90 - 0, Bob Clayton had a discussion with PC coach concerning running clock, and backups, etc.....PC coach said no to all and instead said, "I want your best", to which Coach Clayton said, "no you don't". To his surprise the next thing Jay Cutler hears is 1st team defense--get in there. There could be more to the story, but 90 points is stupid. Put the girls soccer team in.
  11. It will be a 40 point game. At least.
  12. Yes, I would say very close. While I am obviously biased, HH beats Mt. Vernon if we got to play again. 5 turnovers is hard to overcome (but we only lost by 5) But yes, you are accurate, I believe.
  13. He is not playing. Student at Purdue.
  14. The worst part is when you get there, you lose, and you had the better team. Of the 7 times we have played Bishop Chatard we have won only 1 time, BUT there were 2 other times that we had the better team (yeah, I know not that night blah, blah). That was disappointing. In 2019 when they beat us, it was obvious they had the better team, they could have beat some small colleges. But there were a couple times in the past....it was flat out maddening. If you get there. Win. Especially if you face Brefeuf. Beat the snot out of them.
  15. our 305 lb Mark Doyle had a pretty good one in the regional game in 2019. Belly flopped right on top of a 160 lb kid. poor little guy.
  16. Expectation? Expect to win by at least 40. They beat us by 8 and we turned over the ball FIVE TIMES. You will win and win big. They are obviously decent but they aren't at GS level. It may not be your toughest conference game...maybe I'm wrong, but you are looking at winning by 6 scores IMO.
  17. A few scores...not a few points. LOL. Maybe a 100. French Lick
  18. Great players attract great players, as you know well. We will see how it all plays out. The specific group has yet to win a sectional (or the conference)....my guess is that it ends very different this year. Everything seems to be in place.
  19. HH vs GS--I'm not going to comment, I mean how can you compete with all those transfers! I joke, seriously....I'm kidding, that was a ridiculous discussion. HH will struggle to keep this game close if we resort back to the turnover machine we were in the first 4 games. Our defense is good, but the DBs will have their work cut out for them for sure. MV vs Boonville -- MV by 28 NP vs Tecumseh -- NP by 40 NK by a few Princeton over Washington--did Pike Central really beat Washington? Forest Park in a close one SR over TC in a close one
  20. I should have given a little more context....😄 This apparently all started on 231 and they ended up bailing out of the car. There was not an incident in the football stadium, they just wanted to keep the kids safe and send them home. Obviously we don't get this kind of excitement very often. My suggestion is to get every hill jack in Spencer county out with their thermal imaging scopes. Coyotes, fugitives, whatever, we will find them!
  21. Decision going to be made here whether or not to have a game tonight....4 people on foot being chased by the cops. Everyone was sent home last night--cleared football stadium (7th grade game) out in about 10 minutes. School was called off today because they still haven't been caught. Phone call said they would decide about homecoming game today by 1:00. Geez, is this like a daily thing when you live in Chicago or is it business as usual?
  22. Enjoy that, as I'm sure you do. I always loved it when folks hate us cause they ain't us.
  23. Linton wins by at least 3 scores. We beat them by 2 and turned the ball over about 100 times.
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