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  1. Good season Blazers, had a lot of fun watching. Andrean wins 17-14.
  2. Have the game on. Tri’s gameplan seems masterful thus far. Go Titans!
  3. The game is not at Andrean! It is at Eastside! I was listening to the commentators on the Eastside game week say this, if it’s Andrean it’s a home game. Plus Maxpreps and Harrell say it’s at Eastside too. Also, Laban Davis is the real deal. Bowen this, Bowen that, the Eastside QB will be the best player on the field on Friday and I expect a Blazer victory.
  4. The future on the offense is bright, even with our star wideout leaving. The QB is a freshman and has a massive ceiling. However, I wouldn’t consider us “potent” just yet. Our young guys need time to develop.
  5. I agree. Teams definitely get better as season progresses. I was just basing my views off of personal observation.
  6. I watched Plainfield play Tri-West this year in-person. A few costly turnovers at the start of the game proved to be fatal the Quakers chances of victory; the Bruins capitalized off of all those turnovers and jumped to a 19-0 lead at the end of the 1st. Slowly but surely, however, the Quakers inched back into the game and even took a 20-19 lead. However, TW scored on their final drive and won 25-20. I think that turnovers are the key difference maker in this game. Once Plainfield got going, the Bruins had trouble stopping them, and GS definitely has a better offense than Plainfield. GS has also been great at not causing turnovers. As a result, I like your chances, GS posters.
  7. Eastside 21 Eastbrook 14 00:58 4th, all on the Blazer Hands Team Eastside has won by a score of 21-14 after an onside kick recovery.
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