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  1. Prolly going to be a little while before the North champion wins the State title game.
  2. Decatur Central, Whiteland, Plainfield, and to a lesser extent Anderson and Franklin Community, but I'm not too sure if we can call the latter two as part of an "Indy presence."
  3. Plainfield 5th really surprises me. I get we have a good quarterback that’s gonna be a sophomore but wow… I officially have hope.
  4. That's dumb. If Collins Hill and Graham-Kapowsin can play on national TV against far-away schools, why can't Center Grove?
  5. Good season Blazers, had a lot of fun watching. Andrean wins 17-14.
  6. Have the game on. Tri’s gameplan seems masterful thus far. Go Titans!
  7. The game is not at Andrean! It is at Eastside! I was listening to the commentators on the Eastside game week say this, if it’s Andrean it’s a home game. Plus Maxpreps and Harrell say it’s at Eastside too. Also, Laban Davis is the real deal. Bowen this, Bowen that, the Eastside QB will be the best player on the field on Friday and I expect a Blazer victory.
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