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  1. How’d Webos take advantage? Everyone has the same rules. STATE LAW!
  2. The visitors side at Seegers and Liptons are shit hoes and I’ll say it right to their face. I gotta go
  3. What about the fire ass hot jr. high mom that has to get up at 4 in the morning?
  4. The drive from Putnamvilles to West Lebanons would kinda suck. I swear to God it would
  5. Damn Gonzos! You’re more fertile than Shawn Kemps. I swear to God you are!
  6. If you want some real goosebumps go down to Zanadus and watch my mom Phyllis work the poe with Pour some sugars on me. But don’t touch her. State law!
  7. That put them well into 2A. And they hate each other, north hates the south. STATE LAW!
  8. They consolidated because Turkey Runs was about to go under. They were already under the same school board and superintendent with Rockville.
  9. I think the Kiser brothers had a sister that was a state champ in either cross countries or track. Maybe give some credit to the parents for teaching work ethics. STATE LAW!
  10. The only thing I see canceled is your pulse when I rip out your karate arteries. You regions boys are probably good bagpipe players with all the air you blow. I swear to God you do. The only good dudes I ever seen from the region is Nowlins and Brad Smith. You typed 4 paragraphs but I’m the over responder! I gotta go
  11. If I was Nowlins I’d ban your ass and I’ll say it right to your face. Girls play too. STATE LAW!
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