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  1. I had Greeks a while back. Pretty good. I still wanna try that place in Nairobi. I swear to God I do
  2. Just think how much content would be on this post it Dee Tees actually cared about small school football. I gotta go
  3. I thought about joining until I saw Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch. I swear to God I did!
  4. I don’t think this is what Woody was after, I swear to God I don’t. But since you opened the door I’ll say this right to your face. If you’re a Hall of Fame coach you shouldn’t suck on defense no matter who the DC is. STATE LAW!
  5. I was just going by what a fan was saying on the Indiana high school football Facebook page. Said they were already toad they can’t move up and other fan boy stuff. I kinda think he’s full of shit, I swear to God I do!
  6. This is one of my best days ever on on the GID, I swear to God it is.
  7. 24 replies but no answer. Can a team apply to stay up? Where’s Nowlins when you need him?
  8. If the numbers dropped. There seems to be different enrollment numbers floating around
  9. They weren’t in 6A for SF points it was enrollment so points don’t matter. STATE LAW!
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