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  1. What’s with all the grown ass men spending so much time on where young boys are playing football? You guys ever have sex? At least bait the master a little more often. I gotta go
  2. I knew you wouldn’t dump me. The only chics that leave me turn Muslims cause they can’t handle the pork. I gotta go
  3. You better stay away from @Lucy Draper’s or I’ll rip out your karate artery. I swear to God i will
  4. They disappeared on here but there’s a Liptons super fan telling everyone how awesome they are on Facebook.
  5. They must have inspired the Dolphins yesterday. I swear to God they did
  6. Attica at Riverton Parkes Covington at Seegers Fountain Centrals at South Vermilions The Woofs at North Vermilions
  7. PETAS made everyone get ride of their circus elephants. I swear to God they did
  8. I don’t think you’re funny and I’ll say it right to your face
  9. They’re working on it. I predict Herbs will have Fountan Centrals I the mix by next year
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