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  1. Joined last week, probably just a shit-stirrer. I swear to God he is. How many yards did Spiegels have?
  2. It will be on 103.1 and probably 104.9. Maybe go to their page
  3. I’m just trying to understand how NV is battle tested more than Lutherans. No one can answer it
  4. Couple of questions. Besides you and Tankas, who named the Woofs the best offense in the state? Second and foremost you really think NV is more battle tested with those 3 games than Lutherans and their schedule?
  5. Mville Hounds BD WC Valpo FWD BL SO Hobart EN Mt Vernon EM MM Chatard Dville HH EB WeBo Madder Days LCC SA WW NP Cass Lutherans
  6. Liptons a good measuring stick. They’re still climbing in 2A but they’re not to Madder Days level yet but not many are He’s not questioning the WRC as a good conference or not. Just the logic of calling Liptons a powerhouse
  7. Nolins is a badass but I don’t know if he wants to be a head coach.
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