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  1. I think it’s an ode poster with a new name. I swear to God it is
  2. Roncalli HC FWC Rennsy Tiptons LCC Mamma Cass RDP Guerin - what happened to Halliburtons? Knocks Yorktowns TPC
  3. Good to see another Winamacs fan over here, I swear to God it is!
  4. I’m confused by gimmick of the thread, I swear to God I am.
  5. Did all you hillbillies sell your Buckeyes and cat tails? What happened to Tonkas? He kinda disappeared after something happened (maybe) at Seegers.
  6. Donate and post more. It’s a great feeling, I swear to God it is
  7. South Putnams is still my favorite in this one.
  8. I don’t know of any D1 linemen. Several D3 players including the QB. 12 letters at Wabash in 3 sports. Made Sports Illustrated for his academic/athletic achievements. I gotta go.
  9. The Woofs & Attica North Vermilions @ South Putnams Fountain Centrals @ Covington rubbers Riverton Parkes @ Cloverdales. The 2 WRC mega schools in the 2A tourney. Speedways @ Seegers South Vermilions @ Lafayette Catholics.
  10. It was mostly because of the covids. They’ll probably go back north when they move everyone.
  11. This was the visiting band and they were in the state finals so they didn’t suck. I swear to God they didn’t
  12. Pretty sure it was BNB. Or his brother. Tackled a wide open receiver in the end zone with no call. Homer crew. The visiting team was also charged for parking. As they pulled in someone would check the plates and anything without a 79 prefix was charged $5 to park. And the band was pelted with dye filled water balloons. Catholic hospitality. I swear to God it was!
  13. Was that golf score? You always put the bigger number first. STATE LAW!
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