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  1. Looks like Tanka is swimming the Wabash. Look out for turds and Asian Gars
  2. That’s badass Nolins, I swear to God it is
  3. That’s the dumbest post in the WRCs this year. Maybe the whoe GIDs I swear to God it is
  4. I was gonna let it slide with the birthday and stuff. But that Bears game stunk worser than April Skinners after a 3 day weekend, I swear to God it did.
  5. Seegers 20 Attica 12 half Riverton Parkes 8 SV 6
  6. I’m a one man woof pack and can handle my own boat, I swear to God I can. But if I want to beat Brian Moores and be the WRC favorite every year I’m picking Crabtrees and I’ll say it right to your face. I gotta go
  7. I don’t see the standings anywhere. I swear to God I don’t
  8. 3 WRC teams are in the coaches top 10 poe. That’s badass I swear to God it is
  9. I probably know more about Woofs than anybody I know. Swear to God I do. That’s why I named my son Woofgang, or Woofie for short. I gotta go
  10. GC Cass RDP HH TL Tipton WeBo Seeger Frontier Jeff The Phi Rennsy
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