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  1. Attica at Covington Fountain Central at North Vermilion Seeger at South Vermilion The Woofs at Riverton Parke Saturday
  2. I only mentioned the score from last night because you keep bringing up some 8th grade game. I don’t think a group of teenagers needs revenge taken out on them by an adult over something that happened before they had pubes. I swear to God I don’t
  3. Winamacs isn’t the same without the Stat Boy, I swear to God they’re not
  4. You groin eaters have anything to say about the RP score over Attica or do you just bitch about the FC 8th grade team? I gotta go
  5. She kinda disappeared after telling everyone how good RP is.
  6. Westerns LCC HH Bombers RDP Hounds FWD Whitey BJ’s Mitchells Rebs Cody's team with 17 D1 recruits
  7. Crabtrees still had a talented group that knew their rows. The qb wasn’t too bad either but Earl took them to the next level
  8. I think Andre is going to get busted for playing on his phone during class!
  9. The Warrior graduated in 77. A WRC powerhouse usually doesn’t get their ass kicked at the regional. South Vermilions is almost 3A in enrollment and won’t get out of their sectional. Real powerhouses!
  10. Probably the funniest post ever! I swear to God it is.
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