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  1. 21 years, 195-46 .809% 5 appearances in the finals as coach and player. One comment about him , the rest about who’s got the smarts real good . That’s un Christian and un American I swear to God it is. Nice work Richard Train!(DTs)
  2. I think you’ve already asked this. I swear to God you have.
  3. Congratulations to Coach Moore for being inducted into the Hall of Fame today. He’s been at Seegers, Fountain Central, Lafayettes Jeff and is starting his second year at the newly consolidated Parke Heritage. I swear to God
  4. That’s a badass answer Nolins. I swear to God it is
  5. I don’t understand how a school that hasn’t had its first graduation is a premier job in 1a. I swear to God I don’t.
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