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  1. You’re doing a great job with this DTs. I swear to God you are.
  2. He also closed Junior Martin’s pipeline from Parkes county to Vermilions. I swear to God he did
  3. So he’s not at McDonald’s talking to youth league players and parents anymore? That group of 5 and 6 graders are gonna be bad ass. I swear to God they are.
  4. Hey Nowlins who’s gonna keep an eye on your boy from Weiner Mack’s? He needs a monitor. STATE LAW!
  5. The Woofs of Parke Heritage probably think they’re top 5 or higher.
  6. If I was a wussy I’d have a couple of tears. I swear to God I would
  7. My mom Phyllis was out of work when Xanadus shut down for the covids. I applied for free or reduced funions, nachos and wings but got denied. They said our trailer was too upscale because it’s a double wide. I gotta go
  8. It’s more than obvious you’ve never been through the towns that go to Western Boones. I swear to God it is!
  9. That might be your best post ever Andy. I swear to God it is!
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