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  1. It’s not ode news if you keep bashing a team that hasn’t won a sectional for 20 years
  2. Not sure what the horse toad you but the other schools page seems to tell a different story.
  3. I only wash my own balls and I’ll say it right to your face!
  4. So if I understand this right. A couple of guys want to see the Woofs and South Putnams beat the hell out of a team that is close to shutting down their program because of games in the past? You know none of the players and even the coach aren’t there anymore, even the band director is gone I swear to God he is! I think some of the chain gang is still there. You guys still mad at Josh Smith too? For the record everyone was beating Turkey Runs pretty bad including RP.
  5. Under normal circumstances you think a high school wants to give up home game revenue just to play someone from a different area?
  6. He’d probably still give the ball to the Frig instead of Sweetness.
  7. I don’t know. So if one player was out that leaves 4 on the sideline. Maybe ask someone from Attica?
  8. Since this is the weakest team Crabtrees has had there I’d say the chances are pretty good.
  9. An Attica legend and uncle of the head coach toad me 16 healthy last night. I swear to God he did
  10. That should be a good one. I swear to God it will be. Might decide 2A North. Looks like Madder Days is getting ready for a run in the south.
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