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  1. North Vermillions until someone knocks them off The Woofs because, well they’re Woofs and have the legend. Seegers could be the surprise team. Too bad Peaches left Herb. South Vermillions, 3A in a 1A conference Attica and Covington are about even. New coach for both teams. Riverton Parkes Fountain Centrals. Interesting to see how they respond after the worst season in school history. Low numbers have taken a toll on the program
  2. Don’t forget they have the 2nd best coach in the WRC, hall of famer Brian Moores
  3. I think he’s being sarcastic. I swear to God he is. The last 2 years the southern boys said Liptons or Madder Days would win it all.
  4. Herb King of Seegers has a runner up at the ode Rockville and Barretts of South vermillions had one at North Putnam
  5. I thought the same but so far 1A has been the best game for a neutral fan
  6. Charlie didn’t smile he must be tired. Where do you come up with this nonsense?
  7. Lutherans has been my South pick all year. After the Knights beat Tipton and Rennsy they became my north pick
  8. This could be the best game of the weekend, I swear to God it could. All we heard all year was Cass and Dakich high in the north. Madder Days and even Liptons out of south. Both teams kinda got overlooked. 2nd and foremost there’s last year’s history. Some EB fans still pissed about last year’s game. Some Webos felt there was a lack of respect/credit after last year. This should be a hard hitting game
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