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  1. We should all meet at The Wagon Wheels, I swear to God we should!
  2. Congrats to Gibson Southerns. Does everyone on the team get a new Toyota? And why are they named after a Nissan? I gotta go
  3. A lot of 1A schools would love to have “only “ 40 players dressed, I swear to God they would
  4. Lutherans Madder Days Gibson Southerns Mount Vernons Cathedrals Talkin bout China Groves whoa whoa China Groves! I’m finishing the mixer with a perfect weekend, I swear to God I am!
  5. Lutherans Madder Days Gibson Southerns Mount Vernons Cathedrals China Groves I’m Donnie Baker and I approve this message.
  6. Seegers was supposed to be 2A but stayed down when Scecina stayed up. They got back to back state appearances with a red and blue
  7. I can hear his answer “ Woody Hayes said 3 things happen when you pass and 2 are no good “ STATE LAW!
  8. Not everyone wants to run or watch a double tight wishbone and a 4-4 stack anymore. I swear to God they don’t
  9. Why can’t people just say Adams Centrals beat North Judsons ass without a bunch of excuses? Y’all sound like the stat boy from Winamacs, I swear to God you do!
  10. “Black guys help the white guys”. Private Russell Zisky, Stripes
  11. Westfields by 10 and that Cody boy will crank out the excuses, I swear to God he will
  12. East sides by 2 TDs and I’ll say it right to your face!
  13. Center Groves Cathedrals New Prairies Adams Centrals Lutherns Gibson Southerns Westfields Michigan Citys Evansville Memorials Brebeufs Eastsides Madder Days
  14. He’s getting his stat books ready for basketball season, I swear to God he is!
  15. A multiple state champ and they’ll say it right to your face!
  16. Lutherans 14 The Woofs of Parke Heritage 6 at the half
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