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  1. Usually you say “Lord forgive me for that” after a post like that. I swear to God you do
  2. So my post made you sleepy? I thought it was a good question, I swear to God I did
  3. West Lafayettes would be ok in football, and both track and cross country teams are usually top 10 programs. But other sports might not be as competitive. Except one or 2 of their really smart kids goes to the finals in tennis quite often. I gotta go
  4. He’s “lurking “ under a different name. I swear to God he is.
  5. You had to have been good to beat them back to back. I saw Lawrenceburgs play once and they beat the crap out of a pretty good team.
  6. I went to some big truck jamborees. Big Foots was badass. I swear to God he was!
  7. I don’t know any football poems or stuff like that. I do know North Judsons was one of the hardest hitting teams I’ve ever seen. Second and foremost they had 4 1,000 yard rushers in that pulley bone offense. I gotta go
  8. I’m sure the stat boy is devastated. I swear to God he is.
  9. I still can’t believe how bad Sheridan beat North Judsons in 80. I swear to God I can’t.
  10. Back in the days of your, Westfields, HSE and Lawrenceburgs were 1A schools. I swear to God they were
  11. First couple of years, 3 classes , 4 teams each, qualified with points for each win. South Bend St Joe went undefeated 2 years in a row but didn’t qualify so they sued or threatened to. Then the cluster was created. Lasted about 2 years. Now everyone gets a shot. STATE LAW
  12. More good teams were left out before the cluster systems . I swear to God there was.
  13. Looks like that won’t be an issue. I swear to God it isn’t
  14. All I can see is 2A,s. I swear to God it is
  15. Monkey shit fights are badass! I swear to God they are!
  16. Damn Gonzos I’d hate to pay your grocery bills, I swear to God I would!
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