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  1. I know a fat girl named Rosie. I sing Whole lot of Rosie when I see her. I gotta go
  2. I never heard but the GID needs about $640 to reach its anal budget
  3. You guys should spend a little less on whiskey (Lawrenceburgs) and wine (Chatards) and help the GID reach its anal budget. I gotta go
  4. At great way to celebrate Madder Days amazing win is helping the GID reach its anal budget. I swear to God it is. They need about $640
  5. What a great weekend I swear to God it was. Now everyone chip in so the GID can reach its anal budget from donations. About $640 to go
  6. About $640 needed to complete this year’s budget.
  7. How many players for Madder Days rastle? Teams with a good rasslin team are hard hitters, I swear to God they are
  8. East Centrals White Lands Center Grooves Lutherans Chatards Dakich Tech
  9. Well we’re playing for 2nd place so all I want to do now is beat Gonzos and Ballhawks ass. I gotta go
  10. Nobody talks about my mom Phyllis like that but me and I’ll say it right to your face
  11. Looks like we’re playing for 2nd place. I swear to God we are
  12. When there were 3 classes Lawrenceburg was 1A. So was HSE and Westfield. Carmel had 2,000 students. Times change. State Law
  13. I’ll call it what I want and I’ll say it right to your face
  14. Get it copyrighted, know anyone in the legal field?😂
  15. Rumors of Madder Days demise were greatly exaggerated. I swear to God they were
  16. I picked Madder Days but I thought it would be closer. I swear to God I did
  17. This guy is more dumber than that ode dumb ass that don’t post anymore and I’ll say it right to his face
  18. I’ve been a donor for over 10 years, maybe even over a decade and I pay extra. I swear to God I do
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