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  1. Well I'd love to see the Miners and Senators clash.... because we obviously won't in post-season anymore... and we've had some great battles. I'd imagine our game with Boonville is shortlived.. but it's week 5.... we have Eastern Greene in 8.... you got Paoli in 5.. .so prolly not gonna happen.! Long trip to Campbellsburg... but a great place for a game too!!
  2. I always enjoyed talking with Coach Hutchins in pregame when we faced the Bulldogs. Wish him well... Gotta figure an internal promotion is at hand!!! great place for high school football...!!
  3. Linton historically... always had had the QB on D... Last year our Soph QB didn't play D...but I suspect he will this year. Most every Miner QB has also been the Free Safety. Tyler Meurer, Keith Cunningham, Keaton Cox some to mind. Austin Karazsia, our 6'7 QB from '09-'12 i don't think ever was on the field on D. Course being a small school.. we want out best 11 out there at all times...so it's rare that ours sit on D.. unless we are lucky to have quality players at that particular position.
  4. I've always enjoyed talking to Coach Moore in his his at Fountain Central!! Congratulations!!
  5. indeed... indeeed... but a hearty congrats to this news.. I'm sure he's got bigger fish to fry these days! OOps... dang that was quick! well congrats again!
  6. I agree to an extent for sure. Most of us were not happy with huge lop sided wins week in and out...and wanting much more competition.. But.. I worry that we are going to be travelling all over the place to keep 9 games on the schedule. The more teams that get locked into conferences with 8 or 10 teams... the more chance we get dumped... and there just aren't a lot of options...other than pick up games from teams that have openings... and who knows where that leads us!
  7. True... but we've made treks to Sheridan, Clinton Prairie, Cascade... and currently to Providence in Clarksville, and North Vermillion is a haul... Yeah.. I would not wanna drive to Mt .Vernon either... and I'm sure that's a shared feeling both ways!
  8. I'm sure both Washington and Princeton would love the thought of playing 1A and small 2A teams, and getting their W's a little higher.... maybe help get kids on the field if they can win a few more games. But at the same time... going from Big 8 to Southwest Indiana prolly doesn't do much for their pride factor. What options are there? I could see both pushing to PAC... I don't think PLAC is an option... WIC could be a drive. I wonder if the now Big 4 would try to pull teams like Linton, North Knox, North CEntral or Eastern Greene in the fold... which is I suppose the bulk of Southwest Conference if we add N.Daviess.
  9. One that comes to mind for me at Linton was 2013 semi-state against a great Eastern Hancock. They came in 13-0 and had 2500+ rusher Gilbert, LB's Delph, Riley and Knopp (as well as Gilbert) and Mr. Everything Henderson. We had lost our QB, who really was a FB, Rupska in a win over Sheridan. He sat out the next 3 games, and came back against PC in Sectional 40 Championship...but played little. the next week against Fountain Central and EH, he played his normal ILB, and lined up at TE. Eaton moved in from WR to play QB.. which was his natural position. He just didn't have many varsity reps. He did throw for 942 yard though. 821 of that post-Rupska injury in 6 games. Problem was...Perhaps our best athlete was at WR in Grant Stamm...who today holds most of Linton's receiving marks. He wasn't going to play his senior year... to concentrate on track...where he had scholarships to Purdue, ISU etc in the offering. But he didn't want to let his friends down..and he missed it. He didn't have 6'8" Austin Karazsia at QB having graduated the year prior. 12 of his 31 catches were TDs despite being double covered. Late in the Sect Semi Final, he was the long snapper on the punt team... and while making a tackle, suffered a gruesome ankle break. It was a horrible sight.. .but the good news is that he still went back to state in the Spring with the Miners in hurdles, and did end up with a scholarship post-graduation. His injury, combined with Eaton moving to QB.. left us without the slightest threat with any down field passing. Soph Jacob Clothier came in, and started what was a 3 year year career at SE. He caught a huge 30 yard pass in a key moment against the Mustangs in regional..and caught 6 against the Royals. But EH could stack the line all night...and our athletes were all in the wing back slots, and the Royals did a tremendous job of prohibiting their ability to get open. We were also without starting LB and TE Trent Vowell, and OT Indiana Miller from the prior week. Miller tried to go but couldn't. I don't know that having a healthy Dane Rupska at QB...and having Stamm back out at Wideout with Eaton on the other side would have made a difference in the outcome of the game... but I think it would have been a battle!!!
  10. I had this conversation with some Linton friends.. thought it might make for conversation amongst some of us. I suppose every team has had this happen- Where you feel you have a team that can make noise in post-season, then the unthinkable happens. You lose your best player or players.. or several key guys. The team you field in the biggest game of the year are not the team you played most the year with. I know it happens at all levels, but I feel the smaller schools truly suffer if/when the injury bug hits. And if it hits late in the season it can devastate a deep run in a lot of cases. In my time in the booth for Linton...I can think of at least a couple occasions where we had so many key guys in street clothes or nowhere near 100% at big games. Now..I realize by that time of the season...very few teams are at 100%, and a lot of guys play hurt. What team at your school falls into the category of shoulda coulda gone further than they did had it not been hampered by the loss of players to injury?
  11. Let me extend sympathies to one of Wabash Valley's good guys. Jim Beery. He was connected with North Knox football and the community for as long as I remember. My dad and Jim were friends from their coaching days. He was a pastor, a sitting County Councilman, a Library Board member, a teacher, a former state finals football coach, and a friend to many.
  12. Prolly best to wait til the official word from Eastern Greene on the actual hire.... I've been waiting what feels like forever to figure this out LOL!
  13. Definitely what I was thinking too.... So many times in the past, and a handful last year.. I'd hear the opposing fans get bent when the starters would still be out in the middle of the 3rd ...even though there would be subs at positions, as well as players in different positions... we would always wait til that 3rd quarter ended to bring in the JV. So I think now we will see more of the JV gets get time with the varsity on the field in those situations. I know the coaches want to get the varsity work in game situations...especially early in the season... and honestly.. we've not been in those blowout situations in the first 5 weeks these last 2 years.... I like the change to 6 a lot. But I also think that once the young kids get on the field..if we are up by 35 and it's a running clock... they'll only get a couple possessions to do anything LOL.. that clock moves fast! I still think that if the opponent keeps his starters out there and we throw in the young kids... they should do the same.. but some don't.
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