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  1. Miner_Pride

    Mercy Rule

    I have done many a radio broadcast of a 75-0 score in the 3rd quarter.. then a running clock that basically is the JV and younger kids getting handful of plays and the game being over in 10 real minutes. I've also seen even more that were 45-6 at the half... and had to explain over and over that there are rules on 'quarters' for the young kids.. and it's hardly fair that a whole bunch of JV kids come in the game in 3rd and lose 2 quarters of their JV game, and then actually play 6-7 offensive plays and 6-7 defensive plays... and usually with groups of 5 rotating in and out every play. I know they love it though.. But I always think it would be nice to get some of the better JV kids some rotations with the starters. letting you JV Backfield get some reps with the starting line.. vice versa. Course we would have always done things such as getting some backups who aren't on JV in the game... getting guys reps on other positions as well. I think 30 point lead isn't enough to kick in a mercy rule. I've seen momentum switch on things like a special teams TD and a big run...and suddenly a 42 to 14 game whittles to a 42-35 game to the wire. I wonder if something could be done where if the margin is XX amount the quarter's rule is suspended so you aren't punished by bringing in the JV kids earlier..and let them play in the game with some starters.. .get some experience... and then naturally come the 4th the bench gets unloaded... plus if the margin in the 4th is XX amount... then start a running clock... but by then it's almost always JV playing anyway.
  2. Miner_Pride

    Trinity Lutheran

    Gotta be tough for those kids who want to play football to have gone through the up and down yes or no stuff. Wasn't that long ago they were kinda making some noise with the passing game and a good QB... I would also think they would have some trouble getting long term commitments from opponents......
  3. I would be willing to pay $20 a year mandatory to have this place to share and argue... But I'd hope that most of us would be donating at least that amount each year to help offset the costs that will only continue to rise year by year... I know TA's vision, and that there is loyalty to that idea... and it is cool that it's free and open to anyone to post at any time... even if that creates some drama sometimes.... but we all like a little drama! I just hope that anyone who can...makes the donations every year that easily clear the costs so we can keep this going on and on... seems like some years it's 4th and 2 in terms of donations... we need to keep the chains moving!!
  4. Miner_Pride

    Dawson Basinger Commits to ISU

    Congrats to Dawson. I recall calling a Linton NC game when he was a freshman, and thinking he might the best of the Basinger brothers I had seen through the years. Linton didn't play NC his Junior and Senior year... but he put up some big numbers and helped take NC to new heights. As always.. I am pretty happy to see a 1A kid get state wide respect. I hope he can make some noise at ISU.
  5. Definitely will miss you and your conversation and topics DT... Wish you the best on your future plans and westward travels! Thanks for all your input over all these years. Dan
  6. THis seems a good place to place this story that I read online from a place in Texas. Not football...but I'm sure it registers with the football coaching profession as well": High School Coach Resigns Due to Parent Politics … And It’s Time to Say Something Out Loud After just a few months into her position as the head volleyball coach at Amarillo High School in Texas’ panhandle, Kori Clements has announced her resignation. Was it because of an unsuccessful season? Definitely not. The Sandies went 33-14 before losing in the regional semifinals. Was it unethical behavior? Some scandal or rules infraction? Nope. Not that either. Although, you can bet there will always be rumors. So what was it? What would cause Clements, an AHS grad who also won a national championship as a Nebraska Cornhusker, to resign from her alma mater after her first season at the helm? In a word: politics. In her statement, Clements explains, “I cannot and will not compromise the integrity of my decisions based on a parent’s political pressure or position. I believe strongly in the value of athletics, that being a part of a team is a privilege, and playing time is earned.” And all the coaches said, “AMEN.” Now we don’t know the whole story, or at least her whole story. But we do know this story of politics, parents, and pressure is not an isolated event. We’ve all watched our coaches deal with it. The emails, the complaints, the being cornered after a game, the late night emails and calls, the demands and threats from parents who think they know better than the coach whose job is literally on the line with every win and every loss. So parents, I write this to implore you: we’re losing good ones. Good coaches and good teachers are leaving the profession because it’s so hard to do it with integrity. I get it, your kid deserves to play. She has worked so hard, and if only that coach could see what you see. Listen, I know there are bad coaches in the world. I’ve played for some and I’ve worked with some. But the vast majority of coaches see our athletes much more clearly than we parents do. We love our kids so stinking much (not a bad thing) and we want the best for them (not a bad thing), but can’t we all admit that that big love might make us a little shortsighted? And can’t we also admit that fighting their battles is not what is best for them? You know what IS the best for them? Overcoming adversity. Working harder than everyone else. Getting better just for the sake of being better than they were yesterday. Learning to have hard conversations. Staying late at practice. Taking extra shots. Running extra sprints. Busting their tail in offseason. Failing. It’s hard, I know. And it’s even harder to put into practice. So let’s just commit to this one thing: Let your kid have the first conversation. Help prepare him/her for the conversation. A few good questions? How can I get better? What can I do at home? What are a few specific things I need to work on? And then let’s ask ourselves one thing: What’s my end goal for my kids?
  7. More Homerisms... but I can't leave out my Miners...By the end of the year the offensive side of ball had 0 seniors on the field. And truly most all of the year there was but 1 senior on offense. Several seniors are going to be 3 year starters at their position, and the QB Goodman will have a year under his belt at QB as a junior. I look for the passing game to be a much bigger part with 6'2 senior Deyn Robertson at SE, and with Dyer, Howard and Lannan back in the backfield... a good balance will be key. We started 2 sophs and a freshman on the OL... so a year of building some muscle and experience should make them improved. Defensively we do lose 5 starters...and gonna have to be better in the pass coverage cause that killed us last year...everyone returns for the most part in the DB unit... but there's got to be improvement.. and some of that will be getting to the QB. We'll see.. it's unusual to have the concern on the D side in Linton.. but...there's some youth coming in that could fill those needs! BEing that we are pretty much gonna be 2A from here on out... we will have to climb that ladder again.. and the schedule is definitely a test.
  8. I can't fathom why this would happen. Eastern has made the slow climb to respectability as to their Football program... I really only met Coach Wray once.. and that was in interviewing him pregame for the Linton/Eastern game last year... but I could tell he had a great relationship with the players.. and in years past was very enthusiastic.. .and seemed the logical fit to carry on the program. Yeah.. it would be something to think about when looking at the job. Surely those folks don't think a trip to state finals happens every year..... for most of us lol...
  9. Wow?!? I sure did not see this coming. Was this in the Greene county daily world? I didn't see anything. Did he resign???
  10. I wonder if Linton would ever consider the PAC... I think we turned down the WIC.. not sure... but PAC has teams more in our class... granted those trips to Heritage hills, South Spencer and Tell City would be monster hauls... I like the sound of it other than I'd hate to lose some long time rivals. Big 8 would prolly love to have SOuthridge, HH and Gibson Southern...
  11. I can't imagine the Alices wanting to load their schedule with Reitz, Castle, Central, Memorial and Mater Dei. They had some down years bogged down playing the likes of TH South... and now they've gotten their program winning and getting kids out.... not sure the SIAC would help that cause, IMHO only