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  1. Contraction... I am not for it. I can understand not fielding a team if you simply never have the numbers to compete. I like how in Illinois you have small schools within the same district combine in co-ops to be able to field a team, and give the kids who love to play the game... play. win or lose, they are playing a sport they love without have to change schools to do so. If we are talking teams that just lose and lose, and therefore should just drop football or contract into another bigger school... I know there have been runs for schools where they were perennial losers, and yet eventually have turned the tide. And I know there are team around today that are on tough times that were once powerhouses. My old man used to tell me Perry Central took a long time to get where they were a 1A power. North Central (Farmersburg) won 4 games in 5 years (3 of those against Union-Dugger) from '94-'98 but eventually started turning the tide with 8 and 9 win seasons, and last year reaching regionals for the 1st time. Obviously Eastern Greene won 11 games in their first 8 years before at least reaching .500 status and eventually a state runner up.
  2. I wish the best of luck to the Alices.. but that schedule looks pretty daunting top to bottom... especially compared to recent Vincennes schedules. I mean.. there's been a resurgence locally in VL football no question about it with three 8+ win seasons, it took a strong run in Sectional 30 to offset a 1-4 start... and the usual victims Vincennes typically beats...be that 2-8 Bosse last year, a winless Washington, 2-9 Princeton... they did beat at solid 8-4 NK team in a tight contest, same with a 14-6 win over Mt. Carmel. Sullivan was poised to win that first sectional tilt in a barnburner, but other than that... beating 5-6 Brown County, and Princeton again isn't like facing Reitz, Castle, MD, Central, North or Memorial.. week in and out. My concern is that everyone talks about come Sectional time how VL will be better prepared.. certainly won't face the caliber in sectional that they will have all year... but if they are beaten up physically, and mentally from a 2 or 3 win season... will they be OK going into postseason. Everyone loves a winner.. and Vincennes certainly has shown how quick the public tide can turn, and support can fade... I hope that doesn't happen at all. I'd love to see the Alices be in most of the games.... get some surprise W's as well... but it's a big leap in my book.
  3. I know it's possibly not something to make a topic of... but I know he was a member here are one point, prolly still was. He was an assistant for a while as well at Linton. But mainly he was a lifelong friend of mine, my partner in the radio booth for many years of Linton Football... including both those losses to Ritter in semi state... both his sons were Miner standouts.. Josh thru 2008 and Tyler thru 2016 winning the state in 1A. He was a fixture at all sporting events in Linton... but football was his love. He had been running the scoreboard at the Roy in Linton these last couple years. He himself was a terrific athlete at QB and RB thru 1983 taking the Miners to new levels that really set Linton into a football mentality. I know a lot of football coaches and former players in the area will know him... Unfortunately, he was found deceased in his cabin after not showing up for work. Apparently heart related. He loved his kids, loved Linton Football... Godspeed to you John Paul Meurer.
  4. Well I think my MIners will be very compe…. what?.. oh... oops...
  5. There's the big plays LuHI needed-- 41 yard deep pass TD ,,, But they still need to show they can slow down LCC
  6. LCC moving the ball with ease.... Lutheran NEEDS to answer or this will be a long day for the Saints..
  7. Linton Coach Brian Oliver posted this on Facebook... In memory of Coach Bowsman, we will be joining schools across the state and turning our lights on at The Roy tomorrow through Saturday. This is to honor a great man who brought so much passion to High School football . Miner nation is sending their love and prayers to Coach Bowsman family & to the West Washington Community
  8. Tremendous Idea. Coach Lowe you have my thoughts and prayers as well. Phillip was a great guy to talk football with, and I'm guessing was a great guy to have any conversation about actually! I only know him from conversations we had about Linton/West Washington and many other contests over the years in my research. Such a sad story all the way around. Watching the video of the game and seeing the other coaches talking the the Senator Players on the break before 2nd quarter.. heart-wrenching in the harshest form. I would hope schools, particularly those with ties to Coach Bowsman.. as well as those like ourselves in Linton.. who had some battles on the field but respect off it... would partake. I don't know though if this being Thanksgiving week.. anyone will be around the school to do it. I know there is great sadness is Linton over the terrible news.
  9. I would wonder why team leadership itself in the locker room didn't seize this situation early on, and get that behavior stopped from the get-go.
  10. This is absolutely terrible news. Coach Bowsman always went out of this to talk to me the times Linton faced off with his Senators. And we had great discussions on social media about football and small school sports in general in past years. I was very happy for his success and know that he is very respected and liked by the whole community. I had send him a personal note just a couple weeks back as the Senators rolled thru their regional win. WW is in the middle of nowhere, but what a place it is to be on a high school football Friday night. I know this has to be so hard on his family, his team, and the whole WW area. My lasting memory was after Linton beat WW in one of the tourney games at Cambellsburg how we talked for 45 minutes in an endzone after everyone had left the field. JUst hate to hear this happening to someone so young and who gives so much back to his community. My prayers to all affected.
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