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  1. interesting... time is ticking too.. I mean... most schools are having weight lifting and off season stuff... I wonder how this is affecting the organizational side of things... just being sure things are being done.. etc
  2. I know back in the Southwest Seven days.... there were attempts to get Tecumseh involved... seems logical on all levels of competition.. other than the long haul. But back then we had Wood Memorial in that mix too. Never happened.
  3. It surprises me somewhat that Vincennes would want to add the likes of Reitz, Central, Memorial, Castle to their schedule.. No question it would stiffen up their schedule pretty intently!
  4. yeah yeah... I get what you are saying LOL! I know we are officially 2A size now...and have to move forward. Both the 2017 and 2018 teams would have been a factor in southern 1A... the 17 team more so.. I would have loved a Linton rematch with EG in '17 and to see how we'd of stacked up with N.Central both years. NOt to mention the senators!! In my current research for Miner Football..I've been through the folder with all my old W W Info..... there have been some battles!!!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the help! I will be checking all of this out!! Oh.. and I can seem to recall Linton playing Whiting way back.. maybe 70's... I think the oilers came to Linton... I gotta check up on that!
  6. I wouldn't see this being a long term series... course I didn't see Providence being more than 2 years either...
  7. Sorry if this has been addressed.. But is it safe to say Linton's game with Boonville in 2019 is a one year thing? I don't really know.. haven't seen any of the Miner folks to ask. It replaced our series with Cardinal Ritter.
  8. That would be very cool coach.! In fact, I just went through my old filing cabinet.. and sorted all 5 drawers full into opponents. Course you recall when I did the SW7 and even after that, I kinda wanted to be the documentarian of our local small school teams. So I had NK, ND, NC, Sullivan, EG, Linton, Wood Memorial , Union..and usually WWash, Tecumseh,Springs Valley and Perry Central send me their stats every week so I could keep record. And I did the same with teams we played a lot such as West Vigo.. but it's all changed since the schedule has changed... just can't keep up. But I just went through the NK files... next step is to get them in order by year.. and see what I'm missing. I definitely don't have anything from 1991-1995... If you have any Linton-NK stuff from those years I would love to have a copy of it!! THanks in advance!
  9. Hi Folks!.. I'm looking for advice in the world of websites. For some times I have been gathering all my old game stats, scouring over old computer data, and don't really look forward to going to the Linton Library to go over old microfilm etc to fill in what I don't have. I'm pretty solid back to around 96. I have former players hopefully with scrapbooks willing to let me scan or that they themselves will scan. I want to create a site for Linton Football.. I want a central location to keep things historically.. and just for the former players. Year by Year... game by game... I've seen others have sites ... Heritage Hills comes to mind. It's been ages since I did anything website wise. My last venture was the Southwest Seven and 1A Sectional 40 pages... and i pretty much used...what was it.. Frontpage I think? The other issue is the hosting. I really can't pay some large fee... that was the end of my other page. Once that conference sorta fell apart, I was no longer the SID... and the money I got paid pretty much went for hosting and registering the name. I thought about talking to the School itself to see if it could be part of the School Website... Anyone with any suggestions on programs.... I'm no computer programmer. I've always wanted to do this. I've done the radio for Linton starting 2000. I have files upon files of stuff. With guys like King Tut to give me his unique memories.. I want to get that stuff saved for future generations, as well as a place for Linton fans and former players to have for memory-sake.
  10. Been pretty quiet... but I'm down in Vincennes.. so I don't hear scuttlebutt....if that's a word! One thing for certain I think EG will be in somewhat a rebuilding year... losing a lot of good athletes over a 2 year span....but I was hoping they'd laid a solid foundation from the ground up. In our meeting with them last year, they were without their QB Skinner... They moved Campbell to QB, sorta like the Hamilton scenario of the prior year.. where Campbell ran most every play... but it proved unsuccessful again Linton.. so junior J C Lewis came on in the 4th.... and was 4 of 9 passing for 41 yards and a TD pass... also ran the ball very hard... able to get out of pressure. at 6'0 175.. he's got a little height and size... especially if he grows i nthe offseason. Given that EG loses 9 of 12 offensive starters, and 10 of 11 on the D.... they'll have some holes to fill.
  11. Pretty much the same for me... at Linton everyone had to take Drivers Ed for so many weeks in the summer. My Dad was an instructor. THen it all stopped...and I think it was a financial limitation thing.. many years back. I also think all the training in the world doesn't make up for just making a deadly mistake... such a being on the phone, or joking around in the car.. or just trying to show off for friends.. all of these have been causes for deadly community crushing deaths for young people..and old people alike. Education first and foremost from parents to me would be a key.... but also maybe having a program of two in high school that blatantly shows the results of such disasters.... maybe that would stick in their minds next time the cell rings or someone challenges you to something you know it wrong to do.... Seems these accidents happen on a regular basis. We had a cheerleader killed in the 90's in Linton when 2 cars crashed on a rural road at a bridge... neither car would back down. Terrible. Nice post Travis... the North Central community has suffered a lot of tragedies over the years....
  12. Very Sorry to hear this news. LInton has faced off with many of his Tecumseh teams. I got to know his son Tom, who also was head coach for the Braves. Just a great guy to talk football with... my thought are with his family and friends. RIP Paul.
  13. They did not get off the bus in that game!!! Down ...what 14-0 by 5:38 of 1st and 28-0 by the 1st minute of the 2nd... after than we played then pretty good! I just do't want the town to get down on them... they are playing much higher competition now & the days of 9-0 regular seasons, while not impossible, will take some serious work.. and the town needs to stay with them. I still argue that last years team could have made some noise in 1A Sect 48. They beat N.Vermillion 34-7 soundly and Eastern Greene as well. THey are just gonna have to get better, faster and stronger to compete all year and post season in 2A.
  14. We need more numbers (i.e. More Depth) and some more size to make a long run in 2A right. Being relatively small in 2A depth and staying away from injuries will be key to any success. It's gonna take the same intensity in preparation and in off-season dedication that pushed the Miners over the hump to win sectionals..then getting to the semi-state for several years.. and finally over that hump in 1A. The incoming team lost 4 seniors, and the last 2 games were down to 2 defensive seniors left. They hated being 5-6. but the schedule is IMO much tougher than we've seen , and will be again this fall. I know that's to get us ready for 2A post-season, but I also worry about the mental part of the game as well. I truly believe Linton would have been a player in 1A south in both 2017 and 2018...and would as well this coming year.
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