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  1. No doubt the WIldcats will be heavy favorites from 2A south... we've (linton) not shown that we can hang with them. The passing attack always does us in.... and the MD defense is always stellar. I don't even wanna talk about the 2019 game.. .ever... again. LOL. well not really LOL... it was horrible. I knew that Mater Dei was a younger team, and that people were saying how 2021 was going to be a great year for them... that doesn't bode well for Sectional 40 foes. Linton will certainly be improved in some areas, and I know all year long it's a work in progress aimed certainly at who we
  2. LOL.. well I can at least laugh at myself! Can't help it fellers...we get talking football and I get all caught up. I haven't gotten in depth LOL really because I haven't talked to coaches yet this year, and there's always something not accounted for. Such as last year having 2 multi year starters not play their senior year. I've watched a couple scrimmages, but it's hard to really know who is who in some cases. I want to be more active this year on the Gridiron. I was lame last year. I gotta get my information in order!!
  3. I haven't delved into my Miners yet... but only 5 seniors from last years 8-4 team that lost only to Mater Dei (9-5), Southridge (13-1) North Knox (6-3)and in OT to 4A Boonville (a game really was a dropped interception from a Miner win). Linton only lost 1 true skill player (WB Trey Goodman, who moved from QB in week 2). For me the biggest losses are of the twins on the OL... Landon and Damien Giles. As well at DE/TE Levi Grounds who alternated all year from TE to OL. His biggest contribution was at DE. We also lose an OLB in Brayman Lannan. I expect Jr QB Hunter Gennicks to be bigger f
  4. Hey all! I realize I've been lame and absent for quite abit. Life summons I guess, but football season is upon us...so I plan to be active as I can! Anyway... I was made away of the passing of Tom Dawson. The name prolly doesn't shake any thoughts, but he was very active as well as a moderator at some point as "ItIsWhatItIs" and before that as "USNAVRET". You might have been aware that he had been fighting cancer for a long time. He wasn't able to go to games last year because of the Covid scare. I feel badly that I hadn't kept in touch with him. But this medium was our main pla
  5. Coach I've always appreciated your conversations and thought sharing with me. I wish you the best and hope we still see you here n there!!
  6. Nobody could ever point out who it was....... it happened so quickly... bam.. then like the parting of the red sea......
  7. I went as a spectator to watch a sectional game between Vincennes Lincoln at Jasper.... Can;t recall year.. low scoring, and Linton must not have been playing that night... anyway... it came down to a last drive by the Alices. I was walking the sidelines, transistor radio headphones listening to Walt Ferber... and thought I'd get to Jasper's endzone cause that's where it was gonna end up. I was the only one standing there...dang near right on the end line. As Lincoln got closer and the clock winding down, suddenly the whole VIncennes fan base came running from the stands into the endzone.
  8. I just got thru this topic.... I feel like THN and THS have always been on a island... Northview has grown alot... but they used to be Brazil , Van Buren, and maybe Staunton? So in my days of high school at Linton... there wasn't any school near the size of the TH schools other than Indy or Evansville. Vincennes Lincoln was bigger back then it seems. I know when my Dad was head coach at Sullivan in early 70's THN and THS were on the schedule, as was Schulte.. they were always tough parochial school that closed down in 1977. Linton played them as well. Can't imagine ever seeing WEst Vigo
  9. Well Coach.. not sure I know anything about being a DC... but I play a mean guitar.... think of the free entertainment? LOL
  10. yeah... but.... that played a major factor. a small 1A school playing up a class against a (i'm guessing here) much larger roster from Luers... can't lose a player like that on both sides of the ball because there just is not the depth factor...
  11. Yeah well recruiting from the vast Greene County is still never gonna match up with recruiting metro areas such as Indy, Ft. Wayne, Evansville etc....
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