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  1. Not a lot of interest in this game that sure looks like a good one to watch. Course I have to factor in the wet conditions. Haven't had a drop of bad weather in any game Friday this year... but I know it's been pouring here in Vincennes last night and over night and looks like it could again at any time. This will make the playing field (Which is in perfect shape at Linton right now)... slippery and cutting could see some problems.
  2. exactly. I am not about to sit here and pretend my Miners would be 8-0 playing Mater Dei's schedule. We would have trouble with the constant size, speed and depth just as we do with MD every year. We have hung with them...but then they get up a couple and we fight uphill. Losses by 19, 24 and 17 last year. We cannot have the type of start we did at Reitz Bowl lol... and honestly the defense did a decent job in 2019... but down 30-0 in the 1st half... Interception return TD on play 1, punt return TD, blocked Punt Safety... eesh it was a nightmare. but the total yardage was 255 to 240 MD. Last year we just could not cover them...and again.. down 37-0. 2018 at least was 7-7 for awhile til the 'Cats ran off 31 straight points and Linton lost 40-21. Honestly, I don't think in any of the games we have managed to do much positive offensively. Most all of Linton's points come in the closing minutes against younger players. I do think this is Linton's best chance....if we can close out Tell City... but I also understand MD was young last year, and most of the same cast is back this year and better. Again, honestly... schedule wise.. who would Mater Dei expect to lose to on our Schedule? Indeed Southridge has been neck n neck with the Wildcats... and NO I haven't seen anyone other than the Raiders beat the Wildcats in Sect 40.. at least as long as MD has been in 2A I think starting 2009 going 33-3 in Sec 40 play. As for Linton or anyone else in Sect 40 playing MD's schedule? Well...I think Central, North and Reitz are down compared to normality... but even so these are pretty big tasks for small 2A. As for Castle, Memorial and Jasper... those would be monumental wins for my Miners to pull off. We have scrimmaged Bosse for several years, and hold our own but still have trouble with the speed factor, and I assume Harrison would be same issues. I mean... I know my Miners would not back down from any opponent, and I know they would go in believing they could win on any night. But i think week in and out against bigger and faster and more depth always catches up to the small school. And this doesn't just apply to Linton.. same thing with North Posey, Tell City, North Knox.... course I can't say that with Southridge...because they have shown they can beat MD. Not to get into the numbers game... but clearly Mater Dei will field double the players in many cases with the other S40 teams. When you watch their entire o-line being coached up while the defense is on the field, you can see the advantage of numbers, and one way players. You know there are guys who could start at any S40 team who are back-ups at MD. And many times it's just that play makers make the plays. Ryan Taylor last year made 2 leaping catches that we had defended well...and they were big plays in how the game turned out. But as has been said a bunch already... We, and anyone, just has to match that talent and play-making. It's 11 on 11 on any given play. We've had kids make plays all year, and should we see MD, we would be at home for the 3rd of our 4 meetings...so that excuse can't be used. You just can't let up for a single play or boom... 7 zip. and injuries too... that plays a big part come this time of year. But again.... Linton cannot be thinking past Tell City. And honestly right now it's South Putnam on the agenda... and this is going to be a really good challenge from what I see of the Eagles.
  3. My standard listen every game night on the road home... Bob Lovell.... I;d love to talk Miners with him post game but I can't hang on the phone on hold for so long!!
  4. Well one thing Linton can't forget about is Tell City. Last year the talk all year was about the Marksmen....and justifiably so. Was it Tell City that could knock off Mater Dei, because the Wildcats were still the favorite despite being 5-4 going into it. I don't think many folks down south thought Linton at 6-3 would go down and be in the game with the Marksmen. But some did, including myself. LInton was gelling pretty good since losing to N.Knox, and recall TC had lost 2 of their last 3 games going into that well. Course we all know that it was a monsoon, and we know that the Marksmen got the wickedness of quarantine that knocked out several of their regular starters. I'm certain that played into the final score of 34-0...but I'm equally certain that Linton could have won that game regardless. This year the Marksmen are 5-3 with losses to 6-2 Heritage Hills, 6-2 North Posey and 4-4 Southridge. i am sure they are a much different team having lost 13 key seniors, but I'm betting a lot of those underclassmen in the game last year have indeed hoped for another crack at the Miners. Linton cannot even think of Mater Dei before getting back from Tell City with a W. I think North Knox is in much the same scenario with people already looking ahead to a MD-NK sectional championship. The Vikiings have lost only twice this season--to 6-3 3A Heritage Hills, and last week to 3A 7-1 Mt. Vernon (posey). I know the comparison out there is their common opponent in Tecumseh (1-6).. NP won that 23-18 while NK blasted the braves 47-6. Actually the Warriors have to face 3-5 South Spencer which they should do, especially being at home, and NP should take out Crawford County... meaning the Warrior Viking clash would happen in Poseyville. We know Mater Dei will be advancing to 2nd round unless they collapse entirely against a much improved 3-5 Forest Park Ranger team. The Miners and Marksmen meeting in Tell City is certainly one the Miners will be favored in, but cannot be caught looking ahead at another clash with the Wildcats. And as for that game itself should it arrive...I will wait until that reality arrives. This is the best I've seen the Miners look since the state runs of 2015 and 2016... but Mater Dei simply hasn't lost to anyone in this 2A sectional not named Southridge since 2007. Until Linton proves they can compete at MD's level all the talk means nothing.
  5. For most Miner folks.... 1986 was before their time. I remember it only from my Dad sending me paper clippings, and of course I has 5-6 years older than these guys and have hear the laments of losing so late. I don't know about bad blood. it's been so long since we've played each other.
  6. it's the first meeting between the schools since the 14-6 Eagle win in Semistate 1986. The two schools met for 4 years from 1974 thru 1977 with Linton winning the 1st three meeting. So over-all it's a 3 Wins Linton 2 Wins South Putnam. It is always important in Linton to defend the Roy, and short of winning a state title that starts with a sectional win... going unbeaten is always a huge thing. I am 100% that the Eagles would love to travel to Linton and end their excellent year with a win at Linton.... and head into their own sectional tilt with a lot of positive energy and momentum. Head Coach Chuck Sorrell is very familiar to the Wabash Valley, and in 24-8 in his 3rd year at SP. Sorrell took over in 2019 and led the Eagles to a 5-6 season, then a big turn-around winning their first 12 games, including a 43-40 win over Parke Heritage to give the Eagles their first sectional trophy since 2018, and their 6th in the 2000’s. They lost to eventual 1A State Champion Covenant Christian 48-7 in the regional. South Putnam had been through a drought in postseason from 2003 thru 2010 where they were mostly one and done. The Eagles had a superb run from 1999 to 2002 under Coach Mark Wildman with 8 win seasons in 1999 and 2000, then a 10-4 2001 regional winning team that fell to Perry Central in Semistate. It was 2002 that saw the Eagles reach the state by beating the Commodores 40-21, but lost a close battle to Southwood 17-14. Of Course, The Miners and Eagles played a semi-state game as well in 1986 in a game much spoken about in Miner Land albeit a 14-6 loss. Linton had won 3 of 4 prior meetings from 1974 to 1977. Linton is at their best start since the 1A Championship run in 2016. The move up to 2A has meant running into Evansville Mater Dei in each of the last 3 years, and Southridge in 2017. LInton had won 9 sectionals in a span from 2007-2016 that included 6 Semi-State trips, and 2 appearances at Lucas Oil. Brian Oliver became head coach in 2013, a former Miner Quarterback and a long time assistant coach. He is 89-21 in this his 9th season. His first year was a 13-1 run that ended at Eastern Hancock. Linton had 10+ wins in his first 4 seasons at the helm. What say the masses??
  7. I hate this non-seeding crap. I lost count of how many times we (Linton) would be 9-0 or 8-1 or 7-2 and would draw Perry Central at either 9-0, 8-1 0r 7-2 in round 1 class a sect 40. and then the other dark horse.. usually N Daviess at 7-2 or 6-3 or 8-1 would be the other game in the same bracket... meanwhile the other bracket loaded with 1-8, 2-7, 3-6 and 0-9 team... Yeah I get that you gotta beat the best to get further, but in terms of the kids themselves they get rewarded for a great season (and yes I get that teams can schedule weakly aiming for a higher seed.... so no... I don't think Won-Loss necessarily means higher seed.. i.e.. .Mater Dei in Sect 40 2A)... but these kids can be eliminated in round 1 and sit while the weak teams delay themselves the inevitable meeting with the powerhouse... and yep..there is always a chance to pull the upset... but why not have that chance in round 1.... There can be no argument that in terms of gate... the ihsaa misses out where they blow these monster matchups in round 1 or round 2... I mean.. in our neck of the woods.. usually only 1 area team is still battling... and when you bring in a big sectional final it attracts everyone from every corner out to see it in person. Nobody cares if 11-1 North Smith County is facing 2-10 West Pancake County for a sectional crown... unless WPC has knocked off 9-2 perennial secional winner St. Robert Catholic in the prevous round.... i hate non seeding.. and I know it will have flaws but over all it is a better thing for the players and the fans and the ihsaa... Mater Dei will be the Sectional 40 2A Favorites no matter what anybody else does in that sectional may.. may be 9-0 going into it... (South Putnam is gonna be a big game next week)... I don't care if MD loses 4 or 5 regular season games... they will be favorite. So Sagarin number will change those feelings for most people. Linton does not play Evansville Central or North or Reitz, Memorial or Castle.... If we did.. we'd have lost many more games. It just is what it is. Sectional 40 would be a good example of the odd seeding because based on WL or Sagarin.. MD wouldn't be a top seed... but in reality they are the top seed. Maybe some years they wouldn't be... but clearly.. they are this year. How to work around that? I just hate to see the top two teams in any sectional...especially when they are clearly the top two.... get stuck in the opening round...
  8. 38-24 Miners... never have I seen 2 kickoff returns for touchdowns against Linton in a single game.. ... and both times it put the Warriors right back into the game. It was an electric atmosphere for sure. I think Linton's passing game was instrumental in the win. Momentum swung mightily to both sides all night. Holtman Doades broke a long TD run...and that was essentially all Linton gave up defensively. A wrong alignment on a punt opened up another huge Doades run inside the 5. But overall a good effort keeping Sheren in the barn, but I will say the backup kid had some great runs in the 4th as well. Linton had 3 backs with 80+ yards... I don't have the stats in front of me.. .but wanted to recognize both teamss in a hard fought effort..
  9. This Friday night will probably be pretty quiet in the streets of Linton, Bicknell, Sandborn, Oaktown, Freelandville, Westphalia, Bruceville and beyond. The Reason? It could be the game of the regular season for the two high schools these towns call their own. Sure, Linton has always had a big target on their back in terms with the success of the Miner Football program, and for many years the bully on the block to the bulk of area rivals. Linton has always had an intense rivalry with Sullivan, and over the years North Daviess, and certainly North Knox. The Warriors have a rich history in football with a state final appearance in 1974, and dominating team in the 70’s plus an undefeated 1968 team that went 10-0. This rivalry goes beyond North Knox of course and Linton and Bicknell as I see a score from 1906 of a Miner 65-0 win! Bicknell went 9-0 in their last year of existence 1962. The Miner-Warrior feud met about every year except periods from 1959 to 1965. Linton had dominated and won 19 of 21 meetings between ’36 and ’58. It appears to have started again in 1966 thru 1971 with North Knox winning 5 in a row. After a 2 year break the game resumed from ’74 to ’79 with NK winning 4 of those 6 games. The series again took a 3 year break picking back up for good in 1983. Linton had won 12 meetings in a row from ’97 to ’08, broken with a 15-7 Warrior win in 2009 at Warrior Field. Linton had big revenge though with a rematch in sectionals and a 44-0 win. Counting that win, Linton reeled off 14 straight wins most by large margins before last year’s 27-14 NK win at the Roy. Coach Josh Chambers brings in his Warriors at 5-1, having won their last 5 in a row. They had started 5-1 in 2019 in much the same manner then lost to Vincennes Lincoln 12-0 and Linton 28-13 finishing in the Sectional 40 championship losing to Mater Dei 35-6. That 8-4 record was their best since a 9 win 2014 season. They were 6-3 last year but those losses came to Sullivan, Renssel41 are Central and Mater Dei in the opening round last year. They were in a battle with the Wildcats despite the 30 to 19 result they were in the game late. Linton is off to a 6-0 start, their best start since the Championship run of 2016. Linton has rebounded from their only losing season since 1996 in 2018 (5-6) with a 9-2 2019 followed by last year’s 8-4 campaign. Both teams have been primarily known as rushing juggernauts. The Warriors certainly have maintained that reputation with 1,748 rushing yards, 291.2 p/g, 21 rush TD’s and a 6.8 per carry average. Sr Rhett Sheren has been the workhorse with 638 yards on 97 carries and 10 TDs. He torched the Miner D in ’20 with 262 yards on 26 carries and 3 TDs. In fact NK put up 407 rush yards on the Miners, the most since Sullivan ran up 462 yards in 2004. Sr Holtman Doades has been the playmaker at WB with 561 yards on 61 carries and 5 scores. He had 82 against Linton last year. Doades is also the leading receiving with 8 catches for 240 yards with half of those being TDs. Throwing the ball is 1st year QB is Jr Mason Lyons who has thrown 40 times hitting 16 for 449 yards with 7 TDs against 2 picks. Jr Devin Kent has caught 4 for 81 yards and a score. Lyons has 3 rushing TDs on 24 carries for 90 yards. Linton has rushed for 1,549 yards, 258.2 per game, 6.8 per carry and 26 rush TDs. Linton is led by Jr QB Hunter Gennicks with 614 yards on 78 carries with 5 TDs. Sr Gabe Eslinger has had big TD runs and has 399 yards on 41 catches and 6 scores. Sr Drew Smith adds the inside game with 205 yards and 3 scores. The Miners lost WB Hunter Johns, who had 204 yards and 6 rush TDs, to a shoulder injury against Boonville. The passing game in 2021 has been a major contributor with Gennicks hitting on 56% of his passing (42 of 75) for 730 yards, 13 TDs and just 1 interception. Sr Eli Poe (12-185-4) Sr Ayden Riggleman (4-55-1) and Jr Logan Webb (6-121-2) have given Gennicks a solid receiving corps, and Eslinger (10-172-3) as well as Sr’s Kaulin Padgett (2-48-1) and Jaydan Miller (2-31-1) all make plays out of the backfield. The real battle will be in the trenches where games are won and lost in reality. The Miner offensive line has settled into a steady group with Jr Center Nathan Watson (6’0 255), LG Jr Wrigley Franklin (6’3 225) LT Sr Cameron Goodman (6’3 200) RG Jr Aiden Giles (6’3 215) and RT SR Donovan DeBruhl (6’ 0 275). They will line up against DTs Sr Gunner Thompson (5’11 250) and Jr Dylan Bond (5’11 225) and NT Sr Beau Noland (6’2 225). Noland leads the team with 47 tackles. The LB corps of NK will see Sr Declan Alchin (Sr 5’10 200) and Soph Carter Lemberg (5’9 150) in the inside, with Jr Kale Jones (5’10 185) and Sr Rhett Sheren (6’0 195) on the outside. Lemberg has 46 tackles, Alchim 36. The Warrior Oline returns 4 of 5 starters from that dominating 2020 game with the only newcomer at Center with Robert Cross (Sr 6’1 165). Coming back on the left side is G Jr Dylan Bond (5’11 225) and T Jr Landyn Worstell (6’2 185) and on the right side Sr G Beau Noland (6’2 225) and SR T Gunner Thompson (5’1 250). Add to that Tight Ends Fr Brennan Messel (5’11 160) and Jr Devin Kent (6’0 220). You can add FB Jr Kale Jones (5’10 185) as NK lines up tight most of the night using manpower to overwhelm defenses. The Miners 3 man front starts with Sr Jackson Fields (6’0 205) at Nose Tackle, Jr’s Aiden Giles (6’3 215) and Wrigley Franklin (6’3 225) at DE’s. We’ve also seen Ty Boyd of late (Soph 6’1 190) and also Sr Cameron Goodman (6’3 200) at DE’s. Linton’s LB group has been led by leading tackler Sr Gabe Eslinger (6’0 205) along with Sr Bracey Brenneman (6’2 200) on the inside, with Sr’s Drew Smith (6’2 215) and Jackson Lynn (6’0 185) on the outside. Eslinger has been a force with double digit tackles in each game and a total of 68 with 9 TFL. Each team’s defensive backfield will clearly have to be aware of the pass and not be tempted to run support too early. Linton has a senior laden group with Kaulin Padgett and Eli Poe at Corner and Hunter Gennicks and Jaydan Miller at Safety. Miller made his return to the field last week after missing 3 games. Sr’s Ayden Riggleman and Logan Webb have both seen plenty of time in that group as well. NK returns Sr Holtman Doades as the primary cover corner and only returning starter, with Sr Will Sloan joining him. Jr Mason Lyons and Soph Caleb Bottum will man the safety spots, Bottum with 46 tackles tied for 2nd on team. This game should be maxed out on emotion and intensity. I would expect turnout Warrior Field to be standing room only. I know the NK fans will be out in full voice, and I will say Linton’s crowds have been very vocal and out in numbers to support the Miners in the last several games. I hope they bring they shut down the town and bring everyone to make this an incredible environment for these kids to witness. It has been since 1992 that North Knox defeated Linton back to back seasons, in fact they won 3 in a row 1990-92. The weather looks be perfect for Friday Night, the teams will hopefully be at 100% or close to it. We know Linton is without Hunter Johns on both sides of the ball, and Fr Hank Gennicks (a starter at Tackle in week 1) is improving week to week. By week 7 no football team is 100% healthy! I do believe it will be a game that you have to maximize possessions, and certainly cannot afford turnovers. We know that NK can burn time off the clock in huge chunks and if they have a lead and the ball they will be content on eating the clock. Linton has shown the ability to churn out long drives, but also big plays in both rush and pass games. Linton will undoubtedly use the pass more that NK has seen Linton do because there are more receivers who can make plays this year than we have seen in recent years. You can’t just cover one guy. On the flip side, Linton cannot play NK as a rush only 10 in the box defense because the Warriors have hit on big pass plays and have confidence in that part of their game. As always, I’ll be in the broadcast booth at Warrior Field Friday Night for Media Five Sports on WQTY on 93.3 FM… as well as online streaming at www.wqtyradio.com with my partner Kevin Rader.
  10. well.... they really rolled over us at Linton last year....it was truly embarrasing to see the MIner D get man handled. I think to an extent Linton under estimated NK last year going into the game.. but when they had such success running the ball.. it was obvious the Warriors had their offense gelling. NK definitely has skill guys back in Sheren & Doades, and because of their run prowess the pass has been successful... Lyons with 7 TDs.. and it looks like they've got sophs and freshmen who are stepping up. We all know Beau Noland is a beast on both sides... but they've got what they do down very very well. 3 seniors and 2 juniors on the line with a TE... they just over power and then eat a ton of time off the clock. If they get ahead...you have to score because you may not see the ball but 4 times a night. Linton is a better team this year on both sides of the ball. The linebackers-- Eslinger, Brenneman, Smith and now Lynn (With JOhns out)... are gonna be uber-counted on. The DB's are gonna have to be sure not to bite and give up the long ball.. the down linemen are gonna have to eat up space to cause the Olinemen trouble in pulling. So many things have to happen. Doades is a big play guy, Sheren the workhorse in the Warrior tradition. Linton offense is much more potent in 2021, and the passing much more evident. The Oline will have to give Gennicks time, but Gennicks is a heck of a play maker too.. containing him will be key for Warrior D. I don't think it's wrong to say that the Miners have had this one circled heading into this season. NK put 407 rushing yards on the sheet BUT ALSO held Linton to just 110 rushing. Don't forget that. LInton had just 195 total yards to 430 for NK. RHett Sheren ruled the night with 262 yards, 3 TDs on 26 carries. Holtman Doads added 82 on 13 touches. Linton's best was 38 yards from Gennicks. Linton was shut down offensively and could not stop NK defensively. NK lost Hammelman at QB, and Zach Boyles at HB, and both TE'S in Brocksmith and Long... but return 4 of 5 lineman up front in Thompson, Noland, Bond and Worstell. They also lost Boyd who had 16 tackles against Linton... The Miners lost 5 seniors from last year... but this is week 7... not week 1 or 2... so those new starters or young kids playing for the first time are experienced by now. This should be a slobber-knocker. If you do comparisons in opponents it's hard to ignore NK lone lose of the year.. .to Sullivan 35-6. Linton beat the Arrows the next week 34-21. But.... last year NK was also beaten by Sullivan in week 1 48-19.... while LInton had beaten SUllivan in Overtime.... and yet 27-14 over Linton... so... throw that out the window. A more reasonable comparison would be Boonville. NK won a dogfight 27-26 a couple weeks back, a week before Linton had a 35-14 dominating win over the Pioneers. Again.. I don't know that it means anything.... there will be a heated spark in the air at Warrior Field...There was a lot of celebration in handing the Miners that loss on homecoming at the Roy.. not just from the players but from the fans....and justly so....They had not beaten Linton in the last 14 meetings, and 26 of 27 since 1997. So... yeah it was big news and an upset in most eyes.
  11. I certainly respect Coach Fine. Long time readers of my posts know...my keyboard work produces terrible grammar and mispellings. This is obviously a case off hitting a B instead of a T and not proof-readings. Apologies to anyone offended... but locker room banter?? I hardly think. They had a lot more to worry about than me making a typing error!
  12. This game will be homecoming for the Miner Faithful, and certainly a game North Daviess has circled every year as a barometer for how ND Football is doing. The Cougars are 4-1 under 4th year Head Coach Brent Fine. He came in to replace long time coach Scotty Helms, and a program once one of the area's best 1A programs. however, they'd won only 4 games in 3 seasons when Fine was brought it. He toughed out a 2-8 1st year, and has had immediate impact as the Cougars went 7-4 his 2nd year. As mentioned they have come into week 6 against the Miners riding on a 4 game win streak.. .and have not allowed a point in their last 3 big wins. Linton comes in 5-0, and you gotta go back to 2010 for the last Cougar win in the series... and it was a doozie 73-33 shootout but the worst Miner defeat in a long time. Linton would score 81 the next year in revenge at the Roy. The scores have been pretty lop-sided in the past several meetings, and people who thought perhaps the 'trap' game was last week...might be better suited looking into this week's matchup. Is this Cougar team for real? Will the Miners be looking ahead at the warriors? I think with the senior leadership it won't happen.. but these are kids ya know... it's hard to look at recent history and not think...this should be another blow-out... but... you play the games. ND will have nothing to lose going into this...
  13. I definitely believe it had nothing to do with the competition level.. I think both teams liked facing each other in week 1. Coach Buening certainly stated that the Raiders hated that this was the last meeting. He went a long way in telling me that they always came of the game having learnt things they needed to address, and things to tighten up. Linton certainly did and I felt always did us better going into Sullivan week 2. I haven't had any real chance to discuss it with the coaches... or Charlie since he retired last year. I'm amazed that I had no prior knowledge of it being changed. Tell me how far out of the loop I have become, but I do live in Vincennes, and I don't get up there (Linton) like I have been able to in past years. Buening mentioned something about schedule for Linton.. and I thought he mentioned Sullivan... now I dont know if that meant we had to adjust our schedule to keep Sullivan on it... or that Southridge was looking at Sullivan as a week 1. Sullivan has been playing North Knox in week 1.... and I don't know why that would change for either team. And I wanna be sure and mention that Boonville... now at 0-4... is a good 0-4. I think it was a good game for Linton to play. Down again at the half 14-13, and again the defense blanked the Pioneers in the 2nd half. Linton had 2 second half 13 play drives both for scores that was nice to watch. I hate that Hunter Johns went down to an injury though. Gabe Eslinger was a monster in this game on both sides of the ball... but also Drew Smith with carries up the gut running over people. We still give up the pass plays though here and there. People talked of this being a trap game... I didn't think it would... but I would think the N.Daviess game coming up could be. With North Knox on the horizon... even though the Cougars are 4-1 and playing well.. they were 4-0 in each of the last two seasons as well... and finished 4-5 last year, 7-4 in 2020. THis is a huge game for them.... Linton needs to operate like a smooth machine and take care of business early. Hats off to Clay Conner, Reece Wilder, THomas Hall & Carter Wolfe who I thought stood out for the Pioneers.
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