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  1. I apologize if that offends you... I just saw Lebanon was 4-4... I do see they've won 3 of 4... but a couple of those were 0-8 teams... I just not being from that area I don't necessarily know the rivalries.. true Lebanon is 4A... I tell ya what.. I'll add it! Oops.. I don't think I can add it.... sorry again.
  2. Providence comes in 3-5 after a 9-3 season in 2018, and losing 14 seniors, and another 3 juniors from the team that jumped all over the MIners 28-0 with still 9:45 in the 2nd quarter. It literally was like we didn't get off the bus. We lost 35-14 and genuinely play them pretty well from that 9:45 mark on. The Pioneers only return 2 offensive starters and just 3 on the defensive side. Gone are 2 year QB Joe Denis, and RB's Kevin Smith and Kaden WIlliams. Williams blasted Linton for 222 rush yards and 3 scores, and added another in the air. Gone as well on the D side is safety McCubbins who had a combined 41 tackles in the 2 meetings with us, but also LB Hoke who had 31. Providence has faced some very good teams. They beat a strong Bethlehem team from Kentucky 29-20 to start the year, they were outmatched against 5A 6-2 Floyd Central 28-7 and 4A 7-1 Silver Creek 27-0.They rebounded with a 35-8 win over rival 2A 2-6 Clarksville HOwever they have dropped 3 of last 4, but again against good quality opponents. Those losses were not blowouts either: 13-7 to 6-2 3A Charlestown, 29-15 to Holy Cross in Kentucky, and last week 20-0 to 1A 6-2 Milan. They did put a 21-6 win over 4-4 2a Mitchell. They average just 14.3 ppg giving up 18.9. SAG ratings have Linton a winner by 23.7. Linton's SAT of 61.13 is 7th in 2A, Providence is 31st with a 35.44. The Pioneers have the higher ranked strength of schedule at 43.31 to Linton's 42.02, 11th and 14th in 2A. WHile the Miners lost last year, they won 40-34 in 2017 in a game Linton dominated for 3 quarters to nearly lose in the waining minutes. INjuries have played a role in the Pioneeer's 2019 campaign. Starting WB and LB Jeremy Gettelfinger was a starter as a soph against Linton, and hasn't suited up at least for a couple weeks, and isn't listed as a starter this week. QB Bishop Edwards has missed games as well. #4 Edwards (Sr, 6'2 190) was back in action against MIlan last week. He is a running QB for sure, and 2nd (292) for the Pioneer rushing attack. Leading that ground game is #28 Colin Flake (Sr, 5'11 165) (I have him with 613 yards and 7 TDs... but I have only 7 of 8 games worth of info). They list #8 Andrew Henderson (12, 5;10 175) as the fullback, who also is at QB when Edwards is out. WB is #6 Chase Aldridge (Sr, 5'7 160) who led Providence in rushing last week, but neither he nor Henderson have contributed much to the rushing attack. As opposed to Denis at QB the last couple years, Edwards and Providence are not a passing team. I have Edwards at just 8-22 for 147 yards, 1 TD 1 score. Flake has 5 of those catches and the TD, SE #3 Carson Heldman (Jr, 5'8 150) has 1 catch, the TE, transplanted lineman #5 Alec Fougerousse (Sr 6'0 1850 had 2 for just 4 yards. The Oline returns 2 starters. Guard #78 Ryley Gunther (Jr 6'3 270), and Tackle #67 Brayton Gettelfinder (Sr 5'11 260). Center is #51 David Wall (Jr 6'3 180), and the other Tackle #74 Donte Davis (Sr 6'0 270) and Guard #65 Hazen Conner (Sr 5'6 185) , Providence will run a tight package, overloading one side of the line with the SE and WB, and try to overpower the D. I've also seen a bunch of direct snaps to Flake, who stands next to the QB in the set. Last week vs Milan they had a bunch of snap issues...over head, too low.... something like 50+ in negative yards, and one resulting in a scoop and score. Perhaps the weather played a big role in that result. Defense brings back 3 starters from our game last year. Fougerousse at ILB, Flake at OLB and Aldridge at CB. Edwards, the QB, is the leading tackler at ILB. Fougerousse is the 2nd. #9 Austin Barnett (Sr 6'1 185) is the other OLB. Gunther mans one tackle, with #76 Nathan Ross (Soph, 6'0 245) at the other. DE's are #68 Vincent Benningfield (Sr. 6'2 185) and #52 Henry Jones (Sr , 6'5 200). Rounding out the secondary is #7 Jaxon Murphy (Jr, 5'7 150) and Henderson and safety. Teams haven't really pased much against the Pioneers that I can see. Floyd Central ran for 325, Charlestown for 244.. but again I don't have much info to go on. They do have size...as we can see, but we are almost always the smaller of the two teams on the field. Providence can't be taken lightly. It they can win the battle in the trenches and get success running it will bode well for them. Flake has good speed, and have have game of 137 (Floyd Cent) 128 (Charles) and 173 against Mitchell. Edwards has two 90+ efforts. Losing Gettelfinger at WB hurt, and he had 106 in opening week, and 40+ in each of the next three weeks. I see alot of Seniors (12), but it's like Linton was a couple years back... not a lot who had seen any real varsity time. As for Linton. The coache changed up things on the Oline last week moving in #77 Soph Dalton Carpenter (5'10 215) at center. Pushing #79 Tyler Mongeau (Sr, 6'1 205) over to Guard and thus #55 Vedder Rogers (Jr 6'1 225) over to Tackle. The right side remained guard #69 Damian Giles (Jr 6'0 225) and Tackle #57 Landon Giles (Jr 6'0 210). #51 Dalton Smith (Sr 5'10 205) still saw action on the OL as well. #5 Lance Dyer (Se 5'10 175) leads rushing with 757 on 45 carris and 7 TDs, #8 Luke Lannan (Sr 5'10 185) is right behind with 652 on 96 with 7 TDs. QB #15 Trey Goodman (Jr 6'1 170) has 317 rush yards, 8 TDs, while #43 Cash Howard (Sr5'10 175) adds 232 and 5 scores. Goodman is 64 of 118 for 985 passing with 12 TDs and 3 picks. #18 Devyn Robertson (Sr, 6'2 165) has 26 of those catches, 4 TDs for 415 yards, #28 Clayton Hauser (Sr 6'1 170) has 14 for 143-1. Dyer has 12 for 156-2, Howard 8-197-3, with TE #35 Avery Puckett (Se 6'2 175) 2 for 25 and a score. Defensively Lannan leads with 70 tackles, 11 for loss, 3.5 sacks, 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery. #2 Gabe Eslinger (Soph, 6'0 180) is right behind with 69, 9 for loss, 1.5 sacks, and 1 each of INT and FR. Howard at Safety comes in with 50 and 2 picks. L.Dyer adds 34 from OLB, his brother Trevor (Sr #11, 5'10 165) with 25. Up front you will see a variety of players. Mongeau and Smith at DE, Rogers at DT or NT, #64 Hunter boldrey (Se 6'0 255), #70 Aiden Keen (Sr 6'1 and #58 Donovan DeBruhl (Soph 5'11 235) among other DT.s Even #26 Braden Jackson (Sr 5'7 170) at NT. The DBs have been Howard at safety with #23 Gavin House (Jr 5'7 160) and Robertson at Corners... possibly #7 Kauling Padgett (Soph 5'8 165) as well.
  3. Combining the two classes this week... getting ready for next week's all out sectional previews! 7-1 2A 3/3/2 Lewis Cass @ 7-1 3A 2/2/2 West Lafayette 5-3 1A 12/12/11 Monroe Central @ 5-3 1A 11/11/- Shenandoah 8-0 1A 3/3/3 Southwood @ 6-2 3A Tippecanoe Valley 7-1 14/14/- North Putnam @ 6-2 3A Edgewood 7-1 2A 12/12/- Eastern Hancock @ 5-3 2A Lapel 6-2 2A Seeger @ 7-1 1A 7/7/6 North Vermillion 5-3 2a Tipton @ 6-2 2A 8/8/9 Rensselaer Central 8-0 1A 5/4/5 West Washington @ 5-3 3A Salem 6-2 4A Western @ 5-3 1A 9/9/7 Lafayette Central Catholic Others of interest: 5-3 1A Attica @ 4-3 2A South Vermillion 5-3 1A Culver @ 6-2 2A LaVille 6-2 1A 12/13/12 Milan @ 5-3 1A Switzerland County 5-3 1A Carroll @ 5-3 1A Sheridan 8-0 2A 11/11/11 Eastern (Greentown) @ 5-3 1A Clinton Prairie 7-1 4A 10/10/6 Mississinewa @ 5-3 2A Blackford
  4. I interviewed him last year at Linton. Definitely was great to meet and finally talk to him. Hopefully get to do it again down the road.. Congrats indeed.
  5. We need to end this regular season on a high note. Need to eliminate the penalties and the ball being on the ground. We need a solid game from beginning to end. Providence is 3-5 I realize...but they've played some big time teams down there. THey did lose a lot from the last couple years... they ran all over us early on last year, and we played pretty even from then... too little too late. I hope the kids remember that...
  6. What would possibly be the incentive for TH North or South or Bloomington North or South to play Linton?
  7. you do remember though just back in 2017 Eastern beat us pretty good... Plus they really had been a program on the rise, and also were 2A for a bit. Obviously we are on two different levels this year. I am one of perhaps the few who don't think we need to overload the regular season where every game we play bigger schools, and travel further and further. By no means do I want the schedule back in the Southwest 7 days either. I know Boonville is a short time opponents, and it's harder and harder to find opponents already...Teams are locked into conference deals and I'd hate for us to have an open week.. but I'd hate for us to drive 3 hours for a good opponent. I like where we are schedule wise... we have some great teams to play.. Monrovia is obviously going thru a bad time..but they normally are one of the toughest teams we play. I love having Southridge, Sullivan.. North V... I think we should always play NK and ND because I just like the history... Providence? Well it's been a good back n forth.. but that drive is a doozie!! As for Mater Dei... what can be said. they beat freakin' Evansville Central. They only lost 10-3 to Memorial, and 13-0 to Castle... they play who they play. Southridge took them out the last 2 years... it can be done... but we are gonna have to eliminate the penalties, the snap/fumble issues, and get a heckuva lot better against the pass to even stand a chance.
  8. 33: Boone Grove 7-0, North Newton 5-2; Rensselaer Central 5-2; Andrean 4-3 The Wolves have four wins over +.500 teams, but the Bombers schedule has been Daunting with 5-2 4A Western, 6-1 3A West Lafayette, and 4-3 1A LCC. RC has already drilled North’ Newton 40-15. The Spartans also dropped a 13-12 game to 4A 2-5 Kankakee Valley. Andrean has to be in the mix with a win over that same Kankakee Valley last 33-14, and losses to 6-1 6A Merrillville, 7-0 4a New Prairie and 5-2 4A Hobart. That schedule will have the 59ers battle tested. SAG- BG 64.31 (5/75); RC 57.69 (9/103); AND 57.32 (10/104); NN 44.38 (21/158) Rankings- AP & IFCA: RC-8 BG-10 AND-13; GRID : RC-9 BG-10 And-12 SOS- And 49.15 (120); RC 45.58 (138); Whit 36.76 (197); BG 33.71 (225) SCORE DIFF: NN +22.7; BG +18.9; RC +10.0 4-3 2A Andrean @ 5-2 4A Lowell 34: Lewis Cass 6-1; Pioneer 6-1; LaVille 5-2 This has all the makings of a heckuva rematch. And again… you hope these two are in opposite brackets to set that up. They met in week 1, with the Kings winning a 28-22 game at Pioneer. LaVille would like to have a say but the Panthers beat them handily 36-14 in week 3. Pioneer also beat 6-1 3A Knox 12-7, who beat LaVille 13-3 in week 6. Cass has played a tough schedule with wins over 5-2 Maconaquah, 5-2 Tipton and 5-2 Western, and their only loss to 6-1 3a West Lafayette. SAG- Cass 73.62 (1/48);Pion 73.60 (2/49); LaV 54.89 (12/111) Rankings- AP/IFCA: Pioneer-2 Cass-3; GRID: Pioneer/Cass-tied 2 SOS- Cass 53.39 (101); Brem 42.61 (152); Pion 37.55 (193) SCORE DIFF: Pion +35.6; Cass +25.1; Laville +18.8 6-1 2A Pioneer @ 5-2 1A Culver 5-2 2A LaVille @ 4-3 1A North Judson 35: Bluffton 6-1; Eastside 5-2 Fairfield 4-3 The Blazers 2 losses came to unbeaten 3A West Noble, and a 21-14 loss to 6-1 Adams Central. Bluffton’s 1 loss was to unbeaten 1A South Adams 41-0. A major litmus test comes for the Tigers this week hosting the Flying Jets, as it’s only their 2nd meeting with a .500 team all year. Fairfield sits 4-3 but it’s hard to put them in the same level. Luers at 1-6 plays a schedule loaded with 4, 5 and 6 A competition, so it’s hard to know what they can do in their own class. Worth a mention is 3-4 Woodlan, who lost on 13-6 to Bluffton in week 4 and who’s schedule includes heavy hitter 6-1 4A Leo, and Ohio’s Lima Central Catholic and Marion Local..all 3 losses. 6-1 1A Adams Central @ 6-1 2A Bluffton 7-0 1A South Adams @ 3-4 2A Woodlan. SAG- East 53.05 (14/120); Luers 50.15 (15/131); Bluff 44.74 (20/156) Rankings- AP- Bluffton-14 IFCA- Bluffton-13 SOS- Luers71.18 (28); PHeights 39.42 (176); Whit 38.70 (185) SCORE DIFF: East +19.6; Bluff +14.1; Fair -3.9 36: Eastern (Greentown) 7-0; Tipton 5-2; Eastbrook 5-2 Stacked with winning teams, 6 of the 8 with +.500 records going into week 8. The Panthers started 0-2, in losses to 6-1 4A’s Marion and Delta. They beat 6-1 4A Mississinewa 21-14 in week 4, as well as 5-2 sectional foe 5-2 Alexandria 48-10 last week. The Comets have run the table but not sure they’ve played the schedule of Eastbrook or Tipton. They face 5-2 1A Sheridan this week in a chance to prove something. They’ve just allowed 8.4 ppg, and only 14 in the last 4 weeks. Tipton’s 2 losses came to 6-1 2A Lewis Cass 28-7 and 4-3 1A LCC 24-14. However, they don’t own a win over a +.500 foe. 5-2 4A Western is next up. Blackford is also 5-2 but lost head to head 40-35 to Alexandria and 37-28 to 4-3 1A Monroe Central. They also have no wins over +.500 teams and face Eastbrook this Friday. 6-1 4A Mississinewa @ 5-2 2A Alexandria 5-2 2A Eastbrook @ 5-2 2A Blackford 5-2 1A Sheridan @ 7-0 2A Eastern (Greentown) 5-2 2A Tipton @ 5-2 4A Western SAG- EBrook 66.29 (3/69); Eastern 46.72 (17/144); Tip 45.97 (19/150) Rankings- AP/IFCA: EBrook-5 EGreen-11 GRID- EBrook-7 EG-11 SOS- Ebrook 41.53 (159); Elwood 38.90 (181); Frank 38.83 (182); SCORE DIFF: Eastern +27.6; EBrook +18.4; Tipton +12.3 37: Western Boone 6-1; North Putnam 6-1, Seeger 5-2 The Stars at back at #1 across all the polls, and their only loss came in week 2’s 42-41 defeat to 5-2 4A Western. They have quality wins over 5-2 1A Sheridan, and 5-2 3A Tri-West. The Cougars opened up with 5 wins before their lone loss to 4-3 4A Northview 50-35 in a shootout. They have three wins over 4-3 teams-S Putnam, Sullivan and West Vigo. Seeger seems to have snuck in the mix winning their last four, but more particularly with their 49-7 battering of 5-2 1A Sheridan last week. They had dropped 2 of their first three prior, losing 52-7 to 6-1 1A Parke Heritage on opening night, and 36-20 to 4-3 1A Attica in week 3. SAG- WeBo 65.69 (4/71); NPut 46.22 (18/147); SEG 42.48 (24/168) Rankings- AP: WeB0-1. NPut-14; IFCA: WeBo-1 NPut-15; GRID: WeBo-1 SOS- Monr 49.60 (116) Casc 46.57 (133); SMont 38.77 (183) SCORE DIFF: WeBo +30.0; Seeg +17.7; NPUt +15.4 38: Heritage Chrisitan 6-1; Eastern Hancock 6-1; Scecina 5-2; Shenandoah 5-2 This is another sectional loaded with winning teams. 7 of 8 at the current time, including 6 with at least 5 wins. Hard to ignore the Crusaders schedule, where they have already beaten Shenandoah 28-18,as well as 5-2 4A Beech Grove, and a narrow 807 win over 4-3 Triton Central. Their losses have come to unbeaten 1A Lutheran, and to 2-5 4A Roncalli. The Eagles are coming in after a shootout 1 point win over 4-3 2A Lapel 36-35. Their only loss came in week 3 to 5-2 3A Guerin Cath 23-5. They too beat Shenandoah (48-7), as well as Eastern HancoCK (38-20) In head to head meetings. The Royals only toss was to the Eagles, and their resume contains W’s over 5-2 1A Knightstown and 4-3 1A Monroe Central last week 48-29. Northeastern and Winchester are both 5-2 as well, with the Knights beating the Falcons 27-14 head to head. Northeastern however has suffered both their losses in the last two weeks against sectional foes Centeville (4-3) and Shenandoah. Winchester’s only other loss was in opening week to unbeaten 1A South Adams 40-0 6-1 2A Eastern Hancock @ 5-2 2A Shenandoah 5-2 2A Northeastern @ 5-2 1A Knightstown SAG- SCEC 58.78 (8/98); HChrist 54.80 (13/112); EH & SHEN 43.93 (22/161) Rankings- AP & IFCA: Scec-7; HChrist-9 EHan-12; GRID- SCEC-5 HChrist-8 SOS- SCEC 51.55 (109); HChrist 35.20 (211); SHEN 34.45 (220) SCORE DIFF: EHan +29.9; HChrist +26.7; Winch +10.9 39: Switzerland County 5-2; Triton Central 4-3: Paoli 4-3 At 5-2 the Pacers sport the top record in 39, but concerns will certainly be laid upon their schedule coming into the sectional itself. At -5.13 it falls to 320th in the state. They fell 18-6 1A South Decatur last week, and have 6-1 1A N.Decatur and 5-2 1A Milan the next. Compare that to Triton Central’s 4-3 mark, and those losses coming to 6-0 1A Lutheran, 5-2 2A Scecina (By 1), and to 5-2 3a Indian Creek (by 8). Granted the Tigers haven’t any genuine big wins (a 37-13 win over 4-3 3A Greensburg might be), and they took care of 3-4 3A Ritter 30-20. They have 5-2 4A Beech Grove this Friday with a chance for their first. Paoli sits 4-3, and gave unbeaten 1A W.Washington their toughest game (34-30 loss), but also lost to 6-1 1A N.Decatur 41-0 in week 7. Providence, altho 3-4, plays a tough schedule that should have them possibly overlooked. They’ve lost to 5-2 5A Floyd Central, 5-2 3A Charlestown, 7-0 4A Silver Creek, and a very good Holy Cross team from Kentucky. They also close out at 5-2 1A Milan, and 6-1 2A Linton. 5-2 2A Switzerland County @ 6-1 1A North Decatur 4-3 2A Triton Central @ 502 4a Beech Grove SAG- TCent 54.96 (11/110); Prov 38.02 (30/186); Paoli 28.70 (43/224) Rankings- AP-TCentral 14 IFCA: TCent-15 SOS- TCent 46.6 (132) Prov 42.7 (151); Clark 39.95 (173) SCORE DIFF: TCEnt +11.1; Switz +9.6 Pao +5.6 40: Linton 6-1; Mater Dei 5-2; Tell City 5-2 Another sectional where you hope the football Gods have the draw the favorites in opposite brackets, altho Tell City, and 4-3 North Knox wouldn’t mind the Wildcats and Miners facing off against each other early on. The Miners beat the Warriors head on last week 28-13 that was a once score game in the 4th quarter. Linton has won 6 straight after the opening night 28-20 loss to 6-1 3A Southridge. They also pinned the lone loss on 6-1 1A North Vermillion 38020, and four of their 6 wins have come against +.500 opponents. But it’s tough to compare anyone in 40’s schedule with Mater Dei’s. The Wildcats have quality wins over 5-2 3A Indian Creek (49-14) and 4-3 5A Evansville North (45-27), and their losses coming to 6-1 4A Evanville Memorial (10-3) and 5-2 5A Castle (13-0). Somehow the SOS between Linton and Mater Dei are within a point of each other, but clearly MD has a brutal schedule for 2A, in fact they play just one team within their class all year. The Marksmen have fallen to powerhouses Southridge and Heritage Hills, and face another one in Gibson Southern this week, but there 5 wins is their best since 6 in 2013. North Knox certainly would like another shot at the Miners, but they need to get a win this week over 5-2 1A N.Daviess first. The Warriors have dropped their last two- Linton, and to Vincennes Lincoln 12-6. They don’t own a win over a winning program as of yet. This could happen Friday. 5-2 2A Tell City @ 5-2 3A Gibson Southern 402 2A North Knox @ 5-2 1A North Daviess 502 2A Mater Dei @ 6-1 Evansville Central SAG- MD 62.96 (6/80); LINT 61.20 (7/88); NKnox 47.22 (16/140) Rankings- AP/IFCA/GRID: MD-4 Lint-6 SOS- NPosey 49.89 (115); MD 45.27 (141); Lint 45.02 (142) SCORE DIFF: NKnox +21.9; MD/LINT +18.3
  9. 41: Culver 5-2, West Central 4-3 North Judson 4-3. Culver is 4-1 against sectional foes. That one loss was to N.Judson in week 1 26-24. They hammered West Central in W4 44-0. 2 tough games ahead with 6-1 2A Pioneer, and 5-2 2A LaVille. The Bluejays face those same two teams to close out their season. WC started 3-0 and has lost 3 in a row… the NJudson WCentral game was not played due to lack of officials. Winamac at 2-5 blasted the Trojans last week 52-8, and lost only 28-20 to the Cavaliers in week 6. Perhaps they will be in the mix come sectional time, altho the Bluejays beat them 28-8 mid season. SAG- NJudson 37.46 (16/187); Culver 37.32 (17/188) Winamac 29.8 (23/222) Rankings- None SOS- Winamac 41.92 (158); NJudson 33.45 (228); Culver 21.88 (279) SCORE DIFF- Culver +15.7; NJudson +2.71 WCentral -7.14 6-1 2A Pioneer @ 5-2 1A Culver 42: Traders Point 6-0; Carroll 5-2; Frontier 5-2; LCC 4-3 LCC’s schedule strength is undeniable. Carroll hasn’t beaten a +.500 team. Traders Point destroyed Frontier 55-12 in week 5. LCC beat 5-2 Tipton and 5-2 Rensselaer Central. This sectional had 7 of their 8 teams with schedule strength ratings of 285 or higher, 5 300+. SAG- LCC 51.09 (7/128); TPC 40.42 (15/178) Clinton Prairie 28.58 (26/226) Rankings- AP: LCC-9 IFCA: LCC-9; TPC-13 GRID: LCC-8 SOS- LCC 51.1 (88) Clint Cent 20.99 (285) Clint Prairie (17.85 (297) SCORE DIFF- TPC +40.3; Clint Prair +20.7; Clint Cent +13.4 43: South Adams 7-0, Monroe Central 4-3 The Starfires already beat the Golden Bears 34-15 in week 5. Should be a rematch in the 43 finale is the football draw gods do right. Can’t say anyone else is on the watch list here, as nobody has a winning record but SA and MC. SAG- SAdams 70.79 (1/56); MCentral 41.73 (14/171) Rankings- AP: SAdams-2 MCentral-12. IFCA: SAdams-2 MCentral-12 ; GRID: SAdams-2 MCentral-12 SOS- Mad Grant 46.62 (131); SWells 37.86 (191); MCentral 34.89 (215) SCORE DIFF: SAdams +40.4; MCentral +2.3 7-0 1A South Adams @ 3-4 2A Woodlan 44: Southwood 7-0; Adams Central 6-1; Churubusco 6-1 The Knights with the 3rd best scoring D at 6.14 pergame, have only faced one +.500 team (Maconaquah). The Eagles lone loss to 5-2 2 Eastside 42-14, the Flying Jets one loss to 7-0 South Adams 42-14. Both have big games this week with 7-0 3A West Noble at Churubusco, and 6-1 2A Bluffton hosting Adams Central. The Jets beat Eastside 21-14 in week 2. Sect 44 is home for three top The draw could sure be deadly in this one. SAG- SWood 62.97 (3/79); ACentral 55.84 (5/107); Busco 47.52 (9/138) Rankings- AP: SWood-3 ACentral-4 Busco-6 IFCA: Swood-3 ACentral-4 Busco-6 ; GRID: SWood-3 ACentral-4 Busco-7 SOS- NWood 42.31 (155); Triton 36.18 (201); SWood 34.74 (218) SCORE DIFF: SWood +27.6 ACentral +20.7 Busco +19.9 5-2 1A Adams Central @ 6-1 2A Bluffton 7-0 3A West Noble @ 6-1 1A Churubusco 45: North Vermillion 6-1, Parke Heritage 6-1; Attica 4-3; South Putnam 4-3 Honestly, NV and PH played lights out game last week that truly came down to the wire. The Falcons won that battle 42-36, but these two could play 10 times and split 5-5. Course having played each other once, they could be working on gameplans for such an occasion. Attica started 3-0 but has lost 3 of last 4. PH beat the Ramblers 26-6 but NV only won 21-14. The Eagles play a tough schedule that gets tougher with 5-2 Northview then 6-1 Heritage Christian. SAG- PH 59.03 (4/96); NV 54.04 (6/116); ATT 46.48 (10/146) SP 30.35 (21/219) Rankings- AP: NV-7 PH-8; IFCA: NV-7 PH-8; GRID: NV-5 PH-9 SOS- COV 40.06 (170); NV 37.72 (192); FCentral 35.97 (203) SCORE DIFF: PH +29.9; Attica +16.7; NV +16.3 5-2 4A Northview @ 4-3 1A South Putnam 46: Lutheran 6-0; Sheridan 5-2; TIndley 6-0 #1 ranked Lutheran certainly looks solid with wins over Scecina, Beech Grove and Triton Central. Sheridan was zonked 49-7 by Seeger, who has quietly moved to 5-2 in 2A. Props to Tindley for a 6-0 mark and certainly a good shot and being unbeaten going into this sectional. However the Tigers won’t have faced teams of Lutheran and Sheridan’s caliber. SAG- Luth 65.81 (2/70) Sher 33.71 (18/204) TInd 28.52 (26/227) Rankings- AP/IFCA/Grid: Lutheran-1 Sheridan-2 SOS- Luth 46.81 (130); Cov Christ 26.51 (258); Edin 25.45 (261) SCORE DIFF: Tindley +37.2; Lutheran +20.7; Cov Christ +15.9 5-2 1A Sheridan @ 7-0 2A Eastern (Greentown) 47: North Decatur (6-1), Milan (5-2) Knightstown (5-2) The Chargers have pitched 3 shutouts in a row, and has the #1 scoring D in 1A at 5.86 per game. ND has also beaten Milan 21-0 head to head in week 5. The Indians other loss came to 3A Lawrenceburg 42-14. As with Milan, Knightstown have not beaten a +.500 team. They’ve lost to 6-1 E.Hancock and 5-2 Winchester. SAG- NDec 45.50 (11/154); Mil 41.96 (12/189); Kni 30.2 (22/220) Rankings- AP: ND-10 Mil-12 IFCA: ND-10 Mil-13; Grid: ND-10 SOS- SDec 24.12 (271); Tri 22.35 (277); Milan 22.30 (278) SCORE DIFF: ND +28.1; Mil +18.7; KNI +11.2 5-2 2A Northeastern @ 5-2 1A Knightstown 5-2 2A Switzerland County @ 5-2 1A North Decatur 48: West Washington 7-0; North Daviess 5-2 Senators clear cut faves here having on big over sectional foes Springs Valley 46-0 and Perry Central 44-19 last week. The Cougars are having a great season, but against .500 teams they have been beaten twice, altho one was a 7-6 loss to 3A 4-3 West Vigo. Valley faces ND to close the regular season, which will shine some light on the Cougars going into post-season. SAG- WW 49.52 (8/133); ND 32.47 (19/209); PC 22.19 (28/245) Rankings- AP: WW-5, ND-12; IFCA: WW-4, ND-13 GRID; WW-6 SOS- EG 34.95 (216); NC 34.62 (219); TEC 24.28 (305) SCORE DIFF: WW +38.7; ND +23.6
  10. well if it's gonna rain and affect a game.. this is a good one for it to happen on. COurse, anything can happen on any Friday. And poor field conditions can make bad things happen. We've.. at least Linton, have had 7 great nights for football. I don't want to have a bad weather game when it really matters! Speaking of Eastern... I was surprised to see the QB wasn't #12 Lewis but a #10.. who was a freshman last year.. if it's the same kid. Lewis is playing..but looks like a WB or receiver. I haven't received any info from the Eastern coach or AD for a roster or depth or stats… so I'm running blind!
  11. Definite that Paridaen left EG after the state final run... and went to Evansville North. Great guy... but I think everyone knew he'd prolly head somewhere in the southern portion of the state if that opportunity came. Travis Wray had been a key part in things with EG though as defensive coordinator.. and seemed to be a favorite with the kids. That's where the insanity starts... he wasn't renewed...nobody I knew saw that coming.. and it started an uprising and community disarray. Wasn't like EG was horrible under Wray... and it wasn't like everyone didn't forsee this lull for Eastern after those two senior classes departed.
  12. I definitely will add his book to my library!!! Loved the Cluster book too..altho it brought back such bad memories!!! Congrats Rudy!!
  13. I don't know Muda... Eastern Greene folks really took a liking to football.. their home games ..even in the years they were struggling to be competitive prior to their state run a couple years ago... were always hugely attended things. Very big support from the communities that make up EG. Even Bloomfield tried to get football going for the Cardinals but we all knew that would never happen.
  14. ahh memories... we had 223 PATs from our 4 year kicker Dyllanne Deischer from 2009-2012!!! One of the first out there kicking as a girl in varsity football.
  15. PH's passing would give us trouble.. but I can guarantee we'd be the best over all defense they will have faced.. and that MIner offense can move the ball with the best of them. As for the EG game.. All I hope is we get out of the game without any injuries. I suspect a lot of guys with any nagging bumps and bruises don't even suit up. I'm sure the guys will want to play.. and they should play... but I suspect we could see 2nd teamers working with 1st teamers for experience before turning the youngsters loose in what will likely be the quickest 2nd half in years. I also think you'll see some work on some of the passing game...maybe getting guys involved like Puckett at TE. I haven't really even looked at Eastern to be honest.. .I know it has been really weak. Hard to believe just a couple years ago they were playing for state title...and as well were solid last year... I wonder if there has been any other fall from state title game to this level this quick ever. I feel for the kids because it's tough.. and you gotta give respect to them for coming out there week in and week putting in the effort. I think anyone with football sense knew this was going to be one of those years for Eastern...but it was made worse with all the off field issues....they could have been better off keeping that coaching staff intact that knew the kids and kids knew them. Starting from scratch is tough enough without turnover at the top.
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