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  1. Where are all the Carmel ppl at that post on here? Lol
  2. It was JC jv team vs CG freshman. It was 44 to 0 at half CG played the 2nd and 3rd string players in the 2nd half
  3. My 5 things I would like see to change 1 no dress limit 2 move the regular season to the left by a week, in doing this week 10 is now a bye for classes 1-4 and 5 and 6 gets theirs the following week like it is now. 3 the last 2 weeks of July before school start teams can have up to 10 practice. Now they can do one a day for that time or have old school camp and with 2 a days 4 seed the playoffs as much as like the idea of the blind draw, I do like what what was proposed on here, my only thing would have a north east bracket and north west.and same in the south to help out with travel as much as possibly 5 do away with the idea of neutral site. Let the home team do all the fantastic things they do in the regular season. It brings so much to Friday night lights
  4. I do like the idea of looking back 30 years. But I disagree with having to have more than one coach. My reason for that is you can have some coach at one place for more then 30 years. also before coach Moore got to CG their was a guy named Kevin King as the coach. he was starting to turn the program in upward direction. He never won a sectional but that was during the time where Bloomington south a Martsville where still top tier programs
  5. Guys at work where talk and it came who are the top 10 programs in the state. I do not just mean high school I am talk second grade all the way to 12th grade. I thought this might be a great place to ask this question. Who should be in the top ten of programs in the state?
  6. Question has any statement come out from Carmel about the incident with the basketball coach. It has been 6 months and I do not remember hearing anything from them about it
  7. I had this thought the other day. Could a 1 or 2A school that does not a game for what ever reason schedule a game against say a 5 or 6A team JV team that also does not have a game that week? I know it would not count as far as an official game, but would it not be better then no game. One I do not even no if this is allowed by the ihsaa. And two I do know there is pro and cons to this. What do you all think on this.
  8. It is kind odd they are replacing CG when the just signed a four contract last fall
  9. I agree wilh you on Whiteland was surprised to see that as well. I know my opinion does not mean much but, i have always believed that the count for class should be done for males and females sports separate not just one number for both
  10. Here is my four cents on a few changes I would like to see 1. On field goals attempts if the kicking team misses the ball is spotted at the line of scrimmage not the 20. 2 on kickoffs the receiving team can call a fair change if they are inside the 20 and ball will be spotted at the 20. 3 on a first down a more consistent job between crews on how fast they start the game clock. I have seen some where it is almost the like they say first down then start the clock and others that what till the down markers are set.
  11. I stand corrected thank for that information. I think the reason I was thinking that they did not move them out was they still used such tall pipes and in my eyes they did not move them.
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