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  1. When My son had his physical was done they did his h/w with his shoes and cloths on, and I know that is what was on the official school roster. The school did not do their own h/w they just copy what was on his physical. Also as some one who that done a lot of h/w over the years I can tell you it easy for a persons h/w to be different based on scale or you is doing the height measurement and how they are doing it also I know mine was not I was 2in taller and 10 pounds more
  2. Ok not sure if info I had this heard is right, but my source is right more time then not. Cg and Carmel went to the Mic first and asked them if they would want enter into talks with HHC about merging into one supper conference. My understanding is the rest of the MIC said no so after that is when CG and Carmel went to the rest of the mic about change conference.
  3. My best guess would be around 900 to 1100 my mom graduated with around 230in her class in 69. also fun fact about that team and year they did not play a home game. because the new stadium hat not been finished yet
  4. Got to wondering the other day are conferences public or private and what I mean by that. Most school boards are public and have open meeting and any can go and get the minutes from there meetings. My thinking is if the conference like Mic or HCC or mid-state to name a few are tied to public school then would they not be the same and held to the same rules.
  5. I see no fault in this but, are we sure that Cathedral is moving up.
  6. I am not sure if I asking this right but here goes. Why not want until the new school starts to do the reclass. At the start at the school year all school must report their numbers. Then then ihsaa can reclass ever one. I fell this way you would get more true numbers on kids at the school who could play then using the years befores numbers where the seniors are already gone, and you get the freshmen class that is coming in to the school.
  7. I know this and so are other sports like boys volleyball and lacrosse. But how it fair for some to be able to travel to such things and not others
  8. Over the weekend several schools had there cheer teams travel down to Disney for a national competition. How is this fair and equal that some can travel longer distance and other can’t
  9. I had start a post about what you define as a successful program. I am also curious to what you would say is an unsuccessful one. First this this nothing to do what the kids that play. They all work tbier tailed off to win, but what keeps some programs down while other stay up.
  10. I played against both of them in high school and as a CG kid growing up back then the hilljacks over there was one of our biggest rivals. Man those where some fun games
  11. Though about this the other day when I was reading some else. What would you call a successful program? Do you have to win state ever year or ever few years? Do you have to win sectionals on a regular basis? Or just have a win recorded more years then not?
  12. From what I have heard from out in the world is that is was a 4/4 slit. Now what other info I have come across is that the night before it was 6/2 in favor they both get in. Not sure what might have happen over night to change 2 yes to no’s.
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