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  1. Whiteland could get into the 6a picture very soon, Franklin is a maybe and if they do it will be a while and greenwood will never be higher then 5a. You see Greenwood school is district is just the not that big, where as Whiteland and Franklins are
  2. After a year where most of us have watched many football games and basketball games on webcast. I got to thinking who had the best one who where so bad that you felt you paid to much more. If i have to pay for it their should be some doing some kind of play by play. I am also not here to criticize any kids that are trying to play by play or color, if are are professional in doing it.
  3. You got the 92 game score backwards . I was a sophomore that year and I was on CG team and I am almost 100% sure lost
  4. I believe Center grove sold all of their tickets if they did’t it was not by much
  5. i have talk before about having something like the acc/big ten challenge with the Mic and HHC, you could do with with any conference, it would help with scheduling and with out add more teams to a conference
  6. I was disappointed in Westfield crowd I would have though they would have had more people their then they did
  7. here is the crazy and maybe scarier thing WRT witch is where Center Grove is at is growing as well.
  8. ok the participation percentage was just a way to get to a number to add to the over all number of kids playing after the Aug 1 count. so if any kids joined after you would have them counted. You can even not use and just go with a set number across the board of 5 or 10 or 7,
  9. I do not see a fall off in 2022 Jv and freshman team undefeated and most games had a running clock by 3rd quarter. Middle school team have some studs in them and the JRT went undefeated and won state
  10. here is a crazy idea i had for reclassification Aug 1 ever school turns in the number of kids playing from 12 to 9. Let say school A had 156 total kids. after you take that number you divided it by the number of males in the school. Lets say 2500 kids and 1250 are male. You take 156 divided by 1250 and find the percent of kids playing football. this would give the percent of males playing at 12%. then you add 12 to the total number of players so if any new kids that might want to play still can and you all ready have a number for them. my crazy head came up with for a few reason
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