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  1. I stand corrected thank for that information. I think the reason I was thinking that they did not move them out was they still used such tall pipes and in my eyes they did not move them.
  2. This I know what I am asking is why would they need to move them. They do not change them when games are played at LOS
  3. Just curious why would they need to move the goal post I know they don’t change in them in LOS
  4. The play i That is not the play that is in question about a no call on the right tackle vs the LB. It was on the 4 and 10 that cathedral converted right before this play.
  5. I had the idea a few years back of shifting the season back a week. to allow a 10th game for 5 and 6 a and still have the bye and doing this it would give all the other class a bye week as well
  6. After doing some counting i believe the only two schools that have a winning over record against CG is Carmel by a game and WC.
  7. I have seen the 2023 class play CG since 7th grade, in my opinion the WC team was good, but was not special outside of 2 kids. One of them does play anymore and just playes basketball and the other one is New Pal. Stating Quarterback now
  8. I got a question maybe some one on here knows. I just seen that pike was restricting the amount of tickets to the CG Pike game. Have they been doing this all year or is this new?
  9. If I knew how I would but you can to the stream of the game and see it. It 2nd quartet around 1100 min mark
  10. The video shows it not going out bounce by a lot. my question should the official just said I messed that up and rekicked instead of staying with the call even when you can tell by his body language he missed the call
  11. Sorry forget to add that part. The call that was made was ball out of bounds on the kickoff. Ball was awarded to the receiving team at the 35
  12. During the CG Vs LC football game at around 1100 min mark of the 2nd quarter. CG was kick off the ball it was heading out of bounds but did a crazy turn and never went out. The official on the side had start to pull his flag to to throw before it went out. When it did not go he stoped a few bounce latter he still throws his flag and stops play. Should have the flag just been picked up and replay the kickoff
  13. I think what most people would feel is Indy area. is the area covered by the star and Indy based tv stations truth I feel anything south of 44 is northern Kentucky and anything north of south bend is southern Michigan
  14. Here is a question to go along with that statement is CG offensive one of the hardest to prep for?
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