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  1. i know this is off topic but i was just had a thought when check this out, what do you think if the MIC and HCC did some like the Big Ten and ACC does in basketball, say week two one team from the MIC is paired with one form HCC.
  2. There has been a lot talk on here about what it takes to build a great program. I know ever one has their opinion this subject but one fact that most i believe will agree on is that you need a good youth program, from coaching to parents and even the high school coach and his players being around builds the future. I know most but not all that CG and Coach Moore does for and at the youth level. Here is a few things. Run the Basic Off/Def the high school does. Coach Moore has a camp he buts on with the 2 threw 6 grades, u might have seen a picture of said game on here from
  3. In truth I think better. The weaks part of last year defense was the secondary, not to say they where not good but over all on the defensive that was the weaks position group. This years team looks to have a hell of a secondary a front four that would have any small college in the state worried about them let alone high school. The only kind of question is the Linebackers they will be all first year varsity starters. So I feel at worst they would be an Avg CG linebacker group and as shown over the years that is still very good group
  4. If I am wrong please let me know but is from the wing t camp for the 2nd grade there 6
  5. I did not do any last year. I do not if I missed the sign up email or it was done differently with COVID but the 3years before I did all my sons middle school and freshman games I could, and I did a few my oldest son when he was at the same age. Never done a varsity game I guess you can 44 reasonably young, but as they say it is not the years but the miles
  6. A cool thing to do and you can learn a something about a team’s culture and coaching is work the chains. You hear everything form how the kids talk each other to their coach’s and coach’s to the kids. Also is interested to do at middle school and jv and freshman games. The ref will talk to you to, and you can learn a thing or two by talking with them.
  7. A few other things about cultural with this game. The week of the game the high players are jokingly taking trash to each other about when played in the game and about this years game. During the game the varsity players will stand on the side lines of the school they play for a cheer them on just if pro’s come back to their college they played at. And here is a big thing in my opinion Coach Moore is their and after the game he both 8 grade teams come together and talks to them. The biggest thing he teams them is that they are no longer two teams but on family
  8. It cracks me up home times I tell people their is no such place as center grove but incorporated WRT
  9. This is not 1950 where they can ride or walk across small little town and meet up with each other. I would say for some of the kids this is only time they will really see each other.
  10. I had a crazy idea, before the kickoff the coach can tell the referee that if the ball is inside the 10 we will take it as a touchback at the 20. If the coach says play it out ic can be returned out of the endzone if the returner chose to do so.
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