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  1. All should be a 730 StartI believe it help a lot things form attendance to heat on the field
  2. I do not know the whole story and even if I did would not air it out on here But yes it has something to do with Basketball Coach and him and he is no longer on the basketball team
  3. over the bowl games this years I have seen a few kids my oldest son grew up and played with play in bowl games. Just because they are not starters or you have heard their names on it tv does not mean they are not successfully One example is Parker Ferguson he is the starting left tackle for Air Force If he does a Good Job you will probably will not hear his name called because he is a lineman
  4. Last info I have from a few people he is staying at cg to play football and will play AAU basketball
  5. if I am wrong please tell me but coaches can stop the clock by calling a time out right now
  6. a 730 start time I think would help in a few ways. 1 it would help with the heat and sun 2 it would give people a little more time to get home from work to and travel to the game. A home game would not be as big of deal but away game it could help with attendance
  7. I agree with the time zone we should be in, also do not see the need of day light savings time
  8. I like the 42 and half and 35 in the 4th also the running clock would start until the end of the quarter unless it is the 4th
  9. After one year of the Mercey Rule what are your thoughts. Do you still like it or dislike it? Would make any changes to it?
  10. Both those Friday’s now are being used as inter squad games and the next one is scrimmage si the kids are already in the heat. But a fix to that is move games times back to 730 give it. A little more time to cool down
  11. sorry about any grammar or spelling errors it will not let fix them
  12. Been thinking about this for a while and thought I would throw it out their and see what others people think. I know ihsaa will never use any of my ideas but would love to hear what have to say about them. First change i would make is to the last week of July. I would make this camp week where schools could have a mini camp. They could hold it during 4 of the 5 days of the week. I Would make Saturday and no contact day so the kids and families could have the last weekend before the season starts to do family stuff. During your camp you can have up to 3 full pads pracites during the 4 days the rest would be pro pads. It would be like the old 2adays we had back in the day. The first Monday in Aug. would be the start of normal football operations The reason for this is to make more fair across the board some since not all schools start at the same time. 2nd change would be to move the start of the games up a week. For example this year Aug 7 would be the scrimmage and Aug 13 would week one. By doing this you would be doing two things one is give 5A and 6A the same amount of games played as the rest of the class, the second thing it would do is give the lower class a bye week. There is a lot ways to this but i think the easiest way is to make the bye week 10 right before the playoffs start. 3rd change would be in the playoffs to seed the teams. I know this is a dead horse that has been beating a lot, but here is my take on doing this. You would give ever team and 1 threw 16 or 32 number. Now that number is not to be used to see who plays each other, I keep that the same as it has been, but to see who get to host the game. In doing this i would also do away from the whole idea of a neutral field let the host school treat it as a home game. I feel you lose a little bit of what make Friday Night Lights great in the playoff because of the whole idea of a neutral site idea the Ihsaa has. Their is had been talk on here about making the regular season mean more and I believe this would be a way good way to make it happen. I know their can be a lot of ways to come up with the rankings but I think the easiest way is to use the sagarin rating. I know it is not perfect but it would be a could place to start with I know like others i have more changes i would like to see but i want to get other people thoughts on these ideas.
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