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  1. For most people I know once we are south of Big Ben road off of 37/69 we are in northern Kentucky so we are south of the state lol
  2. Do you think they will in time follow college as you can far catch in side the 10 I think and get it at the 25
  3. How is it a player safety issues when you can run from then the one yard line but not a foot deep
  4. Should kickoffs be allowed to be run out of the endzone? I have seen kids try to make some crazy catches over the years to keep the ball in play.
  5. I agree, but I know about how much it cost a year to have a good webcast. And the money we would pay to watch the game goes to the school not the people doing the webcast
  6. With last year most school charging for webcast to help make up some of the money they lost at the gate on tickets sale, and this year hopefully we will back to full stands. Should schools this year charge for webcast? In truth I have no problem with if 1. It is a good quality 2. If the people doing the game know what there are tanking about and have done some kind of homework or the teams. Also If a school is going to charge I would like to see them do a package deal for the season to go with the game by game purchase.
  7. Or CG had to play a team that has two weeks of rest and time to prep for a game
  8. I have thought that for years when 6A went to 32 teams
  9. Very true the past few years they have not been in the same sectional, but you have to factor in that their have been 2 schools farther south that CG has been with
  10. Why would you put CG with WC when Perry and Southport are about 15 min away
  11. Why would I want to see teams with just barely winning records play for state titles. The more you add class the more you water down what you have.
  12. You all do know CG would be still in 6A not seven with your 16 team split,
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