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  1. I would also add since they have been run the same off. starting in 2nd grade by the time they get to high school you can spend more time work on new things. Like the spread so in a since when you play cg you have to prepare for to total different off.
  2. What if you have two conference championships in the same sectional Not saying this is a bad idea just the fact this good happen
  3. Also if this is a crazy out there idea you all can tell me that to lol
  4. This was done years ago when I was in school brown county need a game so we played them but we only use B team players for the extra game. This might an idea for schools in need of a JV or freshman game to do is get a hold of bigger schools and see if they want to play as B game for them, I would think this is a win win the school that needs a game gets one and the bigger school get a chance to have more kids play in a game
  5. the more I have thought about this I am thinking one week would be better then 2. 1-4 class can add a bye week and 5and 6 add one more game that way ever one has a total of 15 games. so that would put the start of the season at july 29 Truthful football has already started teams get 12 I call it pro-pads practices in the summer their is no reason all sports have to start at the same time so I see no need to change other sports and would not see this as a title IX issue
  6. Here is a few of my thoughts 1 the bye week add In is more for the 1-4 class then for 5 and 6 who most already have a bye week the first week of the playoffs. So the more think about this instead add 2 weeks just add one 1-4 purts in a bye week 5 and 6 add a game. 2 I use to think seeding would be a good thing and get ride of the blind draw. but the more I think about It. I feel if you want to add more mean to the regaler season then they should do away with whole idea of “neutral field”. The Ihsaa can still do their blind draw but home field would go the better team and let them treat it like a home game with all the fanfare that goes along with it
  7. ok after some thinking this is how I would add the weeks 1season would start aug 9 not the 24 2 move the start from move start time back to 730 or 800 I think that is where i should be any with the state going to DLS I know it still would be hot but I think the sun would not bearing down the players 3 in the add 2 more weeks one would be a bye week 4 I would not start for 2 or 3 years so schools had time to work out all the kinks they would have
  8. As far at the heat goes with daylight savings time you could move the start time back to 730 or even 8
  9. When I mean add two more week I mean start early. For instance this year the season starts August 24 move the start to August 9
  10. What does anyone think about add two more weeks to the season? Now with my idea with add two weeks. You will add one more game and would have a bye week.
  11. 1 do not see happen when they will have to play a MIC school to win it 3 if you did that why not move back to 5 class 9 I do not see this happen any time soon, if you went more then 8 teams you would have to get rid of the 2 Non-Conference games but it might help with it schedule as it getting harder for the top teams in the MIC to find teams to play them. If the MIC was add a team or two Avon, Brownsburg, HSE or Fishers would be more my choice then CN 11 I think it comes down to time and money, and I do not just mean how much money you get for coaching. I think it comes down to what teachers make and most people that want to coach also want a good paying job. Right now that is not teaching. The time issue is that Coaching is not just a few hours after school any more. No mater what sport it is it is year round. 13 as far as recruitment new people in to world of officiating one start with money two I would hit up collage kids hard those that their playing days are over.
  12. Here is a question for you all is Mr Football a career award or is it a best senior year award
  13. But you have to remember that 5a and 6a have less teams so I say it would favor the Lower class
  14. BD and Wc will probably be in 6 together. Ihsaa likes puting them together, I think it makes them fell better about not all sectionals champions in the south being MIC schools
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