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  1. Once we get in to the playoffs. Should the running clock start once a team is up 35 even if it is still the first half
  2. And CG and BD are about 30 min so why should they both drive and hour or longer to a neutral site. Now if the ihsaa wanted to a cause by cause call on this I would think that would could work
  3. Why I hope they never why would I want to drive an hour or longer to a neutral site when it is a home game or I only would have to drive about 30 min tops as my kids would say that is a boomer thing to say. When I assume you are are around my age we played all thier was was grass and by this time of year ever feild was a mess up, now with truff you can make the game better and take weather a little bit out of the equation for the game. It kind of like using map quest and print your driving directions still in stread of use gps on your phone.
  4. I know this only effects a small about of teams but I have always hated this rule but it still has to be followed. Some times you have seniors that do not get to dress on what could be thier last game.
  5. A bigger question I would should say should why the coach or coachs get no punishment. I know a baseball coach that messed up the pitch count, he made a honest mistake. They made him sit out the next game the team played. Should the rules not be applied the same. if the rule is for players safety should it not have more teeth
  6. Ok this is something I use hear when I played and everything was grass. If you have have fast team you keep the grass short if you team is more power then speed you let it grow long. Not sure if really does any thing but I know it was something I heard a lot and know teams would do.
  7. Ok I want to start out by saying this is not a knock on any school or team but a question about should ihsaa looking to move some of the games played in later rounds do to pour field conditions. Let take Indian creek they play on a grass fields and have had 14 games played on between varsity jv and freshman, not counting on what else it has been used for. We have a lot rain the last few weeks and more coming this weekend. You have several schools close by with field turf, why not move the game.
  8. I find it kind of funny that three people that committed on this as who cares let them play and such are coach’s or supports of schools that have had a lot of success at playing at class or two above there enrollment level. do I like the rule no I think it should be based on that you have to play a min about of played for it to be considered a quarter played, but it is not. it is like the dress number rule for the tournament do I like it no but you have to follow it.
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