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  1. I I try and reread all the time but with my dyslexia I miss stuff all the time and I tend to write like I talk, I drove my wife crazy trying to read my letters back in the day on my deployments before ever one had computers with them. But thank you
  2. I lost faith in this award when Russ Yeast did not get it. He was the best player on the field that year but he did not win and I ask then is this a 4 year award or a senior award for best player. With that being said I do think Spegal is the lead to get it, but are we doing his value on this year or all four
  3. I can tell what is like before coach Moore and yes their was people well off like now. But like now most are hard working people who have good jobs and work hard at them. As far as the number go. Do not quote on me this because I do not have the excite number but in 1995 their was around 1900 kids in the school I think it broke 2000 97-98 year
  4. do you think family support plays a bigger role then money I do understand that people need help and I am more and then happen to help people, but their is a lot of good paying jobs out their. I am sure some of the families that are on the F/R.L List are families that the parents or parent good get this jobs they just have to work out in the labor field and not offices job
  5. Why do you say 75 is PLENTY I think it is because you are some one that went to a small school and just does not get it. Truth I think there is a diff reason but I can not say on here.
  6. I know most teams not in 5 or 6 do not care about 75 dress rule. My big reason for changing this is the fact for most kids this will be a once in a life time experience to dress in a locker room of a nfl team and to be on the field in place like LOS. It would Be something they would talk about for the rest of their lives. So if it just ihsaa being tight with do want spend the money on medals get the the schools that are playing and have them pay for the the numbers you need after 75. I know the grideiron club at cg had paid for them in years past would probably would be willing to do so again
  7. True but week 2 is not week 15 big difference and truth be told i do not think new pal would even make to state in 6a
  8. I am a little confused if CG was to lose to Carmel we can just blame It the fact that they are double our size. because in the past when we have lost to Carmel or WC orBD we have just said good game and whet and worked harder because that what good programs do. Not blame it stuff that can not be help.
  9. Yes it does I get it for other sites because locker rooms sizes and such but if you get to state all should get to dress. Also I think it is BS that the players that are not dressing have to buy a ticket to get in the game
  10. From 2008 to 2018 Cg a team that is your 17 to 32 numbers 2 state titles one runner up and several more final 4s
  11. With this move how many schools are now playing football. If we are under the 320 number do think their is any chance they go back to 5 class
  12. 30 is dressed we will see if he plays
  13. sorry not a cop their it would not let me edit the las comment
  14. I would thought east would have rolled the dice on a 4th down or 2 late in the game A few things from my first time at east is one Is a little odd the press box is on the visitor side two after the game at the cross walk I was surprised that their was a cop or some one thier
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