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  1. Cg 26 C 6. Also CG won the Jc game i had seen the score but do not remember at this moment
  2. after going to the freshman game and standing right next the field i agree that are disciplined in the way they play, but they are undisciplined in they way they act at times and run their mouths. They got 3 PF calls on them 2 for something they said and could have got a few more and one was a very cheap shot. Yes I know they are young men and some times stuff happens but after watching the game Friday might and today their might be a problem
  3. from what I could see from the webcast on the PF the first one that was off setting was the right call not sure about it being off setting but their was something there, the other ones form what I had seen and in my opinion was not any thing that would warrant a call unless it something that was said. I did the chains of the freshman games for CG a few time this year and one thing I would do was talk to the side judge. I did to it to try and learn how they decide to make calls and one thing I learned is that there is a push to clean up the cursing and the use of a few keys word will bring a flag quick Their was a lot of bad calls both ways so I am glad it still was a good game
  4. The bad thing about this game being played during fall break is you have a lot of people that might go the game, are out of town You already have premier match up with CG and Warren week one and I would have to think CG and Warren are not willing to give that week up
  5. That makes all the other states right. If all the other state when to one time zone would you agree just because they did it. Just because every else does it does not make it right.
  6. I like the idea of doing a way with Sectionals for a while now having never thought of doing it like that but I like it, but one of my big things is let the doing away with the neutral field idea. We all know it is not so why not let the home team treat it like all the other game. I Love Friday Night Lights and with this whole neutral field thing you lose a little bit of that. So that is why I would like to let the better team that earned it in the regular season, be the home team and treat it as such. As far as ever one getting in and other state do not do it and we are the only one. well what is wrong with that Basketball has been all in for close to a 100 years and no is say we need to change it. I like the all in format. Lets say you have a lot of injury's the start of the year and have to play some young kids and lose a the first 3 or 4 games but by the end of the regular session you are one of the best team in the state and you get some key guys back and the younger kids take off but you do not make the playoffs due to the fact you had kids hurt in the regular season. I know some will say that is football and the way it goes and that is true, but when these kids get only 4 years of high school let them enjoy it and have a chance ever year to win it all because we know it how fast the 4 years go by and you only get to being in high school once!!
  7. I live in Johnson County I would have to agree with on this one
  8. I have had a lot thoughts with the Blind draw and seeding. what I found I like the best is to keep the blind draw. Every one getting in is what made Basketball great for all these years and if it works their it works here. The few things I would likes to see change is not so much seed the first round but to let the better teams be home and let them treat like a normal home game their is nothing like Friday night lights and something is lost when u getting the playoff. This would put more meaning to thereagler seasion , Also would like to see in 5 and 6 do away with sectionals with only 4 teams it make it same teams ever year for the most part it you go to start to regional then you have 8 teams and it would make it very interesting
  9. I understand what you are saying and belive what you said is truth, just from the out side it looked a little odd and thank you clearing it up.
  10. I remember watch LN at the same time, and, if i am wrong please tell me but, i am thinking that LN was very very bad like getting bet by 50 and 60 points to everyone I think in 2012 they just had around 40 kids or so on the team. so from someone one the outside when have 2 schools in one township and one is winning state and the other one has trouble with numbers for at the time a 5a something looks odd.
  11. Over the years Indian creek has got a fair shares of transfers from CG most times it has been after they got cut from from CG or want to be the star but not good enough to be that here.
  12. If something else I would like to see happens it would help, If you was to move the start of the season up a week. For class 1 -4 will they will add bye week and 5 and 6 will get to add a game due to the fact most of them get a bye first week of the playoffs. This way all Class play the same amount of games
  13. I know this has nothing to do with this week, but this is something I think would be very cool to do. That in the future you get the MIC and the HCC to play in a challenge week, sort of like what the ACC and Big Ten do with basketball You could do this week 2 and have 1 threw 8 play each other or have a blind draw on what teams get to play each other, Some might say well who gets home field, This is one way it could be done is one year all MIC is home the next is HCC
  14. So you are really comparing a team loss one game to thousands of people losing their lives. from some one that 9/11 change my live and it change millions of people’s lives if you think that this two things are the same thing you are a special kind of Person a need to seek professional help
  15. The one thing I would change is do not start the running clock until the 4 quarter. Other sports that have some kind of mercy rule does not start until at least 2/3 of the game had been the played My other thought would be say 49 points at any time during the game or 35 in the 4th quarter to start the running clock and you can not start using the running clock during the middle of the quarter unless it is the in the 4 quarter
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