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  1. Sorry forget to add that part. The call that was made was ball out of bounds on the kickoff. Ball was awarded to the receiving team at the 35
  2. During the CG Vs LC football game at around 1100 min mark of the 2nd quarter. CG was kick off the ball it was heading out of bounds but did a crazy turn and never went out. The official on the side had start to pull his flag to to throw before it went out. When it did not go he stoped a few bounce latter he still throws his flag and stops play. Should have the flag just been picked up and replay the kickoff
  3. I think what most people would feel is Indy area. is the area covered by the star and Indy based tv stations truth I feel anything south of 44 is northern Kentucky and anything north of south bend is southern Michigan
  4. Here is a question to go along with that statement is CG offensive one of the hardest to prep for?
  5. I know it is aweek late but I want to give shout to WC for a great crowd they had a CG last week. I was surprised to see them fill the stands. I was also shocked to see that WC had more people then Carmel did this week.
  6. This is not a knock on amy one school and it could be any one in this situation I just happen to see merrillville fell into this situation and was wandering
  7. I know they where moved down to 5A because of the number of students in the school, but if take the points they would have earned in 6A the last two years would the SF not keep them in 6A? Or does the SF only work for schools the IHSAA moves up?
  8. So you are telling me ever kids that goes to a private school can pay the full tuition to go their.
  9. Could the same crew work both games that is played
  10. I think a lot depends on the area you are at and schools you follow.
  11. Why would I go to a class A game I find no interest in that level of play. But I do see what you are talking about with size of stuff. I had a crazy idea while at CG red&white practice. 1. Seed the teams and the higher seed host all games up to rengionals 2. 5A and 6A semi-state games are played on Friday at higher seed home field. 3. 1-4 play on Saturday and the games are held at schools that hosted semi-state for 5 and 6A those school have the size and other things that you would need.
  12. When I had to drive down to Hatched house to watch CG vs BD for basketball a few years ago turned me against people groaning about travel.
  13. Never have had that issue at the games I have gone to for those games as far as double header most families are just at the game for the team they cheer for.
  14. Not sure I get why their are some out there pushing for neutral sites for semi-state and even regional games. My thoughts are this where seeding should be used, not who plays who but who has home field. Take CG or Westfield the last two year both teams should not have played a way game in the tournament.
  15. Glad to hear that I know CG has been for a while now
  16. Ijust seen guest on a few topics that I thought DT stared did he leave again?
  17. How many school charge the visiting team to do the webcast or radio of the game?
  18. Now this is not a knock on any school and do know if any else has see this before. I got a flier in the mail for Franklin comm. I have got them before from private schools but never a public one. I just found it odd.
  19. Not sure about Zionsville but Westfield want no part of CG. My understand is that they where a hard no from the start
  20. I think it is funny how people are trying to put Center Grove with schools like Whiteland and Dc and Fc just to name a few. This schools want nothing to do with CG in football and in fact most sports in general.. Whiteland all ready drop CG a few years back and DC could have extended the series but did not want to.
  21. Like 42 points at any time you do not have to what till half
  22. With us having a few years with the mercy rule now, what are people thoughts on it and how it helping or hurting the game? my two cents for what it is worth is in playoffs love it the way it is. Regular season not so much as the way it is now. This is how I would like to see it change. 1. Change the points from 35 to 42 at half, but still keep it at 35 for the 4th 2 have a different mercy rule for each class or group like 1-4 and 5-6 and I would be ok with making 1-4 the way we have it now and 5-6 the way I have above. I know it will asked what about a team in class 4 plays a team in 5 what do you do with different mercy rules? My though would be you go with the lower class school rule since I am basing this on my idea on team size and kids that would get to play 3 no mercy rule for freshman and Jv games those games are already shorter
  23. When My son had his physical was done they did his h/w with his shoes and cloths on, and I know that is what was on the official school roster. The school did not do their own h/w they just copy what was on his physical. Also as some one who that done a lot of h/w over the years I can tell you it easy for a persons h/w to be different based on scale or you is doing the height measurement and how they are doing it also I know mine was not I was 2in taller and 10 pounds more
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