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  1. I assume this is suppose to be color?
  2. No 1A players nominated?
  3. Major

    Academic All-State

    Coach Berry said he thought he sent his nominations in. There may be a glitch in the system. Along with Jack, I'm sure that the mental attitude award winner, Dustin Sparks would be on this list, as well as others.
  4. Major

    Academic All-State

    Based on the list, it does not look as if any players from Pioneer were submitted. I’m sure other seniors on the team met the criteria. Jack did make the Colts academic list though.
  5. Major

    Zionsville FB

    You think the live feed of a game is having minimal impact on attendance at high school athletic contests? I would like for you to discuss your opinion with SEVERAL AD's within the state. I think they can provide numbers that would suggest a different opinion. This was a topic of discussion at the state finals IFCA board meeting.
  6. Major

    Purdue 2019

    That may be. Like I said, IMHO he was lackluster at best. Maybe my expectations were to high. I have heard him before and he was anything but lackluster those times. He is a great coach!
  7. Major

    Manchester University

    I had the opportunity to listen to coach Cashdollar(OC, O line coach) at the AFCA on Wednesday morning at 8 AM. High energy, Dynamic are just a couple of phrases that explain his talk the best. Record last year was 4-6 while starting 4 freshmen/sophomores on the offensive line. His RPO(Run Power Often) game is spot on. I wish him success.
  8. Major

    Purdue 2019

    Sorry I missed that Tiller topic! I did not hear coach Brohm last year at IFCA. But this recent talk was about program building, a topic that he should be very good with...IMHO lackluster at best.
  9. I see several changes in 4A sectionals the next two years.
  10. Major

    Purdue 2019

    I think coach Brohm is doing a great job at Purdue. He does a great job with the X's and O's. But, based on his time on the stage at the most recent AFCA clinic, I came away unimpressed. He really didn't even act as if he wanted to be there. Just my $.02.