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  1. I think you need to take a look at Rensselaer Central High School as a member of this list. total wins, NFL player, state championship and who can debate their line of coaches that have went through their halls as a student/athlete or teacher/coach. OK coach Nowlin here is your chance to toot your schools horn!
  2. What about Mark Brown. He is an asst. at North Central(Indpls) with head coach experience Carroll(Flora). I think he has been calling the shots on the offensive side of the ball for coach O'Shea. And he is a darn good o-line coach.
  3. I was told between 1700-1800 paid attendance.
  4. It looks as if we have several young guys on here. Rod Woodson, FW Snider. Another "younger" guy from the Fort would be Bernard Pollard, FW South. An Indy guy that hasn't been mentioned is Mark Clayton, Cathedral. I had the chance to watch all of them at least once during their high school career.
  5. Be careful what you say, Coach Nowlin will start thinking EVERY home team has an advantage.
  6. Ok, let's just say we get rid of the 1A football playing schools...then the current 2A schools will become 1A schools and the current 3A schools become 2A.... Soon in Rodney's opinion there will be no football played in the state of Indiana. This sounds like a round ball guy that wants all of the attention on his sport! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!
  7. I know a guy that can sell them to you for $995.00.
  8. Now that right there is funny! You have just stop and laugh at that!
  9. Here are a few omissions for Pioneer in this list: Regular season unbeaten 43 2014-2018 State Titles 3 (97, 17,18) State Finals appearance 5 (97,14,16,17,18) Overall unbeaten 30 2017-2018 Most Points in a season 936 2018 Most Shutouts in a season 11 2018
  10. Of course it could not be the referee's fault. Why not say "I would have to see the film before determination is made on my part." Throwing the clock operator under the bus is just plain BOBREF. You have already stated many times that you think that most of them can't do the job correct.
  11. According to a wiki that is titled List of high school football rivalries more than 100 years old the Logansport vs Peru is the oldest in the state of Indiana
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