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  1. http://redirect.viglink.com/?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_156207189915910&key=71fe2139a887ad501313cd8cce3053c5&libId=jxlt9o3m0102ylrr000DL711vm69k&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fharrell.proboards.com%2Fthread%2F67897%2Fmuncie-central-football&v=1&out=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thestarpress.com%2Fstory%2Fsports%2F2019%2F05%2F15%2Fihsaa-football-muncie-central-picks-new-head-varsity-coach%2F3680896002%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0RMTHrDvJ9MUrHRIfBzuVgKmEyyyrJ9oKHNoB1ZkUijrO9KqY1sd5VS04&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fharrell.proboards.com%2Fboard%2F1%2Ftonight-games&title=Muncie central football | John Harrell's Indiana basketball&txt=www.thestarpress.com%2Fstory%2Fsports%2F2019%2F05%2F15%2Fihsaa-football-muncie-central-picks-new-head-varsity-coach%2F3680896002%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIw...
  2. Here is my humble opinion..schools are moved up after having SUCCESS that garners them 6 points(2 semi state wins or 1 state championship and a regional win). After that they win two sectionals or one regional in a class higher than their given enrollment. If that is not success, then I don't know what success is. I think if after being moved up, and you win 1 sectional you should stay up. I think if a any school can win 1 sectional in a class higher after being moved up due to the success factor they can compete and should stay in the higher class.
  3. In the early 2000’s Ritter or Scecina elected to play “up” in 2A with 1A enrollment. That caused Seeger to be bumped down to 1A where they were a state champion and state runner up back to back years.
  4. I wonder if the New Prairie head coach goes along with all of your ideas?
  5. As a member of the IFCA I don't like this decision.
  6. Glenn and Bremen to the HNAC. New Prairie and Jimtown to NLC. South Bend trim down to 2 public high schools. Then St. Joe, Marian, Penn, 2 South Bend public school, new Elkhart public high school join Duneland. Nice 14 team conference. For football split east and west by placing Laporte in the east.
  7. Another way to look at 4A north: Morton, Hobart, EC Central, Highland, Lowell, Gary West, Gavit and Griffith East Noble, Riley, Clay, New Prairie, Wawasee, Northwood, Northridge and ST. Joe Logansport, Plymouth, Marion, KV, F'fort, Western, Culver Academies and Mississinawa Angola, Wayne, South, Huntington, Dekalb, CC, New Haven and Leo
  8. I don't see Jay County in the 4A breakdown.
  9. Coach Berry said he thought he sent his nominations in. There may be a glitch in the system. Along with Jack, I'm sure that the mental attitude award winner, Dustin Sparks would be on this list, as well as others.
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