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  1. Who said they “can’t”? Didn’t but doesnt mean they couldn’t have. Kiser was MaxPreps National Player of the Year what’s your point?
  2. Honest question, is it just between these two guys? No offense but seems like a pretty weak field of candidates. Are there others deserving looks?
  3. Certainly didnt hurt his performance week before with 358 yds I thought MD defense was fantastic. They had a plan to slow Bowen and executed it. To claim injury is a little slap to MD. I watched Andrean a number of times and while very good team I thought they were better last year and year prior. Congrats to them on getting back as its never easy to do also MD QB is really good
  4. Ya i knew his name 🤪 3 plays?? Seemed like he made 10-12 Was everywhere congrats to both teams! Was a great game really.
  5. #12 for Chatard was the difference. Outstanding on both sides of ball Can’t remember that guy’s name…🤪
  6. I like Lance knows what he’s talking about play by play guy “boy theyve found something they like on that right side” Lance “that’s where their best linemen are”
  7. Same two went at it last year and youngster schooled the oldster 🤷‍♂️
  8. Idk, my wife said his hair looked like calico cat…3 colors personally, in a manly way, I liked it
  9. The way he has played I dont think MD wants that Andrean less than 100 yds O
  10. Not a fan I could see targeting being called i could also see what the refs called Either way pretty dumb play by Bowen imo.
  11. Just curious, but what happened to Minerpride? Missed his detailed pregame assessments of both teams. I don’t see him in this thread and hope he is ok
  12. Beat down again AC QB was really good kudos to the Jets
  13. Can the FB’s control the game in the cold temps. Both teams have good FB but NJ 235 lb guy may be bigger factor as a night of tackling him in the cold could take its toll. How many triple option teams has AC faced? How many wing-t teams has NJ faced?
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