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  1. https://www.pharostribune.com/news/article_997527ee-d2d8-11ec-835d-db8731caf774.html
  2. IHSAA also said in its April 11 media release: "Schools who failed to earn a point during the 2021-22 school year while playing in a higher class were returned to the next lower class for the next two years. This was to prevent schools from playing three consecutive years in a higher classification when their tournament results do not merit that placement."
  3. In Team Sports, when Schools are subject to reclassification, a School’s reclassification shall be dependent on the School’s previous tournament series success; the Commissioner may, however, determine that a School’s previous tournament series success should be applied More often, or less often
  4. Pioneer moved up for 2019/2020 2019 lost sectional 2020 won regional 2021 lost sectional IHSAA couldn’t reclassify after 2020 due to covid so my understanding is that year was thrown out so 2019 & 2021 did not earn any points to stay up.
  5. We have no idea how good of a coach Freeman will be either. Not off to a great start. Having Elston call the D in the bowl game was pretty dumb move. Stroud and company will light ND up. Shame ND cant seem to recruit QBs
  6. You get Freeman was/is the D-coordinator who just got roasted for 600+ yds and the second biggest meltdown in ND history ND faithful expected better and it wont get easier for him with his next game at Ohio State this fall.
  7. Actually it was all 3 phases were bad. Honeymoon over for Freeman Guy looked overwhelmed and over his head. Felt bad for him. ND not the place for testing coached who have never been HC.
  8. Adam Berry Pioneer 73-8 with 4 rings in 6 years and 30 yrs old not on this list😳
  9. “Shouting distance of the trophy” Took ND to ghe BCS championship game! CFP twice I believe that is pretty damn close anyone not thinking this guy is going to kill it at LSU havent been paying attention. LSU draws legit 5-star talent at every position and BK can flat out coach. Last 15 seasons between Cincy and ND double-digit wins 10 times. With SEC talent he will get his trophy…maybe more than one
  10. As in you cant defend it? I agree
  11. Against crappy teams perhaps did you watch any games the last couple years? cincy? alabama? Clemson? AWFUL
  12. Bob Davie, Charlie Weis, Gerry Faust, ND is not the place for a coach to take his first HC job at. No place like it in college football. Freeman only being there one year is even more alarming. Folks were calling for his head thru first half of season and then they played some dismal programs Navy, Virginia, Georgia Tech and Stanford snd suddenly he is God’s gift to defense. Fickell is safer choice. Another name is Dave Arandi of Baylor. I get it people want Freeman because the players love him They loved Gerry Faust too….
  13. Isnt the Andrean kid a 5-star?
  14. Pioneer had Mr Football who is killing it at Notre Dame and then had the state’s 100 meter champ and his brother who were ridiculous athletes Where does the “less” come in to play
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