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  1. Z, Z, Z 1.2.3..... not going anywhere to hand the ball of or a simple 316 P!
  2. npatman ----- they drank too much with Stink!!!
  3. Knee, Knee, Knee 1.2.3... EC only wishes they had our QB. To quote one of your coaches leaving Wings & Rings Stink Town if we had your QB we might make it back to INDY!!!!!
  4. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1..2..3.... Week 1 is here and so is Stinky you already know its about the EIAC. Hondaburg @ Bearpoo: The Pirates have lost their last 6 games, but don't worry Hondaburg Fans, you'll have plenty of "Air Squatting" this Friday! The Pirates will stab those bears with their boney, bone, bone...Hold up....Did someone tell me they are now in the spread bone? Can someone from Hondaburg confirm that Hondaburg has stepped outside the 1970's and is now up to speed with the current game? Prediction: Hondaburg 35 - Bearpoo 7 Spartan Town @ Devil Town: No preview, just a Prediction: Devil Town 28 - Spartan Town 15 Chicken & Jo Joes @ Basketball School: Let me tell ya, the crew was at that scrimmage, 30 Tiger BL's deep, but those Trojans slang that pig skin all over the PIT. Prediction: Basketball School 21 - Chicken Jo Joes 14 Stewart Town @ Wig Wam Nation: Last year the Lions somehow squeaked out a 1 pt victory. However, this year the Indians spear those Lions for a bonfire Lion fest Friday night. Wig Wam 28 - Stewart Town 17 Casket Nation @ Pantherville: JC has not been good since Stink Town was a little squirt back in the day. No reason to discuss this game. Casket Nation is down this year C3, Hobo Hut, Cherry Things and all the above roll in JC. Casket Nation 28 - Panterville 7 Boom Boyz / River Rats #KFI @ Hooty, Hoot, Hoots: Well the Boom Boyz are coming off their best year since Chuchie was in pre-school at St. Mary's. #KFI will roll into Seymour and take out a few Owls. Those Owls better have their heads on a swivel...Cause those Knights have a "killer Instinct" Boom Boyz / River Rats # KFI: 35 - Hooty Hoot, Hoot 21 BiG ReD & BlAcK vs Stink Town: Last time the Trojans rolled into Stink Town they had a gator on their equipment bus and was jamming Girls, Girls, Girls...wait...wait...wait...that was years ago. Last time they rolled into the pit the Trojans stormed the turf an escaped with a 15-14 victory. Man, those Tiger BL's were flowing heavy that night. This year who knows. The local folk seem to think this Trojan squad has the best defense in school history, even better than the Bad Boy Parris & Stoney days...then skip to 90's Wade, Owens, Hacker, King, Gilbert, Roth pulling the strings, they say they are special. This Stink Town Offense looks to get back on track and push that offensive average back to 35 or higher. As they say in all sports, you are the King till someone knocks you off. This year those Stink Town Tigers get it done Prediction: Stink Town 21- Trojanville 17
  5. Rocket, Rocket, Rocket 1.2.3.... Your ratings will over take Lovell the night you interview STC.
  6. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3... Shots fired from our place Connies. The Crew loaded up and headed that way Thank God our favorite dancers were all okay! One thing about good ol' Connies they shut it down for just a few songs Then it was back to pretty things walking in Thongs! CCC or C3 you must ask....STC's opinion will be on point and not whack!!! There are a few front runners this year in the EIAC and all three come from Dearborn County!! BiG ReD & BlAcK must deal with the new Boom Boys & #KFI just watch out..cause those Knights might just surprise. However STC will still take Trojanville, But Homey The Clown of #KFI just might have a few tricks up his sleeve, but it will take all they got to knock off EC. Stink Town is back in action - after scurrying off the turf when shoots rang out, you can bet all your chips the Tigers will ball out. Stink Town Predictions: 4A EIAC: Big ReD & BlAcK, Boom Boys #KFI, Spartan Town, Chicken & Jo Joes 3A EIAC: Stink Town, Hondaburg, Casket Nation, Stewartville
  7. Start charging for those "Boom" Taco's, that will help generate some revenue !!
  8. Z in the Knee, Knee, Knee 1.2.3. That's a great question so I called my boy and your boy Stoney, Stone, Stone, Stoney! According the by-laws it states the 4 Largest enrollment schools will be in the "big" school division and the bottom 4 will be in the "smaller" division. With that in mind, the EIAC will not change. Come on down to the shop today - we have the Boom Taco Truck on site. Free Taco's with any Oil Change or Tire Rotation. Oil Change & Rotation gets you a Free Boom Taco and Free Admission into Connies.
  9. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3. now that is one good article only took me a day and 23 Tiger BL's to read..... Those Stink Town Tigers will be better - there is no doubt But to be honest --- I just want the to take the River Rats & Coach Boom out!
  10. Thanks to Coach Nowlin for fixing STC's post....That was a little CRAZY!!!
  11. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2..3... This is one of the best questions asked during this off-season. Let Stink Tell you what he would like to see, not only from the Dirty Burg, but all of the EIAC: River Rats: More Boom Taco's with a little more spice in their sauce. To go with that, Coach Boom not to wear his fancy "white" jacket that adds 15 lbs. Although, he probably hit the new "planet" here in Stink Town like everyone else and dropped a few this off-season. BiG ReD & BlAcK: More "Air-Horn", A single line handshake line?? Stink knows two is more and better than one, but come'on man - one line please. Last thing, for someone to get a picture of Coach Stonefields face when New Bll Coach goes Spread and doesn't pound the rock. Chicken & Jo Joes: New Uniforms are on the way so that is changing. Maybe the one thing they can change is the Deck Height of their lawn mower. Stink swears it has been locked at 23" for over 10 years. Lower to 2" please. Spartan Town: They need a few changes, but Stink will start with the Goal Post. Stink will bet a 30 Pack of Tiger BL's they have the tallest Goal Post in the Mid-West. Stewart Town: More than one player to run that motion. Heck last year they had that dude on an oxygen mask. Give that dude a break. Hondaburg: Easy...Very Easy. More "Air Squats" from the coaching staff. They are a few years behind so we must get a good leg workout in every game this year. Plus please warm-up to some good ol' 80"s Casket Nation: Would love for them to have team meals at the Hobo Hut or maybe even do a K9 demonstration on that flush turf they have. Or maybe for giggles just one more time, can they miss-line the yard lines? Stink Town: Got some work to do. Last year, the final Tiger BL count was down. Not much to celebrate. But this year, the Tigers will be back!
  12. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3 ZERO CHANCE but thats okay don't need them this year to beat EC!!!! WAKE UP EIAC!!!!
  13. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3.... Lawrenceburg - That's all!
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