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  1. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3..... The Trojan Train will be rolling! Enlow is a cool place indeed, but the last time Stink was there..... Those "blue" Tigers were legit as can be!
  2. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3 GS finally won a Sectional with All-American Boy Brady! Going to be a long trip for the Clown and his homies...... Leavin Friday mornin, so we can drink and meet some Fort Branch ladies! Throw out a local establishment or two, just know the Clown and crew will be buzzed before you! So lock your doors and hide yo' wives.... cause Stink Town is coming to wreck the Branch and boogie all night!
  3. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3 That's not even close to the amount of Tiger BL's I drank after Stink Town took down Spin City!
  4. Guess who's back!!!!!! Man that was a long strange trip!!!! Stink and the crew got caught up in some stuff and the there is no WiFi in the pokey for clowns like us! But STC is back and ready to get back into action!!!! So many topics this year that the Clown missed, but that is okay! He is ready to spin right into the Championship talk. Always a classic match-up when these two meet! Do the Brownstown Central fans need directions to the "Pit"??? That is a joke! The IHSAA must really enjoy making sure the Braves travel each year to the Pit. Heck the IHSAA had a chance to end that by putting SpinCity back in 2A, but NOPE, COVID! Anywho, here we go! Spinny, Spin, Spin 1.2.3 The Braves are 11-0 and rolling! But take it from STC, there will not be any fire truck riding! Spin on down to the Pit and you know you're going to get whipped. One last question before SpinCity tries to keep up with STC is Coach May's record vs Coach K really 0 and 3??? Going to be a battle we can all agree, just wondering if any SpinCity peeps will stop in and have a Latte or Tiger BL with me? Tigers FOREVER - Braves NEVER
  5. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3 Blocking a PAT is now a cheap shot, that's news to me. The correct call and the only call should have been offsides which Stink Town was indeed. A cheap shot on a blocked PAT, doesn't EC have some history in that category.
  6. Piper, Piper, Piper 1.2..3... A joke of a program but still winning. 22-4 the last two years, two sectional Championships and hopefully one more this year. Undisciplined that is a joke, unless you are talking about Tiger BL's cause we all know we love those more than Coke!!!!
  7. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2..3... We're back boyz and it's another season in the EIAC. The one thread where you come for all the facts Don't worry COVID SUCKS & STC is BACK! Week one has some good games on tap, but not enough beer in the dirty burg when the Tigers get this elephant off their back! Casket Nation vs The House Gilly Built - The Dogs will bite and they are vicious, but those rhymes they be kickin are quite booty delicious - but those Braves can skin a dog and not take one lick....But Coach "U" will have the dogs trotting out the pound on top. Casket Nation 28 - Gilly's House 14 Hondaburg vs #canwescore Da Bears - STC is going to take the "Air" squatters - Hondaburg. STC has no reason to believe this will even be close. Hondaburg 35 - Da Bears 14 Stewart Town vs WigWam Nation - This has the potential to be a very exciting game! From what Stink is hearing, both teams may be down, but hey, STC is not buying that about WigWam Nation. They always have their Tepee's up and are ready to fight. Stink has heard good things about Stewie Town, but those Indians have some fight and pride in them. Stink is taking the Indians!! WigWam Nation 21 - Stewie 7 Spartanville vs The Swinging Devils - Those Devils will come in HOT! The Devils will be ready get down! Spartanville will be coming in fresh off the County Fair Tour and looking to get a few more wins this year.....No rhyme or reason why, but STC will go with the Ville! Spartanville 28 - Swinging Devils 21 Chicken & Jo Joes vs Basketball Town - The Chicken will be extra greasy tonight! Those Cats will be hard to catch. The water will be up, Noah's Arc will be rolling and trees will be falling!! Wildcats take this one!! Chicken & Jo Joes 21 - Baskeball Town 14 River Rat "Boom" Boyz vs Hootie The Owls - Boom Boy will have those River Rats ready tonight! Doesn't matter what Boom Boy pulls out tonight for offense. Homie the Clown may run the Double Wing, Pro I, or some spread.....As STC said, won't matter cause those Owls are going to get blasted! It is Taco Night in Rat Ville if the Boom Boys cover -28.5.....River Rats 49 - Hootie - 17 BiG ReD & BlAcK vs Stink Town - well, well, well!!! The gator will be rolling, music will be blasting and those skeeters in the Pit will be biting! Those Trojans seem to be up in shambles as some new staff members come on board and some legends leave to tour the US of A! Stink Town on paper looks like it could make a run...but Stink is going to need some magic from Yoon's Rub. Those Tigers are fast and strong...but those Trojans are not dumb they got Master Splinter who has been scouting the Tigers all year long, 5,869 plays all drawn! Going to be a good one in the Pit, maybe one you all don't want to miss. Stink Town wins, cue the music at Connies cause lap dances will be happening and that place will be popping. Stink Town - 28 - Trojans 21 Stink Town FOREVER - Trojans NEVER!!!
  8. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3. It wouldn't be a good week unless Stink speaks his peace! Don't know much about the Woody Warriors, oh wait, that was a few Tiger BL's ago!!! But Stink does know this! Stink will not pick the Catholic Trojans to win, no sir, not in this show! Stink was able to watch the Butter Raiders vs The Small Tepee Warriors last week.......... and man those Butter Raiders were on the struggle bus for sure. Wish they would have played that way a week ago.....we may have had a rematch with the Warriors & Stink Town in the Pit. Anywho, those small tepee Warriors did look legit, and they may just have the ingredients to pull off the upset. You can say what you want, and it would be an upset indeed, but Stink will be cheering for the public schools while drinking Tiger BL's and getting crunk with his homies. Public School Champs FOREVER - Catholic School Champs (I WISH NEVER)!!!
  9. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3. Those Raiders are faster than those Warriors from the Tepee. The Warriors look big and strong, just like Stink Town last week The Raiders will get Coach Butter back to the Oil Can The Warriors will need to use #21 miles for their slogan again!
  10. Speed, Speed, Speed 1.2.3...3....3.... I'm still here just waking up coming off a 2 day coma from drinking! Stink can't even speak on that performance, it was just UGLY! Everyone in attendance and watching on TV, you know Stink Town is not that bad of a team! They picked a heck of a day to play bad, and they got BEAT! The Raiders have speed, speed, speed....and the Tigers have some as well, but those Raiders just had a different gear! Back to Back years my Stink Town boys have been beat in the Elite 8! Not okay, but we will still celebrate! The Tigers will be back again next year! Maybe the 3rd time vs your PAC conference will be the charm.
  11. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3. The Clown is hearing two outlets will be here, SEI and Now TV!
  12. Jets, Jets, Jets 1.2.3 You are accurate and Stink agrees! Hannerville, Hannerville, Hanner Flop, Flop, Flop Stink Town will allow anyone in Free if they are wearing Flip Flops!
  13. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3. Saturday wont be the measuring stick as Yoon will play the whole game. From watching both on StinkTube (YouTube) in the shop Stink will bust this rhyme. Last years Pats would spank these Raiders behind. Stink would wonder how these Raiders stop HH running behind that big line? The Raiders appear to be good and they are 12-0, but last years Pats blow them out and drink free at the Chateau!
  14. Tango, Tango, Tango 1.2.3... Went down to Shelby Trimmers to figure out what those records may be........ Going back, way back to 1973 - Stink Town is 4-9 vs PAC & SIAC teams. Not good not good STC will agree, but the one thing I can guarantee...Is the Clown is undefeated vs all those schools in drinking! Tiger BL's FOREVER - Pope Juice NEVER!
  15. 74, 74, 74 or Ice, Ice, Ice 1.2.3. It may be thin but Stink Town is still playing. Cutler Cuties no way we would take him, If we used him we definitely wouldn't win. Raiders look fast as can be, but to compare to Bo not even close, not in the same league! Those you mention will not drop ST to their knees, but we got some at Connies who really do love STC. Thanks for the advice Patriot 74, HH was bounced week 1 and basketballs are already hitting the floor!
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