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  1. Sorry, didn't mean to use it if you use it . . . I missed that line. Kudo if you did! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  2. Alright Everyone . . . On to the hardware round of the IHSAA State Football Tournament! Congrats to Knox, LaVille, North Judson, and Triton - all among the 16 taams left in their respective Class! The sectional championship pairings are: John Glenn at Knox, Community Field, Knox HS, 7 p.m. *Knox beat JG 37-8, Sept 15 at Knox Bremen at LaVille, Lancer Field, LaVille HS, 7 p.m. *LaVille beat Bremen 17-10 Aug 18 at Bremen North Judson at Triton, Triton HS, 7:30 p.m. *Triton beat NJSP 40-7, Sept 29 at Triton -> Do those early season or mid september games mean anything? -> Is everbody healthy? -> Teams have their typical play makers. What are the difference makers Friday night? What Say You? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  3. Looks like Laville controlled the game? That's along ride for Laville and the game might have been just a little longer if the clock was running at some point in the 2nd Half. Were you at the game last night mumm6866?
  4. Alrighty . . . Here's my two cents for the semifinal round: Knox playing at home. Redskins having a year! KNOX Long trip for the Lancers. They'll shake off the bus-lagg with a dominating victory. LAVILLE NJSP should have no problem in this one. TROJANS take this one over their HNAC rival. CARROLL wins Stay healthy! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  5. I would agree FinePrint . . . Didn't look at the SOS via Sagarin. The SOS numbers change weekly based on the last game played. I was looking at each teams actual schedule and comparing. Definitely appears that the Hoosier was off this year and, as you mentioned, pretty solid for a small school conference. If that's the case, maybe, just maybe the HNAC helped prepare LaVille for a deep run in the state playoffs. Congrats to each team for a job well done! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  6. Rochester/LCC/LaVille and Bluffton are all having a solid season, for sure. LCC hasn't lost its three games to just anyone - Guerin Catholic, Hamilton Heights, and West Lafayette. All 3 are having a good run this season and are a class above at 3A. Rochester, with just 2 losses, is also having quite the season, dropping games to a very good TValley and Peru. In looking at the schedules of those listed above, I would say that LaVille has the weaker schedule. The biggest factor for all of these teams is - Mr. Obvious here - the injury factor. Do we know if all of these teams are healthy heading into the Friday semifinals? Yeah, all the coaches say, next man up when that happens. But when you have one guy go down that holds down 2-3-4 positions on the team and many times is one of the better athletes on the teams, it can be a tall task. Would like to see some of these teams play in the regional, semi-state, state finals with a healthy roster! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  7. All: Congratulations to the six remaining HNAC teams in the IHSAA state football tournament from the first week. Below are the sectional semifinal pairings for the next round of action: Friday, October 27 Caston at Carroll, 7 p.m. Triton at Culver, 7 p.m. West Noble at Knox, 7:30 p.m. LaVille at Whiting, 8 p.m. South Newton at North Judson, 8 p.m. *All times Eastern Good Luck To Everyone! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  8. Appreciate the explanation and clarification! Always easier to ask sometimes when you don't know. Just one person's opinion. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  9. All: After watching much confustion during the final plays of the Andrea-LaVille game Friday night, a few questions came to mind. Checking if anyone can shed some light for me? Not trying to be a wise guy here, trying to understand better. Is there an appointed game official (the guys in the stripes calling the game) that watches the game clock/play clock? Friday, there seemed to be multiple opinions on how much time was on the game clock and what down it actually was. Since we have no instant replay in Indiana high school, who decides if/when time is put back on or taken off the game/play clock and to adjust the line of scrimmage. Friday, the clock was changed from 10 seconds left in the game, to 40 seconds left, to 42 seconds left in the game. There was confusion on both sides of the field - coaches, teams, and fans. Thanks, guys! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  10. So reading between the lines, HNAC all-conference is basically a waste of time. It is interesting, though, how many schools join a conference and want conference recognition for their respective student-athletes - in as many sports as the conference can fill teams for. There are those that choose not to join a conference, while others want in a conference and may not be able to find a conference. I don't know exactly how many players are eligible for nomination for football in the HNAC, but it seems like the number is rather high. Based upon the release of the All-HNAC football team last year, over 40 players received recognition. I'm pretty sure that the higher you finish, the more players you are allowed to nominate. At least that what last year's HNAC listing looked like, If the HNAC is like so many other conferences, coaches are not allowed to vote for their players. I have also seen other conferences list players by a first team and a second team. Some then add either a third team with no honorable mention or an honorable metion following a second team. Seems like some conferences have such a large amount of nominations per sport that players that are selected first team, are actually more deserving of honorable mention. Now granted, each athlete that receives a vote is generally considered HM in some conferences. And, there are some coaches that simply indicate that they are nominating a player and would like for them to be considered an HM selection. I would agree with fineprint that the process should be more direct in narrowing it down. Maybe something like 7 linemen, 5 backfield, 3 receivers, 2 special teams, and a kicker. Just spit balling here . . . . Maybe someone else has some input? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  11. Season has flat flown by . . . . Here we go for Week 9 of the HNAC season. Culver at LaVille Knox at Caston North Judson at Pioneer Triton at Winamac How do the Bluejays and the Panthers play this one since they drew each other in the first round of the IHSAA state tournament? Or does it matter? Both tied at 3-3 in the HNAC standings headed into the final week of the season. Placement in the conference standings up for grabs. How you all playing this one? What say you? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  12. All: We're in the home stretch of the regular season. HNAC Week #8 Does Knox take a step toward the 2023 HNAC Championship? Or can Triton step into the HNAC spotlight? Friday, Oct. 6 Caston at Winamac ©, 7 pm LaVille at North Judson ©, 7:30 pm Pioneer at Culver ©, 7 pm Triton at Knox ©, 7:30 pm What say you? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  13. I knew I could count on folks to help out! Life happens to all of us. Do what you can do. Remember, every little bit helps! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  14. All: Just want to give a shout out to the Gridiron Digest staff for all their had work and for the opportunity for us to continue to talk about high school football in Indiana! I do not work for GID. I have renewed my membership with a donation to help support the cause. Would you please consider making a donation today? There are bills to pay and the donation seems a bit down this year. Appreciate all you guys at GID! Keep up the great work! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  15. While I'm always fascinated by the predictor tool, my question is . . . Is there really a home field advantage in high school? Not trying to be a wise-apple here. I'm just curious what ya'll think about home field. I've seen schools that travel and are just a superior team than their counterparts. They play they same at home, even with a crowd. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
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