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  1. For those that are interested in watching the Andrean at LaVille game, there is only one link that will get the game for you: https://www.ihsaatv.org/?B=446748 All the rest are scams so be careful! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  2. Who you calling for the upset? Defending 2A Champs over the unbeaten Lakeville hosts? Or LaVille over the 59ers? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  3. This is why we play the games! This is not the same Andrean team as 2021. And, it is not the same LaVille team as 2021. IMO this game will be followed by a lot of people around the state tonight. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  4. Here is my two cents . . . West Noble at Knox - Redskins a bit better. Andrean at LaVille - Lancers out to earn respect. South Central (UM) at Culver - Like the Cavs to roll. Triton at North Judson - Jays moving on. Keep the change! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  5. Always intrigued by your work each week. Well done! Interesting that the forecast has Triton scoring 28 points against NJSP. Not even HNAC champ LaVille scored that many against the Jay's. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  6. Not trying to be a wise guy here . . . I've wondered: Is Indiana Mr. Football given for a senior season of play or a career award? Or does it depend on the year? Curious . . . Thanks for the feedback, as always, the game is better from_the_sideliines007
  7. I've watched LaVille a fair amount over the last few years . . . I would definitely agree the offensive line is MVP at LaVIlle. They've got some veterans playing that do a great job of playing together and are not afraid to get physical to open those holes for whoever is running. Defense has also been something LaVille is known for and is no different this season. If LaVille can play defense and run long, clocking-eating, point-producing drives that keeps Andrean's offense off the field. Hard to win if you can't score. FinePrint said it best, LaVille will not earn any respect from anyone outside the HNAC unless they actually beat the 59ers. Here's to LaVille Football earning some gosh-darn respect. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  8. Didn't indicate one was better than the other. I indicated two big differences are the fact that Andrean starter is back and LaVille is without starter. But thanks for the clarification. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  9. Two big differences in this game . . . Andrean gets QB back in time for LaVille. LaVille goes into battle without starting QB. That changes both Andrean and LaVille. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  10. It's time for the semifinal round of the IHSAA state football tournament. Defending 2A Champ Andrean at 2A No.2 LaVille is already a conversation piece and will be followed closely on Friday. The projection tool has LaVille favored by 5 points. John Harrell's site has LaVille favored by 10 points. Our games this week involving HNAC teams include: West Noble at Knox Andrean at LaVille South Central (UM) at Culver Triton at North Judson What say you? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  11. The DeWitt kids is a talented player. IMO he belongs on the First-Team All-State Team. He's got stats, he's on a winning team and he can ball! as always, the game is better from_the_sideline007
  12. To be honest, Andrean is the defending champion. Yeah, yeah that was last year, but the champ is the champ. Got to beat the champ to be the champ. With that said, LaVille's strength of schedule does not have its meat and taters on it like some schools. Andrean plays a beefier schedule, which gives them a few more nods that a team like LaVille, who for the most part plays a small-school schedule. Bremen and Glenn are fine non-conference games. Do they help make you better for a state tournament run? Time will tell. Andrean has Merrillville, Crown Point, and an Illinois schol to go with East Chicago, who I don't know anything about, as non-conference games. That is what's catching the eye of those making predictions. Now, I'm not saying that is right or wrong. Just a notion that when you have a big-time recruit on your team and play with some of the big boys, you probably going to get the benefit of the doubt when in discussion. Bottom line here is: If LaVille wants respect, they have to go out and earn it for the next six weeks. One week at a time, one game at a time. Here's to the Lancers earning some gosh-darn respect! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  13. Here is my two cents for the IHSAA games involving HNAC teams: Lakeland at Knox - Redskins too much for Lakers Whiting at LaVille - Very likely a running clock in 2H for Lancers. Winamac at Central Catholic - Knights stop Warriors North Newton at Culver - Cavs win big Triton at Pioneer - Trojans eliminate Panthers North Judson at South Newton - Most likely a running clock for Jays in 2H West Central at Caston - Trojans end Comets season HNAC goes 5-3 in week one of IHSAA Tournament. Keep the change . . . as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  14. Wow! You make it sound like Bowen is the next coming of Indiana Player of the Year. I'd venture to say that both Andrean and LaVille would relish the opportunity to play good competition. I, myself, would like to see a rematch of Andrean and LaVille. IMHO I think Andrean and LaVille on the same side of the sectional bracket is a shame. I also know that LaVille believes it has to take care of business against Whiting before they can think about Andrean and this "man playing with boys!" This, sir, is why we play the games. best of luck to everyone in the state tournament, as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  15. Ok, I'll bite. You have Andrean winning Class 2A state. John Harrell's site has LaVille having the best chance to win Class 2A. Curious . . . Do you have LaVille beating Whiting and even getting to the rematch with Andrean? I see that Whiting is 5-4 that includes a forfeit victory. Does Whiting have a defensive scheme that would slow down LaVille? And, do they have an offense that can outscore LaVille? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
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