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  1. Plesse remember he started this threat with the disclaimer.... IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. yet he's being picked about too high or two low. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  2. RIP COACH SHRIVER! Your time here was served and God needed another coach to help lead the team as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  3. Thanks for all your hard work on this subject of turf. I am curious, has anyone ever compared the cost per year of grass upkeep - mowing, irrigation, painting, rolling, seed/fertilization, arriate - vs. Turf. And, the lack of the grass-care each week for an entire year. Still have to do these things when the time is appropriate football season or not. Is the price of caring for real grass worth the turf exchange? I know a local school that just went through track renovation, recrown the field, with new grass, drainage, etc. The sidelines are still not right, standing water after it rains. The track itself is beautiful and long overdue. The rest, well, IMO, you get what you pay for. The school corporation was overcharged when you consider quality of work for the bid charged. Once again, just curious! As always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  4. Absolutely Fantastic idea. Definitely classy and special! Friday night lights will not be the same in the WW Community. And what a great way to show support and pay tribute to Coach Bowsman by lighting fields Friday and Saturday. RIP, Coach! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  5. Good Luck To Whoever Takes Over The Elkhart High School Football Program! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  6. I will open this by saying that my BOTTOM LINE on this or another thread about the LaVille and Lewis Cass game was EXECUTION, EXECUTION, EXECUTION! Re: your comment about throwing from the four .... Seems like LaVille had a lot of trouble running the ball up the middle when they tried. A pitch play or option with the QB could have set them up for big trouble. They did succeed in running that same pass play on their first drive, so I'm thinking (Just know that I'm not a coach here), they thought that pass play might be there again. I give the Lewis Cass kids a lot of credit for reading that pass play. IMO that play turned what momentum LaVille had around. Agree with your assessment of going for it on 4th and 7 near midfield. IMO, in the playoffs I feel like you make an offense earn a score. Punt the ball. Blocked punt and blocked FG are great special teams plays by the defense. Lack of execution by the offense, but Cass applied pressure and succeeded. In this game, on this night, Lewis Cass was most certainly the better team and they EXECUTED much better. Give LaVille credit, they could have given up and did not. I did think it was interesting on the opening LaVille drive they were not running its traditional offense. It's almost like they felt they needed to call plays outside the box to throw Lewis Cass off. I heard someone say it looked like LaVille was desperate and the game just started in the first quarter. I like to think of it as creative thinking .... nothing wrong with a different wrinkle that the opponent had not seen yet. Seems like the first play LaVille ran was the first play that Lewis Cass ran against Pioneer in the first playoff game that went for six. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  7. Czarnecki is a solid high school kicker. He has improved in a lot of areas and I think he will spend time in the off-season to improve his kicking game even more. Not just everyone can kick. It takes a special talent and it takes a work ethic to 'boot'. Czarnecki is that kind of kid. Look forward to the progress he makes from this year to next. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  8. So, you were at the game SteelCurtain88? Can you give a recap? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  9. Exectution . . . execution . . . execution! Have not watched much execution by LaVille in many big games recently. Lancers have won some games, yes, but the question is . . . WHO have they beaten? When was the last marquee victory? Not saying it can't happen ... heck, its state tournament time and anything CAN happen. Repeat myself ... this will be an instant classic or a blowout. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  10. I'v'e heard more excuses on this thread than the kids trying to avoid going to bed, or how vegetables are not good for you, or how they can't live without the phone for 5 minutes while we eat dinner! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  11. I know a couple of others that spoke with the folks at NJSP and they could not find officials. That is a fact and undisputed! The weather Friday night 9/27 put the crimp on a lot of Saturday make-up games 9/28. Due to the officials shortage for the attempted 9/28 games, there were crews working a morning game, then hopping in the car to head to work a night game to help out. Once again, fact and undisputed! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  12. I would agree that strength of schedule plays a big role. You can play several teams that don't have a winning record, and one with a winning record. Look at the type of competition that both LaVille and Lewis Cass play. If LaVille plays teams that do not have a winning record, there is a reason for that. and would reflect on preparedness. If Lewis Cass plays teams that have a winning record, there is a reason for that, and would reflect on preparedness. Just as cpg1970 said . . . it is tournament time. Anything can happen! Cass is a senior-dominated team and that has its advantages. Both LaVille and Lewis Cass have big--play guys. Had a chance to watch Lewis Cass ... Nice team ... not afraid to mix it up. Very Physical. Playmakers. These things stand out to me . . . . who can run the ball more efficiently? Field position? What offense can keep the other defense on the field the longest? Turnovers? LaVille's offense can not be predictable .... LaVille has to establish a running game and that starts up front ... LaVille has to play assignment defense. If somebody gets caught sleeping, that big-play will happen. Might be Captain Obvious here This could be an instant classic or this could be a blowout. That, my friends, is why we play the games. I'm glad Lewis Cass is fired up for this one. They are #1 and should be fired up for every game they play, not just this one. I would, however, like to think that LaVille is fired up for this one, as well. I think LaVille will travel well. Bottom Line: Execution! Execution! Execution! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  13. Is there a stipulation in the iHSAA By-Laws that if a team travels more than a certain distance they get a travel stipend? Or does that not apply in the sectional round? Not in the know here, so I'm asking .... as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  14. HNAC FOOTBALL PLAYING FOR A SECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Knox at Calumet - Flat out, the Redskins have too much for Calumet here. The strength of schedule is not even close. Calumet has two wins against one team with a winning record - River Forest. Knox has too much offense and the defense will post a zero. Redskins win this one, 28-0. LaVille at Lewis Cass - Big challenge here for the Lancers. When you beat Pioneer twice in the same season that speaks to what the Kings have both offensively and defensively. That being said, LaVille's defense is pretty strong and will be challenged by the Lewis Cass offense. Kings are 6-1 in games against teams with a winning record. LaVille still has to prove they can beat a quality team. The Lancers are 2-2 in games against teams with a winning record. The LaVille offense can not be predictable and the defense must play assignment football against the Lewis Cass weapons. Lewis Cass wins this one, 35-21. Culver at North Judson-San Pierre - Been a long time since week one. Hate to see us lose an HNAC team in the state tournament. I like Culver here, 28-27. What say you all? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  15. Anyone out there with a recommendation on places to eat on the way to Walton, IN.? Looks like LaVille to take on #1 Lewis Cass for a Sectional title. Early precincts indicate Kings by 28 points. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
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