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  1. So here a few suggestions to live stream your event: Facebook Live. Instagram Live. Periscope. YouNow. YouTube Live. A few other thoughts: Get a few businesses to sponsor your broadcast Get a couple of people to broadcast - One that would be the play-by-play person and one that would handle the color commentary. With attendance and physical distancing issues, probably got to find a place for the broadcast team to set up shop. Unless your FB pressbox has more than one level, probably not going to be broadcasting inside the pressbox. Maybe the top of the bleachers? Get the administration to rope off 20 feet of the top three rows of a section in the bleachers? Then put a tent over the area to protect the equipment from the weather? Just saying . . . . as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines
  2. Yeah . . . kind of like those that take blood. I've had nurses that it was just a little prick to the skin and the process was not that big of a deal. I've had less nurses that, for whatever reason, could not find the vein, wiggled the needle around, apologized and took the needle out. Bottom line: Depends on the nurse, the experience, and the touch. I will say that most all my nurses did a very good job! God Bless all those nurses (Docs, aides, front-line workers in whatever they do) as we navigate through this pandemic. Mask Up Follow Guidelines Athletes: Make Good Decisions When You Are Away From Practice And Your Teammates. Those decisions are crucial and can dictate if we all get to continue. There are a lot of kids, coaches, parents, patrons, etc., that want to play sports again. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  3. The answer is: Follow the guidelines . . . mask up (when people are asked to) physical distance (whenever possible) avoid too much contact when not required for sports use hand sanitizer and cleaning materials to minimize contact with surfaces. We are in the situation we are in because people don't want to or think they have to follow a simple guideline. *I get that there are those that may not be able to mask up due to medical reasons. Not everyone has a medical reason. These kids want to play and a lot of these kids are being smart and making good decisions. The coaches want to coach. The parents, friends, community members want to watch football or volleyball or soccer or whatever again. Just follow the guidelines . . . Its that simple. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  4. Good for you and good for your boy! Best of luck to him in his return to football! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  5. The present guideline until Phase 5 in late August is 250. My question is . . . Does that 250 include players, coaches, officials, and essential personnel (Press box and/or Scorer's Table)? Just looking for clarification. Thanks! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  6. According QuestDiagnostics and LabCorp, the two largest laboratory chains in the U.S., the Medicare rates (likely the lowest cost) to process an antibody test is around $50 and $100-$200 for a PCR swab test Who is going to pay for that? The school can not afford that x's athletes/coaches. I'm hearing that some colleges/universities are using a spit test. Spit in a tube and send for testing. The COVID lives in our spit. Anyone know how long the spit test takes to get a result and how long it takes and how accurate is that test? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  7. Move fall sports to the spring? What about the spring sports? Now we are saying that kids that play football and run track or play baseball or golf have to pick a sport. I didn't hear anyone offering the spring sports a chance to play. Now those 2020 graduates have moved on. What is in the best interest of not just kids, but everyone? The answer is what no one wants to hear. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  8. Wow! What a ride . . . When I started this topic - Football Season Options I was hoping we could avoid politics. How naive was I? Heck, most high school football players are not yet eligible to vote, so that is the least of their worries. These kids, coaches, parents, patrons, etc., want to play. Just throwing this out there . . . If Indiana is still in Stage 4.5 until August 27, social gatherings are limited to 250 people - that would include players, coaches, etc. How many fans get in per team? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that probably applies to high school gyms for volleyball, soccer stadiums, and football stadiums? And possibly tennis courts depending on the fan support your tennis team gets. No disrespect to tennis . . . some schools have more tennis fans than others. I've also heard that large cross country invitationals are being cancelled for this year due to the number of runners and potential patrons watching the runners. There would also be limitations to essential personnel in the press box . . . PA, Game Clock, Play Clock, Spotter, maybe 2 spotters. Unless your school has a large press box, that's probably going to cover the physical distancing. If you have the main level of the press box and a deck above, the deck would have enough space for 6 total people? Probably 2 assistant coaches and camera person for each team? If you are fortunate to have a two-level pressbox and deck, you would have more space for others, like media. Any one else would have to camp out in the bleachers or along the fence line. I would suspect that the sidelines will be limited to essential personnel only, as well. Players, coaches, manager(s), trainer, maybe a team doctor, if your school has a team doctor. Where does that put administrators? In the end zone? Believe me, these are things that school administrators have to talk about and are talking about. Keep the conversation rolling! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  9. Just to throw this out there . . . 2 teams in this sectional open against each other in 2020. Bremen at LaVIlle, August 21 If it happens, we will all get an early season look at how good Bremen and LaVille could be. Bremen was young and gained valuable experience last year. Sophomore QB threw for almost 1,000 yards, Senior to be rushed for nearly 600 yards, a TD, and one 100+ rushing game. Senior to be top receiver was a little over 300 yards receiving and three TD catches.Defense had eight picks and two recoveries and gave up 28 points per game and held two teams to one score or less. LaVille returns a QB that threw for over 1,000 yards and 10TDs with 7 INTs. Top runner (nearly 500 yards and 9 TDs and one 100+ rushing game) / pass receiver (nearly 500 yards and 5 TD catches) is dangerous. Graduated eight seniors, including 1,000 yard rusher and three receivers with nearly 200 yards each from a squad that advanced to the sectional championship. Top tackler back for senior season for a defense that collected 15 sacks, 12 INTs, and 8 recoveries for a defense that allowed 11 points per game and held six teams to score one time or less. LaVille did win the 2019 week one contest last year at Bremen before winning a second round sectional game at LaVille. Neighborhood rivalry on the line. Both want to start the season off right and build momentum for hopefully a full season. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  10. I was able to find a local high school that purchases THE Indiana Football Digest. Thanks for reaching out. Not sure if there is a business in northern Indiana - the South Bend area - that might be willing to sell THE magazine? Thanks again to you and all your staff for this undertaking. It is a privilege to read about Indiana high school football through this forum. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  11. So, you would choose option #5 - Other Suggestion. Just sayin' Thanks for your input as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  12. Lots talking and planning going on now. And, still a lot of talk and planning still to come. With the present mask requirement in Indiana, would a delay help the numbers level off? In your opinion, what are the options for the HS football season? 1 - Cancel the season entirely? 2 - Postpone the season to the spring? 3 - Postpone the season for Weeks 1 - 4 and pick up with week 5 (that would put us at September 18 to start)? 4 - Postpone the season and play the last 4 regular season games (September 25 start with Week 6)? 5 - Other suggestions? What say you? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  13. All do respect here cpg1970 . . . Throw the dawg in the yard a bone! Doyle is one of 2 QBs in the HNAC that threw for over 1,000 yards last season. Just thought I'd add that to the love that Coach Hostrawser's boys are getting here. Wow! Don't get me wrong, but that is nice to see. LaVille FB has improved a bunch over the last few years. The senior class does have talent and they are a hungry bunch of Lancers! as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  14. I agree, it makes zero sense to shut tennis, golf, and cross country down. I hope that is not what happens. It just sounds like that is what would happen. If one gets shut down, they all get shut down. Time will tell what decisions are made. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  15. So at one time, I read a graphic that had our various sports placed in different categories of risk. The highest risk were sports like football, wrestling, and basketball because of contact. In the moderate category were sports like soccer and volleyball, once again due to contact. In the lower risk category were sports like golf, tennis, cross country, once again due to contact. Obviously I did not name all sports . . . no offense to the other sports. Please don't take my point wrong. Would the state tell the student-athletes in the higher risk categories they can't have a season, but tell those student-athletes in the lower risk category they are allowed to have a season? Not trying to be a smart guy here . . . . just asking. My thought would be that if the IHSAA shuts down, they shut all fall sports down. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
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