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  1. I have a solution. Swap Madison with Silver Creek. Let Silver Creek compete in HHC Athletics. Madison would benefit greatly from playing in the MSC.
  2. I didn’t say they would soon. But I think they can be built to that level. Growing school with a lot of talented athletes. I probably tore off to much at one time and should have said, “you can compete for Sectionals there.
  3. You can win a State Championship at SC. They just did it in Basketball and darn near did it in Baseball(Runner Up.)
  4. I dont blame East for doing that. They get 0 competition from the HHC. East has an awesome program but man the HHC teams are not getting it done. Imagine how many more Championships East would have if they had been tested more in conference? I believe it would be a few more.
  5. I'm just saying. Male always brags about beating an Indiana team. They need to play one of our real football schools. Not a "slightly" above average program.
  6. I think East should start playing Male so Floyd Central doesnt have to.
  7. It's pretty befuddling, honestly. He wasn't dominating at FC but he had a decent program going. Great facilities and decent talent and coachable kids. I wonder what happened at Jeff?
  8. I expect East to dominate the HHC. The rest of the HHC is wide open. I'm anxious to see how it works out.
  9. I like having a Sectional where there isn't an overwhelming favorite. It's fun to know you have a chance. In our case, we have lost 6 Sectional Championship games since 2009. Twice to Castle Twice to East Twice to Whiteland.
  10. I'm back. Looking forward to next year. My Highlanders should be better but still wont have anything for East.
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