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  1. The way Jeffersonville is growing, I expect them at about 2400 eventually.
  2. Floyd Central is good in Wrestling because of culture and coaching. I was only using their basketball team as a reference to identity why JC football hasn't been very good. For the JC fans on here, I'm not someone that is cheering for you guys to not be successful in football. I'd love to see JC be competitive. This conference being competitive is a benefit to everyone. The point I was trying to make is that you can't always control the personnel you get in HS athletics. FC had a good football team this season. But they played a bigger and faster Evansville North team and lost. It just happens that way.
  3. Buddy, Floyd Central isn't irrelevant in anything. Hell, they won the 3A State Championship in Wrestling yesterday. They have a good basketball coach in Fonso White. They're in a rebuild but they'll be rolling again in a few years. Don't compare Jennings County to Floyd Central. It's not even worth an argument.
  4. That is not what I meant, and you know it. I was making a point.
  5. You can't win at Madison or Jennings County. Not against the level of teams they have to play. Unfortunately HS athletics isn't like Collegiate athletics where you can recruit your roster. I know a few kids are recruited here and there but for the most part, you are what you are. Madison and JC have had good coaches. But they just don't have the athletes or the talent. It has to develop in the youth system and genetics plays a big part of that. We had a pretty good run in basketball down here at Floyd from 2012-2021 with coach Sturgeon. They probably had 20 kids that were 6"6 or taller in that timeframe. Some 6"9, 6"10, 7 foot tall. You can't teach that stuff. Area genetics plays a big part in HS Athletics success.
  6. I'm not saying he's a bad coach. He has had 1 good season at New Albany with the most talented roster in the history of their school. We will see if he can get back to that level.
  7. Jeffersonville and New Albany are both a clown show. New Albany ran out a Hall of Fame coach like Jim Shannon. Hired a guy from Jay County. Their AD ran him out this summer. Then they hired a guy from Kansas who won 2 games last year. In basketball. And I like Steve Cooley, he's a pretty good guy. But he's not really getting it done either.
  8. My favorite thing about Jeffersonville football is that back in 2012, they were on their way to Floyd Central and got pulled over on purpose because there were like 5 or 6 kids on the bus that they had to arrest and take to jail.
  9. That's the Freshman schedule. I get MS info from my friends who coach the teams. I think you will.
  10. 7-1. They rolled every team except for Floyd Central who beat them 38-20. You all have heard me talk about that team. They haven't lost a game since 3rd grade. From what my people are telling me, it's a generational class. Our 7th and 8th grade teams didn't lose a game this season either. We have a lot of Coach Wiegleb players who are involved in the feeder and youth coaching and their kids are coming. Some pretty big ass kids too.
  11. I take a lot of heat on here at times. A lot of it, I'm sure was deserved. But this is honestly a pretty good football thread. A lot of people in this thread give a **** about this conference. I hope that it continues to improve. I'm not sure what the conference will look like considering the really good players leaving FC, Seymour, and BNL but it'll be interesting. It'll be interesting to see what happens at Jeffersonville after a 0-fer season. Some other programs that are struggling, will they make any changes? Obviously a lot to digest before next season.
  12. I don't agree with calls at times. Human error is a real thing though. But like I said, I'm glad there are guys that do that job so I can actually go watch these games. I'm sure it's not the easiest job.
  13. I'm laughing at everyone complaining about the officiating. I did it and was ripped apart. Lol. I guess it depends on what team you cheer for.
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