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  1. Sectional probably comes down to FC/BNL. Homefield could be a factor.
  2. I’m going up there in 2 weeks for FC/JC. Should be a good test for the pass defense.
  3. Jennings County is rolling out some O this year. Is it legit? I hear they throw it a lot.
  4. Floyd Central 23 Jeffersonville 6 More good defense for Floyd Central. But Wenkers Wright, who came into the game 2nd in the nation in rushing, was really bottled up. Floyd has shown a lot better passing game lately. Tristan Polk has been doing a good job. Their O-line has been inconsistent in run blocking. They’re well coached, but they don’t have a ton of experience yet. I’m not sure if they can move the ball on East TBH. Wenkers can pop for 6 at about anytime, but if he’s running into a wall next week, then there isn’t much he can do. Jeffersonville has some size and athletes. It’s amazing that they can’t get that program going.
  5. That has been a MAJOR blow to NA football. I’d like to see NA get back to being a good program.
  6. 1. Seymour. I really like Coach Kelly. They have a terrific RB too. 2. FC. Floyd has a better defense, and although Jeff has speed, I’m not sure they have Wenkers Wright speed. 3. Madison. I’m intrigued by their new coach. I think he will improve their program. 4. East. They’ll name the score. Good luck to all HHC teams!
  7. That’s a good point. They probably wouldn’t gain anything. To be completely honest. I’d just like to see Madison and JC get it figured out. That’s the best solution. It seems like Madison has found a coach that has given them a spark. What about JC? How many kids do they have? 1500 or so? There shouldn’t be any reason they can’t compete in the HHC. I guess it’s about finding the right formula. I don’t coach HS football so I have no idea how hard that turnaround would be.
  8. I realize it’s a dead horse. It’s just my opinion. I haven’t heard any other logical solutions.
  9. I didn’t say they will ever make those moves. Im just saying, “it’s what I would do.” To elaborate.
  10. They need to replace JC and Madison with Silver Creek and Charlestown. Both of those schools can compete in the HHC in every sport. Neither team can beat East in football obviously but they can pull their weight against the other teams. Silver Creek is extremely good athletically. They would add a lot to the HHC in many sports.
  11. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/preps/indiana/2019/09/18/floyd-central-running-back-wenkers-wright-adopted-haiti/2350916001/ Great story about Floyd Centrals Tailback. I thought you guys would like this.
  12. Our RB is legit. But Idk if our O-line can move Easts front. Floyd is very well coached, but we are still developing on the line of scrimmage.
  13. HHC Mid-Season Analysis 1. CE-The Os have the best Offense and Defense in the HHC. They’ve played the hardest schedule. Gilley is the best QB in the conference. The trio of Gilley, McDonald, and Griewe will propel them to lopsided victories in all their HHC games. 2. FC-The Highlanders have met expectations so far. The passing game is still developing but Wright has ran for 1000 yds and 12 TDs so far. Their defense and kicking game are solid. Probably won’t challenge the Os, so that Seymour game in week 9 will be a big game. 3. Seymour- The Owls are coming along. They’ll certainly have a shot at 2nd place. Brendan Smith is a good QB. Mike Kelly has done a good job and they have Brian Balsmeyer as their DC. They can certainly play with anyone on their schedule except East. 4. Jeffersonville-The Red Devils were beaten bad by East, but I still think they are getting better. Their coach has instilled discipline in their program. They have a few playmakers on offense. 5. NA-The Bulldogs are rebuilding with Sophmores. They’ll be good down the road. Myles Johnson and Derrell Simmons are guys to keep an eye on. 6. Madison-The Cubs best BNL. I don’t know much about them but I’m happy for them. 7. BNL-The Stars are not good. But luckily for them coach Weber is. He’ll build them back up. 8. JC-I don’t know much about them other than they are never good and I don’t understand why?
  14. Thank you! Yeah I would love to play a series. I think it would be pretty competitive. You guys have talent up there.
  15. I think their defense has some dudes. But when I watched them last week, Floyd Central played very conservative on offense for some odd reason. Their were things in the passing game that they could have got done. I also thought your backup QB was better than the Starting QB. Best of luck to you guys. I think your coach is a good one.
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