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  1. The OP asked what to expect next season? I’ll be more specific then my previous answer. For my Highlanders, I won’t speculate on anything other then next years roster. I’ll leave it at that. We will definitely have some good returnees but also some pretty significant losses. Most notably Jordan Fonda, Max Grainger, Cody Bibelhauser, Jake Hausz, and Eli Branham. Those guys have been stalwarts. And a big reason why I was expecting more then 4 wins this season. QB Tristan Robertson will be back. So will most of his OL which will hopefully get better. Mitch Bernardi only played 1 game last season. He’s supposed to be healthy and would be a huge boost to our running game if he is. They’ll have 6”4 SO Isaac Kaiser back at WR and Max Milliner. Big shoes to fill with the aforementioned guys earlier. Robertsons brother Sebastian Robertson will be a SO and he’s widely expected to be a big time RB for FC. Defensively they’re losing Emerson Jones and Jake Hausz which are big losses. Their massive DT and a couple LBs will be back. The secondary will pretty new next season. Also need to replace K/P Max Grainger who is one of the States best. No question about it. Floyd Central needs to do better then 4-6 next season. With games at home vs Seymour, BNL, and JC and their other HHC games being more local(except East), I’m expecting them to be more competitive.
  2. I expect about the same things we saw this season.
  3. I’m glad to hear that. I had some 2nd hand information. Things are definitely a little toxic over there. I hope they get it under control.
  4. Do you think the generation of todays kids has anything to do with it? It just seems like they could care less. I have a teenager and she could care less about anything outside of playing on her phone.
  5. I’ll add to this. From a Football standpoint, personally, I don’t think it’s an issue of coaching. Their Offensive Line cannot block, whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what kind of offense you run or what your playcalling is, their RBs get walled up and their QB is constantly under pressure. When I spoke to the players, it wasn’t coach Bragg they were complaining about. It was the S&C coach. They don’t like that part of the program. Many kids complained that it helps cause injuries. I told them to speak up about it.
  6. I heard some pretty terrible things yesterday. I wasn’t at the game at Evansville North, but I heard some parents of Floyd Central players had to be escorted out of the EN stadium by the Police for screaming and cussing out the coaching staff, with most of it directed at Coach Bragg. This isn’t acceptable behavior. Even if there were a coaching change in the future, who in the hell would want that job with that kind of heat? The coaches on that staff don’t deserve that. If people have an issue they can talk to these guys privately. I don’t agree with some of the decisions that are made on the field but this is a terrible look. The one time I did yell at coach Bragg from the stands, I ended up apologizing to him for it because it was low class behavior and his family was in the stands. The Administration at Floyd Central needs to get things under control. They really don’t care much about Athletics, it’s a huge suprise that they do as well as they do when it comes to Athletics. Coach Bragg doesn’t get much support. That much is true. Coach Glesing was a heck of a coach and a good guy and politics and lack of support made him want to leave. The same thing happened with Coach Sturgeon. I’m not blaming their AD because he’s a pretty good guy that does care about putting together winning teams. The decisions are above him. Too much academically driven agenda at Floyd Central is holding them back, especially in Football. I’ve got two close friends that are running for School Board positions. I hope to hell that they win because if they do, I’ll raise some concerns about some of this stuff when the time is right. Most notably, the lack of support for Athletics coaches.
  7. North 24 Floyd Central 7 Floyd Central is 8-12 the last two seasons. I hope they evaluate everything they’re doing.
  8. North 17 Floyd 7 4th. Same thing as all season. Just no offense from the Highlanders. They can’t move the ball.
  9. They only beat BNL 28-14 the first time. That’s why I said “Upset.” Nobody here thinks BNL is the favorite.
  10. Floyd Central has a good defense. Their DTs are 350 and 270. They have a good QB and some solid WRs but their coach prefers to run the ball.
  11. Hmm. We’ll see if Floyd Central can give them a good game or not?
  12. I don’t know, but Brian Glesings “Post Floyd Central” tenure has been a mixed bag. He had good success at Laville, Clarksville, and Floyd Central. He’s been through Jeffersonville, Paoli, and now Shelbyville. I think he’s a good coach and a good guy, but I wonder if he has any remorse? The community didn’t treat him as well as they should’ve, by complaining that he doesn’t pass enough, or he “yells too much” and bullshit like that. I know that my cousins LOVED playing for him. I thought the world of him as a coach. Upset me big time when he resigned.
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