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  1. My Highlanders are getting some good pub this off-season. Can’t wait till August. @FloydCentralFB has some talent on their roster. Graduated some really good players headed to play in college. In their 2021 class, they have some kids with offers & more on the way. QBPolk & RB Wright were impressive at @INShowcase1. OL Michalski is a prospect. #INPreps
  2. Is there a way that I can block you? Just asking...
  3. I’d like to see East leave the HHC. And add the 2 Bloomington Schools to the HHC. East just seems more like a Central Indiana school.
  4. Floyd Central fans travel well, everywhere. For any sport.
  5. Yeah he’s a great assistant coach. And he obviously knows his team better than I do. It’s not like I’m on here trying to lie. Make excuses, yeah maybe. Still a great year.
  6. Actually, suprised, not insulted. And I meant to say Hyatt, not Wyatt.
  7. Well as far as I know you lost Willman during the season. You lost Farley. You lost Deweese during the game. I thought there was someone else. Wyatt I believe was out. And I thought his replacement was out too. I may have been mistaken. Im actually insulted that you care more about the validity of the players being out, then myself being very complimentary of your staff and your team for a tremendous season and overcoming a lot of injuries. You guys did a hell of a job.
  8. Our injuries were too much to overcome. I was proud of this team because we had already lost 3 starting DBs/WRs and lost a 4th in the 1st half of the game. We had 2 OL out. Our RB playing injured. We had a lot of other injuries this season and guys that have come back. For this team to go 9-3 and win a Sectional and play a team like Bloomington South, I’m pretty proud of their team efforts.
  9. I just think the better team won. Had Floyd Central won, it would have been an upset. South is much deserving of this win and I hope they can give something to New Pal. I know that’s a scary team right now.
  10. Bloomington South 40 Floyd Central 14 Final Competitive game for 1 half. FC outscored 27-0 in the 2nd half. Wenkers Wright tried to play on a bad ankle but he just wasn’t himself and that was costly. South was clearly the better team though and I tip my hat to them and wish them luck next week. FC had a great season finishing 9-3 and return several starters for next season. That’s it for the HHC. Better luck next season.
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