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  1. HHC Predictions based on my very limited current knowledge. 1. East-They have to be put here untill someone usurps them. McDonald is a beast of a Running Back and could be the league MVP. 2. FC-Should be clear cut favorite as the 2nd best team and program in the HHC. Behind Wright, Polk, Michalski, Quenichet and others, FC should be solid on both sides of the ball. 3. New Albany-I’m going with our friends to south. They have some really good young weapons a year older like Winford and Johnson and Coach Cooley can dial up some good Offensive stuff. 4. Seymour-They just find their way into this spot every year. 5. BNL-Big fan of coach Weber. Just don’t think they have the horses right now. 6. Jeffersonville-Were not very good last year. And lost a lot of Seniors. With almost 2500 students. You always wonder when the breakout will come. 7. Jennings County-The played decent last season. Lost a really good QB. I actually feel they have better days ahead. 8. Madison-There is a reason they want out of this Conference.
  2. I never thought you were taking a shot. You’re not saying anything that isn’t true. I love the team we have up here this year, I feel it’s the best we have had overall in 20 years, but will it be enough to hang with East, we won’t know untill October. To be honest, I really don’t even know enough about the other conference teams right now to make any kind of predictions.
  3. I’m not saying it’s “Floyds year.” Or, “we are definitely beating East!” Nothing crazy like that. But they definitely have a tremendous offensive line this year. Zen Michalski is a Mr Football Candidate(Louisville Commit, went from 230 pounds to 285 pounds.) We play Cincinnati Elder pretty early, so that will be a good barometer of whether they can compete with East.
  4. Well, I’m not predicting a win over East or anything. But I can guarantee you that their lines aren’t getting blown up this year.
  5. I’m really not sure about that one. The schedule has Jeff on there twice. But idk if you can play a conference opponent twice in the regular season?
  6. With Floyd Central unable to play Male in week 1 and Jeffersonville unable to play Fern Creek in week 1 due to Kentucky sanctions, FC and Jeff will meet up in week 1 at Wiegleb Stadium. Not gonna lie . Pretty excited about this Floyd Central team. They actually have size for a change. And some high level recruits.
  7. Absolutely. Spack is a good coach. It’s a great opportunity for sure. I definitely wouldn’t turn it down. It’s close for his family to come see him so I’m sure that’s important.
  8. Floyd Central Tailback Wenkers Wright committed to Illinois State. I was hoping he’d wait a little while but with Covid-19 he chose ISU.
  9. This is the kind of kid that if Tom Allen or Jeff Brohm could land him, he could completely elevate their programs. I never did understand why so many kids want to flock to OSU or Bama and not be the Big Man on Campus.
  10. I think my Floyd Central team will be in the mix for a Regional Title. They play Louisville Male and Cincinnati Elder early, so they’ll have the opportunity to be able to prove themselves right off the bat.
  11. I’ve always thought he was pretty good.
  12. Indiana and even Purdue, would probably beat Minnesota this year. Fleck is a used car salesman. Row the Boat. Lol.
  13. I’m hoping we can stop them this year, but East is just so good and that’s always a tall order.
  14. I understand coach. I’d be the same way. It doesn’t matter to me who you guys play, because I’ll be in the stands regardless. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Male series because I don’t like the matchup, but FC has their reasons for playing that game and hopefully we’ll come out on top here in the future.
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