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  1. Coach Miller is taking over as the AD.. he’s not hard to point out on the sideline’s when you see them run out. Outstanding coach and will miss him on the sidelines for sure..
  2. Haha ironic that PirateFan and this name were both online 1 hour ago. I’ve never seen a guy be so invested into a program that he has no say in 😂
  3. Clacks can go get smacked around by Valpo next year.. congrats 😂
  4. You are lying, Cody can’t afford Bourbon, at least make your story believable 😂
  5. Columbus East won it in 4A, won it in 5A, and then took 2 absolute beat downs from Center Grove for 2 years.. I remember East fan’s back in the early 2010’s when they would complain about Cathedral winning it every year, then some of these same fans were complaining because East had to bump to 6A due to the SF. I used to tell them, you can’t have it both ways, you play where you are placed. Chatard’s sustained success is going to be around for a while as you have stated, we will see how it all plays out in the coming years. And then if you don’t win it in the next 2 years you bump back down?
  6. Congrats to Chatard, talk about a dynasty and what they continually do every single year. Such an amazing program. Also congrats to Lawrenceburg on a great season.
  7. That guy doesn’t have a kid in high school. I would say his son was on the team but never saw any playing time. He just rode the coat tail of his son being on the team.
  8. Irish Dad’s comment has been deleted. So the comments and such don’t make sense now. Haha.
  9. Ryan Knigga is the coaches name.. you don’t have to worry about hearing from Irish Dad anytime soon. He got put in timeout.
  10. Where the hell have you been? Lol felt like I haven’t seen you in forever! Hope you have been well, and good luck to the warriors.
  11. 1. Yes 2. Not a Republican 3. Boomer? Isn’t that the older generation? 4. You are more of a Rural St “homie” 5. I don’t live in Columbus, I actually live in Westfield these days. Just another swing and a miss by a less fortunate brother….
  12. Ah, either down at the local Waffle House cleaning tables with Mr Stubbs or hanging out at the I70 split shooting people.. busy morning for you.
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