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  1. Maybe CS can transfer just before sectional time.. that sounds like a swell idea to me 🤪 You know, give everyone else a fair shot in that sectional this year lol.
  2. I would say the state record will be almost impossible after what Charlie Spiegle will put up this year.. I think he is only 500 yards away from breaking the record, he will run for 4000+ this year I’m sure.
  3. RIP to them 😂😂 Warren is going to blow the doors off them.
  4. WHY are they on Warren’s schedule?!? LOL. I feel sorry for them. Warren is going to pick a score.
  5. East came up a bit short last night. Was a great game.. 2 errors in the bottom of the 7th was the deciding factor in the game. Congrats to HSE, those pitchers were throwing smoke. East will return 5 starters and the top 3 pitchers. On to football season!!
  6. I guess I really didn’t word it right. Indiana is a fine program, Top 25 it seems about every year now. I would want to see how he competes at a program that is top 10-15 every year.
  7. I want him to win and be happy. Doesn’t matter where he goes, if he works hard everything will fall into place as it has now. BUT looking at what another Columbus kid did by going to Louisville (Devin Mann) I would say following in those footsteps would be just fine.
  8. Even better, I would like to see him at a Louisville, Vanderbilt or a program like that. East will return 3 pitchers on next years team that have a combined record of 22-2
  9. Columbus East defeats Avon 10-3 to advance to the State Title game. Cole Gilley (IU Commit) with 11 strikeouts and gives up 6 hits.
  10. Columbus - Zwanzigs or 450 North... 2 amazing, locally owned Brewery’s/restaurants
  11. Floyd got us this year once as well... East starts 2 sophomore pitchers.. the future is bright.
  12. Floyd got us this year once as well... East starts 2 sophomore pitchers.. the future is bright.
  13. Columbus East had a miraculous comeback against Jeffersonville today, down 3 with 2 outs and nobody on, they score 3 in the 7th to force extra innings, Dalton Back hits a home run in the 9th to advance to the Regional title game. Dalton Back hits a Grand Slam in the title game, and East beats Castle 5-1 to advance to the Semi-State next week.
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