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  1. I love the Lou Holt's approach, but as long as Cathedral arrives safely on the team buses this name is blowout city.
  2. Kind of hard to make throws when the QB is running for his life and being planted into the turf 60% of the time.
  3. I think Roncalli is just as good as Westfield.. maybe I'm wrong, but I was super impressed with what they did in the state tournament and how they turned it on.
  4. Why's that? New Pal, CE, Cathedral are all up classes still. Does Chatard bump up? I'm honestly behind on moves so it's an honest question.
  5. I’ve taken plenty of peoples money and turned them into donations on here. People make outlandish comments and either are so dumb they believe what they said or they won’t bet at all. LOL
  6. They are trying to keep people away from more than one game. I understand why they are doing this.. this season is obviously different from past seasons.
  7. Castle way way outmatched this evening. I think anybody that knew anything about high school football knew this is how this game was going to go.
  8. After 1 quarter of play. Cathedral - 178 yards of total offense Castle - 23 yards of total offense
  9. 14-0 2:51 1st quarter.. if they are going to scare Cathedral, right now would be a time to start.
  10. They won’t have to look far if they choose the right guy.... he stands about 6’6 and weighs close to 300lbs... (guesses on both). I’m guessing Bob will have a say in the hiring process no matter who it is
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