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  1. East ended up being the best team in the HHC, unfortunately they blew those 2 leads. Glad to see this team improve like they have.
  2. Columbus East New Albany (Even tho I think Floyd is a better team) Jeffersonville Seymour
  3. @Frozen Tundra post your picks bro! I need to make 1 pick different hoping to make up 1 game haha
  4. A tester that ends up being to the tune of 56-7 again lol.. Running clock x3 coming up in this sectional.
  5. The problem is, usually the first year they get bumped they have just lost a ton of players due to graduation. This will be no difference, this team I believe will lose a ton after this year.. Very good team this year tho.
  6. And Cathedral beat DC 56-7 🥴. As you were saying, Cathedral will running clock everyone in the south, maybe even in the state championship.
  7. My post was more of the “no need to fill out a bracket” Crown’em!
  8. Columbus East @ Whiteland for the sectional opener.. should be a quick sectional for Columbus East.
  9. Assuming you are being serious.. Cathedral vs Center Grove…. If not, I caught your sarcasm.
  10. Tonight officially ends East’ conference title streak as New Albany officially becomes the HHC Champion. The only question is will it get shared or will New Albany win it outright.
  11. As long as New Albany won tonight the worst they can do is share the HHC Title..
  12. Correct, earlier this year East lost to Seymour which ended a 96 game conference win streak and a 107 game win streak against opponents from the conference (including the playoffs). East is also on a 17 year Conference Title streak that will likely end this year, 2006 was the only shared title in that streak.
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