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  1. I was going to say, CE is still in 6A lol.
  2. Along with Parks being at QB this year they will be back to running the offense like they had when it was Cowan/Jones and Major/Hogan in the backfield.. Line play should be extremely good this year..
  3. Markell Jones again Evansville Reitz or Central ran for 260 and 6 TD’s in the 1st half of a regional game a few years back.
  4. Just imagine if we (Columbus East) didn’t have to play Cathedral in Semi-State in 4A 😂. Those Irish teams were monsters.
  5. Just imagine if we (Columbus East) didn’t have to play Cathedral in Semi-State in 4A 😂. Those Irish teams were monsters.
  6. Kyle Ralph is going nowhere. He would take a big dump on Florida before he ever moved down there.
  7. Thanks for your opinion, but Warren and Carmel should be good every year. You had double and triple the amount of kids as most schools. Def not the pound for pound best.
  8. He’s nowhere near 20... not even close.. being 19 is being a grown adult? Not much difference in a kid being 18 and a kid being 19... I wouldn’t call someone that’s 18 a kid and a person that’s 19 an adult.. If the kid was 21 I would question what the hell is going on LOL. I guess I was just surprised that you would bring it up, because 99.9% of your posts are extremely insightful, but I understand if you hadn’t seen the other 3 threads that were locked by Coach because of this exact topic.
  9. CE played a very good game against Pick Central... CE actually didn’t play a terrible game against CG in the sectional.. score ended up being 31-7 but a pick 6 and punt return to start the game was 14 quick ones to CG.. East defense only gave up 17 to CG’s offense.. I was impressed by CE’s team this year, they would have been in semi-state had they been in 5A. They would not have beaten New Pal tho.
  10. @Coach Nowlin can we start giving bans to some of these pieces of garbage? My goodness, this gets extremely old, and especially from people that obviously have no clue what they are even talking about....
  11. I would agree with a majority of those.. you can twist and turn them anyway you want.. but that’s a strong 25... I might also add Evansville Reitz and Memorial.
  12. I think Cathedral did it first, but still nonetheless Evansville Memorial is in elite status right now. I believe they are only the 4th school to bump up another class and win a state title, joining New Pal, Cathedral and Columbus East. Outstanding season by EM
  13. I would love to play Chatard (such tradition and always good) and New Pal (2-2 split in the last 7 years) in the opening week and week 3. Would be a good experience I feel for both teams
  14. I’m guessing that would be a question that you would need to direct to Pete Huse.... DUH! Somebody gets it 😂
  15. And 3rd game is against Columbus East I believe:.
  16. Columbus East will play the new MEGA Elkhart school Week 3...
  17. It’s when your fathers ego is bigger than the kids talent.. We all know exactly who we are referring to. I don’t think a kid transferring is necessarily a bad thing, but when it’s school after school you have to look at the common denominator in the sequence.
  18. He went from Central Middle School to Greenwood as a freshman. Greenwood was a much better football program, at that time.. that changed real quick. East beat Greenwood his Junior and Senior year.. I can totally understand what his dad was trying to do.. We played baseball together and he was always super competitive.
  19. Wish AJ had stayed in Columbus and teamed up with Stevie Brown and that bunch. His brother Nick was an outstanding athlete. I also understand that his dad was the superintendent in Greenwood, but his mom still worked at East as a counselor.
  20. Ralph doesn’t have to worry about the “politics” at New PAL as he would at maybe some of these other programs. Right now, New Pal is as good as anyone in the state. I would say IF he ever decides to leave, he would make his way back to St X.
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