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  1. I'm just glad we had such a strong showing last year against Chatard... 🥴
  2. They got this one right! Congrats to a fine young man... Kid put on a show this year.
  3. Can’t be any worse than working at a Waffle House right?
  4. Damn, didn’t know Whiting has had so much success. That’s impressive.
  5. I agree. I would even say 3A Gibson Southern finally got over the proverbial “hump” Must have been real tough choosing the coaches of the year this year 😂
  6. It’s no different than the the year Markell Jones at East won it.. I believe he only played 2 games past halftime and 2 games he only played 1 quarter… 4 carries 147 yards and 4 TD’s against a Seymour team in the 1st quarter. Didn’t play another snap. I also think Allen should win it
  7. I wouldn’t even be mad if you put Memorial up there with Columbus East in Tier 1, they have had an outstanding run. I would say you are about spot on with this. GS will move up if they can put together another title run or semi state run in the coming years. A ton of well ran programs in Southern Indiana.
  8. Leave CE out of this, WE SUCKED this year 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. Don’t do it. I can 100% let you know, if you reveal someone’s identity you do in fact get a 30 day ban 😂. I had to make an extra account off a different IP Address during that time lol
  10. New Pal… from what the IHSAA has said, they will make a decision on enrollment and how the success factor will be dealt with at a later date this year. Cathedral to 6A isn’t a lock either. Cathedral very well could be back in 5A next year. New Pal will be very good next year. If they are in 4A they will be a top 2 team.
  11. A little late to the party, he’s already taken all the punches lol His team also won the 5A title, so not sure he’s too worried either lol. congrats to the Titans. Helluva season and well deserved title.
  12. Interesting take… Nobody seemed to care when they weren’t winning titles, but when they start winning them again…here we are. Good battle by your boys today. Nothing to hang their heads about.. back to back making it to the state championship is damn near impossible to do.
  13. GS warming up that bus back to Fort Branch.. Going to be a PARTTTAAAAAAY!
  14. Edit : I get enough enjoyment you having to admit the official was in the wrong.
  15. Brebeuf kicker looks like he is barely kicking it and it is flying. Good from 38.
  16. Either way, it’s wrong by the LJ, whether it’s he was wrong on the call or wasn’t in the right position. Brebeuf looking like they have all year.
  17. Great game! Both teams battled! I knew Lutheran had some dudes, but damn AC has some dudes too! Great battle by 2 deserving teams.
  18. Columbus East 🙂. Bottom half of 5A in enrollment, I believe actually one of the smallest, fringe 4A enrollment, public, not sure about reduced or free lunch. We were turrrrrrrrrrrrrible this year tho 😂
  19. Hopefully Parkhurst did us all a favor and hooked cinder blocks to his ankles and ….. I’ll let some of you finish the sentence. The dude is an absolute clown.
  20. I’ve hurt a lot of feelings on this site, took a few suspensions, won a few bets for GID donations. Don’t think Bash and I have had a spat yet lol. I’ve been on my best behavior lately 😂
  21. That would be rather impressive if his 9 year old son was on that team.
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