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  1. That is my understanding of it as well...didn’t happen last night though the clock never stopped.
  2. I understand to intent of the rule but I believe at every score, flag , official discussion the clock should stop. I addition, if the opposing team cuts it’s under 35 go back to stopping the clock. And even understanding the intent of the rule it’s still a miserable rule.
  3. I’ll miss @Fkfootball after they play East this year. I always enjoy his opinion on this thread.
  4. Absolutely we will Good win tonight for you guys. So much respect for Gaddis and the East program over here in Bedford. We are headed in the absolute right direction over here. 36 Freshmen out and the 8th grade class is loaded too. Weber knows how to build a program.
  5. Stars lose 40-7 This team is young and not deep and has already had some injury issues that they are battling before the season even started. 3 turnovers and some busted coverage on three big TD plays by the Artesians Bloomington North next week Then Jennings County & Madison back to back which by then should afford them some time to jell. Coach Weber & company will keep working hard.
  6. Weber is building a program, Szabo tried to but the community didn’t let him. They have allowed Weber to be the strength and conditioning coach (weightlifting) Szabo wasn’t given that opportunity. They have now (after years go fighting to get it) gotten one middle school team and it’s already paying off. Well over 30 Freshmen out this year. BNL has been blessed to have two incredible coaches and better men to run the program.
  7. I do understand that...like every season though the Stars got outplayed and didn’t look sharp, same as last year and the year before that. Seems like it always works out though Weber has them ready.
  8. I’ll be in Bedford tonight They scrimmage Mitchell outside of gate revenue for two county teams I’m not sure how much BNL gets out of it but at least the boys get to him non-teammates.
  9. Good to read both of these comments. I know all of us (particularly parents) get upset at calls and I’m guilty of it myself but I have always had a hard time believing that on any level (high school and lower) that an official has it out for a program or a kid. In fact I don’t know single official that would say you know what I’m going to screw over team “A” in this JV game on a Saturday morning or Varsity Game on a Friday night. Obviously mistakes are made and calls are missed but the homer intentional thing is very very few and far between. Communication is absolutely what is necessary and good to read this.
  10. 2019 Predictions 1. East is head & shoulders above everyone else, last year a few teams missed their chances. I think they will surprise some 6A teams come sectional time. Gaddis always has his kids playing at peak performance come sectional time 2. Weber is starting to build a solid program at BNL. Not extremely deep this season with a small junior class but has 19 seniors and the sophomore & freshman classes both look good. 3. BNL, FC, New Albany & Jeffersonville hopefully all think they can win a sectional title this year and that’s good for the competitive balance of the conference. 4. Seymour will continue to improve 5. JC & Madison will continue to struggle 6. Some FC fan in forum land will have himself convinced they are one of the top teams in southern Indiana. 😃 Truthfully I have a lot of fun in this thread this time of year and expect this year will be the same. Enjoyed meeting a few of you last season and hope to connect again this fall. Best of luck to every team in the HHC this season.
  11. Last year was the year to topple East. Both NA & BNL had decent shots at it but fell short. I think the programs are coached well enough but just aren’t enough kids dedicated to working hard enough to beat East.
  12. Agreed but the B1G is not SEC or the ACC Good to see Michigan knock of the number one seed UCLA though
  13. If the young man has a chance to go to Vandy you sure couldn’t blame him for that. None better than Corbin in developing pitching. What about Mississippi State where Lemonis went who he had committed to at IU?
  14. Saw that yesterday Congratulations and good luck next week. I just wouldn’t feel right about pointing out the one or the few losses East has this season was to BNL 😂
  15. Where did the former coach go? After reading the article in The NY Times last year and his interview on Fox News I had much respect for him.
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