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  1. You have to play mistake free football to beat East because they certainly don’t make mistakes. BNL has had some teams that I thought could/would compete with East and take out the turnovers they did at times. Gaddis coached teams just don’t make mistakes. The streak will eventually end but doesn’t appear like it will any time soon. I fully expect FC to be in Regional if not Semi-State round. Kudos to Floyd for playing the likes of Male and Elder. To beat East you are going to have to play up like that AND work relentlessly in the weight room.
  2. Stars are slow and Stars are small THSouth 35 BNL 14 At half I’m not buying that East is down ever... I’m not buying that FC is the real deal ever... FC by far the #2 team in HHC right now but that comes and goes.
  3. Bedford NL at Terre Haute South Columbus East at Floyd Central Connersville at Jennings County Mitchell at Madison New Albany at Bloomington North Seymour at Brownstown So no game in Bloomington? That’s unfortunate for the young men involved.
  4. Congratulations so very glad you got to go and this thread is acting up either that or I’m drunk posting and I don’t even drink 😬 I’m guessing there will be a coach or two that will know their names after tonight.
  5. Stars going to lose 26-7 Interesting game tonight I will say that Seymour outplayed BNL This is an extremely young team in Bedford and have high expectations for them the next two years. IF they dedicate themselves in the weight room
  6. BNL takes 2nd half kickoff for a TD Seymour responds with a TD 20-7 after 3
  7. Anyone know the officiating crew at BNL tonight. Hopefully no one connected here. They are having a HORRIFIC night. BOTH WAYS! AWFUL
  8. Stars can’t stop the run Stars can’t stop the pass One possession for BNL that resulted in a fumble Seymour leads 13-0 after 1 All in all about the worst first quarter I’ve ever seen BNL play.
  9. Glad you get to go. What an absolutely beautiful night for football. I’ll be at BNL and Seymour.
  10. Floyd Central at Jeffersonville Jennings County at Madison New Albany at Columbus East Seymour at Bedford NL
  11. I went to High School in the South and we used Hail to the Victors. BNL’s although it is a variation of Give my Regards to Broadway is unique and I listened to Cornell’s on Apple Music and it sounded nothing like either the Broadway or BNL version. Copyright infringement can be a very serious infraction even for a church to use music and not pay a fee and give proper credit on the screen, in a book etc.
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