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  1. I've kept meaning to post this since Friday night but kudos to Jeffersonville's Champions Together program. Before the game stated a Special Olympian Jeremy Singleton was in uniform and fully suited up in Red Devils gear. Both Jeffersonville offense and BNL defense lined up at the 20 and he ran the football for a touchdown. That stuff warms my heart and I love to see it.
  2. BNL played much better after Jeff fan the second half kickoff back for a TD. Jeff got a bit tired and has several holding penalties but didn’t turn the ball over once. Jeff missed a 29 yard FG to tie the game at the end. I’d assume they have improved as the season has went forward. They seem to have a good head coach whose instilling some discipline. I hope he can get the support he needs. But I thought the same about Glesing going there last year.
  3. If you can figure that out you can solve the health care, immigration and the gun control issues that we face in our country. No matter what BNL should not have lost that game at home. Only positive I can find from it is no excuses were made.
  4. Obviously the only hope BNL has is a torrential downpour and a Harvest Homecoming on the same night.
  5. It’s Indiana everyone makes the postseason. FC is the sectional favorite I’ve not seen New Albany play either BNL or Jeffersonville can beat Floyd. Stars are thin in personnel as we have said since the inury bug hit in preseason but I’ve never heard an excuse from a single person on the sidelines. We will see what happens in two weeks I will repeat what I said earlier Jeffersonville has a better DL than Floyd.
  6. Stars come back from down 20-0 and win 23-20 @Fkfootball I truly think you are delusional
  7. Those are your excuses not mine.. But since you are looking for commentary Jeffersonville is a better team than Floyd on both sides of the line. Headed into 4th BNL trails 20-16
  8. Jeffersonville takes 2nd half kickoff back for a TD and leads 21-0. So many missed assignments and the same mistakes over and over and over again. Personnel wise too we are so thin.
  9. BNL (2-6 overall, 2-3 in HHC) at Jeffersonville (3-5 overall, 3-3 in HHC) Madison (1-7, 1-4) at Columbus East (6-2, 5-0) Jennings County (3-5, 1-4) at New Albany (3-5, 2-3) Floyd Central (6-2, 4-1) at Seymour (4-4, 3-3)
  10. I’d settle for that compromise. BNL is traveling to Jeff this week, then the bye week and then back to Floyd. You have to play the hand you are dealt but that drive 😬
  11. Were you at the game? Absolutely BNL came out flat...after that the game was evenly played. Can’t control the weather... I guess BNL is better at handling punts and executing PATs and the like. Maybe work on that between now and November 1. It could be another cold and rainy night. But at least we will know if it’s the elements that would be the cause should BNL lose absolutely nothing to do with how a team executes in said elements. Floyd will absolutely be the favorite at home and should be, but I firmly believe that BNL can win the game.
  12. You bet officials who drive in from Salem or Greenwood are dead set on throwing a high school football game. Maybe it’s age but I’m glad I don’t get worked up about officials as much as I used to. Do officials miss calls? Absolutely, do they intentionally screw a team on a Friday night I don’t buy it whatsoever. I’m tired on a Friday night after working all week. These officials work 50+ hours a week at their real jobs and then come out on Friday nights because they love the game. I do agree that the sectional is wide open I believe any of the 4 teams could win it. Outside of Wenker Floyd doesn’t have anything that BNL, Jeff of NA can’t match up against. It also seems that the young NA team is improving each week as they gain experience and BNL is slowly getting healthy and showing some continuity on offense minus the few kids that are out for the season. I think any of the 4 could win the sectional and Floyd should be the favorite.
  13. Btw @Fkfootball I just like to talk it up and it’s nothing personal. Part of what makes a forum fun. We shall see what happens in a few weeks and will know the draw Sunday night.
  14. Ha! Not a chance. No one has FKs back he is too ridiculous
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