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  1. BNL due to injuries had a several kids who didn’t play on the Freshmen and JV because they were playing on Friday nights. If this Freshman and Sophomore class stays dedicated in the weight-room they will be a force to be reckoned with. That will be on them though.
  2. Something is wrong with @Fkfootball he’s talking way to sensibly over the past few weeks. I agree with with his assessment. I would think FC will win but with BNL’s last three games against these two teams it is no sure thing. I believe FC has enough talent to win it going away but I do think Jeff has a better OL. FC 31 Jeff 20
  3. Thank you for recognizing that 😀 I’m sure someone will get an earful before next Friday night. Nikirk is a great young man. Has a great arm. He be playing baseball in college. Two of my favorite moments from this season were Nikirk (Dalton) throwing TD pass to Nikirk (Dylan) his brother who is a Freshman. This team had the worst loss a team could have at home to Madison on homecoming night and could have folded but they overcame inexperience and a ton of injuries (season ending) to continue to improve and finish with their heads held high. Coach Weber and his staff are absolutely incredible and as long as they stay the course and continue to coach at BNL the fruits of their labor is right around the corner.
  4. Congratulations to Floyd Both teams are well coached and battled We all know Winker is a great player but they also have a great defensive line. Good days ahead for BNL
  5. Center Grove vs. East Seymour vs. Franklin New Albany vs. Jeffersonville BNL vs. Floyd Central
  6. The all important Floyd/BNL weather report appears it will be cold but no rain. 😉
  7. Greenwood over Madison Martinsville over JC Im still scratching my head about the performance by the Stars the night Madison picked up their only win
  8. I've kept meaning to post this since Friday night but kudos to Jeffersonville's Champions Together program. Before the game stated a Special Olympian Jeremy Singleton was in uniform and fully suited up in Red Devils gear. Both Jeffersonville offense and BNL defense lined up at the 20 and he ran the football for a touchdown. That stuff warms my heart and I love to see it.
  9. BNL played much better after Jeff fan the second half kickoff back for a TD. Jeff got a bit tired and has several holding penalties but didn’t turn the ball over once. Jeff missed a 29 yard FG to tie the game at the end. I’d assume they have improved as the season has went forward. They seem to have a good head coach whose instilling some discipline. I hope he can get the support he needs. But I thought the same about Glesing going there last year.
  10. If you can figure that out you can solve the health care, immigration and the gun control issues that we face in our country. No matter what BNL should not have lost that game at home. Only positive I can find from it is no excuses were made.
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