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  1. About 5 tears ago the MIC wanted the HCC minus the Lafayete schools to join them. At that time, there was not interest by the HCC. It did go for a vote though. I do not think there would be an interest now either by any of the HCC teams. It doesn't make economic sense or does it make sense across all sports. The HCC is probably the second best Conference in football and gaining, the second best in basketball and probably the best baseball conference in the state.
  2. MIC: Ben Davis @ Center Grove - Center Grove gets the 2019 label of "best 0-3 team in the state" and meets a BD team that needed one stop to hold off an improving Pike squad last week, and got it. Still no word on Steele though I can tell you based on what I saw, he is not on crutches, so I think he'll be back at some point this season. I like CG either way. Gimme Trojans 30-17. Trojans Win here, its gonna be a long year for the Giants. Carmel @ Pike - Pike CAN keep this one close as they showed tremendous resolve and pushed BD to the limit last week. Carmel is coming off of an emotional rivalry win and has to hit the road. I think the Hounds prevail but its closer than many think. Carmel 24-13. Carmel wins here in a blowout...... Lawrence North @ North Central (Indy) - I can't figure either of these teams out but both are coming off of disappointing losses. I think the winner here may honestly be the best of the second tier, depending on how LC progresses. I'll give a slight edge to North Central (Indy) at home. 20-17. Toss up game here, Ill take LN by 3 Warren Central @ Lawrence Central - The Warriors hit the road for the first time this season and LC is coming off of a big rivalry win last season. Strength vs strength as the LC offense can score and the Warren D is stout. Taking Xs and Os out of the equation completely here, I smell an upset. Give me Lawrence Central 31-27. Warren wins 28-7 HCC: Brownsburg @ Avon - The game of the week and my top two teams in 6a at this point. Avon has run roughshod through three opponents and last week may have been their most complete game of the season at HSE. They will be jacked up in Hendricks County for this time as Avon is hitting its home turf for the first time. Brownsburg has weapons upon weapons and is seeking revenge after last season's sectional disappointment. Winner here is the favorite in the conference. Taking the easy way out. I think Brownsburg is the better team but the home crowd propels Avon 34-31. Avon on a Mission: Wins by A TD Hamilton Southeastern @ Fishers - The annual "Mudsock game" should be a classic. Fishers has been a nice surprise and could challenge for the conference title should the Brownsburg/Avon winner slip up elsewhere. I expect this one to be a low scoring street fight. Fishers 20-14. Fishers in a close one. Noblesville @ Westfield - The 'Rocks are climbing the polls and continue to impress. Noblesville still looking for its breakthrough. Gimme Westfield big. 37-14. THis game is always close regardless of Records... We don't like eachother:) Rocks by a TD. Zionsville @ Franklin Central - This one looks to be a good one which I am not sure many would have said 4 weeks ago. Zionsville is still licking its wounds from last weekend as is Franklin Central. The Flashes are improving at this one would be a statement win but I am going to go with Zionsville 24-20. FC has some key injuries on Defense, but Zionsville is porous on Defense as well. Z'ville by a TD.
  3. I agree with the top 5 in the 6A Poll, but after that its IMHO way off. Seen a lot of these teams in the summer. Lets seen how it stacks up in week 3.
  4. It's been a great off season for the Rocks...... Maxes coming in. Probable starting line squat numbers are: 655, 600, 545, 545 and 475. We got some Beef!! Strength Coach Tavio Henson has done an Awesome Job!!!
  5. Westfield is not rebuilding.. last years junior class has been one of the best in Westfield history. They were undefeated in JV as Sophomores. Last years JV lost once.
  6. I am hearing Westfield, NC, Carmel , Zionsville are going to be together. Jeff going to region, Noblesville to Ft. Wayne and HSE/ Fishers go South.
  7. Anything in the MIC or HCC is a great 6a job. 1a Sheridan 2a Pioneer 3a: West Lafayette ,Western 4a: East Central 5a: Snider - Tech if anyone ever gets in there and is allowed to do it right.
  8. When I teach it to those kids, I don't over complicate it. I just teach: step, punch, RUN RUN RUN!! LOL.. Seems to work. Teach the block backwords : start them in a good run fit and practice the Run ( drive) part then work the step and punch work the step Then try the whole block...... You can work step punch on air as well. You will be amazed if you repeat the same drill several days in a row, how well they will eventually get it. Just teach the drive step and don't worry about which step to punch on at this age. just get them off the ball stepping, punching and RUNNING:)
  9. We never talk about low man winning, because that tends to encourage kids to have their heads down and lead with their heads. We talk about striking with a double upper cut, landing our hands first on a specific target and keeping our eyes below our hands. Some people like the 2 pt. stance, but you rarely see it amongst the best in college football. I would argue as well that the older and better an athlete gets, the easier it would be to get away with the two point stance. I just think most younger players like to play high already, and do tend to stand up too much and I have found the two point stance encourages that. Just my experience. If you can make it work for you, awesome. However, against the dudes we have to play, want to have strong and quick footwork out of our stance and like to strike our defenders on the rise. We use a balanced stance with little weight no the hand.
  10. I work a number of Youth Camps at our High School and Coordinate the O-line portion of the Bishop- Dullahan Youth camp and have not had much trouble teaching stance. USA football has a very easy method of teaching the stance. We use a few simple commands and it is done. I do agree that with kids below the 3rd grade level, it does tend to get more difficult though. I have played with the thought of going from a two point stance with my varsity guys, but it is my opinion that you lose your angles of leverage when coming from a two point stance in the run game. I also will say, that we never lead with the head. We lead with the hands and want our eyes below our hands.
  11. Dr. Rob Bell a local sports psychologist has written a book about how to deal with kids in today's ultra competive tavel, AAU and 7x7 world. It is called, "Don't Should on your KIds". I read it trying to figure out how to motivate a player, and came away with so much more. I'd highly suggest it for all sports parents and coaches.
  12. Westfiedl does the testing on athletes, drivers, and all extra-curricular students randomly.
  13. Who is New DC at Zionsville? Did they bring Spear back?
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