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  1. Dr. Rob Bell a local sports psychologist has written a book about how to deal with kids in today's ultra competive tavel, AAU and 7x7 world. It is called, "Don't Should on your KIds". I read it trying to figure out how to motivate a player, and came away with so much more. I'd highly suggest it for all sports parents and coaches.
  2. Westfiedl does the testing on athletes, drivers, and all extra-curricular students randomly.
  3. Coach P

    2019 HCC Predictions

    Who is New DC at Zionsville? Did they bring Spear back?
  4. Coach P

    2019 HCC Predictions

    Non Conference oppoments Westfield Non-Conf : Harrison and DC BBurg: Has BD and Cathedral? Fishers:NC and Pike HSE: NC and LC NHS: Cathedral and Carmel FC: DC and Roncali Zionsville: Pike and Lebanon
  5. Who comes out on top of the HCC in 2019. Zionsville has a new coach and Noblesville and HSE coaches in their 2nd year. Is Franklin Central better after getting their feet wet in year one? Brownsburg and Avon still extremely talented. Fishers always a tough out and Westfield trying to get to the top. Whats your predictions...... 1. BBurg 2. Avon 3. Zionsville 4. Fishers 5. Westfield 6. Noblesville 7. HSE 8. FC