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  1. Zionsville returns almost their entire offense. The whole offensive line will be back as well as RB Price, and WR Firestone. THey did lose a very good QB, but the two in the Pipe line will also be very good. Starting Center is going to Notre dame and The left tackle has Div.I size, but probably a Div II player. If they can retool the defense which is where they had most of their losses, look for them to once again be the representative from the North at Lucas OIL. The regular season schedule they play more then prepares them for the best teams in the 5a north.
  2. Northwestern High School has a High School Social Studies opening and 2 Elemantary openings. The Coaching positions will be at the Varsity/JV level. Lay coaches are also welcome to apply, but please have some varsity football experience. If interested, please contact Head Coach Rob Patchett at Robert.Patchett@nwsc.k12.in.us
  3. Northwestern High School in Kokomo has several Varsity and JV openings for football. THere is a Social Studies opening for one of the positions. IF interested, please contact HFC Rob Patchett at Robert.Patchett@nwsc.k12.in.us WE ARE!! Northwestern!
  4. THats what I thought, but the other post made it sound as if he was gone...... Clay is a Great Young man.... I used to work a lot of Camps with him.
  5. LOL, I'm just digging for some info..... What is the style of play there, who are the teams to beat, what teams have players, but perhaps under performed.
  6. I don't know much about this conference. What can you all tell me about it? Just fishing for information....
  7. Have you ever watched a game film of the HCC... The line play is extremely good, and except for this past year, the defenses in the conference are very good. How can you say the HCC is soft... you can't stop those ground games with soft players......
  8. You are alone on that my friend........ February football in Indiana is gonna be brutal. I know Ft. Wayne right now is covered in snow and its brutally cold all over. Not exactly condusive to prime practice situations. As a fan, I am prepared for the elements, but i'm guessing attendance will be lower and I'll miss the atmosphere of a beautiful fall day. I know for a fact St. Francis has practiced outside in the elements quite a bit. I think through this brutal cold stretch they are practicing in a dome somewhere in Ft. Wayne.
  9. I believe Marian is playing this Saturday and home and then has a bye week..... Its gonna be freezing!! Good Luck Knights!
  10. I would bet you, that Marian and St. Francis in most years would beat UIndy and Butler and compete with ISU. SO Yes in your thinking of their classification, you are right, but in terms of talent.... I disagree.
  11. Everyone has a connection or knows someone regardless of conference blood oaths. The other thing now is, that many of the games are on youtube or other streaming... Just trade the film........
  12. Really? Rarely do we get a team who will not share endzone film... its a fair trade, why would you not trade that?
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