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  1. Bellmont @ Huntington North: HN got straight up throttled at CC last week, not sure what happened there but that was ugly. Bellmont comes to town at a good time for the Vikings. 35-7 HunNorth Columbia City @ Dekalb: CC's early season schedule is easy and they always start off good, but last weeks win over HN was still impressive. Over 600yds of total offense while the D holds HN scoreless. They face Tegan Irk this week though who is the best QB in the conference. He takes care of the ball much better than years past and can hurt you with his arm or his feet. I was very impressed. CC rushed for over 400yds against HN and I think this week will be pretty much the same against the Dekalb D, but Irk keeps the game closer than the HN QB could last week. 38-28 ColCity New Haven @ Norwell: Seems like NH could get a score or 2 out of one of their skill guys but their D is in trouble. Leo ran for 325 against NH last week and I expect Norwell to top that. They control the clock and the game. 28-7 Norwell East Noble @ Leo: Which Leo team is going to show up? Which EN team? Both teams still figuring some things out but this game will be a dog fight either way. I think both teams will be able to run the ball effectively. The difference in this one coming down to who can be more effective throwing the ball and limiting that big turnover. Maybe even a trick play or a big play on special teams. 28-24 East Noble
  2. I'm starting to think any game in this conference that doesn't involve Norwell or Bellmont is going to be competitive. Most teams will be in a dog fight every week which is a change from the last few years. I got to give kudos to Huntington North, that program is definitely on the rise. They have about 30 more kids than years past. The atmosphere at their new stadium was electric, the crowd was huge, and the student section was bigger and louder than any I've seen in the conference in the last 5ish years. Was awesome to see! Dekalb @ East Noble: EN's Jekyll and Hyde offense sputtered again in week 3, putting it's D in a bad position more than once, but it came through when it mattered the most. I think they clean it up and catch a breather at home -- EN by 14. Huntington North @ Columbia City: CC passing attack seems pretty decent and I think they put some points on the board through the air at home. Their D-Line better be IN SHAPE and ready for HN to pound the ball over and over -- quickly-- or it could go the other way. I Think CC wins a close one at home -- CC by 6. Leo @ New Haven: I just keep waiting for things at Leo to click, I think they're close. Clean up some sloppiness on offense and things will be much better. Their D has a tough challenge this week though and if they can't get to the QB they could be in trouble. Although it's close, my gut tells me -- Leo by 3. Norwell @ Bellmont: I just hope no-one gets hurt!
  3. I thought there was a discussion in the main forum about light show celebrations but could not find it again so excuse me if this has been beat to death. Are these light shows kosher or anything in the rule book that would pertain to this? I'm pretty sure Dekalb was flagged for this in week 2, then I saw it in week 3 not draw a flag. FYI I think they are pretty sweet and should be allowed. Also, can anyone shed some light on what is allowed or not as far as WHERE players can or can't run when entering the field during their pre-game entrances? I've heard one thing then seen something I thought was not allowed. Talking regular season. Thanks
  4. 42-7 Columbia City -- CC too much at home and they take care of business as they should against Bellmont. 35-17 East Noble -- Expect EN to bounce back from last weeks loss, which was a lot closer than the final score indicates. EN took the lead in the 3rd quarter only to give it back on the next play. EN's offense sputtered quite a bit against NW while the defense actually played pretty damn good for over 3 quarters. I'm not sure we'll face a defense that good in the NE8 though, besides maybe Norwell. I expect the D to continue to grow and the Offense gets back on track. 35-14 New Haven -- Too much talent on the field on NH for Dekalb to contain, on both sides of the ball. I could see Dekalb falling behind, throwing a few picks or what not. If Dekalb can limit turnovers this game could be closer. 28-10 Norwell -- Conference race here we go! New system for Leo, new coach etc.. yeah they got some athletes but I am really surprised at how much the drop off has been as far as physicality goes. Playing Leo the last couple years was like a 12 round heavyweight fight. Getting punched in the mouth over and over for 4 quarters.. on both sides of the ball. Just goes to show how special the senior class was last year that is now gone. Leo D needs to step up or this one will get out of hand.
  5. There are some aspects of this matchup that concern me but others that I feel really good about. Going to be a good one I think either way!
  6. Same picks for me. I'm tempted to go New Haven but that Marion game was ugly.. Not sure what we got in NH yet.
  7. 4A #9 Leo (0-1) @ 4A Angola (1-0) 3A Woodlan (0-1) @ 2A Central Noble (0-1) 3A Lakeland (0-1) @ 2A Churubusco (0-1) 2A #7 Eastside (1-0) @ 1A #2 Adams Central (1-0) 3A Fairfield (1-0) @ 5A South Bend Adams (0-1) 1A Blackford (0-1) @ 1A Fremont (1-0) 3A Garrett (0-1) @ 4A Garrett (0-1) Dekalb Bronson Michigan (0-0) @ 2A Prairie Heights (1-0) 3A West Noble (1-0) @ 4A Wawasee (0-1)
  8. Dwenger at North Side Luers at Wayne Snider at Carroll South Side at Northrop Homestead at Concordia
  9. A perfect 8/8 on the picks this week. Didn’t see NH shutting out Marion though.
  10. 24-13 Heritage over Bellmont. 35-21 Columbia City over Churubusco. 20-17 Angola over Dekalb. Going with the home team here as I think this game is really close. Need to see Dekalb run the ball effectively, protect the QB, and cut down on those turnovers if they want to improve over last year. 35-14 Eastbrook over Huntington North. First game at the new field is a bummer for HN. 27-20 Kokomo over Leo. It seems expectations are sky high for Doerffler and their new system. This is a good week 1 game but I'm expecting some growing pains. 36-32 New Haven over Marion. New Haven will definitely put some points on the board this year, what about that D though? 28-27 Norwell over Mississinewa. While I think Norwell can win the NE8, this is a tough matchup on the road in week 1. They squeek out the W though. 35-17 East Noble over Plymouth. While EN did graduate a lot, some things remain the same. The system, the work ethic, the expectations... The roster is pretty young but I like what I've seen at our scrimmages out of the first team. If we can keep the turnovers down and match the physicality of our opponents I expect EN to be right in the hunt for the conference title. This will be a good first game for those youngins'.
  11. I could only fathom a guess but they've had quite a run of mediocrity, their last winning season being 2009. I would guess a combination of a lack of community/administration support and poor facilities. They've got a 4th year coach and a new turf field to start this season so maybe that's changing. No idea what their youth league is like.
  12. The teams in this conference are definitely going to look a lot different this year, but I think the standings will shake out pretty close to years past. Who comes out on top might be a toss up between a few teams, but I have my hunch. Leo and EN both graduated a ton of talent and both will look drastically different. Leo installing an entire new offense under new leadership. Can they hit the ground running in year 1? Call me skeptical like always lol. Bolt from CC and Williams from NH both gone, both the leaders and field generals of their teams. Their replacements will have a huge impact on their teams' success, whoever they are. Dekalb is my sleeper.. they could surprise a team or 2 and shake things up although a conference title is still out of reach. HN and Bellmont still bringing up the rear. Norwell is probably my favorite. This senior class has won A LOT of ballgames going all the way back to 7th grade and with the drop off in talent at Leo/EN this is probably their best chance in years. I could see the standings shaking out like: 1. Norwell, 2,3. EN/LEO 4,5. CC/NH 6. Dekalb 7. HN 8. Bellmont With any of Norwell, Leo, or East Noble winning the title.
  13. Leurs scheduled EN for week 1 of 2023. Only a 1 year contract.
  14. Wouldn't surprise me either. Although year one I gotta lean Snider and it might not be close lol. EN is losing a LOT. Lots of leadership but also LOTS of production.
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