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  1. At this point in the season this would be my rankings: 1. Norwell: Showing why they were the conference favorites coming in. Only question is who will be the first conference team to score on them? 2. East Noble: Have shown they can put up points in bunches but can the defense stop others from scoring enough? Big test this week. 3. Leo: Had a change of gears last week against New Haven and went back to ground and pound. Can their defense stop top teams from out scoring them? We"ll find out tonite. 4. Columbia City: Been on a tear since the Delta game. They win tonite and they will jump the loser of the Leo/East Noble game. 5. New Haven: Every team will have to account for Graham every week. Man.....if New Haven had a solid line......they would be SCARY. 6. Dekalb: Hard team to figure out. Solid play so far from Irk and Overbay.....waiting for Wiley's return... 7. Huntington North: Game against East Noble turned some heads....then Columbia City turned those heads away....in NEED of a signature win. 8. Bellmont: I fear they have a LONG road ahead rebuilding still....
  2. Norwell is a team I really like in 3A this year.....too bad they will run into Chatard in the regional. A ton of experience returns from last year, really good on the offensive and defensive lines and deep at the skill positions. They have outscored opponents 139-7 this year so far on giving up a score to Mississinewa. Shut out a traditionally strong Leo team. Will get a better gauge of them when they face East Noble and possibly Columbia city, both good 4A teams.
  3. Bellmont @ Huntington North: The Vikings were taken out behind the woodshed last fri, Bellmont seems to have signed a lease for back there.....this game may be over by 8:30.......Vikings 42-21 Columbia City @ Dekalb: Columbia City is on a roll (again) this time of year, Dekalb is a tough one to figure out with some offensive firepower but no defense. Col City stays hot....Eagles 35-17 New Haven @ Norwell: The Dogs got bullied physically by Leo last week....not a good sign when you have to go to Ossian. Knights 45-20 GOTW- East Noble @ Leo: These two gave probably the two most exciting NE8 games of the year last year and this year should be no different. Question is who returned enough to get the upper hand after MASSIVE graduation losses from last years games. East Noble has been strong on the ground and Leo seems to have put more emphasis on the running game lately. QB advantage to EN having a returning starter but overall skill players advantage to Leo with a few more weapons. Toughness and a big play here or there could win/lose this game along with special teams. East Noble gets revenge. Knights 28-27
  4. Friday, Sep. 16 Bellmont at Huntington North ©, 7 pm Columbia City at DeKalb ©, 7 pm East Noble at Leo ©, 7 pm New Haven at Norwell ©, 7 pm Norwell running away with the conference? Is Columbia City a legit threat or is it the early season schedule? East Noble vs Leo rivalry renewed this week after the incredible games last year. Mylan Graham NE8 POTY?
  5. Dekalb @ East Noble: after a close on last week against Hunt North, I think the Knights have a "get right" week. Knights 42-13 Hunt North @ Col City: Got a gut feeling on this one....Eagles wont be able to stop the Vikings ground and pound. Vikings 28-24 Norwell @ Bellmont: this gets ugly early.......Knights 56-7 GOTW Leo @ New Haven: almost a coin toss here. Leo has not shown any flashes of being able to take a game over yet. The Dawgs have lightning in a bottle in Graham and a running attack (QB running too) for the Lions to deal with. Lions have been up and down the first three weeks....if they are down at all this week, thats game. Bulldogs 26-24.
  6. Friday, Sep. 9 DeKalb at East Noble ©, 7 pm Huntington North at Columbia City ©, 7 pm Leo at New Haven ©, 7 pm Norwell at Bellmont ©, 7 pm second week of conference play....
  7. Unpopular opinion incoming......Haydock is HIGHLY overrated. Yes I know he has a blue ring at Harding and a red one at Woodlan (should have been blue but he coached them out of it). Won at Harding in 2A with "city" talent in a rural class but also couldn't coach that talent over physical, disciplined teams (Eastbrook, NorthWood). Left Woodlan in shambles when he left after the Harding talent pipeline dried up. He isn't going to take Wayne anywhere higher than mid level SAC at best and by luck of the draw maybe a sectional title game. Just my opinion....
  8. Bellmont @ Col City.... Eagles roll....35-14 Eagles East Noble @ Hunt North..... Vikings are much improved, but Knights are still the Knights.....42-14 Knights New Haven @ Dekalb.....Bulldogs have too many weapons, and BEST player in NE8.......41-10 Dawgs GOTW: Norwell @ Leo......Knights pursuit of 1st NE8 title begins this week. Leo has kept the Knights under wraps the last 6 years, especially with their defense, BUT this year after 2 weeks the Lions are giving up over 270 yds rushing a game. Not what you want to see with Norwell coming to town. This is not the Lions defense of the past few years and I think it will show this Friday night.....35-21 Norwell.
  9. Friday, Sep. 2 Bellmont at Columbia City ©, 7 pm East Noble at Huntington North ©, 7 pm New Haven at DeKalb ©, 7 pm Norwell at Leo ©, 7 pm Time to start conference play and a BIG one in the first week.
  10. If the Knights can avoid giving up big plays through the air they will come home with the win
  11. Col City over Delta: Step up from Busco....Eagles still get the job done. 24-10 Eagles East Noble over Northwood: Knights offense was on last week, so was the D. Much tighter game this week. 21-14 Knights Dekalb over Garrett: Barons edged by Angola, Railroaders taken behind the woodshed by the Jets. Get right week for Barons. 28-7 Barons Norwell over Heritage: Good win last week for the Pats, good game last week for Knights. Norwell cruises. 42-14 Knights Hunt North over Jay County: Vikings put up some points vs an always game Eastbrook squad. Better results this week. 35-21 Vikings Leo over Angola: Hornets knocked off an NE8 team last week in Dekalb, not this week. Close game with players on Leo injured. 24-21 Lions Eastbrook over New Haven: Dawgs winning score got my attention last week....then I found out Marion played as many as 14 freshman. 35-21 Panthers South Adams over Belmont: another ACAC opponent for the Braves....another loss. 42-21 Starfires
  12. Friday, Aug. 26 Columbia City at Delta, 7:30 pm East Noble at NorthWood, 7 pm Garrett at DeKalb, 7 pm Heritage at Norwell, 7 pm Huntington North at Jay County, 7 pm Leo at Angola, 7 pm New Haven at Eastbrook, 7:30 pm South Adams at Bellmont, 7 pm Week 2 on the way. Biggest improvements usually happen from week 1 to 2.
  13. Dwenger by 10 Wayne by 3 Carroll by 12 Northrop by 3 Homestead by 21
  14. Heritage on the rise, Belmont not so much. Heritage by 14 Busco a consistent team, Col City improving in year 2 of new offense. Col City by 10 Dekalb returns some weapons, so does Angola. Dekalb by 3 Eastbrook always tough, Hunt North not. Eastbrook by 21 Leo new coach/offense, Kokomo ground and pound team. Kokomo by 10 Mylan Graham show begins against a solid Marion team. New Haven by 17 The year of the Knights? If so, tonite starts it. Norwell by 24 East Noble graduated ALOT. Plymouth a good gauge for the Knights. East Noble by 28
  15. 2 week non-conference schedule starts Bellmont at Heritage, 7 pm Churubusco at Columbia City, 7 pm DeKalb at Angola, 7 pm Eastbrook at Huntington North, 7 pm Kokomo at Leo, 7:30 pm Marion at New Haven, 7 pm Norwell at Mississinewa, 7:30 pm Plymouth at East Noble, 7:30 pm
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