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  1. Naahh…….Andrean beats Eastbrook, should they face each other, by 2-3 TD's...imho
  2. East Allen does have boundaries. If i'm not mistaken, though, you can choose what high school you want to attend before 9th grade but then transfer rules apply after that if you decide to change schools within district.
  3. Disagree with this ADAMANTLY. Do what's best for the KIDS. High school sports is about them. If the fans are true fans, they'll travel to watch.
  4. Leo made better halftime adjustments and Northridge fell apart at the seams.......but I'm sure they will blame the refs.....smh
  5. Mason has been out after an off season surgery. He was just recently cleared to return but must get in his 10 practices before he can compete. Won't be available until sectional championship if Leo should get that far.
  6. Fort Wayne/NE Indiana top players to be considered: Duce Taylor, QB Ft Wayne Northside: thru 5 games; 89-145, 1651 yards, 20 TD's, 2 INTs with 2 rushing TD's. Hurt by the fact N Side is sitting at 2-3 on the year and likely not getting out of the sectional with Dwenger there. Stat machine. James Arnold, QB South Adams: thru 5 games; 71-101, 1396 yards, 18 TD's, 2 INT's. 4 year starter for 5-0 #2 ranked team in 1A. Should have a great post season run, BUT being in 1A hurts historically. Mason Englert, WR Ft Wayne Carroll: thru 5 games; 35 catches, 835 yards, 11 TD's receiving,
  7. Dwenger @ North side......the Legends come crashing back to reality....as much as it pai me to say it, the Saints are THE class of the SAC this year. The Legends, imo, fall into the 2a/2b spot this year. BD by 21 Luers @ Wayne......Luers in a close one. Just can't see a win in the SAC for Haydock except maybe South. Luers by 7 Carroll v Snider....I can't believe it but I think its gonna happen, Snider starts the season 0-2. Too much firepower for the Chargers (more than the Legends have imo). Chargers by 17 SouthSide @ Northrop....a wealth of coaching knowledge for the Bruins
  8. Leo is at Warsaw Sat morning....10 AM start....fans will be allowed I understand...limited to a set number though I believe
  9. SAC in Fort Wayne has their games streamed on Youtube on Summit City Sports
  10. Man I will never get trying to downplay one kid in an attempt to boost another.....smh
  11. Dwenger over Wayne easily.....35-7 Carroll over Luers in a good one.....24-14 Concordia over South, good game for Concordia to grow their new defensive scheme......35-14 Snider over NorthSide, rooting for Brevard to continue changing the culture at NS but this is Snider.....42-14 Homestead over Northrop, if Homestead is a real contender in the SAC, they need to put away Northrop early to show it.....49-21
  12. Any coach would have to be a paying member of the IFCA to get a vote.
  13. What kind of offense/defense can the NE8 expect from Huntington North under Coach Prescsott?
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