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  1. The days of walking into games and the other team rolls over for you are long gone. Penn in my mind needs to get that chip on their shoulder. Rosey is in Cali last I heard. quit coaching so he could support his son's volleyball career. Scott Dreisbach, has head coaching experience or OC experience down in Texas if I am not mistaken.
  2. Is there any chance a 6A coach from the Indy area would be interested in taking on the opportunity? I think Penn needs to take applications but also reach out to coaches to make sure they are getting the best candidate for the job. Don't be afraid to hear the word no. There are going to be people who are happy to stay in their current situation, but there will be coaches who will listen. I think it depends how they pitch the opportunity. Are we looking to bring the program back to it's old Glory, or are we just looking for a 20 year place holder that will win 9/10 games a year in a weak conference.
  3. Come on....could you imagine running onto Notre Dame Stadium's turf as a Senior at list any 1A or 2A school for your final game of football... I know the post said 6A, but I think it would be interesting for any class.
  4. You would almost have to move games to Thursday or to Sunday. This means each weekend the State Finals occur the Colts will not be able to host a Thanksgiving Day game (if the games start Thursday) or would need to have a bye or play away on the Sunday after (if the games move to Sunday). Thursday games: 1pm - 4pm - 7pm Friday: 1pm - 4pm - 7pm Saturday: 10am - 1pm - 4pm - 7pm or Friday games: 10am - 1pm -4pm - 7pm Saturday: 10am - 1pm - 4pm - 7pm Sunday games: Noon - 3:30pm. (this could even move forward to 10am so that players can get home in time for school on Monday).
  5. The job he held was at a school in Ohio. Gees had worked in Indiana previously. Are you eluding to something else, like Gees approached Penn?
  6. If they did the 8 team regional idea where the top two teams are seeded and the rest are a blind draw, then I would like to see a lottery type system....like the two top seeded teams draw first and the teams with the worst records have more balls in the tube to be selected than the better teams. This will help prevent the BD v Brownsburg from happening. Idk, maybe this is dumb.
  7. What does Tippy Valley have coming back, they were a strong team going into the playoffs.
  8. There are promising coaches that have 3A, 4A and 5A offenses producing at college levels. I think there is a coach in the Indy area that would love take on this opportunity. Heck could there be a really promising assistant coach at one of our colleges that would even be interested in cutting his head coaching teeth. Penn just has to be smart in their approach and consideration of these candidates. Just going with the ho-hum same old is not going to satisfy the boosters.
  9. Right, we aren't arguing that... With a new person at the helm and a booster program that wants wholesale change an Exit of the NIC may be imminent. If Penn jumps to the DAC or goes Independent in football that will be the change the fans, boosters and players need to potentially be competitive in the grand scheme of 6A football. Penn in the 90's was one of the dominant programs in 5A football, playing that B or C level schedule. the NIC then was no better than it is now. The only benefit of the schedule those teams had was playing Ben Davis almost yearly. The other benefit they had was Geesman.
  10. He is a great man, I think he accomplished many things during his time as a player, ast. coach and head coach. I wish we could have won one title game for him... we just couldn't ever get the job done. I hope he enjoys his retirement. 200+ wins in 20+ seasons that is an accomplishment. I hope we can get the community excited about the program again, bring back fans to the games....and for the love of everything that is good in this world run a competent offense that has more than one formation in it.
  11. I mean, I am entirely basing it off last year. I hope they do better, but just feels like the new HC has a bigger challenge on his hand then expected.
  12. Carroll's AD has a solid brass set. The non conference games he has this year is top notch. Plus the natural rivalries of Snider and Homestead and other Ft. Wayne schools. This team will be a tough out no matter who plays them.
  13. Penn went and got Gees from Ohio...Go external. There has to be someone who is young with a brilliant Offensive mind that wants to bring back this giant. We need someone who will go back and foster the development of future Kingsmen through our Rocket league to Middle School ball. Even if the HC isn't directly involved the OC and DC should be hands on with the approach the teams have in development and implementation of the base offense.
  14. Looking at your upcoming schedules what teams this year do you think have a good chance of going 9-0 this year. Penn's schedule has been released, and after week 2 the schedule takes a tragic jump off the cliff. I expect Penn to be 9-0 at the end of the Regular season... With a battle tested Ft. Wayne Carroll in their sectional, Penn's season ends 9-1 or 10-1 this year.
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