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  1. You're the one who brought the subject up. Inciting OOB responses?
  2. It is a long drive. But worth it to feel the echoes and experience the atmospere.
  3. They are. And they play home games in the best gym in Indiana. They are 1-2 in their history with Hamilton Heights over the past 15 years. Let's hope the Lady Bisons don't even up the score.
  4. Yes, I'm sorry you know that. Reminds me of one of my regrets in judging someone's character incorrectly on this Forum. Sometimes the crazy takes a while to show.
  5. I'm not tolerant at all. I don't know where you got that idea.
  6. At least this is one category where the PP's won't dominate............
  7. I don't have a narrative Danny Boy. I'm an Indana High School Football fan. I go to other Forums for women's sports and other boy's sports of which I am a fan. There is even a separate one for fans of politics.
  8. Hamilton Heights doesn't have a Women's Football team. Howe Military doesn't have any teams. They closed at the end of the 2019 school year. Thank you for your support.
  9. You're welcome. Always happy to keep things here all about Football. Back on topic, how many transgenders does Pioneer have on their women's football team?
  10. To speak on this topic in this Forum, the transgendered athletes playing football on Women's Indiana High School Football teams should be discussed.
  11. These would be pertinent to this Topic if the athlete was male to female transgendered.
  12. As it should be. Indiana High School Football isn't considered a "Women's Sport"
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