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  1. It's clear as mud. Got anything less fuzzy?
  2. Same here. So did Western/HH. Heights was down 28-14 with 2:00 to go. Scored TD with 1:00, missed PAT, 28-20 Western. HH recovered onside kick. Driving from own 45. Western gets a pick 6 with 5 seconds to go. Western 35, Hamilton Heights 20. Final.
  3. Hamilton Heights 14, Western 14 8:35 2nd. Western scored 14 early in 1st, Huskies came roaring back to tie
  4. I'll be attending Hamilton Heights at Western and listening to AJ's audio webcast of the Tipton at LCC game on putmeinsports.com Plus following this thread.
  5. More fans, or more empty seats?
  6. Agree. I'm going to have the earbuds in listening to AJ's broadcast while we're at Western.
  7. $30. The main benefit is no ads. Plus the fact that you're helping support this website in day-to-day operational costs!! https://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/
  8. Your game is in Chicago? What got the 7th grade fans so riled up the cops had to chase them? Who was the opponent?
  9. These Thursday Night games have been FIRE!
  10. I was referring to the move from Baltimore in my comment. I had forgotten about the Lucas Oil tantrum by Irsay. The elder Irsay called Baltimore's bluff in '84.
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