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  1. Classic first post. We've seen a lot of 'em just like this one. Keep 'em comin'!
  2. "AND ITS THE SAME GROUP EVERYTIME. Color me SHOCKED Maybe its time to see if @DK_Barons can figure out ways to restrict users to only certain portions of the website??? Hmmmmmmm This concept is NOT that hard to follow folks. We are getting dangerously close on putting about 5 accounts on MOD PREVIEW only...... which is sad to say about adults "
  3. This Forum is about High School Football. As someone who is supposed to enforce rules on a football field, why do you insist on continuing to violate the rules on this Forum? Because you're getting by with it?
  4. Full pads and contact entire practice today for us! Are you ready for some football?!?!?!?!
  5. This is true. There will still be time at any point between now and Spring also. Unless I've missed some news today, I don't think this will happen.
  6. I think the IHSAA is choosing to let their individual members decide what's best for them. As it should be. I disagree. There are many, many downsides.
  7. Sorry they're missing out. No need to make the rest of the State suffer because of a few.
  8. I agree with him. Go ahead with what's scheduled and do what we can do to stay safe until it either gets better or has to be shut down.
  9. Basketball is definitely a contact sport. FullSizeRender.mov
  10. I look forward to seeing if my son has progressed from last year. He's lost about 30 lbs from his playing weight last year. He's gone from 6'4/325 as an 8th grader to 6'6/265 this year as a Sophomore. I hope to see improvement in his speed and athleticism. He has lost the weight all on his own through diet, conditioning and lifting.
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