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  1. Let's just say they had no need for end zone cameras.
  2. "Admins who are oftentimes MORE female"............not necessarily a woman.
  3. I was thinking more along the lines that they wanted to present the game ball to @Impartial_Observer
  4. That would be a 1st on this site. I've sure never seen any evidence of that, but I've only been here since 2010.
  5. Yanni must have improved since High School, because then it wasn't even close.
  6. Hamilton Heights supplies the fish from Morse Reservoir is the only reason we're still in it. It's now known as the Sectional of a Possibly Slower Death.
  7. Fan contraction is a trend.
  8. Congrats also to Hamilton Heights' Sterling Weatherford also signed by the Colts as an undrafted free agent. Sterling was WR in high school and played DB at Miami of Ohio.
  9. Even more surprising then. A move-in has accomplished something products of the system haven't been able to.
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