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  1. Why do you hate history? More of the 'cancel culture'............
  2. No one hid any facts. Sounds like none were posted to begin with. Backup your claims with verifiable links and you should be fine moving forward. You've been here 5 years, you should know how the site works by now. I'd also recommend becoming a booster: https://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/
  3. Reid is just another one of those Bro Coaches that are all the rage nowadays. Here's what should have happened:
  4. "Listen, you find Compelsion nuts all over"
  5. The Spirit of Notre Dame Hesburgh Catholics vs. Convicts
  6. That's due to people leaving Anderson and heading south.
  7. The Cicero Red Devils(my elementary alma mater that had converted from a High School in a consolidation in the 50's) made it to the 1916 State Finals after a rather controversial Sectional Title game against Anderson. The Cicero players came out to play covered in olive oil. https://hickoryhusker.rivals.com/news/cicero-red-devils-slip-slide-right-into-the-state-finals
  8. Well, at least we all know the P/P's won't ever dominate the Unified Flag Football tournaments.
  9. Why not? If they seed the tournament everything would be fair. That's what we've been hearing here for years.
  10. Congrats @Donnie Baker and I'll say it right to your face! I scratched and clawed my way up from the cellar to a top 10 finish. I'll be baaaaaack.
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