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  1. Yes. Both my kids are enrolled in that. Neither of them participated in Track this spring though. My son's schedule up until this week has been Football workouts Monday and Wednesday, lifting Tuesday and Thursday, and wrestling practice Tuesday and Thursday. The wrestling is all voluntary since it's out of season. Tuesdays and Thursdays require 4 trips daily to the school and back. But I'm retired, I have no problem being his shuttle driver.
  2. Mine is still wrestling. Have a tournament at Mount Vernon(Fortville) tomorrow. But the other thing is, those on the track team have not been able to participate in the football workouts.
  3. They sure have an awesome facility for basketball, was there about a month ago. Even if it seems like it's 2 miles from one end to the other.
  4. It appears to take up at least half or close to half of the County.
  5. They tell 'em if they don't perform they may end up back at a DAC school.
  6. I've got the feeling by now that whether he does make a public statement or doesn't, the Packers are gonna have a tough year overcoming this cloud.
  7. Who's not getting along? What nickname will the girl's sports teams use? Lady Wolves, or just plain old Wolves?
  8. Shouldn't you? They're regulated as part of the uniform. Umpires don't care about that?
  9. It's all about the page hits and comment counts. Great marketing.
  10. I stand corrected regarding high school baseball, assuming Indiana adheres to the NFHS standard. MLB has no such requirement, neither does high school softball.
  11. Neither caps nor visors are a requirement in sotfball or baseball.
  12. Not surprising. Obviously you're not as big a fan of SNL Jeopardy as you thought you were.
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