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  1. That's never gonna happen. Classic short guy syndrome.
  2. Does anyone else besides me think btf stands for Bind.Torture.Football?
  3. The cameras sure work. Forgot to transfer my ezpass to the other vehicle the last time. I don’t mind the $5 to get back to Indiana, but I hate paying to go to Kentucky
  4. I tend to agree. They must have paid the Pacers pretty well to play and coach as bad as they are. If they win the next 2 games, I may start watching again. Last night was pathetic. A complete meltdown.
  5. Yes, in the 8th grade. I would hope that every school offers a typing class.
  6. I do too. It's pretty important when discussing Education.
  7. I've never heard of that term. What does it mean?
  8. He had all the money. And none of us wanted Gouda when Government Cheese was readily available. Me, the non-entitled, non E-light taxpayer.
  9. Dinner was fundamentally guaranteed at my Dad's house. You either ate what was provided, starved, or paid for your own somewhere else. If they don't like the educational fundamental right the State provides, same rules should apply.
  10. That's tough to do with all the free rent you give me living inside your head.
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