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  1. Ironic that you're using a quote from Thomas Jefferson as the basis for your supposed stance as being against sexual abuse.
  2. I don't know. Not sure why we need an overpriced pillow manufacturer speaking at a Covid-19 White House briefing either.
  3. I see nothing in Jefferson's quote about "consenting parties/adults".
  4. LOL, you posted it in response to my comment about supplies shipped to China by the Trump Administration. A little addled today?
  5. No, my statement is that government shouldn't give medical equipment away to another country during a pandemic.
  6. They were sacrificed in the name of cutting government budget and not during a pandemic. Something I thought you were a proponent of? Guess you're all for big government spending after all?
  7. If Trump hadn't sent 18 tons of masks and other PPE to China, we wouldn't need mask production from a pillow maker.
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