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  1. I don't know for sure. On either of the cancellations. They don't divulge the reasons, just inform parents that they are cancelled. On a side note, HH does have at least 1 Senior who plays JV, but several Sophomores who do not because they are Varsity starters.
  2. After Hamilton Heights JV games at West Lafayette then at LCC we’re cancelled, HH JV now playing at Kokomo JV 6 pm tonight 10/19.
  3. Is one of those a wrestler? My son wrestled the Cathedral JV guy last year at Mater Dei State Freshman/Soph qualifier, good wrestler and a good kid. He may have been a 2023 though.
  4. LOL, I would have to think that was a mis-click and he meant to select Lafayette Jefferson instead. They are adjacent in the list.
  5. Their youth league has been solid for decades. My cousin started it with his own money for uniforms and his son is still very actively involved with it.
  6. You should probably get out of the big city sometime, see what life is like in the heartland.
  7. No one walks to home games at Hamilton Heights. I imagine there are hundreds of schools in Indiana where there aren't any walk up fans.
  8. Plus one of his top receivers was declared ineligible. That had to hurt.
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