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  1. You're welcome. Evidently several: https://www.southbendtribune.com/story/news/2020/10/31/ew-ihsaa-physical-form-asks-athletes-gender-identity/43957889/ Faulkens said there have been no issues with the rules and the process has been a smooth one for the transgender athletes competing in various sports throughout Indiana. “We have kids who have made the change and who have competed (on teams) different than their birth gender,” said Faulkens. “I think we’ve done a good job with the issues that have been raised because there have been no complaints.
  2. https://myihsaa-prod-ams.azurewebsites.net/api/resource-library/categories/07d0f399-73b3-421c-a407-08d5e7b1cb1f/documents/94d527da-68e3-4f23-734b-08d7b55fcb06/file
  3. A has-been who never really was. He has thrown half as many interceptions as he has TD's. Wentz isn't good enough, who would think his backup would be?
  4. Yet here you are. Agree. Much better viewing in those gyms for basketball than the round barn.
  5. Under my plan, Frankfort isn't invited, they were never in the MIC either. They could replace Eastbrook in the CIC and fit in quite nicely.
  6. Most of the CIC should just contract from football. Problem solved.
  7. Pay attention. They would be voluntarily leaving to join a conference whose programs DO invest.
  8. Not sure about HH. My son missed him, had an eye doctor appt.
  9. He was at Hamilton Heights early this morning. Must have put quite a few miles in today.
  10. Tipton was never in the MIC. I think the teams in the Hoosier East are a good fit in the Hoosier. Sheridan and Frankfort would be a step backward for the other teams listed.
  11. The State Finals were at Kokomo Memorial Gymnasium last Friday. Place was packed.
  12. And I wish her the best of luck. I doubt if an Indiana school was ever a consideration. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her play since she was a 6th grader. Phenomenal player
  13. https://sports.yahoo.com/vikings-fire-head-coach-mike-zimmer-gm-rick-spielman-141619274.html Dolphins fire head coach, freeing up the spot for Harbaugh? : https://sports.yahoo.com/shocker-after-two-promising-seasons-dolphins-fire-coach-brian-flores-143542114.html
  14. I agree with you on all except that last sentence. Luck stayed at least 2 years too long. Too injury prone. I said at the end of last season that Reich needed to go and strongly disagreed with the Wentz signing. Now I'm adding Ballard to the list of 'needs to be fired' as well.
  15. They've got 1 more week. After that, time to clean house.
  16. According to the "All Madden" documentary, the video game generated $7 Billion in revenue. I highly recommend the documentary if you haven't seen it yet. It was finished and shown to John 3 days before he passed. Powerful stuff. It's available on ESPN+ and Peacock. https://ew.com/tv/how-to-watch-all-madden-john-madden-documentary/
  17. Good. Keep it that way. Last thing I need is some newbie stalking me.
  18. Colts marked "SAFE" from Philip Rivers for yet another week!
  19. Not currently. Neither are you, TD. Belongs in the OOB.
  20. Belongs in the OOB.
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