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  1. Go Clay County Bulldogs! 3pm tomorrow ET Finley Stadium in Chattanooga!
  2. Please try to help the GID reach their goal. https://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/
  3. Yes, TV stations in other regions could purchase the rights to also broadcast the games from Bally.
  4. Only electronic tickets allowed. No more Old School. Welcome to Y2K.
  5. Nah, guys like you are stroking out at 38 and becoming vegetables. Us Boomers live forever.
  6. One of the best Black Friday Conniption Fits I've ever seen on the GID. That tryptophan is good stuff, but man those side effects.
  7. 671-1 on Directv, not on Xfinity in Indy per the IHSAA media guide
  8. We're the ones who can afford the Ticketmaster fees.
  9. WHY? South Newton contracted in 2019. But wait, there's more. CLASS SECTIONAL JOHN HARRELL'S INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RECENT SEASONS 1A 41 E-MAIL CORRECTIONS FOOTBALL FIELD 6-4 TOURNAMENT HISTORY SOUTH NEWTON REBELS Coach: Brad Bevis, 12-54 in 7th year at school DATE OPPONENT CENTRAL TIME OA 27.7, DA 27.7 Aug. 19 at North Newton 1A © W 22 16 Aug. 26 at Covington 1A W 14 12 Sep. 2 Traders Point Christian 1A L 12 35 Sep. 9 at Lake Station 2A W 54 36 Sep. 16 Tri-County 1A © W 36 6 Sep. 23 West Central 1A © L 26 56 Sep. 30 at North White 1A © L 29 36 Oct. 7 at South Central (Union Mills) 1A W 43 0 Oct. 13 at Frontier 1A © W 35 6 Oct. 21 North Judson 1A L 6 74 Sectional 41 ©MIDWEST CONFERENCE GAME
  10. That's what I mean, you Merrillville guys need to mess it up every single time for us to understand it. It's what we're used to.
  11. *there* if you expect us to understand this.
  12. Chatard and Lutheran are "inside the Indy donut."
  13. I see arrogance from ALL corners of the State here on the GID. It's not limited to Indy.
  14. Yer mom Phyllis says the back seat of the Caddy ain't all that bad! I gotta go
  15. 4 Point Games New Prairie vs East Central Valparaiso vs Whiteland 5 Point Games Carroll vs Center Grove Adams Central vs Lutheran 6 Point Games Chatard vs Lawrenceburg Andrean vs Mater Dei
  16. I think you have this confused with the Gibson Southern workout.
  17. That must have been some type of Festival. Or not in Indiana. Tickets jumped from the $7 range in '79 and '80 to around $11 in 1981 here it appears just from a quick perusal of my stubs.
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