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  1. Yes, I graduated in that gym in 1974. New Pal May have still been in our conference at that time.
  2. Yep, except they tore down the school last year. Nothing left but 2 gyms, the football field and parking lots
  3. I ain't mad at ya. It's also State Law that you had to watch this movie. I swear to god it is. In the words of Johnny Cougar:
  4. Not everyone on here says that. They like to hide behind their keyboard.
  5. What is another word for subpar? Need synonyms for subpar? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Not up to an expected or required quality or standard inferior, poor, substandard, deficient, dissatisfactory, lousy, paltry, suboptimal, unacceptable,wretched crummy, lame, unsatisfactory, bad, crumby inadequate, shoddy, mediocre, second-rate
  6. Back when the Pulliams owned it, they were all far right-wing nutjobs but at least they reported more on high school sports.
  7. No one forced me to pay anything to read the GID. If the money for my booster status did come from me, it wasn't solicited as a condition to read the Forum.
  8. I'm 66, and they've done it my entire lifetime. Carmel wasn't the reason. It was just another farming community.
  9. You mean 6 miles. Which it does. 600S is in Tipton County. My dog regularly crosses it to leave his deposit on weeks when Hamilton Heights plays Tipton. It's US 31 N
  10. This Friday 8/12: Eastbrook at Hamilton Heights 7pm. This will be played at the Hamilton Heights Student Activity Center, NOT AT THE HIGH SCHOOL. SAC address: 402 W. North St; Arcadia, In For any Eastbrook fans making the trip, 266th St is closed East of Arcadia. I would recommend using 296th St from St. Rd. 37 just south of Elwood. Take 296th west to Atlanta, then take St. Rd. 19 South to Arcadia. The SAC is just North of Main St in Arcadia(266th-turn right at Casey's gas station) on the west side of town.
  11. Hamilton Heights alumni and Miami of Ohio DB standout Sterling Weatherford greets HH Youth League at Colts Camp. https://readthereporter.com/heights-own-sterling-weatherford-now-a-colt-welcomes-young-husky-footballers/?fbclid=IwAR0scNonoIpF-kUk4_n79pyhDAuaanZBRvVeaI1RM3znmV3O1G3UBVG0G6M
  12. Click on one of the black "bars" in the post.
  13. And the NFL issued a slap on the wrist. Stephen Ross should be prevented from any future NFL activity period in my opinion.
  14. The Husky Sports Network on YouTube usually does the Hamilton Heights home games if they have enough people. These are also on ihsaatv.org when they do broadcast. https://www.youtube.com/c/HuskySportsNetwork/featured
  15. In AAU basketball, they're reversible.
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