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  1. I imagine the aliens who seeded humans here originally could probably answer those questions. I wonder if they also seeded other worlds? If they had an environmental "package" they used to determine where to begin?
  2. Is this a joke? Who started this thread fixated on Obama? Quite a piece of work.
  3. I agree. Bobby Kennedy announced less than 8 months before the election in 1968. Unfortunately, in less than 3 months he was dead. Today it drags out far too long.
  4. That I "own" big government? Don't we all "own" a stake in the government? I don't personally own it all on my own, as you stated in your comment. Try again.
  5. You have no idea what my 'vision' is. Your blinders prevent you from even paying attention to anyone else's views. Good day!
  6. Do like the Millenials do and just buy lottery tickets. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-millennials-would-rather-buy-lottery-tickets-than-invest-in-the-stock-market-203011209.html
  7. You're correct with this statement, because actions by the private sector before that date necessitated the creation of laws to protect the environment since the private sector was incapable of accomplishing it voluntarily.
  8. I comprehend just fine. I recognize that the private companies polluted the river in the first place with no regard for the damage they were doing to the environment. That's the bottom line and addresses your original claim that there is no need for government intervention because the private companies will protect the environment on their own. History has proven this to be false. Maybe since it was before you were born, you don't believe it happened, I'm not sure? And the Cuyahoga River is just one example of negligence regarding environmental destruction by unchecked actions of the private sector.
  9. So they formed a committee in 1963, and failed so miserably by 1968, that they needed government assistance to actually clean it up. Pitiful.
  10. In the first place, it was the blatant disregard of the environment BY THE POLLUTERS.
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