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  1. From an aerial view it appears Morton has a turf field, so real grass may throw them off their game. I also don't recall ever seeing a Union Hall on a school campus, but it looks like United Steelworkers Local 1010 hall is beside the tennis courts.
  2. 1 Point Games Northwestern @ Tipton West Lafayette @ Benton Central 3 Point Games Lafayette Central Catholic @ Rensselaer Twin Lakes @ Hamilton Heights Western @ Cass North Judson @ Culver Military Brebeuf Jesuit @ Indianapolis Roncalli DONNIE BAKER SPECIAL Wolfs @ South Vermillion
  3. Has interpretation and enforcement of taunting gotten out of hand? Many seem to think so. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-twitter-taunting-penalties-titans-seahawks-002508298.html
  4. How did plays in a Purdue game affect the Penn State and Cincinnati games? You're getting further and further out in left field. Keep digging your hole. And enroll yourself in a reading comprehension course. I'm out, I won't click on any more 'show this post' buttons to override the block I have on you.
  5. Just have Tanka pack the sack lunch Hoagies for the trip, everything should work out fine.
  6. 55 players and not enough for a JV? That doesn't sound like a valid reason.
  7. You figured wrong. Try painting with a narrower brush. Yours is far too broad.
  8. You should try to do better. I didn't say anything about Cincinnati being lucky. Get your facts straight. Again, wrong thread. Try again Tommy.
  9. When is the Penn State/Notre Dame game again? Try to stay on topic.
  10. Cincinnati didn't impress me much. That IU game was 2 yards and 1 fumble away from turning out differently.
  11. Penn State was lucky to get that win.
  12. It's clear as mud. Got anything less fuzzy?
  13. Same here. So did Western/HH. Heights was down 28-14 with 2:00 to go. Scored TD with 1:00, missed PAT, 28-20 Western. HH recovered onside kick. Driving from own 45. Western gets a pick 6 with 5 seconds to go. Western 35, Hamilton Heights 20. Final.
  14. Hamilton Heights 14, Western 14 8:35 2nd. Western scored 14 early in 1st, Huskies came roaring back to tie
  15. I'll be attending Hamilton Heights at Western and listening to AJ's audio webcast of the Tipton at LCC game on putmeinsports.com Plus following this thread.
  16. More fans, or more empty seats?
  17. Agree. I'm going to have the earbuds in listening to AJ's broadcast while we're at Western.
  18. $30. The main benefit is no ads. Plus the fact that you're helping support this website in day-to-day operational costs!! https://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/
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