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  1. Wentz isn't calling his own plays..... They were playing the #1 rush defense in the league. I have been hard on Reich. I am not disagreeing with you....perhaps Reich waited too late to go back to the run in the 2nd half. Hard to argue with the point production in the first half. TB played to stop Taylor and the pass ate them up. But, guessing they made adjustments in the 2nd half to stop the pass game and that is probably when the run might have been more effective. Reich waited until well in the Q4 to give Taylor the ball. One thing is for sure...the Colts don't like it easy. Tennessee lost again, but no ground made up.....
  2. It is also good to fill a very large coliseum.....remember during the Carroll era, there were no professional football teams. Now there are two. Lots of competition in southern LA for the entertainment dollar.
  3. Don't forget Faust...straight from HS....LOL!!
  4. Curry...a 4 year starter in the MIC playing 6A ball. How many times has that happened? 2 time state champion with 3 state finals appearances in 4 years. When you say career body of work, you may want to study his competition.
  5. You are comparing tackles for an unblocked safety to a DL on a 3 man front that gets double team every time? Is it just that simple for you? As a big time fan of safety play, they should be getting tackles...they get to roam pretty darn free and find the ball. One of the things left out was some of the crushing blocks Curry had while in playing the Wing position on offense. I rewatched the game last night and he blew some people up from the wing position.
  6. Grover, I agree with both your points about calls. I struggle with the hold call away from the ball on the 2nd half kickoff return that negated a beautiful return for a score. Could have been a back breaker. Block was nowhere near the runner. A single flag. Went back and watched it repeatedly on the big screen. Not much there at all......a huge call. Not trying to be super negative....officials have a tough, tough job....and at the end of the day, teams make way more mistakes that the officials ever do. Those were the ones that stood out to me in an overall well officiated game.
  7. RENT FREE…IN YOUR HEAD… 🤣 Congrats on another 5A championship fan of a “premier” program..
  8. Caden Curry did it for all 4 years at a starter in the MIC conference. Curry played all D line positions during that time and played LB this year as well. He also blocked on the Oline when needed, blocked from the RB position, and carried the ball as a RB in short yardage situations as you saw last night scoring TD's. He caught a TD from the tight end position this season...a beautiful one handed catch. He played special teams getting punt blocks, making a number of tackles on KO and Punt, and was the teams long snapper. He holds the record for sacks at CG. No one is more of a versatile game disrupter....not even close. That's why he has the offers he has at the next level. He is the best all around football player in the state. Not to mention he anchored a team that won back to back state championships in 6A...first time ever, with undefeated records, while playing in the MIC. 3 state championship appearances.
  9. I think Harbaugh liked your idea. Never thought I would see an OSU team that had no answer in stopping the run.
  10. Reading comprehension an issue?? FB16's incessant name calling is hilarious. One resorts to name calling when they have nothing left of value in a discussion. So, they hide behind a computer and resort to names. I just find it flat out funny when one hits a wall and resorts back to junior high behavior. If I ever do need a therapist, I will definitely hit you up for referrals. But I promise...it won't be driven by a high school football forum. Not even Olymian06..... 😆
  11. Glad you mentioned Cathedral in your response. Finally we align. And I think the vast majority of GID followers would rank Cathedral year in and year out ahead of great programs like Chatard and New Pal. Cathedral, with the size of roster they have and their history of placing players at the next level doesn’t belong sandbagging in 5A. Everything I say is dumb? Back to insults…your other tactic…when you can’t hang…. RENT FREE DUDE!! 🤣
  12. You are a hoot man....a "premier" state program that only plays at the top level when forced. "Rent free"...That is your "GO TO CARD" DUDE when you have no other card to play......😆 If only it were a trump card..... The Cathedral Powers may not care what I think, but heaven knows, you sure do.....
  13. Solid response..😆.....at least you didn't deny.... I am sure the powers at Cathedral doesn't care....trophies are more important, regardless of the level of competition. It's interesting...kind of like Chelsea FC, playing down in the Championship...winning it, then having their fans pumping their chests that they are one of the best of the Premier League.....
  14. That's fine...then Cathedral should never be referred as one of the state's best if they refuse to play in the toughest level of the post-season tournament. Blowing out everyone in 4A or 5A, then pumping a chest claiming to be the best or one of the best just doesn't cut it. Earn it. Cathedral has roster sizes every bit as large as 6A schools. While 6A schools have larger school enrollments, they don't control who is accepted into their schools, including their athletic abilities. Cathedral has absolute influence on the makeup of their football roster....let's not kid anyone or play the victim.
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