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  1. Not everyone is outraged coach....just might have different preferences as to the focus on TV during a sporting event. I am guessing most don't lose an ounce of sleep about it one way or another, but is water cooler talk to many. At the end of the day, I truly don't care much what other think about it...pro or con. I just know I turn on a game to watch a game. Others obviously are seeking more. We do agree on Tony Romo...
  2. Coach...I am going to surmise you are a big time "Swifty". I can feel the emotion when you go into defense mode. You paint kind of an extremist view. Can't it be somewhere in the middle? How about I don't care who a player dates, but do I really need to see their face plastered on the screen when they catch a 7yd pass? I'll live one way or another, but my preference is to keep the view on the field with the people competing on it. Its not the views of the celebrity...its the volume of the views especially when there is nothing meaningful that occurred to prompt the view. Many of us grew up watching Jack Nicolson and Spike Lee on the sidelines for the Lakers and Knicks. But they didn't get near the looks of Taylor in her suite jumping up and down for a first down. I wasn't alive, but perhaps the TV camera's for the networks did pan to Marilyn Monroe every time Joe DiMaggio caught a fly ball or grounded out to 3rd. Somehow, I doubt it though.....welcome to the age of social media.
  3. No debate most watched SB ever. It is king of the US market. Super Bowl vs World Cup....SB has a ways to go even with 123 million viewers https://www.statista.com/chart/16875/super-bowl-viewership-vs-world-cup-final/ https://www.si.com/fannation/soccer/futbol/news/how-fifa-world-cup-final-beat-super-bowl-lvi-in-tv-ratings
  4. US correct? I would doubt SB surpasses World Cup matches, especially the finals. But I understand your comment
  5. Nothing better than seeing a celebrity GF of a player jumping up and down every time her BF catches a 7 yd pass..... I've been watching the NFL for a long time....not seen anything quite like this...... But hey, this won't last forever....glad that jackwagon is 34 years old.... Viva Las Vegas baby!
  6. No disagreement with your comments......that would be great to see a north and south division at some point in the future. I don't see it as a problem for the HCC to solve....I see the addition of a school like CG as a huge upside for all parties. (I admit...I am biased)
  7. If you would say most coaches don't want to drive to 2 schools located on the south side, I would buy that. But they already do it for FC. With I-69 to be open late 2024, they will speed up things big time. Can be at the HS school very quick off the 144 exit and the new access road connecting into Stones Crossing Rd. Perhaps soon when Whiteland becomes 6A (and my guess eventually Franklin), that will lead to a new conference. But its beyond unfortunate what CG is being forced to do in order to get a full schedule for football....and the additional impacts on the CG middle schools for football. Funny how it doesn't seem to impact the other sports, that also play on week nights...... Perhaps if Coach West builds a top program at FC, the Flashes will find themselves looking for a new home......
  8. Its more than that, although he's no stranger to a failed drug test....he's a brat that one would hope by the age of 34, he'd grow up. Quite a history with this guy. I am surprised any company would want him marketing their products. True jackwagon. Examples below..... 2023 https://www.si.com/nfl/2023/12/27/travis-kelce-chiefs-explains-helmet-sideline-meltdown-raiders https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/chiefs/2023/07/29/travis-kelce-punches-teammate-jack-cochrane-better-leader/70492688007/ 2017 timeframe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oB4RAzNkeM Summary https://www.nickiswift.com/1434627/biggest-controversies-surrounding-travis-kelce/ College....failed drug test and needed his brother to save his bacon https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/travis-kelce-college-suspension-pushed-me-into-the-tight-end-room
  9. I never said it did either....but someone who has lived through it, there are pros and cons...it is not one-sided. And I could see where there would be some both positive benefits and negative impacts to the schools in Adams County given their current size. To be fair, one has to discuss both the positives and negatives before jumping in with both feet. Every situation is not identical and there is certainly not a "one size fits all" approach.
  10. I agree totally with your comments....it would have been tremendous to see what would have happened at the end of regulation had KC needed to play for a TD to win vs FG to tie, taking OT option off the table. But the both kickers hammered big time FG's. Best wishes with the eye treatment..... Nobody has mentioned the Kelce sideline behavior, first throwing his helmet and then screaming and bumping his head coach. Reid played his cards properly at postgame interviews with his comments, but wondering if he truly feels that way? I had never seen that before out of a professional player during a championship game. Thoughts?
  11. How do you prove that? So larger always equals better?? I was a part of a consolidated school system, and I would say it was better in more opportunities for education. But that was a long time ago and the schools consolidated were far smaller than the examples provided in Adams County. It absolutely provided less opportunities for kids to participate in extracurricular activities, especially athletics. Not to mention can't tell you how much I enjoyed the hour bus ride one way.
  12. To add on, other CG sports are playing HCC schools. CG boys basketball just played Zionsville a few nights ago. They played 4 HCC schools during the season. The CG girls basketball team also played 4 HCC schools during the regular season.
  13. Travel to CG too much, but FC not the case?? Interstate 69 completed soon (planned by end of 2024) which will make it much easier and I bet quicker than FC.
  14. interesting take...would seem to align with your thoughts https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/caleb-williams-betting-favorite-for-bears-despite-possible-trade-haul
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