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  1. I remember many years ago as a teen, sitting in the endzone (called knothole seats back in the day) an IU team led by QB Tim Clifford spanked Wisconsin 24-0 (1980) Year prior, IU beat Wisconsin 3-0. The 1979 IU team beat a 11-0 BYU team in the Holiday Bowl. Man, how both programs have went in opposite directions......
  2. IndyStar references it, but I do remember when his name was being thrown around for Florida State. This was a concern given his historical Florida HS connections. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2019/11/04/iu-football-coach-tom-allen-line-pay-raise-athletic-director/4160874002/ Also, SI article https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/indiana-football-concern-tom-allen-florida-state-opening
  3. it's interesting as what starts out as being a deterrent for other schools to come in and "get your guy", becomes a possible deterrent to your own program in making a move.....
  4. Tom Allen's buyout.....are you kidding me? Tops in the Big 10. IU made their bed. https://buckeyeswire.usatoday.com/lists/big-ten-football-head-coaches-contract-buyouts-ranked-2021/
  5. 100% truth...... I will also add a head coach as well
  6. Totally agree....in fairness, NP did for a couple of years with CG and won those games....I would have liked to have seen that series last much longer. Also, we all know that Roncalli and CG had a series for years.....but CG started winning the majority and it was dropped quickly. I hated it because of locations and the huge gate draw for both schools. Made zero financial sense. Same for Whiteland and CG....played a number of years dominated by the Trojans. But with Whiteland's growth, would love to see that series come back. These schools are so close to one another....
  7. Not sure why you worked your Michigan "homerism" on my comment. Has zero to do with Jim Harbaugh. Its about the direction of IU football. Michigan had always been a top tier team that had fallen from those ranks. Looks like they are back up. Just enjoy and cross your fingers they can beat Ohio State on a more regular basis. BTW, Paul Chryst was fired with a 75% winning record at Wisconsin with annual bowl trips. That performance at Indiana would get you a pretty big statue outside of the stadium. His team is down this year and got spanked by a former Badger coach the Wisconsin brass still hates because he left them.
  8. Spot on. It seems to me until IU really spends the money on a top coach and staff, this will never change. Even if the get an “up and comer” Coach, they won’t hold him. It is really tough to watch….
  9. No…my logic is that while perhaps fun, this is just hypothetical. Handle business first. Win the games you need to be crowned champion in your weight group. Then the “logic” of who beat who on a given night while playing schedules of vastly different difficulties becomes a discussion of a tad more merit. I get it that you are invested in one of those teams.
  10. It is very hard to call a team the top team in the state from just being eye candy. They have to play a similar schedule all year long...while a single game looks good, it is not the same of playing that degree of difficulty all year long. Its all hypothetical. Roncalli and New Pal are outstanding...but they are not playing the best of HCC and MIC all year long....and then in the playoffs, both the best of HCC and MIC, along with the best of the north. Its surviving the grind that makes a team the very best. I don't put a ton into a single game or if a team beats an opponent by a larger spread or that another team didn't on a given night. Carmel lost to Trinity on opening night....impossible to judge a football team for the season based on an opening game. CG lost to Trinity in double OT in Louisville, coming off playing WC and Carmel, losing one of the top backs in the state. It is not an apple to apple comparison.
  11. well if team X beat team Y on a given night, but a couple of weeks later team Z beats team X.....but then team Y beats team Z this week, but team P has an easier strength of schedule, and team P beat an opponent of Team Y, therefore...........
  12. Opening drive, throws a 33yd TD pass on 4th and 6. Playing with confidence.
  13. That's fair....I've been watching the MIC a long, long time. Bet this NP team and some of the past could hold their own....but I agree year in and year out, that would be a tall order. And I agree...playing a season long schedule takes its toll. That is why I commented in my first post, a single 6A win is interesting. Beating a number of 6A teams is a trend.
  14. LOL...I got the poking.....I absolutely bet NP could hold their own in the conference!! You are experiencing some very special places.....my good buddy's son played at Miami OH and later OK State....he experienced the same. Although the Glass Bowl is pretty special as well. Hope he continues to do well and stay healthy. Making central Indiana proud!!
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