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  1. interesting thoughts. Don't disagree. Geographically it would make a ton of sense for Carmel with HSE, Fishers, Westfield and Zionsville.
  2. that is classic!! It was good he saw it....perhaps wondering if there was only 1 in his glass before he took the prior drinks...... I'm not sure if I have swallowed any buckshot....definitely crunched one here and there in my teeth enjoying some tasty waterfowl dishes. We all do follow the law, so it had to be steel shot and not lead!!!
  3. Yes it does...and anyone that has been on a crowded dove hunt probably have experienced a little bit of buckshot.
  4. Good call....I read where Mizzoui rejoined the Big 12 (interesting they call it that with 4 Big 12 schools and the rest from other conferences) back in April 2021. This upcoming 2021-22 season will be their first back in the Big 12. https://mutigers.com/news/2021/4/22/mizzou-wrestling-program-returns-to-big-12-conference.aspx Wonder if Oklahoma will be given the boot??
  5. As the landscape moves more and more toward 3-4 major power conferences, how does this ultimately impact the low or non-revenue generating sports? As distances continue to increase between schools, how does this fair toward sports such as wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, etc.? For example, the only school in the SEC that has wrestling is Missouri and that program competes in the MAC. I recently think about where Stanford was heading before the school changed their minds with the elimination of a number of collegiate sports. Is the future less collegiate sports and more club sport
  6. What Coach Allen and his staff has done with the current level of recruits on the roster has been outstanding. Young men like McFadden, Fryfogle, Penix and Mullen did not come to Btown as 4 star recruits. I believe McFadden had 2 Power 5 D1 offers. (IU & BC) Player development at IU has been off the charts. Look how many preseason watch lists these players are on. Did anyone see Scott Frost's press conference at the recent Big 10 meeting? He was either poking Fleck or Allen (perhaps both) about having catchy slogans. Maybe he should develop something to start winning. Man is o
  7. I am not disagreeing about OSU. What about Nebraska? Are they the only non-AAU school in the Big 10? I know I am not DT.... https://www.aau.edu/who-we-are
  8. https://www.aau.edu/sites/default/files/AAU-Files/Who-We-Are/AAU-Member-List.pdf
  9. Agree....OK State has great facilities. Strong in wrestling, baseball and golf...basketball has been solid. Not sure about the academic rankings and how they fit with the Big 10. I've heard Iowa is already pushing hard for Iowa State. Hard to see GT, UVA and Carolina's ever leaving the ACC....but then again, hard to see all the changes happening now a few years ago..... I think Texas and perhaps even OU may learn what Arkansas learned leaving the SWC for the SEC....winning is going to get a whole lot tougher......
  10. No insinuation or insult of a coach intended. Stating fact in terms of post season results with talented rosters at WC. Nothing more. I personally saw those teams play repeatedly, they were talented, and they were very good...better it would seem in the regular season. His lone championship at Warren didn't come easy, but nothing was said about barely. Those are your words. Really has nothing to do with how I view a glass with liquid in it.
  11. Would Texas forfeit their Longhorn Network since SEC has their own Network? https://texassports.com/sports/2013/7/28/GEN_0728134519.aspx Seems this would eliminate OU almost being automatic as a 12 team college playoff qualifier and make the road back for Texas much more difficult.
  12. Coach Hart is a really good coach...cannot deny. Had some really loaded Warren Central Teams during his 4 years 2008-11. Won a state title 2009, but wasn't easy with sectional win over Franklin Central 14-13, regional champ Brownsburg 14-6, and a state title over Carmel 42-36 in 2OT. The fact does remain that regardless of strong regular seasons, Hart won 2 sectionals, 1 regional, 1 semi-state and 1 state at WC during his tenure with very talented teams. For example, his 2010 WC team was LOADED. That team included Nick Temple (Cincy), Deionte Buckley (Cincy), Sheldon Day (ND &
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