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  1. that will be a great environment...awesome location!
  2. Have an opinion if "neutral", but remain quiet if not. That makes for one fun and interesting forum. BTW, just so we are clear. I didn't make any comments. Just trying to understand your logic. Keep firing away @Grover We all know you have way more GID seniority than the self-appointed "rulemaker"!!
  3. I gotta admit....I am a little confused. You have articulated over and over your thoughts about Carmel refusing to play CG and motives behind it. You have also targeted other schools repeatedly with the same message. But that is ok? Couldn't I use the same logic you are voicing above to you? If you feel compelled to step into the hall monitor role to challenge the posts of others, perhaps first take your own medicine......just sayin'
  4. You dropped IU to the bottom with their impressive win over Akron in 4 OT's? Who cares if Akron had a centered approx 31 yd FG to win the game at the end of regulation and missed???? Jo Jo the Circus Boy celebrated like they had won the Rose Bowl.....
  5. Plus, isn't Freeman's background prior to ND known as a defensive coach?? Considered a pretty good one. I agree.....not sure how one with the D pedigree doesn't notice playing a man short. (or anyone else for that matter) But, all of this is a moot point had the ND DB made the interception a couple of players earlier with the ball going through both hands.....
  6. I thought they had given it away with the 4th down call in OT....but the D did a great job yesterday. Was happy for the team and especially Minshew. He took some serious hits during the game....tough dude.
  7. or the return of Bob Avellini at QB!!
  8. Yes the team was very good....But Russ Yeast was special. I will never forget his 5 TD performance against Cathedral an Irish squad that was stacked as well with D1 players. Russ Yeast won the Gatorade Player of the Year that season for the state of Indiana. Had an excellent college career at both Louisville and Kansas State and as Grover mentioned, playing on Sunday's with the Rams. Incredible young man, earning both his bachelor's and master's degrees during his college playing days.
  9. I may be wrong, but given Kelly's job, guessing he will remain in the protocol longer before he clears. Head banging every play....
  10. Very solid predictions here....well done. I think UGA is playing UAB...not USF. Questions I have this week.... Will Rutgers play Michigan tougher than most people think? How real is their improvement this season? Will Bama's O start its improvement this week? How real is Ole Miss? Bama and LSU back to back weeks. Sam Hartman vs OSU's D and their pass rushers will be a treat to watch. (not really a question) Is Michael Penix well on his way to getting an invite to NYC at the end of the season as a finalist?
  11. Colorado lost a playmaker and was fortunate against Colorado State......tough game against the Ducks
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