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  1. That's fair....I've been watching the MIC a long, long time. Bet this NP team and some of the past could hold their own....but I agree year in and year out, that would be a tall order. And I agree...playing a season long schedule takes its toll. That is why I commented in my first post, a single 6A win is interesting. Beating a number of 6A teams is a trend.
  2. LOL...I got the poking.....I absolutely bet NP could hold their own in the conference!! You are experiencing some very special places.....my good buddy's son played at Miami OH and later OK State....he experienced the same. Although the Glass Bowl is pretty special as well. Hope he continues to do well and stay healthy. Making central Indiana proud!!
  3. There are rumblings that the MIC might need a couple of new teams........😉 Beating one 6A team is interesting piece of data....beating 9 of them in the regular season, then a few more in the playoffs....now that is a trend. Joking aside, NP is an outstanding program. Where do you think they should be ranked? BTW, big fan of your son...how's he doing at Toledo?? His stats look really impressive....need to sit down and watch him play this season!!
  4. Had a chance to listen to the interview with Jelani Woods rookie TE for the Colts on the Kevin and Query sports radio show this morning. Impressive and humble young man. I am a fan! https://www.1075thefan.com/show/kevin-and-query/
  5. I understand the frustration...I was just funnin'. WC is a great program....just going through some hiccups....I fully believe they will get the ship heading into the right direction. No one looks forward to playing WC in the playoffs. If a team beats the Warriors, they earned it.
  6. ??? A couple were wrong....I seem to remember negativity coming from........
  7. It seems like IU is never ready to play to start the game..... Also, I am tired of a coach acting like "Jo Jo the Circus Boy" every time a decent play is made. Act like the performance is what you expect. The head coach should be a CEO, and acting like a spaz on the sideline is tough to watch. Be their "best buddy" after they graduate....Expect greatness.
  8. I agree with your comments about WC and Coach Kirschner....he has certainly not forgotten how to coach. Didn't also bring back Coach Tutsie this season? I am wondering if this is more about rebuilding the culture....and if so, sometimes one has to tear it down a little to build it back up. One this is for sure, WC has too much talent and with the leadership there, I fully expect things to improve and improve pretty quickly. They are a pretty darn good football team, and they could turn the corner quickly. I don't think any team will be excited to face them in the playoffs. If any team beats a Warrior team, they typically have earned it. Speaking of Warren, anyone see David Bell play for the Browns last night? Pretty darn awesome!!!
  9. No disagreements that schedules are done years in advance. But the fact remains that the Wolverines schedule has been very weak so far. Is that a big deal? I don't think so. They play in the Big 10 East. They will face some stellar competition Also, they travel to Iowa....while not the best Iowa team offensively, they do have a tough D and its never easy winning in Iowa City. No will debate about their schedule at the end of the season. They will earn their outcome as they face the meat of their schedule....and it will be a grinder.
  10. Looks like Oregon is doing some damage control with a recruit over #$@! the Mormans!!...... https://www.si.com/college/2022/09/20/quarterback-recruit-left-oregon-byu-game-after-offensive-chant A vulgar chant marred an otherwise momentous victory for Oregon during Saturday’s game against BYU. Amid the Ducks’ 41–20 win over the Cougars at Autzen Stadium, yells of “f--- the Mormons” rained down onto the field from the school’s student section. Now, the actions of the individuals responsible for the chants may have had a negative impact on recruiting a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. High school quarterback T.C. Manumaleuna II, a Salem native, told the Statesman Journal he and his family left the game at halftime because of the chants. Manumaleuna, who is Mormon, explained he didn’t fault the school for the students that were involved in the chants but did feel like the repeated incidents had “some kind of impact” on his experience. “I would never cross the Ducks off my list. I play football today because I was raised going to Duck games, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have some kind of impact on me,” Manumaleuna said. “[Oregon defensive coordinator and linebackers coach] Tosh [Lupoi] reached out to my dad yesterday after the game, and I was able to talk with [Oregon director of recruiting and LDS member] JR Moala for a little bit, too. Those guys are like family, especially JR. “Oregon has a great coaching staff and I appreciate them reaching out to check on us. That meant a lot.” Manumaleuna received a scholarship offer from Oregon before he was in high school, according to the Journal. He is also considering BYU, Florida State, Miami, Washington State and Cal, among other schools, per ESPN’s Chris Low. Oregon released a statement and an apology Sunday after a video surfaced online of the chants. The school did not mention whether there would be any type of punishment for those involved.
  11. Great analysis....pretty darn spot on in my opinion.....
  12. No disagreements and I agree Penn State has much more talent. But for a game 1, that game was there for the taking by Purdue and they blew it. As FB16 stated, they were gifted a pick 6 and still lost it at the end. I am an IU guy, but let's be honest....Purdue has played a much stronger schedule so far. IU was outplayed and came back late against Illinois. IU was down 10-0 at half by a mediocre FCS team Idaho, and were outplayed and more than lucky to beat mid-major WKU in OT via a 51 yd FG. The most unimpressive 3-0 I can remember. Will be interesting to see what happens this weekend at Cincy.
  13. Game 1 and I think if Purdue can stop making mistakes at crucial times, they can be a pretty decent team.
  14. Thus the comment that I hope he keeps it going and stays injury free. But as you say, he's had some success against MSU I agree about DeBoer....never say never, but I would not be shocked with him eventually moving on to the NFL
  15. That kid is tearing it up right now....hope he keeps rolling and stays healthy. Reuniting with Coach DeBoer was absolutely the best for them both. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/uw-husky-football/uws-michael-penix-jr-enters-heisman-conversation-after-dazzling-start/
  16. He was...there is actually a longer video on YouTube that shows Franklin was involved from the beginning.
  17. Speaking on Penn State, everyone seen their new high profile walk-on Chad Powers?
  18. My favorite Michigan QB in the Bo days was Rick Leach. Lefty QB that became a starter at QB early in his frosh year, which was pretty unheard of back then. Outstanding football career and later became a 1st round baseball draft pick https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Leach_(baseball)
  19. Did he go onto fame with some sort of puppet characters??? Seriously, thought the Brady all time ranking was interesting. Most I read on-line had him 8 or 9....certainly top 10
  20. Northwestern becomes the first team from a Power 5 conference to lose to a FCS opponent....Southern Illinois. Southern Illinois was 0-2 coming into the game, and lost their opener to Incarnate Word (?) 64-29. Wow....
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