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  1. As reported by The Daily Hoosier https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/2023-4-star-defensive-back-daeh-mccullough-has-decommitted-from-iu-football/
  2. Could kind of see this one coming.....leaves both of his brothers at IU. Unless they soon both move north to join him. Question....at most schools, does a child of a parent working at a school get free schooling without taking up a scholly? In other words, if Daeh ends up playing at ND, does he take up one of the alotted scholarships or would he get free schooling through his father as an employee?
  3. I noticed this posted on the high school side of the forum. Any probability that Daeh moving north to live with Dad and catching ND games on Saturdays may result in him flipping to the Irish??
  4. Arguing over someone's opinion of a high school football pre-season ranking is like a dog chasing a parked car. We get it...you don't agree with his pre-season #9 ranking in 3A. Does it really matter??? Anyone can post what they wish on this forum about high school football, assuming it falls within the rules of GID. If not, its up to the moderators to manage. If you don't like a thread, avoid it....its that simple.
  5. Why do you care what an individual thinks? Its a frickin' forum where people share OPINIONS. Nothing more. Arguing over this with a comment in very poor taste? Good grief. Go make your own rankings if his rankings upset you so much.
  6. Simply sharing the article that made the statement
  7. another big commit for ND...undisputed #1 ranked recruiting class https://www.si.com/college/notredame/recruiting/notre-dame-football-2023-recruiting-class-undisputed-no-1-ranked-team
  8. Interesting take on IU’s experience with the transfer portal. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/graphic-gives-context-to-iu-footballs-heavy-transfer-portal-turnover/
  9. Maybe on the right track...depending which rating one believes, IU was ranked between 20-30th nationally with their 2022 class. Taking 247, they were ranked 30th. That is higher than Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Purdue, Northwestern, Maryland, Rutgers and Cincy. Challenge, as usual, OSU, Michigan, Penn State, and MSU is ranked higher. Its life in the Big 10 East. https://247sports.com/Season/2022-Football/OverallTeamRankings/ The Big 10 East will typically result in 4 losses for IU. They is a tough hole to crawl out of.....leaving little more room for error.
  10. I don't disagree and those are handled in that fashion. But usually when admin gets involved, it was already an issue. I am trying to think of ways to prevent things from getting to that level, and that is with a warning so the coach can nip it in the bud. But thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Thanks Bob...great explanation. Could you get comfortable expanding the use of sideline warning in youth football to a coach for to help prevent parents, family and other fans from "getting out of hand" as a method to help him own accountability to deal with the issue? As you know, there is sometimes little space between and official and Mommy/Daddy just off the sidelines constantly yelling. Thoughts??
  12. that statement is a tad misleading. The season prior to the first undefeated season (2019), a very young CG team started the season off 1-4 playing a monster opening 4 games. They went all the way to the state championship game losing by 3 points to Carmel. 3 State finals in a row. 2018 Trojans go 9-4. Lose 3 of their first 5 games (who opens with tougher games than CG?) and advance to the semi-state losing by a TD in a close slobberknocker with Warren Central. The same WC team that went undefeated and beat Carmel by 3 TD's the following game in the state finals. Most teams would sell almost everything but their souls to have a "trial" period of going to a state final and semi-state. Tough grading curve for CG. Yes, they lost 10 games those 2 seasons....but were among the states best in 6A at the end of those seasons.
  13. Yes, that happens when a team loses their first 2 QBs to injury, and relies of a frosh that hasn't taken his first snap. Again, I don't expect miracles out of IU. But Purdue is not on a different level and like I said...put them in the Big 10 East and see what happens.....
  14. Nothing personal intended....but people who do this for a living obviously feel differently than you about their skill and upside. (2022 recruiting class) The past doesn't dictate this class. At the end of the day, none of us know. Its ridiculous to throw out 2020...following that logic, the national title game doesn't count. You only throw it out because it supports your narrative. As FB16 pointed out, 2019 was a solid year for IU as well. I guess time will tell if 2019 and 2020 were outliers or if 2021 was the actual outlier. No one can be competitive without an experienced QB and that was the issue with IU. Now they have an excellent transfer. I was at the Cincy game and watched IU control most of the first half until McFadden was ejected...game completely turned and IU still could have pulled it out in the end. They need work on the O line...no doubt and other key positions. But I do not put Purdue heads and tails above IU....one can debate and defend slightly better....but its not like there is a huge gap. Drop Purdue in the East division and see how they fare.....by the time the Bucket game is played, IU has been through the gauntlet.
  15. perhaps...but its closer than you let on. Except for last year, all of the head to head games since 2017 (their first years playing against each other) have been within a TD. Allen won the recruiting war last year and I know how much you value recruiting rankings https://247sports.com/Season/2022-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/?Conference=Big-Ten https://n.rivals.com/team_rankings/2022/big10/football I think sometimes you look at a short stack of data to make major conclusions. Let's see how this season goes. Neither have set the world on fire.
  16. Much of the recruiting for the players making the largest impact was done a few years ago. Weren't you the same guy being pretty negative on Brohm the year prior? Before that?
  17. I agree 100% on both points. (staying in school longer due to $$ making ability and high schoolers going directly to the NBA if talented enough) It feels to me that the college game is becoming more and more like a minor league system....
  18. Every school a kid visits measures them....no school was deceived. OSU and every other school offering understand what they would be getting.
  19. ok...just wasn't sure where you were going. Kids move into areas all the time. Russ wasn't the first, won't be the last to move into CG. CG has also lost a number of pretty good young football players that also move out of the area. Remember former NFL center Nick Hardwick that graduated from Lawrence North? Guessing pretty much most areas experience the same.
  20. Ohio State is listing him at 6'3" on their official roster. https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/roster/caden-curry/
  21. People move into areas all the time. Not sure why that is seen as a negative. Russ' Dad Craig, former NFL player himself, moved into the area when he took over as offensive coordinator at Franklin College. I am sure he received some direction as to the best place for Russ and his sister, who is currently a standout in track at the University of Louisville for education and athletics. Whether Russ grew up in CG or not, he sure understood the offense, (and D when he played that side of the ball) Not living in an area one's entire life doesn't diminish anything and Russ will hardly be the last to move into a given area later in his high school career.
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