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  1. Not insinuating anything. Asking HIM to elaborate on his comments. I wasn’t clear as to what he meant. I’m sure Mr. Inskeep is a great guy. How does that factor into 6 high schools deciding the state largest high school be admitted into their conference?
  2. …..CG admin lacks class? so administrators make decisions on admitting a school to a conference if they like one AD over another? Thanks for elaborating
  3. Aligns with Jason Whitlock's thoughts.......... https://usasports.news/jason-whitlock-the-real-reason-damar-hamlin-hasnt-given-interviews-yet-2/
  4. Seems more difficult to schedule Ohio schools...do you think that is coming into play?
  5. Spot on...... He has not had an experienced GM and head coach since Polian and Caldwell. I believe that is absolutely for a reason. Irsay loves to be the puppetmaster and in the limelight. I have not seen an experienced head coach on his interview list with the exception of Dan Quinn. Maybe I missed some of the interviewees.
  6. I think he will play...but with a high ankle sprain just a week ago, will he be the same Patrick Mahomes? If a legit high ankle sprain, the answer is "no". But perhaps the injury wasn't as bad as it looked on TV. Makes a good headline regardless. Hard to throw sidearm inside the pocket...... Will Cincy actually start to double team Kelce and make someone else beat them? Will they get nasty with him on the LOS make it much harder for him to release and get into his pattern???
  7. Will be interesting to see how the Cincy Oline replacements fare against a stronger D line and a D coordinator that loves to bring the heat. Also, how Mahomes does with a high ankle sprain against a really good D line that will work to keep him uncomfortable staying inside the pocket.
  8. Guess I was surprised given the Bengals Oline had taken an injury beating and I believe some of the positions were being manned by backups. Bills could get to pass rush on Burrow, nor could stop the run game. Hats off to the Bengals Oline. Tough chore going into KC next week....but Cincy has the QB with moxie and Mahomes is dealing with a high ankle sprain. If Cincy can protect Burrow, I like their chances.....
  9. I know where you are going Coach.... Remember, in those days, his name was Darius.....
  10. I don't necessarily agree with you on that one. Can't stay on the field for one thing. Also has some interesting tweets that causes one to scratch their head...both with content and timing. Makes me wonder about chemistry
  11. An interesting playoff weekend..... Any surprises?? For me, I guess the obvious would be the Jacksonville comeback. But I was also surprised how close the Buffalo/Miami and Cincy/Balt games were given one side had backup QB's going. In the case of Miami, their 3rd string QB. Cincy needed a 98 fumble return to move on....a Raven's score there would have made that game really interesting. Thoughts going into the 2nd week?
  12. Agree….but why even run routes that short of the yardage needed??
  13. Interesting article about Dasan McCullough leaving IU. An interesting conclusion is that with NIL, a coach will sometimes need to recruit the same player year after year..... https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/prized-recruit-dasan-mccullough-walked-but-indiana-coming-up-short-on-nil-money-not-only-reason-why With NIL, the landscape of college football has changed, and it will never be the same again.....the rich will get richer
  14. Donnie!! Get out of that love triangle buddy!! https://fox59.com/news/indycrime/docs-bob-tom-comedian-shot-at-after-caught-by-husband-while-having-affair-with-high-school-sweetheart-in-indianapolis?utm_source=wxin_app&utm_medium=social&utm_content=share-link
  15. Done arguing about Michigan football status. I am neither a fan nor an enemy of the program. I was hoping they would beat TCU in the playoff game. They didn't. Why you care so much about my feelings regarding Michigan football is beyond me. Truly puzzling. BTW, never magnified it as a one sided affair. Those are your words. But they absolutely beat Michigan in the run game, Michigan couldn't get them off the field at the end, and forced an average QB into multiple mistakes by making the Wolverines one-dimensional playing catchup the entire game. Make all the excuses you want, but that is exactly what happened. A forum is all about opinions and I get it it...but asking for people to justify their opinion with facts, you would come off far more credible if you adhered to your own expectations. And that absolutely includes the CS thread.
  16. Never heard that one before. My father taught me as a married man, "son, your wife is always right".......😉
  17. 1. You are way too emotional dude. First accusing me of hating you in a previous post....now I "pretend" you opinions are invalid and follow you around? My advice...focus more on yourself. You can't help yourself and comment on every post (Bobref recently said it best about your predicted responses)....you are always right and never open to other input if they don't align with your own. I think you post some good stuff....I also think you post some crap. I ignore much of the latter.....but sometimes, I am simply going to tell you that your not always in the right with your takes. I think you honestly believe that your assumptions and views make it fact....and that is certainly not always the case, whether you like that or not. If you don't want to be a target, don't comment on every post and don't pretend that you are the smartest guy in the room....because we all know it "ain't so". 2. My opinion (and that's all it is), there are 3 teams in the upper tier. UGA, Bama and OSU. OSU by far gave UGA their best game of the year, and should have won that game, had they not lost a couple of critical weapons. Kirby Smart's timeout just prior to the fake punt snap and Bowers (TE) incredible athletic play on 4th down to get the first down factored in huge in the tight UGA victory. 3. Torn on that one...yes, I realize UM beat OSU the last 2 years. Prior to that UM won the big game TWICE since 2001. (Ohio State 17-2 over that period) I'm sorry, I need to see some more competitiveness first than just 2 data points. Doesn't make me right, but its how I feel. Clearly, Ohio State played far better than Michigan, against a far better opponent in the recent CFP. That is not debatable. 4. See above. While we agree TCU isn't fodder, they were DESTROYED by the same UGA team, and UGA was fortunate to escape OSU. UM was beaten, outrushed and couldn't stop the same TCU team at the end of the game that could do NOTHING against UGA. To my eye, there were differences in team performances. 5. I don't waste my drinks....I'll hold it down. NCAA actions never surprise me....and that includes their lack of action. I think Jim was sniffing the NFL options well before any NCAA investigation. Does this push him evern faster? Maybe....but it wasn't the NCAA that put his focus on the NFL.
  18. Not putting Michigan to the level of UGA, Bama and OSU has nothing to do with you. Thinking it does…not sure to laugh or feel a tad sorry for ya. Would not invest the energy in you to hate. Michigan was out rushed by TCU…by 90 yds. They couldn’t stop TCU’s rushing at the end of their game, resulting in all of their timeouts being burnt and valuable time off the clock wasted. They were behind the entire game and put the ball in the hands of a mediocre QB that made repeated mistakes. TCU beat them. TCU was destroyed by UGA. TCU couldn’t move the ball against the Dawgs. Michigan is not in UGA’s league. At least not this year. Sorry that upsets you. But that is fact based on performance in the playoffs. Michigan is in the tier directly below UGA, Bama and perhaps OSU. No shame in that. Perhaps following the path of Pete Carroll??
  19. What’s interesting in these 2 cases is that the defensive player absorbed the blow by the ball carrier in the chest region and was injured. To your point, the change in the way defense is played now may be opening up a larger target zone for the defensive player inadvertently. Interesting thought.
  20. Proof of what? Bottom line, Michigan lost in the CFP to a team that was demolished last night in the championship game. In doing so, they were outrushed by 90 yds by TCU. The same TCU team that couldn't run the ball at all against UGA. Glad you can hang your hat on Michigan beating Ohio State the last 2 years...because that's all you got.
  21. gotcha....the video was dang cool. They need to have an option to close the stadium. Would absolutely help the passing game and be more attractive to FA QB's
  22. Russ Yeast (former Center Grove great) was making his first start at safety for the LA Rams, and also experienced a chest injury the final game of the season. Labeled a pulmonary contusion, he was hospitalized overnight for observation. Looks like he is doing much better. I don't remember many of these chest/pulmonary injuries much before......blunt force hits to the chest region https://sports.yahoo.com/rams-rookie-russ-yeast-stable-in-hospital-after-sustaining-pulmonary-contusion-in-loss-to-seahawks-012858158.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAADLIj8Wl1jZDu3bWyJ8yhF5cht-C0bYotgu5A4mL-XTMrheq4qo7WIuRJXmfRJrnmZnySgFmbOzZO-ZYxVaueiQJxP66PCmfATaBVPbIEd1z3pT0pd6ccOuIvn7BpFpDu_zs0LBeQFe-QaRHS6qut1-opwZyM1EZaH3KHEyLO1m4 https://clutchpoints.com/rams-news-la-teammate-reacts-to-frightening-russ-yeast-scare-after-damar-hamlin-injury
  23. you are partly correct....for example, the Dolphins owner is funding the stadium upgrade after being turned down. But there was plenty of taxpayer investment for the original stadium construction. Also, the Dolphins owner will absolutely gain public benefit......his investment comes with a cost. https://www.thephinsider.com/2014/3/12/5500224/dolphins-owner-stephen-ross-to-privately-fund-stadium-upgrades-wants According to a March 31, 2022 article by the Buffalo News, only Gillette (Pats), MetLife (Giants/Jets) and SoFi (Rams/Chargers) were constructed without any public funding.
  24. Shame… wonder why making rounds on Twitter today?
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