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  1. Understandable....GS hasn't quite had the media coverage Triwest has received this year...alot going on at Tri West
  2. If there is a personal foul on team B after team a fails PAT. Is it first and goal from the twenty five or is it first and ten from the twenty five?
  3. Have had similar happen and both enforced differently. Which is correct? Does it become 1st and 10 or 1st and 25
  4. Surely there are a few princeton fans left.....right?
  5. This thread was over ten pages a couple years ago....can we get there by game time?
  6. Does memorial have good freshmen numbers? I thought I heard they brought a freshmen/sophomore combination to GS this season because of not having enough for just a freshmen team
  7. I think Brady was definitely better D1 Qb prospect. However Southport kid can and will play different positions and I don't believe he is being recruited as a qb. I think both will do well at the college level. Any word on the seriousness of his injury that caused him to leave game?
  8. The SIAC has room for two more.....HH and GS maybe?
  9. If 4 of the big 8 teams are losers in the proposal, why would they want it?
  10. Me either, ever since they allowed face mask and the forward pass, the game has just went downhill... I honestly don't know why anyone still plays or watches it , I am sure it is just a few seasons away from totally being a forgotten sport.
  11. What will the conferences be called? Big PAC and Little PAC
  12. I am interested to hear what the SR fans think about a merger. Would they keep Linton as a nonconference game or GS. Assuming they surely keep jasper and HH.
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