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  1. Someone shared this picture with me yesterday. Class act by Combs!
  2. Chatard v. North Central Chatard v. Evansville Memorial I believe Chatard has Westfield on their schedule in 2020
  3. Maybe the program only had the dress list. Thought u could only dress 75. If u look at the roster on the Chatard website, I believe there are about 88. 700 may be the correct enrollment number??
  4. Chatard had 88 players 10th through 12th, with enrollment of 690 - about 13%
  5. My comment was directed toward the HH fans bashing Chatard, NOT the refs. Chatard played an uncharacteristically sloppy game with 13 penalties. HH very disciplined and basically mistake free with 1 penalty. It was a great game. Nothing but respect for HH and southern Indiana football. And mad love for those boys and coaches from Chatard.
  6. Lots of Pats fans (and Memorial guy) on here crying about the late TD. Here’s what’s Bush league - your quote from earlier this week about the Danville game...”The BIGGEST reason the game wasn’t 41-10 or worse was because of the stripes!!” any Chatard fans on here saying it should have been 49-3 because of the refs? Nope. congrats Heritage Hills. Great season. Kids played hard and were well coached.
  7. I’ll second that. Some legendary raps on the bus back in the day.
  8. They very well could. It’s gonna be a battle for sure. Good luck to the Pats!
  9. Mishawaka Marian was giving up about 7 pts per game as well. BC hung 45 on them. Chatard's 1st team d is giving up less than 7 pts per game. HH has not faced a back like Taylor or a O-line like Chatard's. Chatard hasn't faced an offense like HH, so that will be a challenge. I believe it will be closer than the blowouts predicted on here. But to think 8 or 9 two way players won't have any effect is a little naive. Kids won't feel tired or be winded, but fresh legs react a little quicker than tired ones. That's just a fact.
  10. Totally agree with everything here. Marian players stayed long after to congratulate the Chatard players and wish them luck. As to the recruiting accusations, suggestions, assumptions; totally bogus and ignorant of how the archdiocese and the 4 parochial schools in Indy operate.
  11. Says the guy who supports a school that was actually banned from post season play for recruiting 😜 🤷‍♂️
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